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This service is for another one of our instructors to conduct a mock driving test in your regular instructors car, which is the car you have been learning in, and the one you will be taking your test in. There is no extra charge if a mock test is conducted by your regular instructor, as they will conduct them during your normal lesson time.

Your regular instructor will also sit in the back of the car during the mock test so that they car see first hand how you perform, and know what remedial works need to be carried out afterwards.

The mock test will last for 1 hour. This includes a 40 minute drive, the same as the real driving test, plus a full 20 minute debrief afterwards.

The benefit of this service is to let you experience the test environment before taking it for real. Often candidates perform very differently on test than they do on lessons due to stress and nerves, and the fact that they have someone other than their regular instructor sat next to them. Also, having your regular instructor sit in the back will give you the experience of carrying an extra person, as it can effect the handling of the car, as well as rear visibility. You have the option of taking your instructor with you on the real test too, so having them there for your mock test will help you to make the decision as to whether you think this will be of benefit to you or not. Some candidates feel having their instructor with them helps them to relax, whilst some feel it adds more pressure.

The reason this service is double the cost of a regular one our lesson is because you are using the services of 2 instructors.

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