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Adrienne Izatt (Manual)

Adrienne is based in Frimley, Surrey and gives driving lessons in:

GU12, GU14, GU16

Aldershot, Ash, Brookwood, Camberley, Cove, Farnborough, Frimley, Frimley Green, Hawley, Tongham

Training vehicle

Fiat 500, manual, in green

Services offered

  • Manual learner driving lessons
  • Pass Plus
  • Manual refresher and motorway lessons

Adrienne Izatt driving instructor

I am a mum to two children, and a beagle, so don't have much spare time, but when I do I enjoy running, yoga & surfing when I get the chance.

I trained with Ian the founder of ELITE back in 2004 when I was just 22 years old, and I became fully qualified in 2005. I'm very proud of my high pass rate, reviews and reputation that I have built up over the years.

Adrienne's Testimonials

Erin Christian, Frimley, Surrey

"Taught me to drive well. Made me feel relaxed and well informed throughout the whole process."

09 May 2024 freeindex review

Jessica Turnbull, Frimley, Surrey

"Passed for the first time today with 0 minors, so very happy thank you :))."

02 May 2024 freeindex review

Amelie M S Brice, Frimley, Surrey

AI Amelie 2 40229"She’s an amazing instructor I’ve never been a naturally gifted learner and I wasn’t able to practice by myself she has always been very calm and explained things amazing to me and Ik others who used her and said the same thing definitely would recommend."

25 March 2024 freeindex review

Sophie Kadwell, Kadwell, Camberley

"I would definitely recommend Adrienne as a driving instructor. I really enjoyed my lessons and felt very at ease as she paced the lessons to suit my needs and my way of learning. I now feel confident behind the wheel and Adrienne enabled me to pass my test first time with no minors."

11 March 2024 freeindex review

Ella Moug, Farnborough, Surrey

AI Ella 240229"Would definitely recommend Elite Driving School. I passed 1st time with Adrienne and she was an amazing instructor who made me feel very comfortable and confident when driving. She’s very patient and always helps with anything you feel stuck on. Overall, I've had a great time being taught by Adrienne!"

05 March 2024 freeindex review

Katharine A, Frimley, Surrey

"I can't recommend Elite Driving school enough. I am very glad to have learned and practised driving with Adrienne. She is very professional and patient with teaching me the driving skills and manoeuvres. She also helped build up my confidence especially since Im such a nervous driver. She made sure to note my progress and helped me work on what I needed to improve on. Adrienne is very meticulous and really made sure that I was learning to drive the right way, not just preparing me for the test but for driving on my own as well."

11 February 2024 freeindex review

Charlotte Simpson, Camberley, Surrey

AI Charlotte 240229"Lessons were always so chill and constructive. Adrienne was so easy to get along with and I had a brilliant time, getting a pass was a breeze with her!"

09 February 2024 freeindex review

Krista Romane, Camberley, Surrey

"I had Adrienne as my instructor. She was amazing and endlessly patient. Her way of teaching not only prepared me for the test, but also engaged me to become a safe and confident driver beyond the test. Her explanations were straightforward and effective. I lacked confidence in my driving but Adrienne made me feel more sure of myself. I couldn't have done it without her, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone learning!"

19 Decemebr 2023 freeindex review

Luke Phillips, Camberley, Surrey

AI Luke 231209"Great instructor, calm and patient. Gives thorough and clear explanations. Would definitely recommend. Thank you."

07 December 2023 freeindex review

Lauren Burke, Camberley, Surrey

"Adrienne was an amazing instructor, I couldn’t recommend her enough. She is so flexible with lessons and doesn’t just teach you how to pass your test, she teaches you how to be a safe and confident driver. I passed with 2 minors and she couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding!"

27 November 2023 freeindex review

Lucy Ellis, Farnborough, Surrey

AA Lucy 2312016"Absolutely amazing - Adrienne was so patient and helpful Thankyou so much for the time you have spent repeating everything ahah - 1st time passer 100% most comfortable drives."

09 September 2023 Free Index Logo

Damian Bond, Camberley, Surrey

"Adrienne has been fantastic with instructing our daughter to drive. Clear communication throughout and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Our daughter passed with just one minor."

25 August 2023 freeindex review

Evie Degiovanni, Camberley, Surrey

AA Evie 231206"I had Adrienne as my instructor and she was amazing, she was really patient and took time to explain each skill before I tried it. She doesn't just teach you how to pass your test, she goes above and beyond making sure you will be a safe and confident driver after you've passed."

