Chris Lisney

"I had been learning to drive with a different instructor. When I failed my first test and needed to rebook quickly, my instructor was away. I was recommended Chris Lisney by a friend whose two very different teenagers had both loved him. I was told "He's unflappable, totally calm and steady, he'll fill you with confidence." I got in contact with him 2 weeks ago. This afternoon I passed my test with only 3 driving errors."
"I must stress that the odds were stacked against me: I had lost my confidence, I'd become used to another model of car, I still had gaps in my knowledge and I'm an incredibly anxious person. Chris is everything I was told he is; the embodiment of calm. He makes every aspect of driving achievable. Nothing ambiguous or ephemeral about his approach- just foolproof systematic techniques and crystal clear, concise guidance. I've not only passed my test but I will now be a safer and more confident driver for my short time with Chris. He's a master at what he does and a thoroughly lovely man; I can't recommend him highly enough."

16 August 2018

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