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"I had Gary as my driving instructor, highly recommend him as an instructor. Got me through first time and past! In a funny way he will be missed such a nice man and teacher all the best Gary."

Richard Ramos, Caterham, Surrey

10 March 2017

Rochelle"I passed my test this Tuesday 7/3 and had amazing driving lessons with Garry Commey. Lessons were always so fun from the first time, he made me feel so comfortable with his calming demeanor and easy going attitude. He is the reason I passed my test! So encouraging and the best instructor I've had. So thank you so much Garry Commey!!"

Rochelle Narley, Croydon, Surrey

09 March 2017

Martina"I passed my driving test first time with Garry Commey at the end of November 2016. I feel so lucky that I had such a good and nice instructor as a first time learner as I've heard some bad stories and experiences from other people before. Garry is a very patient, understanding, knowledgeable and fun instructor and he always tried his best to be flexible around my busy working and family schedule, which was very helpful. In a short period of time he was able to understand my way of thinking and learning and adjusted his teaching methods and lessons to what suited my personality. With Garry's great sense of humor, I quickly began to enjoy our lessons and became more and more relaxed and confident behind the steering wheel. Thanks to Garry, I was introduced to the world of driving with a very positive and responsible attitude and I am very grateful for all his patience, effort and help. Should anyone ask me for a great driving instructor, I will always recommend Garry."

Martina Hirsova, Corydon, Surrey

03 January 2017

"My instructor Garry C gave good tips that help me master the skills required for driving as well as doing all the manoeuvres. He is knowledgeable and always emphasizes on safe driving. The lessons have been enjoyable and Garry has a good sense of humour which definitely helps when I was feeling nervous or anxious. I passed my driving test with minimal faults. I will definitely recommend Garry C to anyone who is looking to learn driving. On a side note, when I called up Elite, I have stated my preference for an instructor who can do weekends, but been assigned Garry C who doesn't really work weekends. Having said that though, Elite did advise that I am allowed to request for another instructor if I feel the one they assigned is unsuitable. I did not ask for change because I felt Garry C is a good instructor. "

Mary Lim, Croydon, Surrey

26 November 2016

"Gary has been an absolute fantastic instructor from the get go! I would not have been able to pass without him. Gary is very patient, as well as having a great humour, making my driving experience very pleasurable! Garry has always been incredibly reliable, always turning up on time for lessons without fail, helping with my very busy schedule. Who can fault an instructor who has the best tricks when it comes to maneuvers?! Not me - I was always nervous about the maneuver aspect of learning how drive but Gary made me feel very calm and always came with a can do attitude! I would highly recommend Gary C as your driving instructor! Thank you very much Gary - you are a superstar!!"

Charlotte Faiella, South London

24 November 2016

"Garry was an amazing instructor and I am so glad to have been recommended him by a friend. I would not of been able to pass my test without him, his way of teaching made me feel very relaxed and his enthusiasm made my lessons a lot more enjoyable! He teaches things in a much easier form that helped me pick it up easily and quickly. Very grateful!x."

Syria Butt, Coulsdon, Surrey

19 November 2016

"Massive thanks to Garry for helping me pass first time. He was understanding, knowledgable, but more importantly for me, had a great personality and sense of humour which made the lessons more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend!"

Jake Foley, Croydon, Surrey

18 November 2016

"I had a great experience learning to drive with Elite Driving School. My instructor Gary Commey was fun, patient and provided great tips and tricks to master maneuvers quickly."

Matthew Weston, South London

26 October 2016

"Garry was a fantastically patient and considered steere instructor. He was patient and understanding when I got angry with myself and firm when I needed correction and was making silly mistakes. So happy to have finally passed and can't thank him enough!"

Daniel Taylor, Birmingham (Test taken at West Wickham), Surrey

26 September 2016

Mathew"I have today passed my driving test which I could not have done without the help of Garry Commey from Elite driving school based in Croydon, he's an excellent instructor, calm, hugely knowledgable, patient and very good communication skills so overall my experience of elite driving school was fantastic I would recommend anyone to them and to Garry. Thank you."

