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Bognor Regis, West Sussex

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RH12, RH13

Crawley, Horsham

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Training vehicle

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Automatic, in white

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Automatic Driving Lessons

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Refresher and Motorway Lessons

QEF Mobility training (non adaptions)


Instructor since 1994

Passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Test

DIAmond Advanced Driver (Driving Instructors Association)

RoSPA Advanced Driver ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

City and Guilds 7307 teaching certification 

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Biography - Andy Kirby driving instructor 

I have been an approved driving instructor for over 20 years. I have worked for both national and local driving schools, and have experience in many different areas of the industry, including manual and automatic tuition, instructor training, mobility training, and training of military cadets.

I am easy going, tailor every lesson to my pupil's needs and abilities, and strive to make every lesson enjoyable.

I have now focused my business on Automatic driving lessons due to the increasing demand from pupils wanting to learn in an automatic. This seems to be due to the increasing availability and affordability of smaller automatic cars, as well as modern automatics with trip-tronic style gear boxes which have similar control and economy as manual cars, but without the added stress of having to worry about balancing and controlling the clutch pedal.

Andy's Testimonials

Carolyn Holmes, Crawley, West Susse

"Thank you to Andy Kirby so his good humour, patience and constructive advice to help me pass my automatic driving test today (25.11.23). Honestly, I'd advise anyone though is looking to pass in an automatic, to get in touch with him. It's been money well spent and now a skill for life. I'm an older learner, so this was a big deal for me"

25 November 2023 Google review logo

Zsanett Andras, Horsham, West Sussex

"Andy is an amazing experienced instructor. He's very patient and quickly points out weaknesses. He doesn't miss a fault and that will make you pass your test. He made our lessons fun. I will really miss our conversations. I wish him all the best and thank you for changing lives."

12 November 2023 Google review logo

Yoyo Bee, Crawley, West Sussex

"My instructor, Mr Andy Kirby, is a very nice, patient and trusty instructor with loads of experience. I think whether you have learning difficulties or are not a native English speaker, once you start with him, you won’t think of changing to another instructor in any minutes, as this happened to me."

"My learning experience with him was very pleasant. He patiently answered my questions and gave me useful advice. With his help, I gained confidence in driving quickly and learned how to be a good driver. I passed with 2 minors on my first test."

"Moreover, Andy is such a nice guy. He even offered help and favour to me after I passed my test. I think he truly treats his trainees as his friends. I already recommended him to my friend."

20 May 2023 Google review logo

Sofia Slaughter, Horsahm, West Sussex

"i would highly recommend, i passed first time and managed to get a test 2 months earlier than my original test date"

28 April 2023 Google review logo

Sarah Francis, Horsham , West Sussex

"Before Andy taught me, I had many attempts to drive a manual with panic attacks and two instructors at different companies who had quit because they said it was too much work, I thought I should just give up.
Andy did not give up on me, he remained patient and dedicated to helping me. He made sure to adapt his teaching methods to suit me and constantly pushed me to manage my panic. I'm enormously grateful to him for being a great teacher despite the mistakes I made and for encouraging me to keep trying. After putting in the work I passed first time."

"I would recommend his services to anyone I meet especially those struggling with anxiety or a fear of driving, it's never too late to learn! I'm so excited to get driving and I wouldn't be here without Andy or the resources provided on the total drive app."

23 February 2023 Google review logo

Hb, Horsham, West Sussex

"I had Andy Kirby as my driving instructor and I found him through Elite Driving School. Andy helped me overcome bad habits and nerves whilst driving on the road. I passed my test yesterday so all of the hard work paid off. Thank you Andy and Elite!"

31 August 2022 Google review logo


Lisa Barker, Horsham, West Sussex

"I approached Andy Kirby at Elite as a nervous, mature learner. Andy put me at ease straight away, he was patient and kind. He explained things thoroughly, in a way I understood, so when I was ready for my test I knew what to expect. Andy had belief and confidence that I had the ability to be a competent driver. I passed both my theory and my practical driving tests first time. Thank you very much Andy, you helped me gain some independence."

