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Please specify if there are any particular days or times that you are available for lessons, as that will help us to find you the most suitable instructor

Please bear in mind that we are experiencing exceptionally high demand at the moment, and our team are busy working through enquiries as quickly as possible. Please be patient, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

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ELITE Driving Instructor Training Ltd (Surrey)

Rose Akowuah, Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor was Garry Commey. Garry’s patience is second to none. He instilled into me calmness and confidence. He has been a great support throughout the learning process and I am thankful. I will definitely recommend Garry and Elite Driving School."

28 October 2021 Google review logo

Ethan Lyne, Redhill, Surrey

Ethan passed with Lee"I want to say a massive thank you to my driving Instructor Lee Haydon. I started learning how to drive with Lee at the start of 2020 with no experience with driving and was very nervous. But he made it very easy for me to understand and he’s been so understandable and positive throughout the process of me learning how to drive. He’s an amazing driving teacher."

07 July 2021 freeindex review

Covid T&Cs

Post Covid-19 lockdown restrictions Additional Terms and Conditions

We are resuming lessons from the 4th July 2020, but things will be slightly different as follows:

Customer risk acceptance:

ELITE, and all our driving instructors will follow government and industry guidelines to put into place all reasonable and practicable measures to provide a safe system of work and minimise the potential risk of spread of the disease within their vehicles. We strive to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for our customers and staff. In booking driving lessons with ELITE, you the customer accept that it is impossible to fully eliminate the potential risk due to the inability to exercise social distancing within a vehicle, and agree that neither ELITE nor our instructors accept any responsibility for that risk. As such you solely and freely agree that it is your choice and decision to accept those risks and abide by the terms set out below. As this is an unprecedented and fluid situation there may be further necessities not covered within these terms currently, so we will also support any reasonable requests made to you by one of our instructors in facilitating the reduction of the risk following their individual assessment of your circumstance and needs.

Booking confirmations:

As a new customer, you will receive an SMS message with 24 hours of making the booking confirming the date, time, and cost of the lesson, plus details of how to pay, and contact details of your instructor.

As an existing customer, when booking future driving lessons directly with your instructor they will send by SMS or email the details of that booking within 24 hours of that booking being made, as it will not be possible for them to give you a written record.

Before the first lesson:

You will receive a telephone call from your instructor at least 24 hours before your lesson to confirm some details and complete a verbal risk assessment. Even though you may have had a lesson before, because it has been a long time since your last lesson you may be asked to provide a ‘driving licence check code’ so that your instructor can re-evaluate your driving licence. This is a process that driver trainers should conduct regularly anyway. The ‘check code’ can be obtained at: https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence To get this code you will need your driving licence number and National Insurance number.

The code lasts for 21 days and can only be used once. For the instructor to look at the code they will need you to supply them with your share code and the last 8 characters of your driver number which can be found on your driving licence.

Your instructor will check the licence details only 24 hours before your next session of training takes place.

You will also be told that you will have to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5m with or without eyesight correction when you meet up again for the first time.

Your instructor will also check whether:

  • You have any symptoms of coronavirus such as a cough or a high temperature – find out more here: www.nhs.uk/ conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms-and-what-to-do
  • You know, or have been in contact with, anyone that is showing symptoms
  • You, or anyone they have been in contact with, have travelled from a high risk region

It is important that you answer these questions honestly as you do not want to put the instructor or any of their other pupils at risk. This will also avoid the lesson being cancelled halfway through if the instructor decides you are not well enough, which may have financial implications to you.

During the call, your instructor will also request that you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, in line with government guidance, immediately before leaving the house or place of work to attend the driving lesson.

On the call your instructor will also advise you that:

  • There will be no handshakes or physical contact
  • They will be keeping the windows open at all times
  • The car will be sanitised before you get in
  • To wear long sleeves and trousers and not to wear open-toed shoes
  • The instructor will NOT accept cash, as this can spread the virus. You will need to pay for your lesson at least 48 hours in advance using either a bank transfer directly to your instructor, or by credit or debit card via our website. Your instructor will provide you with their bank details, or provide you with a link for card payments. Failure to pay in advance of the lesson will result in the lesson not going ahead, and payment will need to be made before any future lessons are booked.

The instructor will send you an SMS asking you to confirm before each lesson that you have had this conversation, and that you the customer have answered all questions honestly, and accept that it is impossible to fully eliminate the potential risk due to the inability to exercise social distancing within a vehicle, and agree that neither ELITE nor our instructors accept any responsibility for that risk. As such you solely and freely agree that it is your choice and decision to accept those risks and abide by the terms set out below, and that you agree to the risks.

By reply confirmation to that message or call you agree to these terms in their entirety, and that our standard 48-hour notice period as set out in section 3.6 and 3.7 of our standard terms and conditions still apply. Failure to reply to that message may result in your instructor not coming for your lesson, but may still charge you for the lesson.

Once the instructor arrives at the pick up point they will again assess whether you are well enough to start the lesson. 

  • They will not let you get into the car straight away.
  • They may need a few minutes to clean down contact points within their vehicle.
  • From a distance (min 2m) they will have a conversation with you to assess whether you seem yourself or have a cough that they did not notice on the phone call, or look like you may have a high temperature, and may ask to take your temperature.
  • They may ask you to place any outerwear such as your jacket / jumper / bag inside a plastic bag in the boot to help spread the risk of infection, including any loose items such as mobile phone and keys, as you will not be able to put them in the door pockets or on the dashboard of the vehicle

If they are not 100% happy with your state of health or demeanour, they will not start the lesson and explain that the lesson will have to be postponed until you have recovered.

During the lesson

The lesson content and structure will remain the same as before. Your instructor will make sure the lesson has client centred aims and objectives and is appropriate for you. If you have had lessons before, you may find they go back to areas that you have covered before; it may have been a considerable amount of time since your last lesson so they will need to reassess where you are.

Your instructor will also advise you that:

  • Any writing should be done by them – Do not share a pen or device. If you do, they will clean with anti-bac wipes straight afterwards
  • Training resources will be held up and not passed between the two of you
  • You should try to avoid directly facing each other when discussing scenarios
  • If they are going to provide a demonstration drive, they will need to wipe down the controls before and after. If you are wearing gloves, then change the gloves just before and after the demo drive
  • The windows will be open to some degree for ventilation, even in wet weather. In hot temperatures, the air conditioning may not be used
  • The trainer will teach pupils about recirculated air, and why using this function is particularly risky at present, if the car has this facility
  • Discussions during the lesson may be held outside of the car, and it is advised that regular breaks outside of the vehicle should be taken anyway, and the vehicle aired
  • Lessons may be of a longer duration to minimise the number of clients entering the car each day, and therefore minimising the risk of infection, and allowing more time to thoroughly clean the car between each client
  • You will not be able to have anyone accompany you and sit in the back of the car during your lesson

Personal Protective Equipment

The C-19 virus can be spread through contact points and air-borne droplets and so personal protective equipment may be advised. Each instructor will conduct their own risk assessment and decide what is appropriate for each individual.

