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Due to our excellent reputation we have a huge demand for more quality manual and automatic driving instructors in areas where we currently advertise, plus we are constantly growing and expanding into new areas.

Whether you're looking into training to become an instructor and the job prospects once qualified, or if you're already a qualified ADI and interested in joining our fantastic team of instructors, here you will find out more about our comprehensive and great value Driving School Franchise. We are a family run school, and strongly believe in looking after our close knit team of instructors by providing regular team meetings, newsletters, WhatsApp networking group, and free ongoing CPD (continual professional development) training with one of our ORDIT trainers. This ensures that our instructors continually develop their knowledge and skills to grow their own business, as well as helping us to maintain the reputation of ELITE as a quality driving school with our customers.

pdf About the ELITE Driving School franchise (214 KB) - Here we explain exactly what we provide for our ELITE instructors to help them run and grow their driving school business. Our franchise is a fixed fee, with no additional or hidden charges, but all inclusive (excluding car) and comprehensive. We provide a start up period which guarantees new pupil introductions, 2 weeks franchise free per year, and if you train with us you can get all of your training costs back through our trainee to franchisee cash back incentive. However, we have no minimum term contract or tie in period.

pdf Potential earnings as an ADI with an ELITE franchise (152 KB) - There are lots of different figures bandied around about how much you can earn as an ADI. There is certainly the potential to make a very good living in the driving school industry, but you are more than likely going to be self employed, so there are lots of differing factors which influence how much you can potentially earn, and how much you can actually earn. Here we break down the figures, and give some realistic examples of earning potential as an ELITE instructor taking into account:

  • Hourly rates for lessons
  • How many hours you want to work
  • Franchise cost
  • Vehicle costs
  • Insurance costs

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