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The final step in the qualification process assesses your ability to teach a pupil how to drive.

The format of this test changed in December 2018. It used to involve the trainee instructor having to roleplay, with the examiner playing the role of a learner. Now the test is far more realistic, as an examiner will sit in the back of you giving a real life lesson to a learner, and assess your performance against the criteria set out in the National Standards for driver and rider training.

As part of our full course to prepare for this test you will receive 40 hours of in-car training on a one-to-one (not shared with another trainee) training. We also have on-line training resourses, including case studies, videos, and workbooks.

At the end of your Part 3 training you have the option of obtaining a trainee licence, sometimes referred to as a 'pink' licence. This allows you to legally be paid for giving driving instruction to gain experience before sitting the final test. As you will need to have a learner to take with you for your Part 3 test, this will also give you a choice potential candidates. The licence lasts for a maximum of six months and normally only one is granted in the two-year qualifying period. To apply for a trainee license you are legally required to take at least 40 hours of Part 3 training before hand, plus whilst on a Trainee Licence you are legally required to undertake at least a further 20 hours of training, or have 20% of lessons you provide supervised by another fully qualified ADI. You must also be sponsored by another ADI or driving school. ELITE offer this option under our franchise service. Different people develop in different ways. Some will benefit from a trainee licence, and some people are more suited to go straight to test. Depending on how you progress, advice will be given as to whether the trainee licence is going to be a good option for you.

We are currently developing a seperate website deddicated to ADI training, containing far more information. If you require more information please contact us on 020 8004 6818 to speak directly to one of our ADI trainers.

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