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Biography - Gary Vigee driving instructor 

Before becoming a driving instructor I spent 37 years in the motor trade.  I started this career as an apprentice with Rolls Royce, before moving on to being quality control engineer and test driver for Jaguar, and then a senior service advisor for a Honda garage in West London.  So I suppose you could say that I know my way around a car!

I really love being an instructor, and believe that although learning to drive and the safety that goes with it needs to be taken seriously, it's important to have a laugh and enjoy the time spent behind the wheel.  I am very patient with my pupils and help them to understand what we are are learning, why we are learning it, and how we put that into practice.

I now teach in an automatic car, as there is an increasing demand for automatic lessons as automatics become a more popular choice for driving in London traffic. In addition they are becoming a more affordable and readily available option, not just limited to the higher end of the car market. 

Gary's Testimonials

Robert Wood, Reigate, Surrey

"Gary Vigee has been my driving instructor since 2018, he has been very patient and considerate with me for every lesson and taught me perfectly up until I passed my test. Would highly recommend."

06 June 2022 Google review logo

Angelo De Gois, Reigate, Surrey

"I would like to thank Gary Vigee for helping my daughter Thais learning to drive. Gary is a very calm and a good instructor I definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking to be a driver."

23 March 2022 Google review logo

Joselo Brian Atup, Redhill, Surrey

"I would like to thank my instructor Gary V for teaching me how to become a good and safe driver. He has techniques that made my driving more easier but safer. Took my exam last September 2 and passed it first time. Before the exam time, we had an hour of driving lesson to sum it all up. I was so nervous and was thinking load of things that may happen during the exam but he calmed my nerves down by telling me to have fun and be calm and drave safe during the exam. That really helped a lot. And that is all the point of driving anyway- to be safe and have fun during travels. Thanks Gary V!"

10 September 2021 freeindex review

Chloe Head, Redhill, Surrey

"I would recommend Elite Driving School especially the instructor Gary V. He was my automatic driving instructor for just over a year after I struggled to learn manual. He supported me thoroughly and listened to every thing I wanted to do on my driving lessons especially near to my test date and allowed me to complete them. He regularly took me down different test routes so I could learn all the different routes that the examiner may take me. On the day of my test he helped calm my nerves. He is extremely understanding and got me to pass first time."

19 August 2020 Google review logo

Sophie Callaghan, Reigate, Surrey

"Although I passed my driving test 16 years ago, I haven't really driven since due to lack of confidence on the road. I've taken two lessons with Gary Vigee and have surprised myself as to what I have been able to do. Gary's calm and patient manner and excellent practical tips have allowed me to enjoy driving for the first time and give me the confidence I needed to get out on the road. The lessons are a good length and the prices very reasonable. I would highly recommend both Elite and Gary."

01 August 2020 Google review logo

Samantha Ellis, Redhill, Surrey

"I had garry from elite and passed my test first time.. Garry was amazing and patient and was very understanding about my anxiety.. Would defo recommend to everyone."

28 January 2020 freeindex review

Danielle W, Redhill, Surrey

"Thank you to my Driving instructor Gary from Elite based in Redhill. He was very patient with me and would break things down to make them easy to understand. He catered lessons to what I wanted to get out of them and has a very calm approach when teaching. I was struggling with nerves when it came to having my test and failed initially but he helped make sure I was calm and worked on my nerves with me, I was so happy when I passed. I highly recommend Gary and Elite!"

11 November 2019 freeindex review

Adil Shashid, Horlay, Surrey

"I passed my test this week and would like to thank Gary V for all his effort and time. He is very insightful, patient and friendly. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor for anyone who wants to learn how to be a good driver. Thanks a lot Gary and Elite Driving School!"

21 September 2019

Jasmine Barson, Redhill, Surrey

"I passed first my driving test first time thanks to Gary V. He was very helpful teaching me to drive and felt relaxed when learning and made it feel easy to learn. I’d highly recommend Gary V to new learners."

