Chris Lisney

"My youngest daughter had Chris Linsey as her instructor. The same instructor my eldest daughter had nearly four years ago. My 17 year old daughter passed her driving test this morning with only two minors. All lessons were over a three month period, about the same as my eldest. Chris was BRILLIANT ! From never being in the driving seat of a car, to three months later passing her test ! Very calm instructor with a good sense of humour I have been told. Never got angry or grabbing the steering wheel, both my girls are very happy with the way Chris taught them. I would personally like to thank Chris also, but he had another lesson he had to get to and did not want to be late. That says everything, never late and gives ALL his students 100% of his time while teaching. I am a Ex Advanced Police Traffic Officer, and a member of the IAM, so know quite a bit about driving. I would recommend Chris to ANYONE. A HUGE Thank You."

29 July 2019

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