Face coverings/masks 

We are advising all our instructors to wear face coverings for their own protection and the protection of their clients. However, we accept that in certain circumstances this may not be possible due to certain health conditions, because it can hamper communication, or for those wearing eyesight correction as it can cause fogging and impede vision. In return we expect our customers to supply and wear their own face mask to protect our staff. Unless they too have a satisfactory reason not to wear a mask, failure to bring a face mask may result in the lesson not going ahead, but will still need to be paid for. This is at the instructor's individual discretion. Some instructors may have face masks available for purchase. If you need a face mask, then you should clarify if the instructor can supply one in advance of the lesson.

Plastic shields must not be worn due to injury that could be caused if an airbag was to deploy, also because of glare and possible impeded vision. For these reasons the Dept for Health have advised to look ahead when in conversation and not look at each other. Some instructors may decide to wear other forms of eye coverings such as goggles at their own discretion.  


These can be used providing they do not impede the safety and handling of the vehicle, and that you do not have any allergies. They should be put on just before entering the vehicle, and you will also use sanitiser once in the vehicle. You will supply your own gloves, or the trainer may have supply of disposable gloves for you to purchase.

As this is an unprecedented and fluid situation there may be further necessities not covered within these terms currently, so we will also support any reasonable requests made to you by one of our instructors in facilitating the reduction of the risk following their individual assessment of your circumstance and needs.

After the lesson

Once the session is finished you will be asked to take with you and safely dispose of any masks, gloves, and protective bags that contained your personal belongings, and then wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds. It may be advisable for you to change all of your clothes on return to home and wash them immediately at a high temperature to help protect your household.

Your Practical Driving Test

Your instructor will explain to you the processes that will be in place post lockdown, but it is likely that there will be some changes as to how the driving test will be conducted. It is likely that your instructor may not be allowed to accompany you on the test and may also not be allowed near the vehicle at the time of the debrief at the end of the test. A strict hand washing regime is likely to be in place at all test centres, but toilet facilities may be limited at some centres. The contents of the test in terms of manoeuvres etc has not changed.

Rose O, Croydon, Surrey

"My driving Instructor was very friendly, calm and patient with me, helped give me the confidence to finally get behind the wheel and pass my test! Thank you."

 17 November 2019 freeindex review

Ellen Nicholson, Weybridge, Surrey

Ellen passed with Kim"Passed first time!! Sooo happy!! Kim Hart was an absolute pleasure to be taught by. Always on time with a smile and a laugh to relax me and make me ready to learn. The only problem with passing is I dong get to have anymore lessons and chats with Kim. Would highly recommend to anyone!! Especially if you want to make a friend list you learn! Thank you so much Kim!!"

17 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Leanne Offer, Redhill, Surrey

"Excellent driving school. After many years of having no confidence to drive pierluigi in redhill taught me how to drive gave me confidence and passed within 3months. I have tried with many driving schools over the years but normally loose confidence. So happy and if you thinking im not sure please use Elite totally amazing i can not thank them enough frok theroy down to practical. Many thanks"

14 October 2019 Google review logo


Thalia Potter, Reigate, Surrey

Thalia passed at Redhill after driving lessons with Jenny"Jenny is the most amazing instructor and would recommend her to anyone! I was such a nervous driver when I came to her, but she was so patient and believed in me. She pushed me when I didn’t think I could do it and helped me so much. Every lesson was such a laugh and will miss them and all her funny sayings! Thank you so much Jenny I couldn’t have done it without you!"

18 October 2019

Yasmin M, Weybridge, Surrey

Yasmin passed with Kim after driving lessons in Weybridge"Kim Hart was my driving instructor and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She’s great with people like myself who aren’t as confident at first, she really helped me a lot. She’s got a great sense of humour and felt more like a family friend than a stranger! Kim was never late and always great at reminders if you needed them. Kim also never moved any of my lessons or cancelled - which I know happens with some others. I will be continuing some extra lessons with her even though I’ve now passed - including motorways, I wouldn’t use anyone else!"

7 September 2019

Join the ELITE team

Due to our excellent reputation we have a huge demand for more quality manual and automatic driving instructors in areas where we currently advertise, plus we are constantly growing and expanding into new areas.

Whether you're looking into training to become an instructor and the job prospects once qualified, or if you're already a qualified ADI and interested in joining our fantastic team of instructors, here you will find out more about our comprehensive and great value Driving School Franchise. We are a family run school, and strongly believe in looking after our close knit team of instructors by providing regular team meetings, newsletters, WhatsApp networking group, and free ongoing CPD (continual professional development) training with one of our ORDIT trainers. This ensures that our instructors continually develop their knowledge and skills to grow their own business, as well as helping us to maintain the reputation of ELITE as a quality driving school with our customers.

pdf About the ELITE Driving School franchise (140 KB) - Here we explain exactly what we provide for our ELITE instructors to help them run and grow their driving school business. Our franchise is a fixed fee, with no additional or hidden charges, but all inclusive (excluding car) and comprehensive. We provide a start up period which guarantees new pupil introductions, 2 weeks franchise free per year, and if you train with us you can get all of your training costs back through our trainee to franchisee cash back incentive. However, we have no minimum term contract or tie in period.

pdf ELITE Trainee to franchisee loyalty cash back incentive (147 KB) - Quite simply, if you train to become an Approved Driving Instructor with ELITE, and then join our team as an ELITE franchisee you will receive a discount on your weekly franchise fee equivalent to the full cost of your training. pdf See more details here. (147 KB)

pdf Potential earnings as an ADI with an ELITE franchise (167 KB) - There are lots of different figures bandied around about how much you can earn as an ADI. There is certainly the potential to make a very good living in the driving school industry, but you are more than likely going to be self employed, so there are lots of differing factors which influence how much you can potentially earn, and how much you can actually earn. Here we break down the figures, and give some realistic examples of earning potential as an ELITE instructor taking into account:

  • Hourly rates for lessons
  • How many hours you want to work
  • Franchise cost
  • Vehicle costs
  • Insurance costs

 Click to find more information on training to become an instructor

Train as an instructor

So, you’re thinking about becoming a driving instructor? Well, due to recent legislative changes there's never been a better or busier time to come into the driving school industry!

To legally provide paid for driving instruction you must become qualified as an ADI - An Approved Driving Instructor.

