Chris Lisney

"I was a lapsed learner, having failed my test a few years ago, and had recently had a bad experience with an instructor in my area, so it is fair to say my confidence was pretty low by the time I met Chris. However, from the very first lesson, Chris really helped to build my confidence and helped me to see that driving really isn't all that difficult. I passed my test with only 3 minor faults."

"The more I drove with Chris, the more confident I felt, and I really responded well to his very calm and constructive style. My lessons were packed with actionable feedback and I felt like I was learning to be a safe and competent driver, rather than cramming for a one-off test with lots of irrelevant jargon and procedures."

"In a lesson with Chris, you can expect a calm and patient instructor, very clear and simple instructions and examples, and lots of time spent on the road dealing with real-world situations in a safe, confidence-building way."

"I really can't recommend Chris highly enough."

11 November 2018

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