11 August 2019

Nataliya K, Reigate, Surrey

"Thank you Gary V for your professionalism, patience, clear simple instructions (that was really important for me as a foreigner). I passed my driving test first time. I’d highly recommend Gary V to anyone wanting a good experience when learning."

Chris Saunders, Reigate, Surrey

"I passed my driving test today at my first attempt with only 2 minors! So I would like to thank Gary v for being a great instructor. You made learning to drive really easy and it was a great experience. Thanks again Gary."

03 December 2018

Charity Gichini, Redhill, Surrey

"I was Successfully taught by Gary V on how to become a better driver. Its been almost a year since I passed but I still haven't forgotten to write Gary a review and award him of his great Teaching skills. He was calm and collective in the service he provided me and I would recommend him to any other new learner. Kind Regards Charity."

24 August 2018

J Morgan, Reigate, Surrey

"I Had 15 hours with Gary V and passed first time with 3 minors. I Started out very nervous, but he made me feel confident in learning and was very patient. Will highly recommend him to anyone looking for automatic lessons."

20 August 2018

Shakiba Kazemian, West Drayton, Middlesex

"Great teaching with Gary V (instructor) helped me to become a confident and able driver quickly. Would recommend his teaching to anyone. He is the best."

18 August 2018

Rebecca Townley, Redhill, Surrey

"I passed first time!Just want to say a Huge thank you to Gary V! He was patient, professional and made me feel at ease. Thank you again, I'm over the moon! Becca Townley."

02 August 2018

Ella, Redhill, Surrey

"Passed my test today! Thanks to Gary V for his patience and time helping me get my license! He made me relax while driving and I never felt stupid asking questions or going over things til we got it right. Well priced and flexible to my work schedule. Would highly recommend to anyone :)."

25 July 2018

Juan Nunez, Reigate, Surrey

'Gary V was great. I passed my test in the first try. Thanks :).'

10 May 2018

Nitha, Redhill, Surrey

'I'm glad I chose Elite driving school. Garry V was very helpful and patient with me. He made the entire process so easy. I passed my second time and Gary V made sure I understand all my mistakes from first time and made me a confident driver. I will for sure recommend to have him as your instructor.'

03 May 2018

Samantha Green, Cobham, Surrey

"Would like to say a big thank you to my Driving instructor Gary. For all his help and support and being patient With me and all the early morning he has put up with to get me to my test 10/10. I would 100% Recommend Gary his a top man."

21 April 2018

Amy O'Brien, Weybridge, Surrey

"I had Gary V as a driving instructor and passed second time with one minor. He was very patient, clear and took the time to explain things properly. I gradually built up my confidence and was able to have a go when ready. Highly recommend Gary and Elite."

29 January 2018

Natasha Maseya, Reigate, Surrey

"Hey, my names Natasha, I just passed my driving with 3 minors today having been told beautiful driving by examiner! So pleased! GARY V couldn’t have done it without you! For the constant motivation and realistic pushes! So patient and takes time to talk and retry till I was comfortable! So reassuring but also never overly serious lesson we’re always a great vibe! Have to be hand down one of the best instructors! Would highly recommend! Thank you so so much! X."

24 January 2018

Leona Stephen, Redhill, Surrey

"I passed second time lucky and without any minors and it was all thanks to Gary my driving instructor! He built up my confidence and I have him to thank for my new found freedom."
"Thank you elite and thank you Gary!!"

10 January 2018

Joel Durrance, Esher, Surrey

"I recently passed my driving test thanks to Gary V. Could not fault him in any way, always punctual and makes you feel at ease from day one! Would recommend him to everyone, very glad I got him recommended to me. Thanks for all your time Gary."

03 November 2017

Agnieszka, Weybridge, Surrey

"I would like to say big thank you to Gary V for teaching me how to drive. I have just passed my test for a first time with only 1 minor! He is absolutely fantastic!He will make sure that you'll be the safest driver and he will do it with a smile :) thank you once again Gary!#the best instructor in the UK."