01 August 2023 freeindex review

Madeleine Bond, Camberley, Surrey

AI Madeline 231206"Was taught everything very well, anything extra help I needed was addressed and I always felt relaxed and at ease when driving with my instructor"

25 August 2023 freeindex review

Jasper East, Woking, Surrey

AI Jasper 190423"Wonderful lessons. Made you feel very relaxed with a good atmosphere from beginning to start whilst also pushing you to your absolute best. Passed on my first attempt with also having a gap of lessons for a period of time so it shows how good the lessons actually are. Would highly recommend to anyone !"

19 April 2023 freeindex review

Harry Todd, Farnborough, Hampshire

" Adrienne is honestly one of the nicest driving instructor around. She’s harsh but fair. Fully recommend passed first time. "

05 April 2023 freeindex review

Ben Theobald, Camberley, Surrey

AI Ben 230323" Made the process of learning to drive easy and stress free. Can’t recommend highly enough."

10 Morch 2023 freeindex review

Aimee Tyas, Frimley, Surrey

AI Aimee 230222"Adrienne is so lovely and she takes great care of her students and is great at introducing someone into driving for the first time."

10 February 2023 freeindex review

David Jasper, Frimley, Surrey

"Adrienne is everything you would hope to get in a driving instructor, she puts you at ease from the very first lesson and builds up your confidence throughout your lessons. Always giving you tips on areas you may be struggling with, this ensures you’re confident and comfortable while doing your test. Have to say a huge thank you to Adrienne for always going the extra mile to ensure my test went smoothly and I felt that I could tackle any hurdle in-front of me due to analysing anything I needed to work on or improve."

26 October 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Caroline Day, Frimley, Surrey

"Adrienne is an amazing instructor. She is so supportive and so patient. She explains everything brilliantly and teaches all the skills and knowledge needed to pass. I highly recommend learning to drive with Adrienne!"

31 August 2022 freeindex review

Scott Lewis, Frimley, Surrey

AM Scott 220329"Pleased with my assigned instructor which led me to a first time pass. She explained things slow and in a way that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Many thanks to Adrienne and I will be recommending the driving school to my friends."

10 August 2022 freeindex review

Tracy Todd, Farnborough, Surrey

AI Sophie 220422"Absolutely brilliant driving instructor. Thank you Adrienne, not only did you have the patience of a saint, you taught my daughter to drive safely and properly. I honestly don’t think she would have passed without your experience and guidance. I wouldn’t waste your money on other instructors. Adrienne has years of experience and teaches properly from the outset. Can’t thank you enough."

29 April 2022 freeindex review

Judy Ripley, Frimley, Surrey

"I can’t thank Adrienne enough. My son is over the moon with passing first time. But as a mum we worry about their safety out on their own driving. I am so grateful to Adrienne because she doesn’t just teach you to pass your test but to actually be a good and safe driver, which is the most important thing and why I highly recommend her."

03 April 2022 

Chloe Grey, Camberley, Surrey

Chloe passed with Adrienne"As soon as I became 17, I couldn’t wait to start driving lessons and with Covid restrictions finally easing, it wasnt easy to find an instructor that was immediately available. I waited for Adrienne as I’d heard good things and I’m so glad I did. She eased my fear and anxieties immediately, she was patient, flexible and would often collect and drop me off to college. She made the lessons fun but was firm when required and didn’t judge my errors. She is really knowledgeable and helped enormously with both my theory and eventually my practical test. I passed first time just 6 months later and feel I’m a confident driver which is due to her exemplary tuition. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Adi"

01 December 2021 freeindex review

Sophie Breen, Camberley, Surrey

Sophie passed with Adrieen"Adrienne was a great driving instructor. She went above and beyond to help me pass first time! I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much!"

24 November 2021 freeindex review

Matt Smith, Farnborough, Surrey

AM Matt 211122"Adrienne was such a helpful and supportive teacher. Made it easy to book lessons and helped me get a closer test which I smashed. She's just great at what she does and thats getting people driving."

22 November 2021 Google review logo

Nic Stockton, Camberley, Surrey

Nic passed with Adrienne"I had Adrienne Marlow as my driving instructor and she was so helpful with learning how to do every part of what you need too pass your test such as what mph you would need to be at too change certain gears up and down which was really helpful when I first started, highly recommended."

24 June 2021 Google review logo

Dylan Holloway, Farnborough, Hampshire

Dylan passed after lessons with Adrienne in Farnborough"I had my driving lessons with Elite Driving School and was taught by Addrienna. She helped me pass first time and is a great instructor overall. She is very calm, meaning you don’t feel pressured or nervous at any moment and covered all the routes and skills I needed within my test, would recommend!"

