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Learn About Safety, Not Just To Pass

It’s very exciting to learn to drive and to imagine the freedom of running your own car, as it is undoubtedly a big step towards independence. If you’re learning at 17 it’s one of your gateways to adulthood and understandably you may be in a rush to do it.

With freedoms however come responsibilities and so you must be mindful of the fact that driving means taking control over a powerful machine that can also be lethal. In some ways, the car is the easiest lethal weapon to get a licence for if not used responsibly and safely. Without putting too much of a dampener on an exciting proposition, the truth is that cars are powerful and fatal accidents do happen.

So, when learning to drive you must make learning about safety paramount, rather than simply learning the skills that will help you to pass. You’ll soon be in control over a machine that can harm...{jcomments on}