21 August 2022 Google review logo


Lucy van der Borgh, Horsham, West Sussex

"Coming back to learning to drive after of 10 years off and a few failed attempts, Andy was the perfect instructor. His detailed explanations and tips from his wealth of experience were invaluable and I passed first time with him with only two minor faults. High recommend Andy Kirby"

13 March 2022 Google review logo

Megan B, Horsham, West Sussex

"I had Andy as my driving instructor and just passed my driving test first time the other day. I had previously had driving lessons with another school but was instantly more satisfied with the quality and professionalism provided by Elite. I would absolutely recommend Andy for driving lessons that make you feel at ease and where you feel like you’re learning all the necessary skills to pass your test!"

17 January 2022 freeindex review

Phoebe B, Horsham, West Sussex

"Andy is a brilliant driving instructor!"
"I started lessons with Andy after years of not being on the road, during which time I built up my own fears and preconceptions of the road.
Andy slowly broke down all those barriers, he\2019 s patient and has a very good eye for identifying a learner\2019 s weakness and helps to improve and facilitate confidence in driving. He was also very timely and flexible, which worked great being a working mum. I cannot recommend him enough!"
"Thanks again Elite and Andy for helping me past my driving test."

29 October 2021 freeindex review

Emma Gasson, Horsham, West Sussex

"I started having lessons with Andy after having done some practice with my family during the pandemic. I was nervous about having driving lessons however he instantly made me feel comfortable in the car and his funny personality allowed me to feel much more at ease. He was incredibly helpful in letting me know all the important details I needed to understand when driving in certain situations, and never failed to answer any questions I had in a clear and concise way. Each lesson was tailored to fit whatever it was I wanted to work on that week and every minute in the car was good practice. Despite being a nervous driver, I never had a doubt if something happened whilst I was behind the wheel, Andy would be able to take control and keep me safe. His previous examiner knowledge was very useful when we did mock tests as it allowed me to know exactly what I needed to work on before doing the real driving test. After struggling to find a test for months I managed to get a sudden last minute cancellation with only a weeks notice and Andy was extremely helpful, slotting in last minute lessons to fix any small issues I had. I passed first time thanks to Andy!"

10 August 2021 Google review logo

Karen P, Horsham, West Sussex

"Andy is very thorough and systematic. He doesn’t mess around and go straight to the point and start learning to drive on day 1. He makes it a comfortable and enjoyable experience."

18 July 2021 freeindex review

Arundhati Dutta, Horsham, Surrey

"A huge thanks to my driving instructor, Andy. I had to start from scratch as I had never driven in my life before and was one of his weakest students. At one point of time I had lost all my hope and thought of quitting driving but he still believed in me and supported me throughout my amazing learning journey which helped me to gain my confidence back and to pass my exam in Crawley on my first attempt. I still cant believe it, he is one of the best teacher I had in my life. Thanks Andy, once again!"

05 July 2021 freeindex review

Chloe Weaver, Horsham, West Sussex

"I cannot thank Andy Kirby enough for his patience and dedication in teaching me to drive. For years I was very scared of driving and was even a nervous passenger, when I turned 24 I realised how much it would impact my life if I could drive. From the first lesson Andy put me at ease, 2 hours of driving can be daunting and is a lot of concentration but Andy made it fun and enjoyable which made the lessons go very quickly. I work full time with often no set plan for days off which can be a challenge but Andy always accommodated for this. This time last year I would never have thought I would have passed my driving test first time AND with only 1 minor! Andy’s tips and tricks for manoeuvres will stay with me forever, I have even influenced my friends and family by passing on the tips. Thank you again Andy, I am so grateful for this new freedom!!"

18 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Will Whitwell, Horsham, West Sussex

"After a very long time trying, I finally passed my test thanks to Elite and Andrew Kirby. Andy was particularly patient and accommodating, arranging for another instructor and car on the day of my test when his windscreen broke! Would highly recommend!"

12 February 2020 Google review logo

Calley Edlund, Horsham, Surrey

"I recently just passed my test with ZERO FAULTS at the Crawley test center (on a horrible rainy day). My instructor was Andy who was very knowledgeable (and his approach is very direct)."#

22 November 2019 freeindex review

Fernando Lopez, Horsham, West Sussex

"I approached Elite Driving School and they engaged in a friendly, timely manner and made it easy to allocate an Instructor where I leave in West Sussex. My instructor was excellent, he was always on time, despite his busy schedule he always made the time to allocate the lessons for the dates and times I wanted. He gave useful and constructive advice in every lesson, while keeping it fun, from day 1 and every single lesson after, the way he conducted the lessons was pretty much the same as being on the Exam, which means that on the big day you drive knowing what is expected from you. My Test Centre has a passing rate of 41% on first attempts -according to Google-; having said that I passed on my first attempt. Many thanks to the Driving School and specially to the Instructor."

