Chris Lisney

"Thank you Chris Lisney! You are a fantastic driving instructor! I passed my test today and I could not have done it without your support and encouragement. You have been very patient with me and I would recommend that anyone who is looking for someone who genuinely cares and is looking for a great teacher to choose Chris."

Jesus Boyele, Thornton Heath, Surrey

06 December 2016

"Many thanks to my Elite driving instructor Chris who helped me pass my practical driving test today with only 3 minors. Chris is an exceptional instructor, he covers most areas in the South East of London and I'd recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive."

Kennith J Walugembe, London

06 October 2016

"I have had a few driving instructors in the past with various driving schools but I must say that by far Chris Lisney has been the best. He is patient and knows how to design lessons according to his students needs. As I mentioned I have had many instructors in the past and a lot of them wanted to teach me how to pass the practical and not how to become a good driver. The first thing Chris told me was that he will make me an excellent driver, he exceeded my expectations as he made me an exceptional driver. I would highly recommend Chris."

Phil Kalungi, South London

29 July 2016

"Amazing service provided and would definitely recommend to others. Had Chris Lisney as my instructor- worked together for a while, such a nice man and he is so patient and makes you feel like you can do it, when you're doubting yourself. He has brought my confidence levels up so high, so if you want a good instructor I'd 100% recommend Chris. I couldn't have done it without him."

Sally Hyneman, Kenley,Surrey

13 June 2016

"I had Chris Lisney as my driving instructor. He was incredibly patient with me, despite my nerves and how long it took me to build my confidence. Chris is very calm and friendly, which is so helpful and highly recommended for anyone, like me, who's a little nervous about being on the road. The way Chris explained what I needed to know was so easy to follow, which was very useful given my previous instructor kept changing the information he gave me and confusing me. Would definitely recommend Chris to all."

Sophie King, Beckenham, London

10 June 2016

"After a very unpleasant experience with another local driving school, I looked around for another school/instructor for my 17 year old daughter. I decided on Elite due to the comments/reviews on the website. WOW, what can I say. My daughter had Chris Lisney and what a lucky girl she was ! From being a "novice" driver following her lessons with the other school, to within a few weeks being test ready. She passed her test first time with very few lessons due to the excellent teaching she received. Chris turned up on time every day, sometimes early and gave her at least an hour, sometimes more. I strongly recommend Chris 100% to anyone. Thanks to Chris my daughter drove to school the first time by herself this morning, I had no concerns whatsoever, THANK YOU !"

Brian Hickman, South Croydon, Surrey

22 March 2016

"Started lessons with Chris Lisney and was going great. Got to the point of test ready. But due to me still not passing my theory. I had to temporarily stop my lessons until I passed. Which was about a 2 year break. But when I did I get back in contact with Chris who was happy enough to still help me. In which case we got straight back into the lessons and carried on where we left off. Had a few more lessons and took my test and passed first time. Chris is a great instructor, very friendly, patient and makes you feel at ease. Thank you very much Chris for everything. Definitely recommending for sure."

Leanne Burrett, Croydon, Surrey

15 March 2016

"Prior to Elite, I've had an unpleasant experience with an angry, paranoid, micromanaging, steering-wheel grabbing driving instructor for a couple of months which resulted in a failed test with 8 minors and 3 majors. Even though I've had 15 years of experience driving outside UK, I've lost confidence in my skills because of him. So I decided to search for the zenmaster of the instructors, and e-mailed Elite. They suggested Chris. From first lesson onwards, he displayed a professional, patient, nice and calm personality and pointed out areas of weakness in a rational manner. He was also very practical about otherwise illogical sounding UK driving test myths - like checking mirrors every 5 seconds for no reason - so everything started making sense again. I've passed the test on my second try with only 2 minors, and I owe it to how Chris teaches. In conclusion, Elite provides top notch service with well maintained cars and professional instructors. I'd like to extend my thanks to both Chris and Elite team."