Here you should find all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision as to whether training to become an ADI is right for you, and everything you need to know about how to achieve the qualification and new career. Our training structure and costs are simple, open, and transparent, with no hidden terms and conditions. We are a local family-based company rather than a large national company, and our business has thrived through our reputation as a quality driver and instructor training provider, providing a very personal service. Therefore it is in our interest to recruit the right people for the job, look after them, and ensure they receive the best possible training in order to deliver the best quality to our customers. To download our full training information pack click here, or download individual sections of information below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

pdf Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (127 KB) - So, you’re thinking about training to becoming an ADI? Here you should find all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision as to whether training to become an ADI is right for you, and everything you need to know about how to achieve the qualification and new career. This document provides a brief overview, and a few questions you should be asking yourself if you are considering taking the plunge into a new career as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

pdf The ADI qualification process (179 KB) - To become an Approved Driving Instructor you must satisfy the requirements set out in the National standard for driver and rider training, and pass each of the three Driving Standards Agency qualification tests that you must pass in order to become an Approved Driving Instructor, otherwise know as an ADI. These tests are known as the ADI Part 1 - advanced theory test, ADI Part 2 - test of driving ability to a high standard, and ADI Part 3 - the test of instructional ability. This document explains each test in more detail.

pdf Training to become an ADI with ELITE (128 KB) - It's important before committing to any training course that you fully understand what the training involves, including exactly what type and amount of training you will receive, how long training will take, who will be delivering your training, and what financial and time commitments you are going to have to make in order to complete the course. Find out about ELITE and our trainers, our flexible training options, and everything we offer here.

pdf ELITE ADI training cost options (91 KB) - Here we explain exactly what our full driving instructor's training course includes, what the full training course costs, what additional costs you may encounter, and what options we have if you don't need the full training course, want to pay-as-you-train, or just need help with individual tests following taking training previously.

pdf ELITE Trainee to franchisee loyalty cash back incentive (147 KB) - If you train with ELITE you will get back all of your training fees if you become one of our franchised instructors, so essentially you will have trained for FREE. Here we fully explain the cash back incentive.

pdf Trainee Licence option (62 KB) - Here we explain what the PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) trainee licence is, what the benefits of it are, and what the conditions are if you decide to apply for one. It is important to remember that although you can start your career on a trainee licence, and start teaching real life learners for 6 months, and start to earn a living whilst doing so, that the main reason for taking a trainee licence is to gain experience whilst continuing with ongoing training to develop your skills. We feel that one of the main reasons the national pass rate for the Part 3 test has been so low over the years is because many trainee instructors use it as a means to earn a living from teaching, and don't seek ongoing training and support whilst doing so. As a result trainees often develop bad teaching habits and lose sight of the best practices and skills learnt through their training, ultimately putting them at jeopardy when it comes to the final test. We ensure that our PDIs have ongoing training and support throughout so they are fully prepared for the Part 3 test.

Click here for information on joining the Elite team

Car Practical Test, Show / Tell Questions

During the practical test you will be asked two 'show me / tell me' questions.

Before you start driving the examiner will ask you a 'tell me' question where you will be required to explain how you would carry out a safety task.

The examiner will ask you one 'show me' question where you will be required to show how you would carry out a simple safety task whilst you are driving.

Each question you get incorrect will result in a driver (minor) fault being recorded on the marking sheet.

'Tell me'

'Tell me' Questions
1.) Tell me how you’d check that the brakes are working before starting a journey.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that after starting the engine press the brake pedal several times to ensure it does not feel spongy or slack. When applying the brakes on the move the vehicle should slow down and stop as normal, and not pull to either side.

2.) Tell me where you’d find the information for the recommended tyre pressures for this car and how tyre pressures should be checked.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that pressures can be found in either the manufacturer's handbook or an information plate located somewhere on the vehicle body of some cars. Pressures should be checked using a reliable pressure gauge when the tyres are cold (as air expands when hot), especially before starting a long journey, or extra weight is to be carried. Ensure the spare tyre is checked too, and all valve caps are replaced once checked.

3.) Tell me how you make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted so it provides the best protection in the event of a crash.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that the head restraint should be adjusted so that the rigid part (centre) of the head restraint is at least level with the eyes or top of the ears, and as close as possible to the back of the head whilst still being comfortable so that it offers maximum support in the event of a crash. NOTE: Restraints on some vehicles might not be adjustable.

4.) Tell me how you’d check the tyres to ensure that they have sufficient tread depth and that their general condition is safe to use on the road.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that you should regularly inspect the tyres ensuring that there are no cuts, bulges or other obvious damage. Then explain that there should be 1.6mm of tread depth across the centre three-quarters of the breadth of (across) the tyre and around the entire outer circumference (all the way around) of the tyre.

5.) Tell me how you’d check that the headlights and tail lights are working. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that you would need to turn on the ignition first, and then turn on the headlight switch. Depending on the vehicle this will normally be located on one of the stalks, or a switch on the dashboard. There will normally be three positions on the switch (off, side lights, and dipped beam) There will be a green icon shown on the instrument panel. You would then explain that you would walk around the car before a journey to ensure both headlights, and both red tail lights are working.

6.) Tell me how you’d know if there was a problem with your anti-lock braking system.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain that if there was a fault with the system the ABS warning light on the dashboard would either stay on or flash after the engine has started.

7.) Tell me how you’d check the direction indicators are working. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain you would turn on ignition; apply each direction indicator individually; walk around the vehicle to ensure that they are all (six!) are working. Alternatively turn on the hazard warning lights and walk around the vehicle to check bulbs are working correctly. As this is a tell me question there is no need to exit the vehicle.

8.) Tell me how you’d check the brake lights are working on this car.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Turn on ignition, but do not start the engine. Press brake pedal and ask someone to go behind the vehicle and check that all of the lights are working. Alternatively you could explain if you are by yourself then you could reverse up to a reflective surface like a window or garage door and see the reflection of the lights. There is no need to exit the vehicle, as this is a tell me question.

9.) Tell me how you’d check the power-assisted steering is working before starting a journey.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain you would apply gentle pressure to the wheel with one hand whilst starting the engine with the other hand. Once the engine starts there should be a noticeable movement of the wheel as the system begins to operate. If the steering becomes noticeably heavy whilst driving there may be a fault with the system.

10.) Tell me how you’d switch on the rear fog light(s) and explain when you’d use it/them. You don’t need to exit the vehicle.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Explain you would turn on ignition and switch headlights to dipped beam setting, then operate the fog light switch and identify the warning light on the dashboard. Explain that fog light should only be used when visibility is reduced to less than 100 metres.

11.) Tell me how you switch your headlight from dipped to main beam and explain how you’d know the main beam is on.
Answer (Tell before driving)

Switch ignition on if necessary, and turn lights switch to normal headlights (dipped beam), and then turn on main beam switch, which depending on vehicle is normally done by pulling or pushing the indicator stalk.

12.) Open the bonnet and tell me how you’d check that the engine has sufficient oil.
Answer (Open bonnet and tell before driving)

Open the bonnet, there will on most cars be a release lever you will need to pull from within the cockpit first, and then there will be a secondary catch under the bonnet to fully release before you can open it. Then point out the engine oil dipstick. Then explain that you would check the oil on a regular basis, particularly before starting a long journey. You should check the oil when the engine is cold and the car is parked on a flat level ground. Check it by pulling out the dipstick and wiping clean, then re-dipping and checking the level against the minimum and maximum markers on the stick. Once explained ensure bonnet is FULLY closed.