27 October 2019 Google review logo

Sumayya Naser, Horsham, West Sussex

"A big thank you to my driving instructor Andy Kirby. He made driving simple and straightforward by explaining everything well. He worked around my timetable and was flexible when organising lessons. I always felt relaxed and confident with him as an instructor. He taught me everything from scratch and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons, Andy is a great and firm instructor with years of quality experience. I thoroughly recommend Andy Kirby as his honest and upfront teaching will only make you a better Driver. and I’m incredibly lucky to have worked with him to obtain my driving license so smoothly, and with lots of skillful knowledge. Thanks Again Andy Kirby."

01 November 2019 Google review logo

Thomas Lowry. Dorking, Surrey

"Took an intensive course and failed the test twice. Decided to start again and take time to get used to learning and to practising without a deadline. Went to Elite and was very happy with the pace and the structure of lessons. I found instructor Andy Kirby to be both patient and thorough. Passed test."

24 September 2019

Emma Cummings, Billingshurst, West Sussex

"I passed today, first time! Andy Kirby has been a great instructor, and has taken me from terrified stuck at home mum to now having the freedom of the road! I’m totally over the moon!"

20 June 2019

Yasmin Cheung, Horsham, West Sussex

"Hi Elite, I have just passed my practical driving test today and would like to send you a testimonial for my driving instructor, Andy Kirby. Thank you very much for finding me an amazing driving instructor, it has been a pleasure using you!"
"Andy is such an amazing driving instructor! He is so friendly and makes the lessons very enjoyable and relaxed yet so professional at the same time. We have had fun and knowledgeable conversations and all my nerves about driving just goes away. I have learnt so much from him and have found his feedback notes at the end of the lessons very helpful, especially with his experience as an ex-driving examiner. He has been amazing at identifying my weakness and bad habits and have helped me so much in fixing these. He has also been so patient when I make stupid mistakes and helps explains to me where I go wrong and therefore helped me focus on these areas. I’m a slow learner and my practical skills aren’t usually that great either and I have always been worried about driving (more worried than when I was doing my university exams!), but with Andy expertise, patience and guidance, I have become more confident in my driving skills and was over the moon when I passed first time round and will continue on my adventure of continually learning and improving my driving skills! I really appreciate all that Andy has done and would highly recommend him to others!"

11 February 2019

Victoria Skilton, Horsham, West Sussex

"Thank you so much Andy!!! I am 40 years old and tried a few times in the past to get my driving licence, but gave up after a few lessons every time. Unfortunately I lost my father in a car accident and was petrified about even being a passenger, and could never envisage myself driving.
Andy is very knowledgeable in his field; and many others.. HA!! Lessons felt relaxed but Andy also challenged me when necessary to get me to the required standard. I was able to fit lessons around my schedule and in just a few months I am proud to say I was successful. I would highly recommend Andy from Elite Driving School."

24 November 2018

Agnieszka Engler, Redhill, Surrey

Agnieszka passed in Redhill after taking lesson with Andy"I passed my test on Tuesday and was over the moon! Andy is the best instructor I had, I had been through about 3 instructors and none were working. Andy has incredible patience, knowledge and a fab personality and it help so much with my nerves. I am really grateful to Andy for helping reach a milestone. I am going to do pass plus and am looking forward to it. My weekends aren't going to be the same without Andy! Highly recommend Andy."

14 October 2018

Thavaneya Sivakanth, Horley, Surrey

Thavaneya passed her test first time at Redhill after taking lessons with Andy"I passed first time!Just want to say a thank you to Andy Kirby! Good instructor and I would highly recommend. Thank you again."

24 August 2018

Emma Richmond, Redhill, Surrey

"After taking manual lessons a few years ago, I changed to automatic lessons and was with one instructor for over 6 months and was not progressing at all and picking up bad habits from him which completely lowered my confidence in driving this made me feel worried about booking a test. I luckily found Andy and I learnt so much more than I ever did with my old instructor and made me feel at ease and actually enjoying going to my lessons. I would definitely recommend Andy, he's a good teacher with a great sense of humour, I passed first time last week with 1 minor, which I am amazed by, all thanks to Andy :)."

