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Biography - Alister De Abreu driving instructor 

I often meet new pupils that are nervous or lack confidence.  Sometimes this is just the natural apprehension of learning to drive, or sometimes it's because they've had a bad experience elsewhere before coming to ELITE.  If this sounds familiar then give me a try, and you'll hopefully find the experience of learning to drive a far less daunting prospect as I believe being calm and patient is the only way to help someone to develop their skills and grow in confidence.

I pride myself in always being professional by being punctual, not cancelling lessons (unless there is a very good reason!), and knowledgeable.  I always deem to treat my customers in the way that I would expect to be treated myself.

Alister's Testimonials

Harry Needs, Taunton

"I had Alister De Abreu as my instructor. The service was fantastic and it was easy to relax and the finer points of driving were explained very well. Great place to learn how to drive and a very good instructor."

31 December 2019 freeindex review

Lee Harber, Croydon, Surrey

"I did my lessons with allister and he was a very good teacher, I was lacking confidence which he helped install back into me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to do there driving lessons and to pass quick. Thank you allister ."

26 October 2019 Google review logo

Rico Melhado, Croydon, Surrey

"I was with Alister De Abreu during my lessons and I recommend him highly. Always on time, very professional driver and instructor and is the reason I passed ! Highly recommend."

03 August 2019

Shaurna Cameron, Purley, Surrey

"I have just passed my test, following my lessons with Alister. I would recommend Alister if you are looking for an instructor. He's very calm, clear and ensured that we focused on improving the specific areas where I lacked confidence. Because of this, I felt very confident going into my test."

11 July 2019

Kenneth Musinguzi, Croydon, Surrey

"I have just passed my practical test, so happy and I appreciate all the efforts put in by Alister who was my Instructor. Honestly, he has Done a great job, always correcting and motivating me.
Thank you Elite, thank you Alister."

5 June 2019

Maria Watson, South Croydon, Surrey

"More than 30 years after my last driving test (in a different country) I decided to give learning to drive another go. I was motivated but very nervous. Alister, my instructor, made me realise I'd been worrying about nothing: he was punctual, calm and extremely patient in the face of all my driving errors. I learnt a lot on lessons and passed my test yesterday. Thank you Alister and Elite!"

27 May 2019

Zoe Dapaah, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"I passed my practical test on the 4/03/2019, for the first time. I am so thankful for the support from ELITE-especially my driving instructor Alister. I was supported through a myriad of ways and took a lot of patience and time, it was a great experience and I’m happy to have come this far to passing on my first time."

05 March 2019

Nicole Miller, Croydon, Surrey

"Elite was very accommodating in finding me an instructor whom I felt comfortable working with. My instructor Alister was wonderfully patient and calm in supporting my learning process, as a very anxious driver. His clarity, rigour and encouragement in preparing me for all the tasks required to pass my practical exam was invaluable. Thank you!"

06 January 2019


Laura Webb, Upper Norwood, Surrey

Laura passed her test after taking driving lessons in Croydon with Alister"I changed driving school after I failed my test. My new instructor Alisdair was very good, he made me feel relaxed and taught me in clear and concise manner! After around 5 weeks of instruction I passed my test with only 5 minors! Thank you very much :)."

11 October 2018

Kieran Casserly, Croydon, Surrey

"I had lessons from Alister. I would especially recommend Alister for anyone who has anxiety about driving or gets nervous behind the wheel. Driving around with calm instruction and Bob Marley playing really takes tgt nerves away."
"I passed on my second attempt after getting only 2 minors on my first attempt and then making a silly mistake. Passed the second time again with only 2 minors."

27 July 2018

Eric Ojok, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"If anyone is looking for a good instructor. I would like to refer you to Allister! Without him I wouldn't be where I am today. Tuesday 15th May 2018 was the day I passed. With the guidance and support I received from Allister. I'm now able to drive. Allister is patient, humble and very supportive. He's willing to give good advice and fix your errors. I felt very comfortable around him and the one thing he wants, is to see you succeed. I had a very good friendship with him and we had some good conversations during my driving sessions. I would recommended him to anyone and trust me you won't regret it. Thank you Allister once again and God bless!"

16 May 2018

Paul Death, Croydon, Surrey

"Today I passed my test 24/05. I cannot thank Alister enough. I had a huge phobia about driving, just under a year ago I felt sick just sitting in the driving seat of a stationary car. Alister is patient and calm and very professional and very supportive, when I was struggling with nerves he gave me the motivation to carry on and never give up. I would absolutely recommend him as a instructor and if you are nervous, he will get you through it. I will be forever grateful for his help."

24 May 2018

Patrick McLemon, Purley, Surrey

'I just passed my driving Test first time - and it is solely down to my Driving Instructor Alistair, as a 45 year old man I have tried various lessons over the years - and getting no where - due to not getting on with the instructor or life changes. I decided last year that it was time to sort it out, the gods sent me Alistair, he is extremely calm, ( which is good as I was initially a nervous lacking confidence driver) very encouraging but firm when he needed to be, he has a delightful manner about him, and never once showed any exasperation, which is just what you need when you are starting out. His instructions were easy to follow and at no point was he patronising or made me feel stupid, like others in the past.
If you are unsure about driving or feel you lack the confidence, fearful of the road - I 100% recommend Alistair - he makes a hard task seamless and easy. It's Alistair you need - he is the Mary Poppins of the Driving Instructors.'

