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"Passed first time with just three minors thanks to my brilliant instructor, Garry. An incredibly patient and caring instructor who really built up my confidence and sensitively handled a few tears along the way to taking my test! He was also very flexible, having lessons with me as early as 7am during the week so that I could fit them in around my work schedule."

"Garry was originally recommended to me by my sister (who passed with him second time). She’d had driving lessons with previous instructors in the past but said Garry stood out by a mile for being so patient and putting her at ease."

"I had exactly the same experience with Garry. I was often nervous in lessons at the beginning as I didn’t feel driving came naturally to me (and there were some hairy moments at roundabouts!). But Garry helped my confidence grow by pushing me a bit harder each lesson, always staying calm when something went wrong and coming up with practical tips and tricks to help me. I won’t ever forgot many of his sayings - for keeping a safe distance behind another car, “tyres and tarmac” is my favourite!"
I’d highly recommend Garry."

"Lessons in Croydon/West Wickham, took my test in West Wickham, June 2017."

19 June 2017

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