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When I was thinking of changing my career and training to become a driving instructor, I had seen an advert for one of the big national centres that were heavily advertising at the time. I had my finger on the dial button when my husband told me to delay while he did some local research. The research he did for me changed my career path completely as he found Elite, and persuaded me to speak to them before going to the one I had in mind. Thank goodness I did. That decision led me to Ian, and from our first meeting it felt "right". Ian is both highly professional and very likeable, you simply couldn't ask for better steering and training. Once you start training you are in every sense one of the team, and Elite is a bit like a family business.

I felt part of Elite from the beginning, we have a higher than national pass rate simply because the majority of the instructors are trained "the Elite way" , where standards actually do matter, rather than just a soundbite on an advert. Ian does not settle for less than "the Elite standard", and that filters down to us, the team. We have never been a large and impersonal national, we are a tight knit bunch who genuinely care about each pupil, each other, and the Elite brand. This plays out in our waiting lists. If you are thinking about training to become an instructor, just go and have a coffee with Ian and you will see what I mean.....

dvsa approved driving instructor Sue Garner

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