14 June 2021 Google review logo

Ashley Giffiths, Church Crocham, Hampshire

AM Ashley100 191201"Learning to drive has been tough, even though I had some experience with motorbikes beforehand. Luckily Adrienne got me through it! Thank you."

26 November 2019 freeindex review

Susan Stockton, Camberley, Surrey

Adam passed in Farnborough after driving lesssons with Adrienne"Excellent teaching. Adam passed first time under Adrienne's guidance and feels safe and confident. I'll definitely be booking in son number 2 next year!
Thank you!"

17 October 2019

Joe Waight, Camberley, Surrey

Joe passed after taking driving lessons with Adrienne in Camberley"Passed first time as did my brother with Adrienne, so so lovely and really helped me with everything I needed, would highly recommended."

03 May 2019

Lucy Richardson, Frimley, Surrey

"Adrienne is an amazing instructor and I passed first time thanks to her constant patience and constructive teaching. She has been so supportive and helped me become confident in my driving. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and I can’t recommend her enough!"

22 March 2019

Abbie Anderson, Farnborough, Hampshire

"I had Adrienne teach me to drive with elite drivers. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable throughout my whole driving experience. She was amazing in explaining everything very clearly and making sure I knew how to do it before moving onto the next thing. I would recommend Adrienne 100% to anyone looking for an instructor!"

02 November 2018

Charlotte Ezzard, Farnborough, Hampshire

Charlotte passed her test after taking lessons in Farnborough with Adrienne"So flexible and easy to arrange! Kind and brilliant instructors. Addrienne made it so easy to learn and pass my test, Would definitely recommend!"

06 October 2018

Ella, Camberley, Surrey

"Passed first time thanks to Adrienne!!!! Adrienne supported me through the whole process, always willing to give great advice - I highly recommend her! The length of the lessons are perfect and fly by, with lots of process being made each lesson!:) Amazing."

02 June 2018

Julie Hunter, Camberley, Surrey

Ben passed after taking lessons with Adrienne'Son just passed first time after learning to drive with Adrienne at Elite, and my daughter passed first time with her two years ago. Absolutely fantastic instructor, highly recommend her to anyone looking for driving lessons!'

04 May 2018

Kieran Burr, Aldershot

"I cannot thank Adrienne enough for passing my driving test within four months. I was extremely keen to pass quickly and Adrienne was very flexible in meeting my goal. She is a very patient and calm individual and her tuition is second to none. She quickly gave me the confidence I needed and motivated me week on week. I would not hesitate in recommending Adrienne, she is a fantastic driving instructor!"

24 December 2017

Thomas Falzon, Camberley, Surrey

Thomas had lessons and passed in Farnborough with Adrienne"The driving lessons were great and helped me pass first time."

16 June 2017

Nat Tearall, Camberley, Surrey

"I have recently passed 1st time with only 2 minors after having lessons with Adrienne! She is a fantastic, friendly instructor who always explains clearly the correct way to do everything, and helped me build up my confidence over the time that I was learning. I highly recommend Elite + Adrienne!"

16 June 2017

Joe Hayes, Camberley, Surrey

170311 joe hayesI learnt with Adrianne. Who was so helpful in getting me motivated for lesson and keeping me interested in learning. She was really flexible with timing and keeping the lessons interesting and flowing well. 10/10

11 March 2017

More of Adrienne's Testimonials

Brioni"I passed my test today with only 1 minor, all thanks to my super star instructor Adrienne!! After trying when I was 17 and being very nervous, I was very put off and decided driving wasn't for me. It took me 8 years to build up the confidence to start again. Adrienne's kindness, patience, flexibility and great work ethic helped build the confidence and now I absolutely love driving. I cannot recommend her enough and will genuinely miss our lessons! Thankyou for everything Adrienne ?? I am over the moon!"

Brioni Rock, Camberley, Surrey

09 December 2016

"I can highly recommend Adrienne, she taught both of my sons and they both passed their theory and practical tests first time. She is very thorough and gauges her tuition to each individual student. Elite Driving School is competitively priced, we used block payments however you can pay weekly too."

Melanie James, Camberley, Surrey

25 September 2016

Will"Adrienne is a brilliant driving instructor, and her teaching led me to pass first time! The lessons are suitable lengths and the flexibility is great when it comes to scheduling lessons around college and work. The whole teaching experience was definitely exceptional and I never felt worried to ask questions and ask for additional help; I felt comfortable driving both in and out of lessons. I can fully recommend Elite Driving School, as the teaching is great and the quality and service is perfect. "

Wiliam James, Camberley, Surrey

25 September 2016

Hannah"I'd always been afraid of driving so when my mum booked my first driving lesson for my birthday I was really nervous. However, Adrienne was friendly and helpful and made me get over my fear of driving. 30 lessons later I passed my test!"