Gokhan Demirtas, Purley, Surrey

15 March 2016

"Instructor Chris Lisney was excellent, helped me every step of the way, and passed in no time at all, thank you Chris you were brilliant!"

Keith Cook, Croydon, Surrey

19 February 2016

"I worked with Chris Lisney for under a month, he is very patient and honest he is a very good and experienced instructor the few lessons I had with him made me very confident and due to this I didn't waste no time in booking my driving test and passed first time!! Thank you Chris."

Jermaine Nelson, Croydon, Surrey

10 October 2015

"I had driving lessons with Chris L for a few months. Unfortunately I moved out of area before I was test ready. However I found Chris to be a brilliant teacher and am gutted I cannot continue lessons with him. Chris is a very patient and remained calm and supportive no matter how many times I stalled! He explains things very well and is very responsive to personal strengths and weaknesses. He makes all instructions very clear and gave me a great deal of confidence. Chris is a natural teacher and great guy. I would definitely recommend lessons with Chris to anyone especially those with no driving experience (like me). "

Jade Pearce, Croydon, Surrey

21 September 2015

"I started driving lessons before with a different company however the instructor wasn't really helpful and informative so I stopped doing lessons. After a few months passed I choose to start again with a different company and came across elite driving school who allowed me to do driving lessons with Chris. Chris was far far better then my previous instructor, Chris was so helpful and explained all the features of driving and of a car. Due to Chris being friendly and professional I passed my test first time! If you live in the CR4 area I highly recommend Chris as your instructor!"

Rikesh Tailor, Mitcham, Surrey

19 September 2015

"I had driving lessons with her Chris L for a few months. Unfortunately I moved out of area before I was test ready. However I found Chris to be a brilliant teacher and am gutted I cannot continue lessons with him. Chris is a very patient and remained calm and supportive no matter how many times I stalled! He explains things very well and is very responsive to personal strengths and weaknesses. He makes all instructions very clear and gave me a great deal of confidence. Chris is a natural teacher and great guy. I would definitely recommend lessons with Chris to anyone especially those with no driving experience (like me). "

Jade Pearce, Croydon, Surrey

21 September 2015

"I had the practical test yesterday in Croydon and passed it easily. I had lessons with Chris Lisney who was very experienced and professional. The lessons with him gave me the confidence to pass the test easily and drive confidently which was the most important thing for me. I'm planning to book the pass plus lessons with him very soon. Thanks."

Mohammed, South Croydon, Surrey

22 July 2015

"Me and my partner both did our lessons with Chris and both passed first time. He is an excellent instructor. Thank you Chris for all your help and support! Top teacher!"

Keighley Hilder, Orpington, Kent

03 August 2015

"I just passed my driving test on Tuesday. Massive thank you for Chris Lisney for his patients, support all through the year. I would recommend Chris to anybody. He always offers flexibility, friendly attitude and 100% reassurance that one day you will be a confident driver."

Neringa Vilimiene, Croydon, Surrey

16 July 2015

"I would like to thank my instructor Chris who made me feel comfortable, confident to pass my test. Chris was very patient, punctual, flexible and friendly. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to pass their test. Once again I do appreciate everything."

Sarah Kepe, Orpington, Kent

14 June 2015

"I had Chris as my driving instructor and he was amazing, helped me understand what I was doing and why I was doing. Very good instructor helped me pass my driving test would recommend him to anybody.

Luke Walker, Bromley, Kent

13 May 2015

"Passed my driving test with Chris Lisney. I did my first ever lesson with Chris and he has helped me all the way through even when I thought myself that I couldn't do it. Great instructor, kind and friendly. I would fully recommend him."

Toni Adenuga, Croydon, Surrey

02 May 2015

"I had my driving lessons with Chris. He is a excellent instructor. He was very experienced, calm and friendly. I would defenetely recommend him."

Kristiina Saard, Croydon, Surrey

28 April 2015

"I wanted to have some refresher lessons as I hadn't driven in a few years and having a 3 year old and another one on the way in a few weeks I needed to be able to drive again and get a car very soon. My instructor Chris Linsey was brilliant to say the least. He was very patient, always professional and I would highly recommend him. If you are nervous about taking driving lessons then book your lessons with Chris Linsey."