27 October 2017

Tina Leahy, Redhill, Surrey

"I want to say a big thank you to my driving instructor GARY VIGEE, he was very helpful made me feel at ease when driving was very helpful and patient with me, and I PASSED FIRST TIME."
"I am very grateful with the help he gave me and I fill more confident in driving now."


23 September 2017

Shona Irving-Thomas, Addlestone, Surrey

"I can't thank Gary V enough! He's the best instructor and taught me everything that needed to know about driving while making it fun. I started learning to drive with a different instructor and was a nervous driver when I first started with Elite, but Gary made me feel and ease and helped me to build up my confidence. Thank you so much."

23 June 2017

Prerna Collins, Weybridge, Surrey

"I used to be a very nervous driver and had failed my first test when I approached Elite to get lessons. Gary V was my instructor and he is absolutely fantastic. He remained calm even if I made mistakes which was very important for me. On the other hand he let me do a lot of independent driving only stepping in when needed. I passed my test today and I owe it to Gary. Thanks a lot Gary. I wouldn't have done it without you :-)."

04 May 2017

Daniel L, Esher, Surrey

"Just passed my test recently with Gary V. He was great at putting me at ease, was extremely patient and really knew his stuff. I would highly recommend Gary if you want to learn to drive an automatic."

27 April 2017

More of Gary's Testimonials

"I had a great experience with Elite. My instructor, Gary, taught me to drive in the UK and to use an automatic for the first time. I learned a lot in each lesson, Gary was very professional and I truly recommend him. Thank you!"

Maria, London

01 February 2017

"Thanks to Gary V. I've finally passed after all the patience you had to deal with. All the I can't do it and omgs you never gave up. I would recommend him to everyone who's looking to start lessons 100% Thank you again Gary!"

Erica Humphries, Reigate, Surrey

16 January 2017

"Passed today first time with Gary V. He is an awesome instructor who took time to put me at ease and answer all my questions (even if I asked the same thing over and over). Truly a great instructor who enabled me to pass with ease even when I wasn't confident I would."

Jade Smith, Reigate, Surrey

04 January 2017

"Elite driving are an amazing driving school, I learn't automatic with Gary V he put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable as I am a nervous driver, I would really recommend learning with Gary he is patient, kind and a really good instructor!"

Chelsea Cowl, Reigate, Surrey

04 November 2016

"I began lessons with Elite after I failed my first test with another company and I immediately began to feel confident again. I felt comfortable by the ways in which I was taught and a lot of effort was made by my instructor to ensure I was happy. A big thank you to Elite for helping me pass and a special thank you to Gary V who was superb in every lesson and really helped me gain the confidence in myself when driving, would definitely recommend Elite and Gary V!!! thank you!"

Daniel Fairall, Reigate, Surrey

25 October 2016

"Review to: Gary V He is very nice and friendly. He helped me to get confident and to do really well and I passed my test the first time!!! He has lots of tips, really good advice and flexibility with your locations and timings too!"

Laura Torres, Weybridge, Surrey

11 March 2016

"I just passed my driving test today finally after changed two instructors. Thank you my last instructor, Gary V. He is patient and gave me the right tips and instructions. The most important thing, he builds up my confident but no pressure. Big thanks to Gary V. I Really recommend him."

Shu Fen, Shepperton, Middlesex

08 February 2016

"I passed 1st time with Gary V. He is a calm, patient and a competent instructor, and also a real laugh. He is good at telling you what you need to focus on and doesn't make things over complicated. The lessons were always worthwhile and taught me to drive safely and well. Thanks Gary!"

Talia van Sing, London

05 December 2015

"I passed second time with an amazing driving instructor Gary! He helped me drop my bad habit I picked from my old instructor. He created an environment where I felt at ease and confident behind the wheel. He pushes and encouraged me to do my very best which made it easier for me to pass. Thank you! Gary!!"