Matthew Driscoll , South Croydon, Surrey

29 August 2016

"I am overall very satisfied by Elite Driving School and their services. My instructor was Gary and he clearly explained all the safety protocols and ensured that I was a safe and responsible driver. Even though I was nervous at driving initially, he would calmly explain any mistakes I was making and how I could rectify the problem. After passing my practical test, I am now confident in saying that Elite driving School has helped me become a confident and skilled driver. "

Rathushan Yogarasa, Croydon, Surrey

26 July 2016

Tyler"I Passed my driving test 1st Time with ZERO Faults. Thanks to my fantastic instructor Garry. Garry like the rest of the Elite team were brilliant. I will always recommend Elite, especially Garry."

Tyler Podmore, Mitcham, Surrey

07 July 2016

Eric"Had an excellent working relationship with my instructor,Garry. He was patient and developed lessons around my needs. Intially was quite nervous about driving but Garry 's calm personality allayed my fears. He took time to explain things in a clear, respectful manner. I'm already looking forward to booking my pass plus lessons!"

Eric M, Wallington, Surrey

25 May 2016

I have always been nervous in cars because I was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident and I could not shake the terror from my mind. That is why I waited till I was nearly 40 to venture to learn to drive. My instructor was Garry Commey. I told him my background and I did not have to keep reminding him. He was very patient, even when my nerves put us in danger. An exceptionally supportive tutor, who made sure he calmed me down and gave me the confidence I needed to enable me to gain my independence by driving. He taught me great and easy ways to accomplish all the manoeuvres, which I have passed on to others. He made me feel comfortable and confident, which is priceless. Needless to say, I passed my test first time with only one very minor fault. I will be forever indebted to him for giving me my freedom and independence. Thank you Garry! You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!"

Carine Buadi, Croydon

06 May 2016

"I have been learning with ELITE since my birthday in August and I passed my practical test yesterday (18/04/16) which was my first time. My instructor was Garry who was very kind and helpful and explained everything very thoroughly. He was very patient when I didnt quite understand and he was very motivating when I didnt do something quite right. I really enjoyed learning to drive and I will think I will ask Garry to help me with my Pass Plus in the near future. He really is a great teacher."

Hannah Stapley, South Croydon

19 April 2016

"After 2 previous attempts to learn, it was Garry from 'Elite' who helped me pass my test. He was very professional and patient. I would recommend 'Elite' and Garry to anybody who lacks confidence at first. Garry will find it for you!"

Monika, Warlingham, Surrey

03 January 2016

"Wow what a amazing and brilliant Garry my driving instructor was so kind and friendly before we start lesson and after lesson but went on de road he always make sure he share his experience with regarding driving safe and nicely with smiles courage… I definitely appreciate What you put on to me driving skills big thanks and more love…he definitely know the deal which to show how to a safety driver."

Ebrima Sanneh, Mitcham, Surrey

07 November 2015

"I passed my test today with Garry and I couldn't have done it without him!! So very patient and supportive. I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. I would recommend him to anybody. Thanks."

Kingsley Tompori, Croydon, Surrey

02 November 2015

Nadia"Garry is a great instructor, helping a late learner get through the lessons in less time than anticipated. He is as much guided by you and your concerns and queries as he is guiding you through the learning process."

Nadia T, Kenley, Surrey

19 October 2015

"Garry was an incredible instructor. He was patient and kind. He's teaching technique is fantastic and he made me instantly relaxed in the car. I will be passing on his details to everyone!"

Jess Waller, London

19 October 2015

"I have passed my practical driving test at first time today with Gary From Elite . Thank you Eddie introducing me to Gary who is genuinely good at what he does. Elite driving school is the best driving school ever . If you are scared and nervous to drive like me go to Elite driving school and ask Gary. Very punctual, flexible and suits your needs all the time, he allowed me to have my lessons at early o'clock so that I could fit it in before work . Somehow Gary will make you feel relaxed no matter how anxious or uncomfortable you are. He is understanding, patient and very well balanced at being able to get along with you and have a laugh but also to be strict enough with you to tell you when you are wrong. I wish you every success in the world. All the best. Erden x"

Erden Buyandelger, London

15 October 2015

"Having put off trying to pass my driving test for years, I was certainly not the easiest of pupils to deal with. And yet my instructor Garry at Elite did so with patience and good humour! Garry is incredibly reliable, always turning up on time for lessons without fail, which given my busy schedule I particularly valued. I am now planning to complete the Pass Plus course with Garry."

Laura Davis, London

12 September 2015

Kerrie"I had an excellent experience with my instructor Garry…I found Garrys way very easy to remember and worked great for me!! I cannot recommend him enough!! And enjoyed every minute of my learning journey :) TOP MARKS AND THANK YOU!!!! ??"