13.) Open the bonnet and tell me how you’d check that the engine has sufficient engine coolant.
Answer (Open bonnet and tell before driving)

Open the bonnet, there will on most cars be a release lever you will need to pull from within the cockpit first, and then there will be a secondary catch under the bonnet to fully release before you can open it. Then identify the reservoir and point out the high and low level markings on the header tank. Explain that if topping up is required then this should be done when the engine is cold to avoid burning your hand when removing the cap. Once explained ensure bonnet is FULLY closed.

14.) Open the bonnet and tell me how you’d check that you have a safe level of hydraulic brake fluid.
Answer (Open bonnet and tell before driving)

Open the bonnet, there will on most cars be a release lever you will need to pull from within the cockpit first, and then there will be a secondary catch under the bonnet to fully release before you can open it. Then identify the brake fluid reservoir. Point out the minimum and maximum markings and explain that the level should be between these. Ensure that the car is parked on a flat level surface before checking. Once explained ensure bonnet is FULLY closed.

'Show me'

'Show me' Questions

1.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the rear windscreen?

Answer (Show when driving)

When it is safe and you will not be distracted, operate the rear screen washer switch / button / lever, and wipers if necessary. How to operate this will depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

2.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the front windscreen?
Answer (Show when driving)

When it is safe and you will not be distracted, operate the screen washer switch / button / lever, and wipers if necessary. How to operate this will depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

3.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights?
Answer (Show when driving)

When it is safe and you will not be distracted, turn on the headlight switch. Depending on the vehicle this will normally be located on one of the stalks, or a switch on the dashboard. There will normally be three positions on the switch (off, side lights, and dipped beam) depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

4.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d set the rear demister?
Answer (Show when driving)

When it is safe, and you won't be distracted, turn on rear screen heater. There is normally a button near the fan and temperature controls, but will depend on the make and model of the vehicle. If the screen does steam up whilst driving you can also turn on Air Conditioning (AC), as this will help to remove the moisture from the air inside the car. It's useful to note that on most modern vehicles the rear screen heater control will also heat the door mirrors to improve visability.

5.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d operate the horn?
Answer (Show when driving)

When safe to do so, when you wont be distracted, and it won't affect or mislead other road users, press the horn control; depending on the make and model of the vehicle this will normally be located on the steering wheel. The horn must not be used between the hours of 11.30pm and 7am in a built-up area.

6.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d demist the front windscreen?
Answer (Show when driving)

When it is safe, and you won't be distracted, turn on the front screen heater. There is normally a button near the fan and temperature controls, but will depend on the make and model of the vehicle. If there is not a button, you will need to turn the fan speed up, turn temperature control up, and direct the air flow towards the screen. You should also turn on the Air Conditioning (AC) if fitted to the vehicle, as this will help to remove the moisture from the air inside the car.

7.) When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d open and close the side window?
Answer (Show when driving)

When it's safe to do so and you won't be distracted, operate the front side window switches, normally located on the driver's door or the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are lessons?

Lessons are at least one hour, although we recommend two hours. Years of experience of driver training has told us that two hour lessons are far more productive than just one hour, as more repetition can take place.

In addition, time is not lost travelling to a suitable training site from the place of pick up, so lesson content will flow more consistently and seamlessly. As a result, a fewer number of lessons should be needed overall to pass the driving test, which saves the pupil money.

What areas do you cover?

We cover most of South and West London, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire and the Bromley area of Kent. See our instructor page for the full list of postcodes.

How many lessons will I need?

Each individual learns at a different rate. According to statistics from the Driving Standards Agency, a learner driver who passes their driving test has had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice. However, this is the national average figure and many pass with far fewer lessons.

Your instructor will provide you with a detailed lesson structure and advise you on your progress using a Driver's Record Card as recommended by the Driving Standards Agency. This will include a guide of what to practise between lessons when you have a car and supervising driver available.

Should I practise between lessons?

Any practice is good practice. If you have a suitable vehicle and accompanying driver to carry out private practice between lessons, your instructor will give you their professional advice on what you should work on. Each individual pupil progresses differently, and each vehicle has different characteristics, so your instructor will develop your instruction accordingly. Just because a friend may be doing something different with another instructor, it doesn't mean either one is wrong.

Do you provide automatic lessons?

Yes. There is an increasing demand for automatic driving lessons. There are many reasons why you might want to drive an automatic.

These include:

  • A friend or relative owns an automatic, which you will be driving
  • The introduction of more vehicles which have hybrid (part electric) technology and therefore are automatic
  • You are going to be driving around town more than open roads, so auto reduces effort of operating the clutch
  • You may have a medical reason
  • You feel more comfortable not having to worry about the clutch

You must remember though, that if you pass your test in an automatic, you will be restricted to only being permitted to drive an automatic. A test pass in a manual car will permit you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles. Let us know when you call us that you want to take automatic lessons.

What is the minimum age I can start learning to drive? I hear they're putting it up to 18

You need to be 17 years old to legally drive on the public road. The age for applying for a provisional driving licence is now 15 years and 9 months, and link is https://www.gov.uk. You cannot take the theory test before you are 17 years old, but if you have a provisional licence before you are 17, you are permitted to book it in readiness for when you are.

If you are receiving disability living (mobility) allowance at the higher rate, your provisional licence will come into effect when you are 16, but you can apply for it within three months of your 16th birthday.

There are rumours that the minimum age is going to be raised to 18, but at the moment there are no plans by the DVLA for this to be implemented.

How do I get a provisional driving licence?

You can pick up an application form for a provisional licence (D1 Pack) from a Post Office, or you can apply online here.

What does the theory test involve?
Where is my nearest test centre, and how do I book a test?

You can find information on booking both theory and practical tests here.

Will my instructor help me get ready for the theory test?

Yes. It is a good idea to take some practical lessons before the theory test to help develop your knowledge. Your instructor can also supply, at reduced cost, official theory home study materials (books and DVDs).

Do you have instructors that can teach in a foreign language?

Unfortunately at the moment we only have English speaking instructors.

What do the theory and practical tests cost?

Please visit the government website for full details of test fees.

Can I take lessons in my own car?

This might be possible. It depends on your insurance policy. Some policies have exclusions on using your vehicle for professional driving tuition. You will need to check your policy conditions prior to booking lessons, and proof of a valid insurance policy will need to be seen by your instructor at the start of the first lesson. We would suggest that using your instructor's dual controlled vehicle would be the best and safest option.

Will I share my lesson with another learner sat in the back?