Hannah Platts, Camberley, Surrey

20 August 2016

Conner"Adrienne got my son through his driving test first time! He couldn't say enough about her patience and professionalism, highly recommended!!"

Ben Joy, Camberley

13 May 2016

Chloe"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Adrienne! She has been such an incredible teacher, made me feel completely at ease whilst building my confidence and developing my driving skills. I passed first time today with 2 minors and am over the moon! Thank you Adrienne."

Chloe Hunter, Camberley, Surrey

21 March 2016

Nina"Adrienne was such a lovely driving instructor who was always on time and taught everything in a way which was easy to understand but I felt like I had learnt how to drive in the best way. :)."

Nina Paul, Camberley, Surrey

04 March 2016

Alice"My Elite instructor was reliable, reassuring and motivational. They removed any driving worries from my mind, and I was able to pass my test first time thanks to their great work!"

Alice Clark, Camberley, Surrey

04 January 2016

Ian"I was recommended elite driving school by another company and I'm glad I chose this one. Adrienne Marlow was my instructor and she was very welcoming and understanding. She helped me through my nerves and was very patient with me. Adrienne was very flexible and her car was a smooth drive. I was worried about night driving but she reassured me about and now I probably prefer to drive at night. Adrienne knew when I was ready for my test even if I didn't which showed great trust and faith in my abilities. In a way its a shame I passed because she was such an excellent teacher better than a school teacher.I would highly recommend Adrienne Marlow to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Good value for money and excellent tutorage. "

Ian Taylor, Aldershot, Surrey

14 December 2015

Georgina"I was recommended to contact Adrienne at Elite by one of my friends who had passed first time and could not praise her enough. From the moment I had my first lesson, I knew that I had made the correct choice of instructor. Adrienne is a lovely, extremely patient and motivational driving instructor. She explained everything to me clearly and in a way that I fully understood and I quickly gained confidence with each lesson. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and steadily improved week on. Adrienne has not only given me the opportunity to become more independent but she has also boosted my confidence enormously as well as helped me pass my driving test first time. If you are looking for an instructor who will teach you how to drive but also put her who heart and soul into each lesson, look no further. "

Georgina Burr, Aldershot, Surrey

14 December 2015

Natalia"Fantastic, Adrienne is the best, very helpful and honest ."

Natalia Mouzakiti, Basingstoke, Surrey

27 November 2015

Bryony"I didn't speak to Elite as my parents booked the first set of lessons. I then continued with the same driving instructor who was amazing! Very supportive and professional. Very helpful when I failed my theory first few times. Very calm which was lovely as I am not a very calm person so she was able to balance that out. Definitely would recommend."

Bryony Jaine Hyde, Camberley, Surrey

10 November 2015

Lucy"Absolutely fantastic experience with Adrienne. She was very patient and helped me overcome my nerves. She helped me develop a good understanding of driving rather than just teaching me to pass the test. Highly recommend."

Lucy C, Farnborough, Surrey

26 October 2015

Laura"I booked some lessons with Adrienne from Elite driving school after asking for recommendations of good driving instructors locally, Adrienne came highly recommended and I can now see why. I was quite nervous at the beginning of my driving lessons but Adrienne was very patient and started me off slowly and my confidence quickly grew. Adrienne is a perfectionist and very thorough and took the time to ensure that I understood everything and could handle any tricky situation I might come across. I passed both my theory and practical tests first time and this was definitely thanks to Adrienne. I would definitely recommend her."

Laura Chant, Camberley, Surrey

20 March 2015

Charlie"Adrienne is the nicest and best teacher I've ever had - she's completely professional and knows exactly what she's talking about and how to get it across. When I passed the examiner complimented me on the drive and said that she wouldn't expect anything less from from of Adrienne's pupils. They know she's the best too! I will miss our lessons and have learnt so much."

Charlie Cook, Camberley, Surrey

14 December 2014

Rosa"Adrienne Marlow was absolutely amazing. I had another 3 instructors before her which didn't make me feel comfortable on the road. Me and Adrienne clicked straight away and I felt secure and confident having her next to me. Wish I heard about her years ago. Even when I felt the test two weeks ago, she was very supportive. Thank you Adrienne for being such an amazing person. I will miss our chats. Rosa x. "

Rosa Hutchings, Camberley, Surrey

01 November 2014

Alex"Adrienne has been very supportive and understanding of my daughter during her lessons as she suffers with some degree of anxiety. She has a calm and relaxed but professional manner. If we have required a change of lesson time she has been very accommodating and helpful. Due to her attention to detail and clear instruction my daughter has succeeded in passing first time."