12 June 2018

Jeremy Snith, Horsham, West Sussex

Jerry passed at Crawley after lessons with Andy'Andy was my instructor and was brilliant at both his teaching of what was needed and also identifying my weaknesses and how to rectify them. Added to which was his great sense of humour and his calm authoritative manner. I can't recommend him highly enough.'

09 May 2018

Helena Clarke, Reigate, Surrey

"Andy was a great instructor, really put me at ease when I was driving and helped to boost my confidence. So glad I picked elite and got Andy and very grateful that he helped me pass my test."

17 March 2018

Keeley, Crawley, West Sussex

"After several failed attempts in a manual and a 2 year break I was nervous to get back behind the wheel but Andy made me feel relaxed with his sense of humour and patience. Over the moon to pass my test this morning and would be more than happy to recommend Andy to any of my friends/family."

19 February 2018

Jazzmine Thomas, Horsham, Surrey

"Andy Kirby was my instructor, after a year with an instructor who completely ruined my confidence and made me anxious to drive. Andy was patient and reassuring! He's super friendly and I looked forward to my lessons, a year ago I never thought i'd of passed my test but a year later I finally done it and I couldn't thank Andy enough!"

03 January 2018

Stephen Zeng, Reigate, Surrey

"I started the training with lots of bad habits when I picked up while going around in my own car. Andy at Elite was very knowledgeable and at the same tie so patient with me. I liked his direct but effective approach. Bit by bit I got rid of the habits and built up my confidence. I passed my test at first attempt. I would not have dreamed of that without the help of Andy. Thanks a million!"

08 December 2017

Zainab, Horley, Surrey

"I am very impressed by this driving school! ANDY is a great teacher, he was very patient and professional. He give me really good advice about driving and productive Critism which helped me to pass my test. Amazing teacher. Would definitely recommend if you really want to pass your test."

17 November 2017

Thomas Pilgrim, Redhill, Surrey

"Passed first time thanks to having Andy Kirby as my teacher. He gives you the confidence from the moment you start. I'd highly recommend him, pleasure to learn with and never a dull moment whilst learning, making it an enjoyable experience rather than a nervous one like I previously found when I tried learning a few years ago."

03 August 2017

Ogun Akbulut, Redhill, Surrey

"I have started taking lessons from Andy Kirby few months ago, today I have passed my practical driving test!"

"After working with 5 different instructors, I was lucky to find and work with Andy. Since I met him I have learned a lot. He has always been on time for lessons, easy to contact, and shown new techniques to be a good driver."

"I will miss his sense of humour."

01 August 2017

Callum Thomas, Horsham, West Sussex

"Passed my test first time thanks to the help of Andy Kirby. He gave clear instructions/suggestions about my mistakes and things I needed to look out for, so I knew how to improve. Great for nervous drivers as he was always patient and composed.
Very friendly and answered any questions I had."

19 July 2017

Amy Rands, Billingshurst, West Sussex

"I have just passed 1st time with only 4 minors all thanks to Andy Kirby. I had lessons 7 years ago and my confidence was really low so I gave up I started lessons with Andy in March he put me at ease straight away he was always so patient with me and my confidence grew. I will miss his sense of humour and constant jokes!"

16 July 2107

Salim Kassongo, Redhill Surrey

"salimJust passed my test first time with elite thanks to Andy for being a great instructor, not only does he properly plan every lesson for you but gives great feedback after every session on how to improve and together with his personality and sense of humor as mentioned by many on here he really makes driving relaxing and enjoyable. I couldn't recommend elite highly enough! Once again massive thanks to you Andy, great teacher and overall top bloke."

27 April 2017

Rachel Grimsdell, Horsham, Surrey

Highly recommend Andy as a driving instructor! I attempted to learn to drive 7 or 8 years ago, but I was very anxious to get behind the wheel and I quickly gave up. I decided to go for learning in an automatic and after my first lesson with Andy, I felt so much more confident. I have MS and as a result, find it tricky to take in or remember information accurately. Andy used different methods of explaining information and showed me various techniques to perform manoeuvres, which has proved invaluable to me. He encouraged me to realise that I was test ready and I managed to pass with 2 minors! Beyond thrilled and cannot thank him enough for having the patience to put up with me!

04 April 2017

Mathew Howell, Redhill, Surrey

Just passed my driving test first time. All thanks to Andy, who's great sense of humour and masses amount of experience helped me through my worries and stress. The lessons were thoroughly enjoyable and I never felt under stress during the lessons, thanks again Andy.