04 May 2018

Bradley Hynon-Anderson, Croydon, Surrey

"Just passed my test 1st time and would like to thank Alister de Abreu for all his hard work! would recommend him to anyone! The complete driving instructor and helped me to pass within the space of three months! Absoloutely buzzing!"

21 April 2018

Alex Davis, London

"Huge thank you to Alistair! When I started learning with him, I had already tried a few other instructors, and I was nervous and feeling like I wouldn't ever be able to pass. Alistair is patient, incredibly calm and supportive. I passed first time today with 3 minors! I am absolutely delighted! He is HIGHLY recommended!! THANK YOU!"

13 April 2018

Poppy Lamb, Croydon, Surrey

"I was so nervous when I first started driving, but Allister was a great teacher, explained everything well and made me feel calm also always helped me fix my errors. I passed second time thanks to Allister, would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

12 April 2018

Taer Lok, Kenley, Surrey

"I passed first time thanks to my instructor Alister who was a very committed and professional instructor. He was always calm and patient even when I made errors, which he highlighted and corrected. I would recommend him, thanks!"

12 February 2018

Sabrina S, London

"Third times a charm!"
"I passed after my third attempt with my driving test. Each time I took my test I took it with an Elite instructor.
Thanks to my last instructor Alistair for getting me test ready! Thanks Elite for the quality instructors and value for money lessons! I would thoroughly recommend to drivers at all stages, those new to driving and those coming back after a break from lessons (I've been in both positions). Elite is equipped with instructors to help you in all circumstances."

07 January 2018

Sophie Dixon, South Croydon, Surrey

"I had Alister as my driving instructor, he was very patient and a great instructor helping me improve in order to pass my test. I would defiantly recommend him to a friend. Any questions I had he answered with ease."

23 November 2017

Marvin Brown, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"I had Alister as my driving instructor, he was very patient and a great instructor helping me improve in order to pass my test. I would defiantly recommend him to a friend. Any questions I had he answered with ease."

23 November 2017

Jamie C, London

"Big thanks to Alister at Elite Driving. He helped me pass after only 12 hours of lessons with him. He's very relaxed as a tutor and helps build your confidence. This means he's not just teaching you to pass the test but be a safe, good driver in the future. Can't recommend him enough. Jamie, Upper Norwood."

03 August 2017

Gary Pearson, Croydon, Surrey

"I've just passed my first driving test all thanks to Alister.
Very committed to each of his pupils, so easy to talk to when you need help. Thanks again."

24 July 2017

More of Alister's Testimonials

"Thanks to Alister, I had passed my driving test first time. He is a great driving instructor and is very calm and patient even if you make errors. I had no driving experience before but now I feel a lot more confident than when I first started. I definitely recommend Alister to be your driving instructor 100%."

Dhylan Nagji, Thornton Heath, Surrey

28 January 2017

"My instructor Alister was very patient and professional. He was very straight-forward and guided me through the whole process. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so. Thanks again."

Richard Lee, London

04 January 2017

"I have passed my test last week and I want to thank my instructor Alister. He has been so patient and profissonal, I couldnt ask for better. I really recommend Alister, this man will get you passed your driving test 100 %. Thanks Again Alister."

Kaies Touir, Croydon, Surrey

06 August 2016

Thank you Alister for helping me to pass my driving test. Excellent instruction, patient and very supportive. I would recommend highly."

Adam Ejadi, Croydon, Surrey

11 July 2016

"Alister was my instructor. He is very patient prompt, professional above all, understanding instructor who is very experience. He taught me how to drive with confident above all he is flexible, punctual, I recommend him as one of the best instructors."

Margret Boateng, Thornton Heath, Surrey

12 June 2016

"Elite was very helpful and got me to pass my test 1st time, I recommend elite over any other driving school."

Ryan Banks, Croydon

09 May 2016

"I had Alistiar as my instructor. He was great, calm and helpful. I could not have asked for more. The basics were also always there. Always on time, easy to book lessons and helpful all round. If you want a good instructor, pick this one. I passed first time! Thanks Alistair."

Sean Caulfield, Beckenham

01 March 2016

"Alister is a great driving instructor. He always turns up on time and is very professional. When learning to drive with him I had a couple of instructors before him and Alister is the best. You can have a chat with him at the same time as making progress at driving every lesson. With Alister, you can pass your way; you can book lessons at your convenience and choose to learn aspects of driving that you find challenging. I passed today and I am ecstatic! Thank you Alister! Thank you Elite! "

Michael Edejor, South London

28 February 2016

"Alister was my driving instructor and helped me greatly with learning and improving my driving ability, a very good driving instructor that I would recommend to any new drivers. Thanks!"

