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Our trainers are all ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) registered. This means that they have taken additional training and testing by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) to ensure their training is to the highest standards. Only Grade A ADIs can be ORDIT registered. Before committing to an Approved Driving Instructor training course make sure you know who your trainers will be, not just the company. Also get opinions from people that have already been through the process with the provider or individual trainer you choose. Here are reviews of our driving instructor training from a few of our recent success stories. If you want further reassurance, or have any questions all of our instructors would be more than happy to have a chat.

Furkan Arshad, Crawley, West Sussex

Furkan Arshad, Crawley, West Sussex

"I started looking for driving instructor training after hating my previous role, I came across many companies promising the world with crazy low prices. Luckily I called Elite and spoke to Ian who recommended going for a coffee and a chat. This is where he quickly showed me what the role entails and showed me a realistic avenue. I’ve literally never met anyone in my life that’s so hungry to learn, Ian is highly knowledgeable and focused on the job at hand, he always comes up with multiple solutions for every scenario."

"Ian has been amazing from Day 1. Showing myself exactly what we were planning to do and how we were going to achieve it. We started a journey but little did we know we were going to be facing hurdles and lengthy delays along the way (Covid Lockdowns etc). Ian was fantastic working out easy solutions to get things done and prioritise, we had delays with the DBS checks but Ian made it productive while we were waiting."

"We then faced delays and busy periods trying to book my Part 2 tests. But Ian was great going out of his way to help me learn new areas where there was availability, forming simple solutions and sometimes even comprising his own time to help me."

"We had 3 separate incidents of setbacks with my Part 3. Ian helped emailing the PDI team and keeping me in the loop where I was worried about what was going to happen alongside the rest of the country, lockdowns were a mess but Ian did FaceTime calls reassuring me and going out of his way to keep me fresh and ready once that date came. Even little things like giving me car insurance guidance or finding the best car deals for me, he just went above and beyond where others wouldn’t even think of."

"Our journey wasn’t typical but it was made consistent and reassuring, Ian was flexible in timings and accommodating me when I was working or busy, gave me simple coaching advice to follow and ended up giving me a future. Ian isn’t an instructor, he’s a coach (when you realise this, the journey becomes easier), finding solutions where others don’t, that’s why he’s so great, knowledgeable and genuinely loves what he does!"

"If you’re not sure, call Ian at Elite, go for a coffee and change your life, Just Like Ian did for me."

August 2021

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Katie Fort-Schaale, Dorking, Surrey

Katie Fort-Schaale, Dorking, Surrey

I came to Elite having already failed my Part 3 Driving Test to become as Instructor and finding that the company I had trained with with were completely unsupportive.
Ian was immediately constructive with how I should move forwards and incredibly encouraging mending my smashed confidence and allowing me to believe in myself again. Without his help I would definitely not have achieved the standard required to pass. Ian is not only an extremely skilled Coach but also a very kind empathetic and honest Individual, who will stand by you when others let you down.
I couldn’t recommend Ian and Elite enough.

18 July 2021

dvsa approved driving instructor Katie Fort-Schaale

Lee Haydon - ADI Crawley, West Sussex

Lee Haydon - ADI Crawley, West Sussex

I did all of my ADI training with Ian from the beginning to end. Ian was very flexible with his training, allowing me to go at my own pace and complete Part 1 at my own pace. For Part 2 Ian took me out in my own car, and enabled me to pass it first time! Part 3 and the accompanying training was also very thorough and adapted to my learning needs and style. Ian is a patient and friendly guy who genuinely has your best interests at heart, this has led me to passing my Part 3 test and becoming a fully qualified proud member of the ELITE team.

June 2019

dvsa approved driving instructor Lee Haydon

Szymon Swidkiewicz - ADI East Grinstead, West Sussex

Szymon Swidkiewicz - ADI East Grinstead, West Sussex

A huge thank you to Ian! I can’t recommend any better instructor then him

I have been with other instructors who just felt like a waste of time but Ian was fantastic!

Ian is a great instructor very understanding and very very supportive!

He has huge knowledge as well!

Thank You so much it was pleasure to having lessons with you and especially when English is not my first language..!

I highly recommend Ian.