28 March 2017

Meghan Hinch, Pullborough, West Sussex

I had lessons with Andy Kirby Since the end of last year. I never took to driving a manual very well at all and stopped driving back when I was 17. I restarted at 24 last year. Andy was always very patient with me and helped me nail the reverse to the left which I particularly struggled with. I passed my test last week all thanks to Andy. It may have taken me longer than others but he never gave up on me.

28 March 2017

More of Andy's Testimonials

"Andy K is an exceptional driver instructor! He has a great sense of humour and he helps you in every way he can. I've passed my test the first time thanks to him. I will definitely recommend Andy to my brother :). Thanks again Andy."

Oriana Biferi, Horsham, West Sussex

01 October 2016

"I am so pleased to say that I passed my driving test in the first attempt with just one minor! None of my friends believe that you can actually pass it in the first attempt. Thanks to my driving instructor Andy Kirby. I had another instructor prior to Andy Kirby and I had almost decided to give up driving. I didn't feel confident and even after many lessons I felt I was getting no where. But with Andy, I was getting a lot of help from day one. He is extremely good at identifying your weakness and tailoring his teaching methods to suit you. At one point, I was struggling with my reversing round the corner manoeuvre so much that it took me more than 10 attempts and I was frustrated to say the least, he was patient and made me see where I was going wrong and helped me with other techniques to get it right. Andy has a great sense of humour and makes every lesson enjoyable. I can't thank Andy enough and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an automatic driving instructor. Thanks Andy. I look forward to our pass plus lessons."

Sowmya, Horley, Surrey

18 September 2016

"I decided to learn a bit later in life (29 years old) and had the obvious concerns prior to starting. Andy Kirby was my instructor and it soon became an enjoyable experience to drive, Andy is a credit to Elite and I'd highly recommend."

Alex Rice, Horsham, West Sussex

11 August July 2016

Kiruthiga"I passed my driving test 1st time with Andy. I was so nervous when I started my lessons, Andy gave me confidence and day by day I gained confidence too. He had so much of patience even when I made the silliest mistakes. Without Andy I wouldn't have passed the test. Thank you so much Andy and Elite driving school for such a wonderful service."

Kiruthiga Alagarasan Kamsaladevi

17 May 2016

Connor"Andy got me through my test on the first attempt with 1 minor. I was very nervous at first but with Andy's patience and guidance I started to feel right at home with him. Andy is a brilliant instructor who can help even the most nervous of students. I would highly recommend him as a instructor."

Connor Beavis, Crawley

19 May 2016

Kerri"Today I took my 2nd driving test and passed with only 4 minors. When I failed first time lost my confidence and was a nervous wreck decided to change instructors I found the wonderfull Andy Kirby who I would like to say a huge thankyou for taking time and patience for restoring my confidence in myself and driving for finding my weaknesses and working with me to overcome them even when Challenging. You made me feel relaxed and at ease was like having a family member sitting next to me, great personality great sense of humour and above all an awesome driving instructor, I shall miss our weekly lesson thanks for having faith in me, best wishes for the future x. Anyone reading this if like me you have lost confidence or feel like giving up don't! You can do it just find the right instructor x."

Kerri Marchetti, Crawley

18 May 2016

Kiruthia"I passed my driving test 1st time with Andy. I was so nervous when I started my lessons, Andy gave me confidence and day by day I gained confidence too. He had so much of patience even when I made the silliest mistakes. Without Andy I wouldn't have passed the test. Thank you so much Andy and Elite driving school for such a wonderful service."

Kiruthiga Alagarasan Kamsaladevi

17 May 2016

"Andy Kirby is a great driving instructor. Andy is very friendly, positive and always helpful. The lessons I took were constructive and I felt I learnt a lot from each of them. Andy helped me to feel confident on the roads. I passed my driving test from my first attempt for what I would like to say thank you to Andy!!! I would recommend Andy to anyone!!!"