Kerrie Hershenson, Purley, Surrey

02 September 2015

06 September 2015

"I took my driving lessons with Elite and I passed my driving test 1st time with ONE minor fault. Many thanks to my instructor Gary. He is very patient, friendly and flexible. He was very supportive and helped me to become a more confident driver. Also helped in identifying the problem areas and more focus on improvising them. Overall I had a fantastic driving experience and Gary is is the right instructor for anyone who wants to pass the driving test any sooner in the right way. I would strongly recommend to my friends."

Lakshana Palaniswamy, Croydon, Surrey

10 August 2015

""I had tried to learn to drive a few times over the years and had ended up giving up. I finally stuck it out this time around with Elite and my instructor Garry C was fantastic. As someone who lost a lot of confidence after failing a fair few tests with other instructors, he made me feel completely at ease and took it all at my own pace. He was extremely patient with me and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons because his way of teaching is extremely encouraging. I would definitely recommend using Elite to learn to drive as I FINALLY did it! Garry C gave me a lot of confidence behind the wheel with his friendly approach to teaching. Always on time and tried his best to fit around my schedule! I'm now going to use Elite again for Pass plus :). ""

Katie Hughes, South Croydon, Surrey

24 July 2015

"After a very convincing recommendation from a friend (who had recently passed), I decided to change my instructor. My new instructor was Gary and he was amazing. From the first lesson I had with him I instantly knew that I made the right choice. Gary assessed me and knew exactly what I needed to improve. He didn't rush things, everything was done at the pace I was comfortable with. He also made tasks easy and constantly reminded me that I could do it and I did. I passed on the 22nd of this month :D

I just want to show my appreciation to Gary once more and let everyone know that HE IS THE INSTRUCTOR TO PICK as he makes learning fun and there is truly never a dull moment with him THANK YOU GARY AND ELITE."

Jodie Binnom-Williams, South London

24 June 2015

"I passed first time with Garry C. He's a wonderful teacher, patient, caring, funny and he really wants you to do well! He knows when you're ready to take your test and invests a lot of time in you. He's so hard working but always tries to accommodate erratic times and days when you're free, despite always being fully booked! I'm looking forward to taking my Pass Plus with him and developing my driving skills even further. He always reminds you if you're picking up bad habits so ultimately, before you know it you're a confident and proficient driver! I unfortunately had breaks in my lessons one gap of three months and another of four - but Garry was keen to start again and made the time so I could progress quickly once I started again. Garry C is a wonderful instructor and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He is an asset to Elite Driving School."

Katherine Morgan, Mitcham, Surrey

05 April 2015

"Passed my driving test with driving instructor Garry Commey after many attempts with other instructors. I'm so grateful to my instructor Garry for his patience in helping me to finally pass my driving test thanks Garry. I would highly recommend Garry for anyone who is looking forward of passing their driving test. He is very competent and professional with his work. Thanks once again Garry"

Princess Andoh, Croydon, Surrey

23 April 2015

"Where to start, I moved over from AA to Elite.. And my God it was best decision I made. My instructor Garry was excellent from day one. He was very patient, always on time for lessons and consistent. I passed my test first time on 19/03/15 and was very pleased. I totally recommend Garry and Elite driving school.. He's the best driving instructor out there and you are sure to pass first time. 5* service all round. Thank you Garry for believing in me."

Napa, Croydon, Surrey

22 March 2015

"I have used 4 different driving schools over the years and had as many instructors. Garry at Elite not only helped me finally pass but went about it with all the good humour, patience, kindness and clear explanation that I needed to build my confidence. Although I have been learning for a long time, he taught me new approaches and tricks that had never occurred to me and has really improved my driving. I have since recommended him to others who also passed with him, and will be going with him for Pass Plus. The best experience of driving lessons I have ever had."

Adelaide Leader, South London

13 March 2015

"The service was classic! My instructor (Garry) is the best. He is so patient and friendly, he got rid of all my bad manners in a short period of time. Thanks Elite!"

Michael Anyanebechi, South London

11 February 2015

"I just passed my test with Garry C. He was amazing in instilling confidence on the scary roads! Having wasted so much money on a previous instructor I quickly realised after a few lessons that driving can actually be fun.. Well…at least not as scary! Gary is a brilliant instructor, despite his first couple of 'serious' lessons, he quickly warmed up and put the fun into learning. He will teach you techniques that will ace any manoeuvre. Tight parallel parking?.. Pah easy peasy! I think I will still be remembering his wise driving catchphrases for years to come lol!"