Many thanks 

dvsa approved driving instructor Szymon Swidkiewicz

Graham Benke, Bromley, Kent

Graham Benke, Bromley, Kent

I decided that when I retired from the Police Service I would become a driving instructor. I began the training and was successful with my part one and part two examinations.

I was advised to take lessons in preparation for my part 3 examination. I had lessons with a local driving school and I was told that I was ready to take the part 3 examination which I took and was unsuccessful. I felt that I had not been properly prepared for the examination and decided to try another driving school.

I approached Elite Driving School and began lessons with them, firstly with Ian then with Garry. I immediately noticed a vast difference in the level of instruction and the organization of the learning it was a noticeable improvement from the previous school. I then took my part 3 examination when I was fully prepared passing with a 5/5 pass.

I would always recommend Elite Driving for A. D. I. Training. I am now in the process of starting to become an Instructor with Elite.

03 January 2018

dvsa approved driving instructor Graham Benke

Dierk Geen-ADI (Epsom, Surrey)

Dierk Geen-ADI (Epsom, Surrey)

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ian Sedgwick at Elite Instructor training. Before coming to Ian in 2018 to help me with part 2 and part 3 of the ADI qualification, I had used a larger UK wide training company where I was disappointed with the lack of availability of the trainers and the over-intensity of the training regime.
All this changed when I started being taught by ORDIT qualified Ian. Ian took the time and trouble to assess what I had and hadn’t learnt properly and proceeded to deliver each 2 hour lesson with a tight client-centred focus.

The lessons with Ian included pupil role-plays; watching Ian teaching pupils whilst observing from the back seat; and being observed by Ian whilst teaching live lessons. The lessons also focused clearly on the three main areas of competence i.e. Planning of the lesson, risk management, and teaching and learning strategies; as well as the 17 lower level competencies.

By the time I came to take my part 3, my level of teaching confidence was high and this helped to make the part 3 exam more relaxing and easier to perform well in. I passed. Once again many thanks to Ian and his team for all their help. I would recommend Ian to any one who wants professional help in becoming an ADI.

dvsa approved driving instructor Dierk Geen

Paul Stubbington

Paul Stubbington

I recently passed my ADI part 3 and am now a driving instructor.

This would not have been possible but for the training I received with Ian Sedgwick. His knowledge of what is required is second to none and his support gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. So if you are looking for a new career as a driving instructor.

I would 100% recommend Elite and especially Ian. You will not find a better trainer out there for professionalism, knowledge and patience. Thanks once again to you Ian and Elite

dvsa approved driving instructor Paul Stubbington

Claire Llewellyn, South Norwood

Claire Llewellyn, South Norwood

I joined the Elite team as a PDI after completing my training with the AA. I took the option of further training with Elite whilst I prepared for the final Part Three test. The additional coaching I received from Ian was fantastic! Giving me new confidence in teaching the manoeuvres, advice and guidance. As a new instructor I was excited but apprehensive at the same time, every worry and concern I had were quickly put aside with reassurances from both Ian and Eddie.

The introductory franchise fee was a great support in the early days as I built up my business and my student base grew as were the flyers, business cards and of course the livery for the car.

The team in the office are always there to lend extra support, dealing with student enquiries, bookings and managing the fleet of drivers that are out on the road.

When I initially joined the Elite team on my "Pink Badge" I was only going to stay until I qualified and could join the AA, I had never considered joining a smaller driving school, now I wouldn't consider joining any other!

dvsa approved driving instructor Claire Llewellyn

Kevin Mantle, Addlestone

Kevin Mantle, Addlestone

After a false start with another driving school where I stayed far too long, I decided to phone Elite because I had training with Eddie and Ian in 2006, before they had set up their own driving school.

I find the whole team at Elite very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommended the Elite franchise to any instructor who wants a change for the better.

dvsa approved driving instructor Kevin Mantle

Kim Hart, Weybridge, Surrey

Kim Hart, Weybridge, Surrey

I trained for my ADI licence with Ian & Eddie before they set up Elite, so when they asked me if I'd like to join their franchise working with Elite I didn't hesitate as I found them both very fair & helpful. I've now been with Elite about 5 years & I'm pleased to say that they haven't changed their approach to the business.