Olha Hunko, Horsham

25 April 2016

Oliver"Very happy Passed 1st time, with Andy Kriby. I started my lessons at the very end of Oct 2015 and passed today 28th Jan 2016 I never thought I would pass in such a short space of time, I owe it all to Andy not just being a great teacher, who will be honest with you on what you need to improve on and work towards that. Andy Kirby a top bloke very friend and a good laugh, am doing my pass plus with in the up coming weeks. Thank you Andy so much "

Oliver Gareth Morton Simpson, Horsham

28 January 2016

Damaris"I passed my driving test first time and thanks to a wonderful and patient instructor, Andy K. He is the most dedicated, patient, understanding, pleasant instructor I have ever met. He understood my weaknesses and taught me in a manner that I picked up the right things in driving which enabled me to gain a lot of confidence in driving. Andy's way and method of teaching is amazing. I highly recommend Andy to anyone who wants an excellent all round instructor as you will never go wrong if you take his advise in driving. I will recommend him a million times to anyone. Bravo to Andy. "

Damaris Omare, Horsham, West Sussex

30 September 2015

"Andy K had been a great help to me. I had never touched steering wheels in my life before my first lesson with him. He was nice and patient to guide me throughout my lessons despite of my stupid mistakes. He was also a funny people to relieve my nerve and turned boring driving lessons into an enjoyable experiences. Great thank you to Andy K! Highly recommended instructor :)."

Ting Piddiu, Woking, Surrey

26 August 2015

"I would like to say thank you to Andy Kirby for amazing lessons. I am 5 months pregnant and I am not English. Andy is very patient and definitely have very good teaching skills. He is my second driving instructor and I am so happy I found that good experience teacher. Andy explain everything so well and so clear. I had only few lessons with him and compere to the previous driving instructor I learn a lot more with Andy!!! I will definitely recommend Andy to my friends and people which want to learn how to drive."

Sara Labeca-Benfele, Dorking, Surrey

16 June 2015

"I just had my first automatic driving lesson with Andy Kirby on the 15th of June 2015. I had not attempted driving lessons since I was 17 and I am now 35! I found manual driving so stressful and lacked confidence that it became so traumatic that I gave up driving and I have not driven again until this very day. Andy was so understanding, supportive and hilarious and it was a real joy to learn from such an experienced professional. Andy had me fully driving within my first lesson, up hills, right and left turns, stopping, junctions, roundabouts and even overtaking!I never dreamed that I could accomplish this so quickly and simply cant wait for my next lesson. Andy picked up on my nerves and then reassured me and challenged me in just the right way. If Andy had the availability I would drive with him ever day!"

Rachel Myers, Redhill, Surrey

15 June 2015

"Had my first lesson with Andy Kirby yesterday. I was nervous as I've had bad experiences in the past with driving instructors but was pleasantly surprised with how Andy made me feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him. Tracey."

Tracey Stephens, Camberley, Surrey

11 May 2015

"I approached Elite after failing few times and got the help from Andy Kirby automatic instructor. Just in couple of classes Andy pointed out the key errors which I was repetitively making, mostly in observation. We both worked together on it and I passed the test in my first attempt with Elite… Many thanks Andy for your help. You are a star..:-) Best wishes."

Arun Kumar Mishra, Surrey

18 May 2015

Yvonne"I would like to thank my instructor Andy Kirby who helped me prepare for my test which I passed yesterday. Before Andy, I had 2 other instructors who were not very polite and they always made me loose confidence because of the comments they made about my driving. I almost gave up driving but fortunately, I met Andy via Elite who was very friendly and taught very well. He had confidence in my driving and this helped me regain my confidence on the road. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking for a good instructor. He is very understanding and patient."

Yvonne Njeri, Redhill, Surrey

14 May 2015

Julie-Anne"Would like to say a massive thank you to Andy Kirby for getting me through my driving test 1st time. He has taught me to become a very confident driver considering I was terrified when I first got in the car. Andy made it very easy to learn with infectious personally. Regards"

Julie-Anne Gibson, Farnborough, Hampshire

26 April 2015

"I've been with another two driving instructors before I started the lesson with Andy, but I never felt comfortable with these two. They always wanted to drive me in straight road, never let me do the manourvers which even my husband could do. Anyway my experience with Andy was very fruitful and knowledgeable, that is why I passed the driving test with my first attempt with less than 30 lessons. I am also proud to say that Andy never been after the money, some way my previous two driving instructors, they were after the money. I was very lucky to have such a dedicated instructor like Andy. Big thank you to you ,Andy from the bottom of my heart"

Bincy Philip, Aldershot, Surrey

26 January 2015

Margeret"Hi, I just want to thanks the elite driver instructor Andy Kirby :) I passed my test today. He was amazing and taught me well. I am glad I found him and cannot wait to do the pass+ with him now that I have passed."