Charlie Worsley, Purley, Surrey

21 January 2016

"Just passed my test today Alister is a great instructor really puts you at ease during lessons and prepares you well for your test. Very calm and friendly guy would recommend Alister to anyone looking to learn to drive up to test standard. Thanks mate!!"

Triston Brown, South Croydon, Surrey

27 November 2015

"I had a short time period to learn to drive as I am very pregnant. I had 2 hour lessons every week with Alister who understood that I needed to pass quickly. He was very calm even when I panicked for no reason in the car! I passed first time this week and I'm thrilled! I would definitely recommend Alister and Elite Driving School."

Fiona D, Carshalton, Surrey

12 September 2015

"Alistar is a top class instructor very patient and excellent in helping you learn from your mistakes, Alistar helped me pass my test in only 3 months!!!!! He is always early for lessons and always made time to fit me in whenever I wanted a lesson even at awkward times. Alistar kept me calm and helped me with my nerves on the day of the test and was the main reason I passed. I would recommend Alistar to anyone as he is the best around. "

Lucas, Croydon, Surrey

13 July 2015

"Alister's amazing. Friendly, relaxed and completely trustworthy. My son William Telford, enjoyed every lesson. Each lesson lasted the full hour, with William driving 95% of the time or more. His lessons where in the relevant area of our home and test centre. 100% would recommend. Fantastic company, we've been so happy with them. Thank you Elite, especially Allister. I just can't recommend this company enough. My son passed his test today. But I will look back with really good memories of Allister and Williams banter, and general enjoyment of every lesson.. "

Tanya Telford, Kenley, Surrey

11 December 2014

"Alister was such a brilliant instructor from start to finish. He put me at ease straight away and was always very patient with me and without him I wouldn't have been able to pass first time. Always so professional in everything, I can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much Alister!"

Vicky Lankester, Thornton Heath, Surrey

14 November 2014

"I have recently passed my test thanks to Alister. His style of teaching and his overall character made it a pleasure to learn as I was a complete novice when I started. Many thanks to him and I would highly recommend him to anyone as an Instructor. Elite was a great choice."

Dean Waight, Mitcham, Surrey

09 November 2014

"Thankyou to my driving instructor Alister who helped me pass my driving test first time!! Alister is a very good driving instructor, he is calm, patient and makes driving easy. Lessons were relaxed and I felt like I was progressing with every lesson. If you're looking for a professional and calm intrusctor Alister is the man! Thankyou Elite!!"

Debbie Oppong, South London

03 September 2014

"My driving instructor Alister is fantastic! If you're looking for a calm, professional and quality driving instructor he's the man! Being 17 and driving for the first time I was extremely nervous but in my first lesson Alister put me at ease. He's able to pick up on my weaknesses and help me improve and is very reassuring and encouraging. He is extremely patient and lessons are enjoyable, I would highly recommend him!! "

Debbie Oppong, London

22 June 2014

"Alister is my instructor he is very patient and very professional, always on time and very attentive to detail. I started driving with him as a new mum and I was so nervous but Alister has given me the confidence to overcome my nerves, he explains things very clearly and concise and keeps very calm during the session which makes it very relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend Alister to anyone who wants someone very professional and calm because you really are able to focus and feel relaxed with his style. Brilliant Brilliant Tutor! "

Harriet Ddagirira, South Croydon, Surrey

11 May 2014

"Alister De Abreau , my instructor is so meticulous and experienced that I am at ease after having undergone training under him. I am comfortable and relaxed now. I had training before which was not very helpful as those training did not remove my fear. As a matter of fact I had to dropout from a previous session as I never was comfortable. But in the very first training Alister understood and assessed my requirements and trained me exactly the way I wanted. He is friendly and very informal. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any new learner especially one like me who has a busy job as an Immigration Adviser working in a Solicitors firm. Mr. Alister is my first choice. Thank you Elite"

S Ram, Croydon, Surrey

26 April 2014

"The two lessons which I have had with Alister so far have been really good. Alister is incredibly professional and very calm. I am a mum of two young kids and for some reason once you have had kids its like everything takes time for you to learn. So I needed an instructor who had an understanding of my hunger to drive, as well as my nervousness and Alister was just that! He understands my strengths, fears and anxieties and he is able to work with these to push me forward to the level I need to be. You wont go wrong with Alister because he is amazing so give him a try.. ALISTER YES!"

Harriet Jean D, South Croydon, Surrey

19 April 2014

"Elite were brilliant. Alister was my instructor and explained things in a very calm and clear way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was learning to drive for the first time or for a refresher course, as I was doing."

Chris Allen, Brixton, SW London

4 April 2014

"Thanks for all your help Alister, I couldn't have done it without you!"

Allison Rodgers, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"Alister is a fantastic instructor.  I'd had loads of lessons with other schools since I was 17, and it's take until I am 25 to find a good one.  After just a couple of lessons of Alister's help it all started to make sense, and I passed within just 3 months of starting again.  Elite are a fantastic school, and I'll be recommending them to anyone who wants to drive."

Eva Paxton, Croydon, Surrey

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