C Smith, Croydon, Surrey

19 April 2015

"My Instructor Chris is awesome. He is very patient, supportive, professional and kind person. On every step he has guided me. Its because of him that I have been able to pass my driving test in first attempt. I highly recommend him."

Yasir, Coulsdon, Surrey

11 March 2015

"Thank you to Chris Lisney from teaching me to drive literally from scratch. Chris is a fantastic instructor. Very patient, supportive, reliable and generally kind person. Chris is the one and only instructor you will need throughout your journey to become a great driver! When I decided that I need to learn how to drive I was petrified, hearing stories about rubbish instructors who are letting pupils down, shouting at them, wasting their time and money. But I was very lucky to find Chris who was recommended to me by one of his previous learners. I was so scared to even sit in the car as I haven’t had a clue where clutch or break was. I never looked forward to my lessons, had many sleepless nights full of nightmares and didn’t really believe in myself that I will ever be able to drive… but as soon as I sat in the car, the bad feeling was gone and Chris carefully guided me through my learning journey. Chris is very experienced to deal with every possible type of learner and that makes him unique. His knowledge is great and he really is an amazing instructor. Thanks Elite Driving school and huge thank you to Chris."

Ivana Hawkins, Thornton Heath, Surrey

02 March 2015

"I was so lucky to have Chris as my driving instructor. His patience and kindness got me through all of my lessons and I truly enjoyed learning each week. After previous driving instructors with other companies and failed tests knocked my confidence, Chris really enabled me to become confident and able to pass. I was so proud of myself when I passed my test, but couldn't have done it with Chris. My experience with Elite has been fantastic start to finish and I couldn't recommend it more. Anyone who is lucky enough to get Chris as an instructor is really lucky! Thank you!!! K."

Kelly Davis, Westerham, Surrey

21 November 2014

"I recently passed my driving test first time thanks to Chris. I started learning with him after I'd had a bad experience of learning to drive with another driving school. His approach was completely different, and the fact he stayed so calm throughout the process of learning to drive really helped put me at ease. Although he allowed me to learn in my own time, he also made sure that lessons remained challenging so I was still improving. Chris was very reassuring and offered lots of practical advice throughout which really helped me gain confidence with driving. I had a great experience of learning to drive and would highly recommend him."

Claire Moody, Croydon, Surrey

29 June 2014

"Chris Lisney has been an excellent instructor who guided me exceptionally well to pass my test in 1st attempt. I switched from a different driving school as I wasn't very happy with my previous instructor, but Chis helped me to gain my confidence back, his vast experience and sound techniques helped me feel at ease and improve rapidly in all areas. I would highly recommend him."

Shashank S, Croydon, Surrey

28 June 2014

"I had lessons with Chris in Sidcup, after changing from a different school. The difference it made was amazing, Chris' calm and friendly attitude put me at ease and helped build my confidence back. I have now passed first time and want to send a big thank you, as it's one thing being good at driving, but another being a good teacher, and you'll certainly get your moneys worth having lessons with Chris. His instructions and teaching methods were very clear and always given in a friendly manner, very helpful when you are a nervous first time driver! I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive, and enjoy the process too."

Marte Haug, Sidcup, South East London

26 June 2014

"I started with Elite Driving school as of January 2014 after switching from another driving school in which I had a bad experience with. As of last week I passed my practical test 1st time round with Chris Lisney as my instructor. Chris' calm and collected approach during the lessons really helped me to get my confidence back whilst driving and I give him all the credit in regards to me passing my test! :) Also, the constant reassurance and advice Chris gave me was really helpful. I would say, if your looking for a friendly, professional, experienced instructor, Chris is the man for you! Would definitely recommend Elite driving school and Chris to any learner drivers. Thanks again Chris!"

Bria Esnard, Thornton Heath, Surrey

21 April 2014

"I learnt with Chris and he made the whole experience far less daunting! Great instructor who put me at ease and made it possible for me to pass first time. Would definitely recommend him!"