No. This is sometimes known as 'piggy backing' and is done to save the instructor time between lessons by picking up the next pupil before the end of the previous lesson. We see this as totally unacceptable, as you are paying your instructor for that time.

My friend had another examiner sat in the back seat on their test, could this happen to me?

Unfortunately, yes. The DSA examiners are regularly 'check tested' themselves to ensure quality standards are met and that learner drivers like yourself are being tested fairly. If this happens, you need to remember that the examiner in the back of the car is watching the other examiner, not you. They will make themselves as inconspicuous as possible so as not to put you off.

Can a friend or relative come along and sit in the back of my lesson?

Unfortunately, no. Most of our instructors' insurance policies only cover them to carry another ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) or DSA Official (examiner) in the back of the car whilst instruction is taking place.

Are there any other good sources of information to help me get ready for my test?

Yes, visit 2pass.co.uk and driving-test-success.com for lots more information on learning to drive and the driving test.

Who prints the graphics on your ELITE vehicles?

ELITE vehicle sign writing is supplied and fitted by Boss Dog.

Boss Dog logo

Where can I find other driving schools if ELITE doesn't cover my area?

The following directories may have details of instructors in your area:


Please submit an enquiry by filling out the form below, and please provide as much information as possible

Please provide us with as much detail about your requirements as possible

Please specify Manual/Automatic and your location to help us with your query!

Please bear in mind that we are experiencing exceptionally high demand at the moment, and our team are busy working through enquiries as quickly as possible. Please be patient, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

telephone 30 rust020 8004 6818

ELITE Driving Instructor Training Ltd (Surrey)

Training Testimonials

Our trainers are all ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) registered. This means that they have taken additional training and testing by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) to ensure their training is to the highest standards. Only Grade A ADIs can be ORDIT registered. Before committing to an Approved Driving Instructor training course make sure you know who your trainers will be, not just the company. Also get opinions from people that have already been through the process with the provider or individual trainer you choose. Here are reviews of our driving instructor training from a few of our recent success stories. If you want further reassurance, or have any questions all of our instructors would be more than happy to have a chat.

Furkan Arshad, Crawley, West Sussex

Furkan Arshad, Crawley, West Sussex

"I started looking for driving instructor training after hating my previous role, I came across many companies promising the world with crazy low prices. Luckily I called Elite and spoke to Ian who recommended going for a coffee and a chat. This is where he quickly showed me what the role entails and showed me a realistic avenue. I’ve literally never met anyone in my life that’s so hungry to learn, Ian is highly knowledgeable and focused on the job at hand, he always comes up with multiple solutions for every scenario."

"Ian has been amazing from Day 1. Showing myself exactly what we were planning to do and how we were going to achieve it. We started a journey but little did we know we were going to be facing hurdles and lengthy delays along the way (Covid Lockdowns etc). Ian was fantastic working out easy solutions to get things done and prioritise, we had delays with the DBS checks but Ian made it productive while we were waiting."

"We then faced delays and busy periods trying to book my Part 2 tests. But Ian was great going out of his way to help me learn new areas where there was availability, forming simple solutions and sometimes even comprising his own time to help me."

"We had 3 separate incidents of setbacks with my Part 3. Ian helped emailing the PDI team and keeping me in the loop where I was worried about what was going to happen alongside the rest of the country, lockdowns were a mess but Ian did FaceTime calls reassuring me and going out of his way to keep me fresh and ready once that date came. Even little things like giving me car insurance guidance or finding the best car deals for me, he just went above and beyond where others wouldn’t even think of."

"Our journey wasn’t typical but it was made consistent and reassuring, Ian was flexible in timings and accommodating me when I was working or busy, gave me simple coaching advice to follow and ended up giving me a future. Ian isn’t an instructor, he’s a coach (when you realise this, the journey becomes easier), finding solutions where others don’t, that’s why he’s so great, knowledgeable and genuinely loves what he does!"

"If you’re not sure, call Ian at Elite, go for a coffee and change your life, Just Like Ian did for me."

August 2021

dvsa instructor logo

Katie Fort-Schaale, Dorking, Surrey

Katie Fort-Schaale, Dorking, Surrey

I came to Elite having already failed my Part 3 Driving Test to become as Instructor and finding that the company I had trained with with were completely unsupportive.
Ian was immediately constructive with how I should move forwards and incredibly encouraging mending my smashed confidence and allowing me to believe in myself again. Without his help I would definitely not have achieved the standard required to pass. Ian is not only an extremely skilled Coach but also a very kind empathetic and honest Individual, who will stand by you when others let you down.
I couldn’t recommend Ian and Elite enough.

18 July 2021

dvsa approved driving instructor Katie Fort-Schaale

Lee Haydon - ADI Crawley, West Sussex

Lee Haydon - ADI Crawley, West Sussex

I did all of my ADI training with Ian from the beginning to end. Ian was very flexible with his training, allowing me to go at my own pace and complete Part 1 at my own pace. For Part 2 Ian took me out in my own car, and enabled me to pass it first time! Part 3 and the accompanying training was also very thorough and adapted to my learning needs and style. Ian is a patient and friendly guy who genuinely has your best interests at heart, this has led me to passing my Part 3 test and becoming a fully qualified proud member of the ELITE team.

June 2019

dvsa approved driving instructor Lee Haydon

Szymon Swidkiewicz - ADI East Grinstead, West Sussex

Szymon Swidkiewicz - ADI East Grinstead, West Sussex

A huge thank you to Ian! I can’t recommend any better instructor then him

I have been with other instructors who just felt like a waste of time but Ian was fantastic!

Ian is a great instructor very understanding and very very supportive!

He has huge knowledge as well!

Thank You so much it was pleasure to having lessons with you and especially when English is not my first language..!

I highly recommend Ian.

Many thanks 

dvsa approved driving instructor Szymon Swidkiewicz

Graham Benke, Bromley, Kent

Graham Benke, Bromley, Kent

I decided that when I retired from the Police Service I would become a driving instructor. I began the training and was successful with my part one and part two examinations.

I was advised to take lessons in preparation for my part 3 examination. I had lessons with a local driving school and I was told that I was ready to take the part 3 examination which I took and was unsuccessful. I felt that I had not been properly prepared for the examination and decided to try another driving school.

I approached Elite Driving School and began lessons with them, firstly with Ian then with Garry. I immediately noticed a vast difference in the level of instruction and the organization of the learning it was a noticeable improvement from the previous school. I then took my part 3 examination when I was fully prepared passing with a 5/5 pass.

I would always recommend Elite Driving for A. D. I. Training. I am now in the process of starting to become an Instructor with Elite.

03 January 2018

dvsa approved driving instructor Graham Benke

Dierk Geen-ADI (Epsom, Surrey)

Dierk Geen-ADI (Epsom, Surrey)

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ian Sedgwick at Elite Instructor training. Before coming to Ian in 2018 to help me with part 2 and part 3 of the ADI qualification, I had used a larger UK wide training company where I was disappointed with the lack of availability of the trainers and the over-intensity of the training regime.
All this changed when I started being taught by ORDIT qualified Ian. Ian took the time and trouble to assess what I had and hadn’t learnt properly and proceeded to deliver each 2 hour lesson with a tight client-centred focus.