We have regular team meetings, helping to keep us all up to date & have our say. That's the advantage of being a small company, being able to keep the personal touch. Our website is always up to date with lots of helpful information for our customers.

My diary has been quite full even during the slow times of the year. Eddie & Ian work hard to keep the phones ringing. They also have many years in the business of driving tuition & training people to become driving instructors, which is a great reassurance.

dvsa approved driving instructor kim hart

Adrienne Izatt, Frimley, Surrey

Adrienne Izatt, Frimley, Surrey

With their excellent knowledge, experience & teaching methods, Ian & Eddie got me through all 3 parts needed to become a fully qualified driving instructor & their excellence & high standards continues through to their franchise opportunity. I am so happy & proud to be a part of the Elite team.

Ian & Eddie are so organised, professional &a efficient that I always feel well informed & kept up to date with everything. We have frequent meetings & I always have plenty of opportunities to discuss anything with them. I love our personalised web page that we all have which really helps to promote & advertise each of us individually. In this industry where we work solo, it's great to be part of a team that is so enthusiastic about the job & constantly striving to deliver the highest standard of teaching & service as possible. New pupils often comment on how professional Elite have been from the point of enquiry to booking in their first lesson, and we continue that right through to the end.

Elite also go out of their way to help & accommodate my needs & always ensure I have plenty of work. I would definitely recommend Elite's franchise package to anyone training or already a fully qualified ADI.

dvsa approved driving instructor Adrienne Marlow

Jenny Hutchinson, Tadworth, Surrey

Jenny Hutchinson, Tadworth, Surrey

I joined Elite in 2012, invited by Ian, who had the dubious honor of training me. After working for myself for a few years, I felt ELITE offered a level of professionalism and support, which I didn't have on my own.

We have regular meetings where we're keeped up-to-date with all the latest news about the company and the industry which is helpful, but, most importantly for me is to catch up with everyone. In an industry where you are isolated from colleagues, it is really good to be able to exchange ideas, moan and have a good gossip, with others who you like and respect.

All in all, not the biggest company to work with, but one of the best. What it lacks in size it more than makes it up in encouragement and support, and best of all, you could not ask for a better group of friendly, professional and fantastic people to work and be associated with.

In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with my little sports car, and my dogs, cats, and horse keep me busy!

dvsa approved driving instructor Jenny Hutchinson

Garry Commey, Croydon, Surrey

Garry Commey, Croydon, Surrey

If you looking for a holistic driving school to provide all your franchise needs then look no further than ELITE Driving Instructor Training Ltd.

I joined this school as a PDI during my training and got trained by Ian, one of the company directors, after taking part 1&2, and some part 3 from another driving school. I found his training very thorough and unique from what I have previously received. Before signing the contract I was a little nervous whether I was going to get the job. I'm very glad to say that they exceeded the number of pupils promised per week, and on a few occasions I have had to ask them to put new pupil bookings on-hold as my diary could not accommodate more influx.

Since I qualified I have been approached by several 'giant' driving schools (including the one I began training with) to join their franchise but I think it's not about how big the school is but how effective they are. ELITE Driving School has an exceptional customer service ethic. It's two directors have a repertory of knowledge in the driving school industry as they have been instructors for decades. What I find most useful and helpful is the biannual network meeting which brings together all instructors and staff of the company. It's a time when we catch up with colleagues, meet new ones and get an update of changes of the driving school industry

I can't wait to see this school come 1st out of over 4,000+ driving schools on the national driving school listing, as we are currently in 3rd position. I feel proud working with Elite!!!!! Thanks Elite.

dvsa approved driving instructor Garry Commey

Chris Lisney, Orpington, Kent

Chris Lisney, Orpington, Kent

I have been associated with 'Elite driving school' not only throughout the qualifying process but also subsequently as a franchisee. Throughout this time I have never been tempted to swap my allegianceelsewhere. Why would I,Elite are everything I would want in a franchise! They provide a support programme that is second to none, they are fast becoming the most respected driving school throughout surrey and the south east to mention only a couple of locations, and they are developing a reputation not only with prospective pupils as being the driving school to learn to drive with, but also within the instructors' circles, and I take great pleasure in being part of this success story

The two guys that are at the helm of this company are hugely experienced , knowledgeable, and quite simply the nicest guys you are likely to meet. You can't fail to be affected by their enthusiasm and learn from their extensive knowledge of the profession.

