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Fleet and Company Vehicle Driver Training

Let ELITE Driving School give you that peace of mind that your employees and your fleet are safe on the road!

Most qualified and experienced drivers very quickly forget the principles of 'safe driving' once they gain their licence, become over confident, and fall into bad habits, let alone further improve or develop their skills.

What is Fleet Training?

Whether you are a small local business with just one vehicle, or a large national company or organisation with a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, there are many benefits of having anyone (including self employed contractors, volunteers and helpers) that undertake driving as part of their job, have their skills and knowledge base assessed . Most companies and organisations that undertake fleet driver training realise very quickly that the training often pays for itself through the savings made as a result.

Benefits to the Company or Organisation

  • Reduced insurance premiums, claims and excesses
  • Reduced fuel and running costs (realistic 10% overall reduction)
  • Lower vehicle repair and maintenance costs (brakes, tyres, clutches etc.)
  • Better residual resale value of vehicles
  • Improved productiveness of your staff
  • Lower vehicle admin cost 
  • Better absenteeism rate
  • Liability if a claim is made as result of an incident being reduced
  • A better brand, company or organisation image to the public (possibly existing or future clients or employees)
  • The company or organisation meets with the responsibilities under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 legislation
  • Personal liability of Managers and Directors under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 reduced 

Benefits to Your Staff

  • Improvement in their safety whilst at work
  • Reduction in work related stress (and their personal life as a result)
  • A feeling of being valued by the company, as there has been investment in their safety and development
  • A reduction in the possibility of loss of income
  • Learning of skills and techniques transferable to their personal driving outside of work

Our Fleet Trainers

ELITE have a team of DSA approved Fleet registered trainers that are highly trained in advanced driving skills.  Our trainers are able to assess the drivers of company vehicles and advise or provide bespoke training where areas of improvement are identified. These are often advanced techniques, tips, and routines that are designed to make an individual think about their driving style, attitude, and environment, and what effect that can have on themselves, their vehicle, as well as others around them. 

From our team of ELITE Fleet Trainers you can expect nothing but professional training and a service tailored to your company or organisations requirements.  Your individual needs will be initially assessed by our Fleet Risk Assessor and a clear action plan and objectives established. Assessments and training can be flexible, arranged at your place of work or at our training facilities, and at times and days to suit you. In some instances we can even carry out assessments during an individuals normal working routine, or in group sessions so as not too lose you productivity.

Please contact us for information or to talk to our Fleet Training Manager to discuss your individual requirements.