The lessons with Ian included pupil role-plays; watching Ian teaching pupils whilst observing from the back seat; and being observed by Ian whilst teaching live lessons. The lessons also focused clearly on the three main areas of competence i.e. Planning of the lesson, risk management, and teaching and learning strategies; as well as the 17 lower level competencies.

By the time I came to take my part 3, my level of teaching confidence was high and this helped to make the part 3 exam more relaxing and easier to perform well in. I passed. Once again many thanks to Ian and his team for all their help. I would recommend Ian to any one who wants professional help in becoming an ADI.

dvsa approved driving instructor Dierk Geen

Paul Stubbington

Paul Stubbington

I recently passed my ADI part 3 and am now a driving instructor.

This would not have been possible but for the training I received with Ian Sedgwick. His knowledge of what is required is second to none and his support gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. So if you are looking for a new career as a driving instructor.

I would 100% recommend Elite and especially Ian. You will not find a better trainer out there for professionalism, knowledge and patience. Thanks once again to you Ian and Elite

dvsa approved driving instructor Paul Stubbington

Claire Llewellyn, South Norwood

Claire Llewellyn, South Norwood

I joined the Elite team as a PDI after completing my training with the AA. I took the option of further training with Elite whilst I prepared for the final Part Three test. The additional coaching I received from Ian was fantastic! Giving me new confidence in teaching the manoeuvres, advice and guidance. As a new instructor I was excited but apprehensive at the same time, every worry and concern I had were quickly put aside with reassurances from both Ian and Eddie.

The introductory franchise fee was a great support in the early days as I built up my business and my student base grew as were the flyers, business cards and of course the livery for the car.

The team in the office are always there to lend extra support, dealing with student enquiries, bookings and managing the fleet of drivers that are out on the road.

When I initially joined the Elite team on my "Pink Badge" I was only going to stay until I qualified and could join the AA, I had never considered joining a smaller driving school, now I wouldn't consider joining any other!

dvsa approved driving instructor Claire Llewellyn

Kevin Mantle, Addlestone

Kevin Mantle, Addlestone

After a false start with another driving school where I stayed far too long, I decided to phone Elite because I had training with Eddie and Ian in 2006, before they had set up their own driving school.

I find the whole team at Elite very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommended the Elite franchise to any instructor who wants a change for the better.

dvsa approved driving instructor Kevin Mantle

Kim Hart, Weybridge, Surrey

Kim Hart, Weybridge, Surrey

I trained for my ADI licence with Ian & Eddie before they set up Elite, so when they asked me if I'd like to join their franchise working with Elite I didn't hesitate as I found them both very fair & helpful. I've now been with Elite about 5 years & I'm pleased to say that they haven't changed their approach to the business.

We have regular team meetings, helping to keep us all up to date & have our say. That's the advantage of being a small company, being able to keep the personal touch. Our website is always up to date with lots of helpful information for our customers.

My diary has been quite full even during the slow times of the year. Eddie & Ian work hard to keep the phones ringing. They also have many years in the business of driving tuition & training people to become driving instructors, which is a great reassurance.

dvsa approved driving instructor kim hart

Adrienne Marlow, Frimley, Surrey

Adrienne Marlow, Frimley, Surrey

With their excellent knowledge, experience & teaching methods, Ian & Eddie got me through all 3 parts needed to become a fully qualified driving instructor & their excellence & high standards continues through to their franchise opportunity. I am so happy & proud to be a part of the Elite team.

Ian & Eddie are so organised, professional &a efficient that I always feel well informed & kept up to date with everything. We have frequent meetings & I always have plenty of opportunities to discuss anything with them. I love our personalised web page that we all have which really helps to promote & advertise each of us individually. In this industry where we work solo, it's great to be part of a team that is so enthusiastic about the job & constantly striving to deliver the highest standard of teaching & service as possible. New pupils often comment on how professional Elite have been from the point of enquiry to booking in their first lesson, and we continue that right through to the end.

Elite also go out of their way to help & accommodate my needs & always ensure I have plenty of work. I would definitely recommend Elite's franchise package to anyone training or already a fully qualified ADI.

dvsa approved driving instructor Adrienne Marlow

Jenny Hutchinson, Tadworth, Surrey

Jenny Hutchinson, Tadworth, Surrey

I joined Elite in 2012, invited by Ian, who had the dubious honor of training me. After working for myself for a few years, I felt ELITE offered a level of professionalism and support, which I didn't have on my own.

We have regular meetings where we're keeped up-to-date with all the latest news about the company and the industry which is helpful, but, most importantly for me is to catch up with everyone. In an industry where you are isolated from colleagues, it is really good to be able to exchange ideas, moan and have a good gossip, with others who you like and respect.

All in all, not the biggest company to work with, but one of the best. What it lacks in size it more than makes it up in encouragement and support, and best of all, you could not ask for a better group of friendly, professional and fantastic people to work and be associated with.

In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with my little sports car, and my dogs, cats, and horse keep me busy!

dvsa approved driving instructor Jenny Hutchinson

Garry Commey, Croydon, Surrey

Garry Commey, Croydon, Surrey

If you looking for a holistic driving school to provide all your franchise needs then look no further than ELITE Driving Instructor Training Ltd.

I joined this school as a PDI during my training and got trained by Ian, one of the company directors, after taking part 1&2, and some part 3 from another driving school. I found his training very thorough and unique from what I have previously received. Before signing the contract I was a little nervous whether I was going to get the job. I'm very glad to say that they exceeded the number of pupils promised per week, and on a few occasions I have had to ask them to put new pupil bookings on-hold as my diary could not accommodate more influx.

Since I qualified I have been approached by several 'giant' driving schools (including the one I began training with) to join their franchise but I think it's not about how big the school is but how effective they are. ELITE Driving School has an exceptional customer service ethic. It's two directors have a repertory of knowledge in the driving school industry as they have been instructors for decades. What I find most useful and helpful is the biannual network meeting which brings together all instructors and staff of the company. It's a time when we catch up with colleagues, meet new ones and get an update of changes of the driving school industry

I can't wait to see this school come 1st out of over 4,000+ driving schools on the national Freeindex.co.uk driving school listing, as we are currently in 3rd position. I feel proud working with Elite!!!!! Thanks Elite.

dvsa approved driving instructor Garry Commey

Chris Lisney, Orpington, Kent

Chris Lisney, Orpington, Kent

I have been associated with 'Elite driving school' not only throughout the qualifying process but also subsequently as a franchisee. Throughout this time I have never been tempted to swap my allegianceelsewhere. Why would I,Elite are everything I would want in a franchise! They provide a support programme that is second to none, they are fast becoming the most respected driving school throughout surrey and the south east to mention only a couple of locations, and they are developing a reputation not only with prospective pupils as being the driving school to learn to drive with, but also within the instructors' circles, and I take great pleasure in being part of this success story

The two guys that are at the helm of this company are hugely experienced , knowledgeable, and quite simply the nicest guys you are likely to meet. You can't fail to be affected by their enthusiasm and learn from their extensive knowledge of the profession.