Lulu, Beckenham, Surrey

07 February 2015

Katie"Passed my test with Garry! I can't sing his praises enough! He was positive, patient, enthusiastic and encouraging and gave me so much confidence. I found the intensive course particularly useful as I am a uni student and didn't have much time to pass. I would thoroughly recommend him and will be sure to book up some more sessions for motorway driving in summer."

Katie Stapely, South Croydon, Surrey

24 January 2015

"Passed my test with three minor faults, couldn't have done it without my great instructor Garry. Extremely patient, supportive and fun, made learning a total pleasure. Cannot recommend enough."

Ruben Green, London

21 January 2015

Rio"My Instructor was Gary Commey! If I could thank him enought I seriously would. From start to finish he was so patient and supportive, I was quite scared to drive when I first started but he helped me to build my confidence and quickly get on the road. I started my lessons on 1st September 2014 and I passed yesterday 19th January 2015 with only ONE minor fault. He booked my lessons around my suitable busy schedule due to college and work and I was able to pass in 5 months. I'm only 17 so I'm a young driver also! Gary I thank you so much for being the best driving instructor ever and I also thank Elite too!!!! PICK HIM!"

Rio McCarthy, London

20 January 2015

Omer"I recently passed my test first time!!! All thanks to Garry Commey! I was a nervous driver but Garry was very patient and reassuring. This is reason why I passed. He pushed me to overcome my fears and in doing so he built my confidence up. I cannot stress enough for anyone out there who is looking for an instructor who is friendly, patient and easy going, I cannot recommend Garry highly enough. Garry also knew exactly when I was ready for my test and had complete faith in me. Thank you so much Garry, you're the best! "

Omer Hakki, South Croydon, Surrey

19 January 2015

Mehdi"Passed my test on the 5th of January. I had a great driving lessons with Garry. Found him to be very patient and encouraging. Took me ages to figure out roundabouts but with instructor like Garry everything became easy and I passed my test in first attempt. I will definitely recommend Garry to my friends, family and any new learners. Thanks to Garry and his team."

Mehdi Yossefi, London

10 January 2015

Alex"Garry and Elite helped me to pass first time on 9th Jan. Garry is the most amazing instructor, he is calm, patient, extremely helpful and an all round funny character. I wouldn't have wanted to learn with anyone else. Thanks so much Garry I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!"

Alex Frise, Caterham, Surrey

10 January 2015

Garry was an excellent driving instructor. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I was a very very nervous pupil in the beginning, with no previous driving experience; Garry tailored the lessons to suit my needs, was patient, but always eager for me to put myself out of my comfort zones. All of this led to me passing my test first time in nine months. Thanks so much Garry!"

Helen Shaw, London

04 January 2015

Satya"Garry was an excellent instructor for me. He has been calm, patient and comforting me when I get worried and helped me out in gaining confidence with everything throughout my driving lessons tenure with him. A practical person, who understands the person from within and advises the remedy to cure the driving faults. He comes across with well planned, organised lessons and has been sincere, punctual to deliver those lessons. I take this opportunity to THANK Garry to build my driving capability and enabling me to pass my driving test. I would highly recommend him to those who are looking for an instructor in South London. "

S B Sahoo, Croydon, Surrey

20 December 2014

"Garry is a fantastic instructor. He was really good at explaining anywhere I was going wrong and giving me an understanding of what the car was actually doing mechanically that made it all really clear. He was friendly and had a really good balance between having plans for our lessons and allowing me to focus on what I wanted to other times. I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting an instructor in South London. Prices were very reasonable and Elite giving me access to free theory test software was fantastic."

Caroline Hayward, South London

02 December 2014

"Garry is a brilliant instructor. I was with another instructor before him, took my test and failed. Starting off with Garry I saw a clear difference between what and how I'd been taught by the previous instructor. I passed my second test with only 2 minor faults, a testament to his competence as a teacher. I'm very pleased that I went with him."

Paula Osei-tutu, South London

30 November 2014

"I want to thank Garry for his excellent driving lessons. Last week I passed my exam on my first try. All the time Gary was very flexible to schedule the hours of practice that helped me greatly because their driving tips gave me the confidence to meet the requirements of the driving test. I highly recommend Garry as it is a very patient and friendly person."

