Andrew Kirby

"Hi Elite, I have just passed my practical driving test today and would like to send you a testimonial for my driving instructor, Andy Kirby. Thank you very much for finding me an amazing driving instructor, it has been a pleasure using you!"
"Andy is such an amazing driving instructor! He is so friendly and makes the lessons very enjoyable and relaxed yet so professional at the same time. We have had fun and knowledgeable conversations and all my nerves about driving just goes away. I have learnt so much from him and have found his feedback notes at the end of the lessons very helpful, especially with his experience as an ex-driving examiner. He has been amazing at identifying my weakness and bad habits and have helped me so much in fixing these. He has also been so patient when I make stupid mistakes and helps explains to me where I go wrong and therefore helped me focus on these areas. I’m a slow learner and my practical skills aren’t usually that great either and I have always been worried about driving (more worried than when I was doing my university exams!), but with Andy expertise, patience and guidance, I have become more confident in my driving skills and was over the moon when I passed first time round and will continue on my adventure of continually learning and improving my driving skills! I really appreciate all that Andy has done and would highly recommend him to others!"

11 February 2019

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