In the four years I have been running my franchise with them, they have never failed in keeping my diary full.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any prospective instructor or existing ADIs to become a part of this close knit family. You will never make a better decision in your professional careers. In my opinion they are not only ELITE in name but also ELITE in nature.

dvsa approved driving instructor Chris Lisney

Sue Garner, Warlingham, Surrey

Sue Garner, Warlingham, Surrey

When I was thinking of changing my career and training to become a driving instructor, I had seen an advert for one of the big national centres that were heavily advertising at the time. I had my finger on the dial button when my husband told me to delay while he did some local research. The research he did for me changed my career path completely as he found Elite, and persuaded me to speak to them before going to the one I had in mind. Thank goodness I did. That decision led me to Ian, and from our first meeting it felt "right". Ian is both highly professional and very likeable, you simply couldn't ask for better steering and training. Once you start training you are in every sense one of the team, and Elite is a bit like a family business.

I felt part of Elite from the beginning, we have a higher than national pass rate simply because the majority of the instructors are trained "the Elite way" , where standards actually do matter, rather than just a soundbite on an advert. Ian does not settle for less than "the Elite standard", and that filters down to us, the team. We have never been a large and impersonal national, we are a tight knit bunch who genuinely care about each pupil, each other, and the Elite brand. This plays out in our waiting lists. If you are thinking about training to become an instructor, just go and have a coffee with Ian and you will see what I mean.....

dvsa approved driving instructor Sue Garner

Hassan Rashid, Crawley, West Sussex

Hassan Rashid, Crawley, West Sussex

I reecently completed my driving instructor training with Ian from Elite driving school. Ian is very calm and is a very knowledgeable instructor. He boosted my confidence especially at times when I realy doubted myself. Im so glad I came across Elite especially Ian. THANK YOU SO MUCH IAN :-)

dvsa approved driving instructor Hassan Rashid

Pierluigi Capparella

Pierluigi Capparella

It was 2016 ago when I decided to go for a career change. Having worked for many years shifts in the aviation industry I decided it was time to have a little more of a social and family life.

I knew there were many big players out there when it came to qualify as a driver instructor, like for example RED and BSM. In this day and age I did some research over the ratings and reviews of those companies and didn’t quite like the idea of going with them.

I live in the Redhill area and was lucky enough to stumble on Elite Driving and Instructor School. Somehow I was drawn towards Elite because I felt it was more of a family run business rather than “a business”. The next natural step was to have a preliminary chat with the instructor trainer Ian Sedgwick, at the end of the day I wanted and needed to make contact to have a feel of who was going to become my trainer and also to understand what to expect along the learning path.

I immediately liked Ian for several reasons. He was approachable, clear, experienced and had a human side to him. He didn’t make me feel pressurised to go for the instructor job at any stage.

Ian has been there for me from day one, helping me to sort out my DBS and other paperwork,  supporting me in preparation of the theory test, pointing out my bad habits as a driver in preparation of the driving test and got me through those tests first time. The natural next step was to sign up with Elite franchise and start working as a trainee, having completed the mandatory training requested by the DVSA, a step I wasn’t going to regret as Elite was very proactive in supplying pupils to me. Two years down the line, I still have my diary full most of the time, which is great when you work free-lance.

Along the way to my Part 3 test Ian was always there, it was my mentor and was willing to accommodate ad hoc training mixing up different teaching styles so I could get where I am today. Thanks to Ian my confidence steadily grew over the months I felt it wasn’t just me putting the hard work in, he was too, we had become a team. Although there were obstacles along the way and I stumbled on them, Ian was my reference point, always bringing on the plate his calm human side and accurate technical information. Today I passed my Part 3 test, I feel 2 years of hard work have paid off!

I have been going on a little, but it was a long journey. I want to thank Ian for his hard work, I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to qualify as an instructor and Elite as your driving school for a fair well-structured franchise, run very well by Eloise, your contact point for customers and admin queries.


dvsa approved driving instructor Pierluigi Capparella

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We have a fantastic team of experienced instructors here at ELITE that all strive to deliver the best possible quality, value and customer service.

Here you will find information about each member of the ELITE team, including a short bio and testimonials from satisfied customers.  When you contact us we will book you in with the most suitable member of the team.

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The Practical Driving Test

Pass your Practical Driving Test with ELITE Driving School!

Your ELITE instructor will cover a detailed syllabus of lessons based around The National Standards for Learning to Drive to ensure you are fully prepared to be a safe, confident, responsible and independent driver.  You will also be fully ready for your driving test, whether it be at Croydon, Mitcham, West Wickham, Redhill, Crawley, or any of the other driving test centres within our catchment area.

Booking your driving test

To book your Practical Driving Test make sure you use the official Government website.  DO NOT BOOK through any third party booking sites that will come up in Google searches.  Many of these will offer guaranteed pass or free retests.  However, the initial booking is more expensive, you wont be able to choose the date and time for your test, and often their misleading terms and conditions mean that you wont be able to change or cancel your test without loosing what you've paid.  Through the official DVSA site you can change or cancel your test up to 3 working days before your test without loss of fee.

Getting an earlier test date

If your instructor agrees that you are ready to take your test sooner than the date you've booked then you can check the DVSA system to see if earlier dates become available.  Unfortunately this relies on a bit of luck. Dates do become available if other candidates cancel, examiners are issued overtime, or a new examiner is deployed to a test center.  However, as new slots become available they tend to get snapped up quickly.  If you haven't got the time to keep logging on and checking yourself then you can use a third party cancellation checking service. They will keep on checking for you, and when test slots become available text you the details. Make sure that you check that your instructor can accommodate your new date before changing it.


What does the test involve?

The Practical Driving Test was updated in December 2017. The new test is the same length of time as tests pre 4th December 2017, and still involves you driving for around 40 minutes on various road types and conditions.  

The most common question we are being asked is 'Why are the changes to the driving test being made?'   The simple answer is that road collisions are the biggest killer of young people.  They count for over a quarter of all deaths of those aged between 15 and 19 years.  Most fatal collisions happen on rural or high-speed roads.  Therefore the DVSA want to see candidates spending more time on these roads during their driving tests, proving they are fully prepared to drive on their own.  The changes to the manoeuvres, meaning there will no longer be a turn in the road or reversing around a left corner, mean that examiners won't need to spend a disproportional amount of time on quieter roads.  The revised manoeuvres can be carried out more naturally during the test.   All of these changes bring the learning to drive and testing process in line with The National Standards for Learning to Drive.  These are the guidelines and framework that all learners' lessons should be structured around. 