Milton Acosta, Bromley, Kent

09 July 2014

"Garry was a great instructor, he was very patient and adapted his style to my needs. I went from never sitting behind a wheel to becoming a confident driver. I was particularly impressed by how flexible the process of booking my lessons was, a big plus given how little spare time I have. I would highly recommend Elite and Garry!"

Jennifer Paybody, London

24 June 2014


Jodie"After a very convincing recommendation from a friend (who had recently passed), I decided to change my instructor. My new instructor was Garry and he was amazing. From the first lesson I had with him I instantly knew that I made the right choice. Garry assessed me and knew exactly what I needed to improve. He didn't rush things, everything was done at the pace I was comfortable with. He also made tasks easy and constantly reminded me that I could do it and I did. I passed on the 22nd of this month :D

I just want to show my appreciation to Gary once more and let everyone know that HE IS THE INSTRUCTOR TO PICK as he makes learning fun and there is truly never a dull moment with him THANK YOU GARY AND ELITE."

Jodie Binnom-Williams, South London

24 June 2015

"Hi was a good instructor and very laid-back. Hi help me a lot."

Bokretsion, London

16 June 2014

"Elite was recommended to me by my wife for the instructor's calm, methodical and friendly approach. Within the space of 4 months, Garry fit my weekly lessons around my busy work schedule and took me from being someone who had never sat behind the wheel to passing my test first time. As I was quite nervous at the prospect of driving lessons, Garry's patience and encouragement was invaluable in building my knowledge, confidence and skill. Garry is a huge asset to Elite and I will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs any type of driving tutorial."

Harry Leader, London

24 May 2014

"Thank you so much to Garry C from Elite for guiding me to driving test success! He's very patient, encouraging and very thorough with his teaching, as well as being easy to talk to which helped keep me at ease when I was behind the wheel. Thanks so much Garry, I'll see you soon for motorway lessons!"

Nisha, London

05 June 2014

"I've Passed !! Many thanks to Garry Commey, from Elite Driving School, for his professional and friendly attitude towards my lessons with him. Mr Commey, I really appreciate your encouragement and effort in fitting my lessons around my busy working schedules. Guys, Two friends of my have already passed with Garry, I would definitely recommend Gary Commey and Elite Driving School to anyone who is looking for a really good instructor and driving school. I look forward to my already booked Pass Plus with you! Motor way here I come :) Andrew. "

Andrew, Croydon, Surrey

11 May 2014

"I would like to thank Garry Commey for his great tuition, professionalism, knowledge and patience! I am 9 months pregnant now and today I passed my driving test! All thanks to Garry! He managed to give me confidence and support that I really needed in my condition. I enjoyed every driving lesson and had fun as well, because Garry always tried to keep it easy going and relaxed! I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor! "

Katya Ralph, Mitcham, Surrey

09 May 2014

"Elite and my driving instructor Garry Commey helped me to pass my driving test first time and much quicker than anticipated. Great value for money gave me lessons double the time of my friends; who are with other driving schools; for the same price. Garry was great and totally supportive all the way until pass day. Would recommend to anyone!"

Harry Charles, Caterham, Surrey

01 May 2014

"Garry gave clear and calm instructions right from the very start. He was easy to work with, he made me feel very relaxed and helped me to learn everything I needed in order to pass first time. Garry made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and gave me complete confidence when driving. Massive and sincere thanks and huge appreciation for his teaching techniques. Whenever we contacted the office, the staff were extremely helpful and they all went out of their way to make me feel important to them, as an individual. Thanks for everything."

Harry Eccleston, Caterham, Surrey

29 April 2014

"I would like to thank Gary Commey and elite for helping to pass 1st time. I'd had a few lessons with another driving school before elite and I didn't feel like I was making much progress and I was really nervous but as soon as I started having lessons with Gary I stopped being so nervous as Gary is really calm and laid back and I started to feel a lot more confident and I felt like I was making a lot of progress. Gary is able to quickly work out your strengths and weaknesses and work on both. Thanks to Gary I was able to pass 1st time with only 4 minor faults. I would definitely recommend Gary and elite to anyone I know who is looking for a really good instructor. "

Ken MacRonald, Thornton Heath, Surrey

26 April 2014

Simon"First of all I like to say a big thank you to Garry Commey who got me through my test 1st time. I 1st went to elite after being with another driving school were I didn't feel I was progressing. So I called elite and explained my problems and they suggested Garry they said he will get me through 1st time, at the time I didn't really be leave it. But after a few lessons my driving and nervous had in proved massively and was ready to put in for my test. Garry is a calm person nice guy to talk to and really knows what he's doing. I passed 1st time with only 4 minors I could not of done this without Garry and I would high recommend Garry if you want to pass 1st time. I found elite prices very reasonable as well."