Mrs Healey, Frimley, Surrey

30 September 2014

James"Adrienne was very friendly and helpful. She was also very thorough and ensured I passed first time, which was great. She was always punctual and accommodating if I needed to change my appointment. I'd thoroughly recommend her as a driving instructor."

Stephnie Waight, Camberley, Surrey

18 September 2014

Chloe"I am saying a big thank you to Adrienne Marlow, a kind and excellent instructor who helped me pass first time on my driving exam with no previous experience! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor as I looked forward to every lesson and will certainly miss them. I found them to be well prepared, engaging and encouraging and all the manoeuvres were explained thoroughly with clear instruction! She is very reliable, friendly and never turned up late to a lesson. My first lesson was brilliant and the excellence didn't stop throughout my learning. She was patient through the repeating mistakes that I made and I never felt under pressure thanks to her superb, calm, positive approach to teaching. I can't recommend Adrienne enough! 100% the BEST and will give a rating of 11/10. THANK YOU!! "

Chloe Finbow, Farnborough, Hampshire

03 September 2014

Sam James"Adrienne enabled me to pass my test first time! Her approach was very professional with clear and concise instructions for all of my lessons. The well thought out, staged approached benefited me. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable or out of my depth at any time. Thanks!"

Sam James, Camberley, Surrey

02 June 2014

Leearna"I Just wanted to say thank you so much to Adrienne from the Elite Diving School for all her help! Her helpfulness and professionalism was superb! I would highly recommend Elite to anyone who wants to learn to drive I had no experience at driving and I went on to pass my test first time and I credit this to my being taught so well! Again Thanks for everything!!"

Leearna Pilgram, Farnborough, Surrey

21 May 2014

"A HUGE thankyou to Adrienne! I could not have passed my driving test without her! she encouraged me to do the best I can. I really appreciate all what she did for me and will 100% deffinately recommend her to anyone!"

Carolann Dyson, Camberley, Surrey

17 April 2014

Jazmin"Adrienne was an amazing instructor. My daughter passed first time with no minors after her excellent tuition. She put her at ease from the first lesson, and I would highly recommend her."


Barbara Lapthorn, Camberley, Surrey

4 April 2014

Timothy S"Had attempted to learn with other instructors, didn't work out. Learned with Adrienne, really got on well, good fun and ended up passing first time with only a couple minors. Good job all round."

Timothy Smith, Camberley, Surrey

23 December 2013

"Passed my test first time yesterday all thanks to Adrienne. Lovely instructor who was very patient and calm and explained things very well and made them seem easier."

Kelly Hudson, Aldershot, Hampshire

28 November 2013

"Thank you to Adrienne for her amazing teaching and for being the reason I passed first time! She was always patient and encouraging from the first lesson to the last. I can't rate her highly enough."

Lizzie Hansen, Frimley, Surrey

09 June 2013

"If your looking to pass 1st time then Adrienne is the instructor for you. She has a calm and positive attitude that helped give me, a nervous learner the utmost confidence in my abilities and to pass 1st time! She's got a real nack for simplifying the most difficult and daunting maneuvers. I cant recommend Adrienne enough."

Drew M, Camberley, Surrey

29 May 2013

"Adrienne managed to do what my previous instructor couldn't, she was incredibly patient and taught me in a way that made everything clear and easy to understand I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone and everyone."

Faye Dundee, Guildford, Surrey

29 MAy 2013

"Huge thanks to my instructor Adrienne. I passed both the theory and practical parts of my driving test first time and couldn't have done so without her guidance and expertise!!"

Ben Donaldson, Crowthorne, Berkshire

29 May 2013

Christina"I am so happy that I called Elite and booked my first driving lessons with them, they had an instructor for me right away and she was fantastic! I could not have asked for a better driving instructor than Adrienne Marlow. She was professional, friendly and gave me just the right amount of confidence needed to start my journey. Her calm and cool demeanour meant that I could take everything in, and she explained everything to me step by step. I would definitely recommend Elite to other prospect learners out there! And if you are lucky you may even get Adrienne as your instructor!!"

Christina Alegria-Williams, Camberley, Surrey

 "Adrienne is a fantastic instructor, as well as a really lovely person.  She really helped me to overcome my initial nerves and pick up the basics pretty quickly.  I always looked forwards to my lessons, and I actually miss them.  However, I'm over the moon that I passed first time!  Thanks again to Adrienne and all at Elite for making the whole process a joy"

Jonny Oliver, Aldershot, Hampshire