In the four years I have been running my franchise with them, they have never failed in keeping my diary full.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any prospective instructor or existing ADIs to become a part of this close knit family. You will never make a better decision in your professional careers. In my opinion they are not only ELITE in name but also ELITE in nature.

dvsa approved driving instructor Chris Lisney

Sue Garner, Warlingham, Surrey

Sue Garner, Warlingham, Surrey

When I was thinking of changing my career and training to become a driving instructor, I had seen an advert for one of the big national centres that were heavily advertising at the time. I had my finger on the dial button when my husband told me to delay while he did some local research. The research he did for me changed my career path completely as he found Elite, and persuaded me to speak to them before going to the one I had in mind. Thank goodness I did. That decision led me to Ian, and from our first meeting it felt "right". Ian is both highly professional and very likeable, you simply couldn't ask for better steering and training. Once you start training you are in every sense one of the team, and Elite is a bit like a family business.

I felt part of Elite from the beginning, we have a higher than national pass rate simply because the majority of the instructors are trained "the Elite way" , where standards actually do matter, rather than just a soundbite on an advert. Ian does not settle for less than "the Elite standard", and that filters down to us, the team. We have never been a large and impersonal national, we are a tight knit bunch who genuinely care about each pupil, each other, and the Elite brand. This plays out in our waiting lists. If you are thinking about training to become an instructor, just go and have a coffee with Ian and you will see what I mean.....

dvsa approved driving instructor Sue Garner

Hassan Rashid, Crawley, West Sussex

Hassan Rashid, Crawley, West Sussex

I reecently completed my driving instructor training with Ian from Elite driving school. Ian is very calm and is a very knowledgeable instructor. He boosted my confidence especially at times when I realy doubted myself. Im so glad I came across Elite especially Ian. THANK YOU SO MUCH IAN :-)

dvsa approved driving instructor Hassan Rashid

Pierluigi Capparella

Pierluigi Capparella

It was 2016 ago when I decided to go for a career change. Having worked for many years shifts in the aviation industry I decided it was time to have a little more of a social and family life.

I knew there were many big players out there when it came to qualify as a driver instructor, like for example RED and BSM. In this day and age I did some research over the ratings and reviews of those companies and didn’t quite like the idea of going with them.

I live in the Redhill area and was lucky enough to stumble on Elite Driving and Instructor School. Somehow I was drawn towards Elite because I felt it was more of a family run business rather than “a business”. The next natural step was to have a preliminary chat with the instructor trainer Ian Sedgwick, at the end of the day I wanted and needed to make contact to have a feel of who was going to become my trainer and also to understand what to expect along the learning path.

I immediately liked Ian for several reasons. He was approachable, clear, experienced and had a human side to him. He didn’t make me feel pressurised to go for the instructor job at any stage.

Ian has been there for me from day one, helping me to sort out my DBS and other paperwork,  supporting me in preparation of the theory test, pointing out my bad habits as a driver in preparation of the driving test and got me through those tests first time. The natural next step was to sign up with Elite franchise and start working as a trainee, having completed the mandatory training requested by the DVSA, a step I wasn’t going to regret as Elite was very proactive in supplying pupils to me. Two years down the line, I still have my diary full most of the time, which is great when you work free-lance.

Along the way to my Part 3 test Ian was always there, it was my mentor and was willing to accommodate ad hoc training mixing up different teaching styles so I could get where I am today. Thanks to Ian my confidence steadily grew over the months I felt it wasn’t just me putting the hard work in, he was too, we had become a team. Although there were obstacles along the way and I stumbled on them, Ian was my reference point, always bringing on the plate his calm human side and accurate technical information. Today I passed my Part 3 test, I feel 2 years of hard work have paid off!

I have been going on a little, but it was a long journey. I want to thank Ian for his hard work, I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to qualify as an instructor and Elite as your driving school for a fair well-structured franchise, run very well by Eloise, your contact point for customers and admin queries.


dvsa approved driving instructor Pierluigi Capparella

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