Simon Langridge, Mitcham, Surrey

18 April 2014

"Garry was an excellent teacher. Really patient, gives you flexible timings, extremely good at his instructions. He makes sure that you get everything perfectly right and his lessons are definitely enjoyable. He definitely pushes to the limits and just won’t let you go. I more than happy to mention that both me and my husband cleared under his guidance. I picked up great skills from him and would definitely recommend him to everyone. THANKYOU garry. It was indeed a pleasant experience. Vinutha and Vijay."

Vinutha Kanaginhal, Croydon, Surrey

31 April 2014

Veronica"I first tried to drive 7 years ago and gave up after failing miserably. Last month I found myself in the position of needing to get my license quite quickly for a new job. I had my first lesson with Garry on 7th Feb, and 23 hours of lessons later I passed today with zero faults! To say i'm ecstatic is an understatement - I never thought i'd get here, and it's mostly down to Garry's great tuition and complete patience with me! I would highly recommend him as an instructor. Thank you!"


Veronica Barnett, Penge, South London

13 March 2014

"Garry was an amazing instructor, he helped me pass first time. Lessons with him were very chilled and relaxed. He made me enjoy every lesson and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much Garry!!"

Fiyory Gheze, Croydon, Surrey

21 February 2014

After moving to the UK from the US, I finally decided to do my UK driving test. I called Elite and had a wonderful instructor Garry, who was very patient with me but clear on how to change the bad habits I'd picked up after 10 years of driving in the US. He was far better than the first instructor I'd tried with another company, and I passed first time with only 2 faults. I was very impressed and would recommend Garry and Elite to anyone looking for quality and good value driving instruction."

Joanna G, West Noorwood, London

10 January 2014

"Having started driving lessons a couple of years ago with a lady from another driving school and really struggling with the driving and her way teaching driving I stopped the lessons. But now having two babies in the intervening years and needing to be a bit more mobile I had to bite the bullet and get on with it again. This time I went with ELITE/Garry and straight away things seemed to click more. Garry was very thorough in his instruction but also made it relatively stress free experience for me - sensing I was quite nervous about it all. Garry was happy to joke and is very easy to talk to which in turn makes you feel comfortable. I passed my test first time last week so couldn't be happier. I am very pleased with the standard of driving Garry has got me to today. Thanks Garry!"

Anna Bates, Streatham, SW London

19 December 2013

"I have just passed my test the fist time and I owe big thanks to you Gary my instructor who was very patient and really helped me to pass my test the first time."

James Buckle, Carshalton, Surrey

03 December 2013

Adnes"I was very nervous when I first started my lessons. I would never thought Ill have the confidence. Garry has built up my confidence and have been so patient. I passed my test first time. I would recommend Garry to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. He is a great instructor and he is fun. Thank you Garry!"

Agnes Nagy, Croydon, Surrey

03 December 2013

"Passed my test yesterday in flying colours - all thanks to Garry. He was an excellent instructor and made the practise sessions fun and friendly. Will definitely recommend. Thumbs up Elite for having such an amazing instructor in your team."

Kalu Kalu, Streatham, Surrey

23 November 2013

"Passed first time today. My instructor was amazing and I could not ask for anything more. He made me feel comfortable and most of all confident!I thoroughly recommend Elite. Thank you Gary for helping me to pass."

Olivia Harrison-Roye, Thornton Heath, Surrey

24 October 2013

Funbi"Took my test 2 days ago and passed with flying colours thanks to professional adequate preparation by Garry, my Elite Instructor. He structured the lessons in way that I was 100% ready for the test and the last manoeuvre he got me to practice was what the examiner told me to perform! The communication was excellent, he was quite flexible to accommodate my times, he familiarised me with the test routes and corrected my faults during the mock tests. Will recommend."

Funbi Akande, Sydenhan, SE London

27 September 2013

"I passed my test on 9th Oct (West Wickham) and thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Gary. He is quite professional, polite and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about learning to drive. Cheers Garry!

