Garry Commey

Adefemi passed in Croydon with Garry"I passed my driving today 3rd attempt. I will like to thank Elite driving school customer service and Garry my instructor. I wasn't getting on well with my initial instructor so I contacted the customer service. The operator assured me that they will provide me another instructor and Garry came through. Garry told me I wasn't ready for the test but I didn't listen to him. My first test result was 13 minor fault 1 dangerous, second test 7 minor fault and 1 serious fault. Now I listen to my instructor Garry. He never late for lessons and we both worked hard and today I made it with just 3minors. While on my test, I was imitating Garry by talking to myself e.G look your mirror, plan ahead. All his comments was flowing in my head and that was really helpful during the test. He is a very good instructor. My advice is be patient and listen to your instructors and you will come out in flying colour."

16 August 2019

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