Margeret Menya, Surrey

23 January 2015

"I really would like to thank Andy Kirby for getting me through my driving test. As a more mature student and not much confidence, he was really understanding, kind and made me feel at ease. Andy is very patient and explains things clearly and in a way that made it easy to understand. I will actually miss having lessons because he has a great personality, sense of humour & we always had a good laugh. I would definitely highly recommend him to family, friends etc."

Vanessa Lehan, Crawley, West Sussex

24 November 2014

"I rely totally on Andy for the fact that I passed first time he is a really helpful instructor with a lot of patience. Would definitely recommend him to friends."

Sam Hedges, Surrey

28 October 2014

"When I started learning to drive with Andy I hadn't been behind the wheel of a car since failing my practical test 6 years earlier. I was nervous and inexperienced but his jovial and sympathetic attitude put me totally at ease. He adapted his teaching style to suit me and I am utterly convinced that this is what got me through my practical test first time. I would recommend Andy without reservation."

Andy Hastie, Farnham, Surrey

25 October 2014

"Andy is a fantastic instructor. He made me feel at ease from the first lesson, as he is very talkative. He puts things very simply and makes learning manoeuvres so straight forward! I couldn't have passed my test (first time!) without his help. Highly recommend him."

Natasha Bateman, Aldershot, Surrey

03 October 2014

"I passed first time with Andy as an instructor after failing previously with another driving school. I had no confidence and was extremely nervous but he was very patient with me and put me at ease which helped hugely to gain the skills I needed to pass. I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone seeking lessons, especially anyone who feels nervous about driving!"

Emma Elliott, Surrey

17 September 2014

"Thank you very much for the great lessons. I learned a lot from you and I wouldn't have passed the tough UK practical test without your coaching. I genuinely enjoyed the sessions too. You have made it such a great experience for me with your wonderful humour and calm composure. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to pass the test as well as have a good experience learning. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and thank you once again. I hope these few sentences will reflect how grateful I am. Take care."

Rashidah Tarif, Surrey

08 September 2014

"Andy is a very experienced instructor and gives out lots of information, so you will never be in the dark about anything driving related. He likes to talk around the subject as well, giving the driving lessons an informal environment. Andy is always in control and has good judgement, so he can always be counted on for an opinion or evaluation. This also has the effect of creating an air of confidence."

Richard Benstead, Surrey

07 March 2014

"Andy was incredibly clear , patient and encouraging throughout my driving lessons . He took on board my anxieties and worked at a pace that suited me. During my course of lessons Andy always took time to explain everything necessary in great detail, referring to why and how it may come up in a driving test." "Andy's friendly nature made each driving lesson relaxed and enjoyable. His extensive driving experience, and teaching skills ensured that I was ready for my test when the time came. I was delighted to pass first time, with only 1 minor fault."

Amy, Godalmin, Surrey

28 January 2014

"Andy helped me pass my driving test first time, and not only that but with zero faults! He was an excellent teacher and instructor which gave me a lot of confidence on the road. He was great at pointing out my bad habits, and the attention to detail showed in the result of the test. Andy was always very cheerful as well, which definitely helps create a relaxed and easy to talk to atmosphere for when i had questions. I really enjoyed lessons, it went quickly from nerves to a fun experience, and I would highly recommend Andy if you are thinking of learning to drive."

Manjay Patel, Surrey

27 January 2014

"Andy helped me pass my driving test first time, and not only that but with zero faults! He was an excellent teacher and instructor which gave me a lot of confidence on the road. He was great at pointing out my bad habits, and the attention to detail showed in the result of the test. Andy was always very cheerful as well, which definitely helps create a relaxed and easy to talk to atmosphere for when i had questions. I really enjoyed lessons, it went quickly from nerves to a fun experience, and I would highly recommend Andy if you are thinking of learning to drive."

Camille, Surrey

27 January 2014

"I had failed my driving test twice and had lost quite a bit of confidence in passing. I stopped taking lessons and put off learning to drive for a few years. Eventually I decided to take up driving again and Andy put at ease straight away. After the first couple of lessons I had much more confidence in my abilities and was enjoying driving. After almost ten years away from driving I passed my test first time with Andy as my instructor."

Stephen Howell, Camberley, Surrey

07 January 2014

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