Colette Weston, Purley, Surrey

12 February 2014

I passed my driving test last summer in just eight weeks. Chris was my instructor and he was great, very calm, patient and believed in my ability when I doubted myself. I looked forward to the lessons which I didn't with my previous instructor, I also enjoy driving now which is great. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn."

Jo Tait, Croydon, Surrey

26 January 2014

My Biggest Thanks To My Instructor Mr. Chris Lisney. This New Year Started with my Successful Practical Test. Yes, I Passed in 1st Time as I've been Guided each and every exercises good and simple way through out my Driving Lessons. So Kind of you Mate Chris. You're simply awesome. Thank You once again Mr. Chris Lisney and Elite Driving School... Have A Wonderful Year."

Rajamani Varadharajan, Croydon, Surrey

8 January 2014

"I recently passed the driving test. I had a great experience learning to drive with Chris Lisney. He was an excellent instructor, very calm, patient, and very highly skilled. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Chris!!"

Neelam, Croydon, Surrey

08 April 2013

"I passed my driving test today, thank you Chris Lisney and to my previous instructor Claire. I have already told my friends who want to have lessons to go with Elite."

Candice Martin-Hall, South Norwood, London

27 February 2013

"Thank you so much Elite, and thank you so much Chris Lisney. I passed my test yesterday and I'm sure it was because of Chris's professional and friendly teaching style. I would highly recommend him and wish him all the best for the future."

Armin Kamara, Camberwell, London SE5

5th February 2013

"Great news Fonzi passed this morning. Many thanks to Chris Linsey and his laid back teaching style, I wasn't made to feel stressed even though at times I was. He recognised my strength and weaknesses and like wise worked on both. I will be recommending him to others. Many thanks once again."

Alfonso Simon, Lewisham, London SE13

29 January 2013

"I just passed my test first time thanks to Chris Lisney from Elite Driving!! I am so happy to have passed- and would really recommend Elite for a professional service, the car (ford fiesta) is really nice to drive and is a good size. Like most people starting to learn to drive, thoughts of taking the test is a daunting experience at first but thanks to Chris, I was put as ease and worked through all the skills (and confidence)needed for the day, it was always the target! I really thought at some points I wouldn't manage to do it but Chris explains things in a really helpful way and is understanding and flexible with lessons, all of which helped build my confidence in myself and driving. All in all I learnt from March to October 2012(about 25 lessons) and passed my test first time! The introductory lessons and block bookings were also helpful financially so take advantage of that! Thanks so much Chris!!"

Kerry Wickens, Shirley, Surrey

"Passing your test first time is always difficult but it was made very easy for me by Chris Lisney. He is the best driving instructor and I will recommend him to everyone who wants to pass their driving test asap. Thanks Chris."

Syed Fuaad, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"Just a big thank you to Elite and in particular Chris Lisney for helping me pass my test in October 2011. Chris was very calm, considered and installed a great deal of confidence in me which I think I previously lacked, without his guidance and teaching methods I doubt I would have passed first time. I have recommended him and Elite to many friends and colleagues of mine. Many thanks Chris and Elite!"

James Farmiloe, Croydon, Surrey

"After I had a lesson with some other driving school, I felt bad that because the person was so rude and discouraging. I decided to stop that and chose elite to check my luck here. Fortunately, its very pleasant experience with them and the instructor 'Chris Lisney' was so supportive with smile always. Due to him and his right guidance, I became confident on driving and got certified in first attempt it self. I am sure if it is not Chris, it would have been a tough situation for me. Thank you Chris for your right guidance and confidence. Thanks Elite for giving me a very good instructor. I definetly recommend Elite and particularly Chris to anyone."

Srinivasa Chakravarthy Kandru, Croydon, Surrey

"I had a fantastic experience with Elite. The driving instructor Chris Lisney was absolutely fantastic, very patient, professional and a great teacher. Strongly recommend."

Tanya Iv, Orpington, Greater London

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