Akhil Verma, Croydon, Surrey

11 October 2013

"Yes!!! Everybody says Garry is the man. In fact he is truly the man!!! He is very professional, polite, knowledgeable and a presentable instructor. He helped me to pass first time after being let down by another instructor. The numerous mock tests prior the the actual test makes you have a feel of the actual test. I would highly recommend Garry and Elite to see you through. "I OWE IT TO YOU GARRY"

Justin Mensah, Croydon, Surrey

25 August 2013

"Garry is the man straight up. He's patient, great teacher, he knows what he's talking about, and funny. He helped me pass first go with only two minors. HAPPY DAYS. Cheers Garry."

Sam Wade, Croydon, Surrey

11 August 2013

Mo L"I took lessons with Garry Commey from late June 2013 and passed first time in late July 2013. I owe it to Garry - he is a very calm, patient and laid back driving instructor. He made me feel at ease and has given me great confidence and self-belief in my driving ability. In short, Garry is the perfect driving instructer!"

Mo Leghari, Croydon, Surrey

01 August 2013

"I cannot thank my Elite instructor, Gary, enough for all the patience, good humour and enthusiasm he showed me on every lesson I had with him. It all paid off... I passed first time!! I cannot recommend Elite Driving School, especially Gary, to support you all the way!"

Steven Rowley, Upper Norwood, London

Jeniffer"A BIG Thank You to Mr. Garry Commey, he helped me pass FIRST TIME!! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody wishing to learn to drive in croydon. Mr. Garry is a wonderful driving instructor - patient and very knowledgeable. He puts you at ease and increases your confidence behind the wheel. If you follow his guidelines, no doubt, you will pass with flying colours!"

Jennifer Ahenkora, South Norwood

10 July 2012

"I was taught by Gary Commey and would highly recommend him to anyone else. He really listens to your concerns and then adapts the lessons and methods accordingly. Gary is also extremely patient, which was essential for me."

Mark Richardson, Croydon, Surrey

30 April 2013

Alice"Having used Garry Commey at this driving school, I highly recommend this driving school, especially Garry Commey to everyone for his brilliant teaching skills and excellent dedication which helped me pass."

A Alice, Croydon, Surrey

26 April 2013

"I would just like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Garry."

"I came to Garry having previously had some lessons but I was taught all the wrong things. Within a couple months Garry turned all my bad habits into quality driving which made me pass on my first turn."

"GARRY is the MAN!!"

Sam Payne, Upper Norwood

19th April 2013

"My instructor Garry was calm and polite in his approach, he gave me many reference point that help me to pass Test after leaving my formal instructor."

Issac Fayemi, Kennington, London SE11

18 April 2013

M Mohamed"I just want to say my instructor Garry was the best, He made me pass the first time, I ask couldn't for a better instructor he was friendly and professional, I will definitely recommend him."

Mohamed Mohamed, Streatham, South London

06 April 2013

"I was referred to Gary by a friend of mine who passed the test in her first attempt. Great recommendation. Gary is a very effective instructor, patient and good at picking out the most important points. He trained me well, and I felt very much prepared and ready at point of test. I would definitely refer Gary. Thank you very much!!"

Rohit Ghai, South Croydon

24 March 2013

"I had lessons with Garry from Elite and I passed first time. He was a great instructor and prepared me for the test very well."

Peter Kamau, South Croydon, Surrey

20th February 2013

"Thank you Elite! And thanks to Garry Commey! I found the teaching style excellent! Picked up a lot of great skills and found driving quite simple in only a couple of lessons! I was able to pass my test on the first try and I know this is because I had a great instructor and a great company! It really is value for money! I will definitely recommend Elite to friends who are looking to start learning."

Joshuanne Amachie, Croydon, Surrey

07 February 2013

"I recently passed first time having learnt with Garry from Elite. Garry was a really friendly and laid back instructor which is exactly what I wanted - having a calm presence in the seat next to you helps a lot! Thanks again!"

Mark Roberts, Croydon, Surrey

04 February 2013

"Hi, I had my lessons with Garry, he is very gentle and very good instructor. He explained the things really well and drive with all methodology/reference. My lesson was just like a enjoyable drive with fun chat with Garry and he was very re-assuring. I passed my test with 1 minor point. It was all possible because of Garry's teaching. I would strongly recommend this driving school. The price is also reasonable with best quality."

Bibhuti Bhusana Patro, Croydon, Surrey

09 November 2012

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