Eyesight check

The first part of the test is staying the same, and involves the examiner asking you to read a vehicle number plate at a distance of 20 meters (new style plate) or 20.5 meters (old style plate) to check your eyesight. Not being able to read the number plate at the required distance will result in the distance being measured out accurately by another examiner before you being allowed to try a second time. Failing to read it on a second attempt will result in a serious fault being recorded and the test terminated before you even sit in the car, and your test fee lost. An eyesight check is the first thing that your ELITE instructor will do with you on your first lesson, so please make sure if you wear glasses or contact lenses that you bring them with you on your first and every driving lesson. For more information on the eyesight test click here

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

Instead of being asked two safety questions at the start of the test, you will now be asked one simple 'tell me' vehicle safety question at the start of the test. These include how to check that the vehicle lights are working and how they are operated, how to open the bonnet and check the engine fluid levels, and how to operate and check various other items and controls on the vehicle.  You will be asked another 'show me' question during some point of the drive, such as 'when safe to do so, show me how you clean your front windscreen using your screen washer'.  This can happen at any point during the test.

You will receive a driver fault mark for each question answered incorrectly.  

To view these questions in full with a full explanation of the answers click here.

Your instructor will go through the questions with you in more detail, and familiarise you with the controls of the particular type of vehicle that you are taking your lessons in, and therefore you will be taking your test in.

Reversing Manoeuvre

Throughout the drive you will be asked by the examiner to perform one of the following exercises:

  • Forward parking into a bay in a car park, and reversing out 
  • Reverse parking in and driving out of a bay in a car park
  • Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths, and rejoin the traffic
  • Parallel park at the side of the road behind a parked vehicle

For these exercises you will be required to deliver smooth and accurate operation of the controls of the vehicle, whilst carrying out effective observations to ensure that you and everyone around you are safe through planning and risk assessment.  Note that the DVSA still recognise the turn in the road and left reverse manoeuvres as valuable manoeuvres to learn to help develop these skills.  

Emergency Stop

1 in 3 candidates may be asked to perform an emergency stop.

For this exercise the examiner will pull you over at the side of the road and explain that shortly he / she will be giving you a signal to stop the car (this signal varies, but each examiner will demonstrate the signal they will give). Once they have given you the instruction they will then ask you to drive on again as normal before shortly giving you the signal.  

As soon as they have given you the signal to stop, you will need to demonstrate that you can stop the car as quickly and safely as possible (as if a child had run in front of the car) and under full control.

Independent Driving

For twenty minutes, around half of the test, you will be asked to drive independently.  This has increased from ten minutes as from 4th December 2017.  During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav.  The sat nav will be pre-programmed and set up by the examiner.  Therefore you will not be expected to touch the device.  If you are not sure of the instruction being given by the device you will be able to ask the examiner for confirmation.  This is not a test of your navigation skills, and if you do not follow the exact route you will not receive a fault mark providing you are safe in the route you take.  The device or examiner will help with directions to get you back on route.

One in 5 driving tests won't use a sat nav, and you will instead be asked to follow traffic signs towards a certain destination, the same as tests pre 4th December 2017.


The Driving Theory Test

ELITE Driving School can help you pass your Driving Theory Test with flying colours!

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro is an online study programme that provides you with everything you need to pass your driving theory test, including:

  • Entire official test question bank
  • Hazard perception video clips
  • Online version of the Highway Code

To register for our FREE on-line and App based Theory Test Pro software please register your account by clicking the link below.  Before you gain full access you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your instructors's details and that you are a current pupil of ELITE.  Alternatively you can call the office on 020 8004 6818, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will register you directly.

The Theory Test Overview

This is a computer-based test, and consists of two parts. Both parts must be passed together as an unsatisfactory grade in either will result in both having to be sat again.

Multiple Choice Questions

The first part is a series of fifty multiple choice questions which you have 57 minutes to answer. Some of these will be based around case study scenarios. You must achieve a pass mark of 43 out of 50.

As of January 2012, the full official question bank ceased to be published by the Driving Standards Agency. However, the questions are still based around the same knowledge as before, and study materials are readily available for purchase from most good retailers. As well as paper based publications these include PC ROM's, DVD's and smart phone applications.

You can start driving lessons before you have passed the theory test, and this is usually beneficial as your instructor will give you knowledge and answer any questions you may have from your studying before you go for the test.

Hazard Perception Test

The second part is a test of your hazard perception skills. This involves watching fourteen video clips containing fifteen developing hazards in total. Each of these hazards is worth a possible five points each (when you see the hazard you must click the mouse to acknowledge it - the quicker you respond, the more you score). You must score at least 44 out of a maximum of 75 to pass.

Common problems candidates experience with this element of the test include clicking only once on a hazard, and this click being too early before the hazard is deemed to be developing. Or candidates over-clicking, that is clicking too many times in quick succession and a rhythm being detected which will result in the clip being voided an a zero score being given.

The perception skills needed to pass this test will be developed throughout your driving lessons by the application of the 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' routine to almost all situations you encounter, and your instructor will give you top tips on how to apply that on the day of your Hazard Perception test.

On the day of your theory test you must remember to take both the photo card and paper counter-part of you driving licence with you. Failure to produce either will result in you not being allowed to sit the test and your test fee being lost.

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For more information on the theory and hazard perception test, click here to view this DSA video.

Booking Your Theory Test

You can book your own theory test as soon as you feel ready to sit it.

To book a Theory Test make sure you use the official Government website, as there are many bogus websites that charge more than booking it direct, and they will not give you an immediate date and time.  They  may also charge you extra if you need to change the date.  

Also don't be fooled by claims of guaranteed pass, or free retests.  There are usually strict terms and conditions that apply and are nearly impossible to meet, and you pay extra for them.  

The Highway Code

Everything you need to know to pass both the theory and practical tests, and ultimately become a safe driver is based upon the Highway Code. You can purchase a copy at any good book store, supermarkets, Halfords,and even some petrol stations for less than £3. You will also also receive a free version of the Highway Code via our Theory Test Pro App.  

The Theory and Practical Driving Tests

The learning to drive process requires you to pass two tests. Visit these pages for more detailed information on each of them, including what is involved and how to prepare for them. 

Here you can find out what the theory and hazard perception test involves, and the best way to prepare yourself, including video tutorials.  Also you will find links to our FREE on-line theory test tuition software.

Here you can find out what the practical test involves, including the show me / tell me questions, independent driving, and the manoeuvres. 

The Highway Code

Everything you need to know to pass both the theory and practical tests, and ultimately become a safe driver is based upon the Highway Code.

When you start your training with ELITE you will receive free access to the full program of Theory Test Pro, our on-line theory test tuition software and app which contains a complete version of the Highway Code.


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