Miriam Fansey, Croydon, Surrey

26 November 2015

"I had my lessons with Gary V. And it was fantastics. Gary showed me all the things that needed to be for the test. We focused on areas where I had difficulties. The perfect thing with is that he made me confident and thought me how to be a good driver. He never put the money as a priority, but even gave me a free hour :). I was very please when I passed my test!!! Will definitely recommend this school."

Merlouse, Stains, Middlesex

06 September 2015

"Gary V is a fantastic instructor; very clear instructions, always patient when practising manoeuvres and very flexible and committed to you as a customer (he got up at 4am to drive me to my test!!) I could not have asked for a nicer and more encouraging teacher. I passed my test, first time, after only 3 weeks of lessons. Thank you Gary!"

India Clare, South London

22 August 2015

"Gary V is a very calm and friendly instructor, and always created a very positive atmosphere during our lessons, which is exactly what I was after. Unfortunately my previous instructor (whilst good at his job) made me feel quite negative during lessons which hindered my progress. I took a look at this website to see which other driving schools were good in my area and found Elite Driving School right at the top. Thankfully they did serve my area, and all the previous negativity I held vanished as soon as I began with Gary V. Lessons were longer and more frequent, and I began to progress at a much faster rate. In the end I managed to pass my practical test on the first go, with four minor faults. Gary is exactly what you would want from an instructor, and I would highly recommend him if you are looking to start driving lessons. As well as technical knowledge and experience, he is cheerful and easy to get along with, always asking what I've been getting up to and allowing us to have friendly conversation as well as learning. I feel a bit sad that I won't be able to see him a few times a week anymore, as he actually made me look forward to driving lessons, rather than dread them.All in all, going with Elite Driving School has been the best decision I could have made. It's definitely on the expensive side, but in my opinion worth the money. I'm sure all of their other instructors work to the same standards as Gary V, so if you do live in any of the postcodes they cover, definitely get in touch. You won't regret it."

Jag N, Hayes, Middlesex

03 August 2015

"I passed my test today after having on 20 hours :) Gary Vigee was my driving instructor and was amazing. Would definetely recommend him to anyone wanting to drive. He was very supportive and helpful and wanted me to pass."

Amy Clarke, Uxbridge, Middlesex

14 August 2014

"I really enjoyed taking my lessons with Gary; Gary is an excellent driving instructor, calm, professional he made me feel relaxed in each lesson and helped me get over any fears of driving that I had. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to be able to drive I would recommend Gary to friends and family. "

Manrit Khondhu, Southall, Middlesex

27 July 2014

I'm very pleased with instructor Gary. I didn't have a lot of confidence in beginning, but with instructors help, I could be more confident while driving. He help me with roundabouts and maneuvers. With lots of patience and instructing I passed practical test on first time. You couldn't get better instructor then Mr Gary. Thank you. You deserve five star rating."

Lasma Strautina, Feltham, Surrey

09 June 2014

"Gary V. In West London have been my instructor for about a year. He is patient but persistent and helped me to gain more confidence when driving. I had never driven before in the past. He has been very flexible with lessons outside work hours and at weekends. The lessons have been fun (for the most part) and I have learned a lot about many things. I passed my practical test at first attempt today with only 4 (a bit silly really) minor faults. So very pleased. Thank you Gary and Elite! "

Camilla Karlsen, West London

11 April 2014

"I can say Gary is very friendly and professional instructor. I've had 20 hours of tuition with him at all times he was patient even when I made a big mistakes. Because of his professionalism and tactics I've passed my practical test at first attempt with 0 faults. He really gave me the confidence with roundabouts, junctions and all manoeuvres. Many thanks Gary.I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who is looking forward to passing their test at first attempt and to be a safe driver."

Gyokhan Ismail, Ealing

"Passed my test first time with Gary after only 18 days after my 17th birthday. Gary is a great Instructor, he explains any problems clearly and gives you confidence as a new driver.  He is very reliable and accommodating with a really positive approach to teaching.  I would definitely recommend anyone to learn to drive with Gary."

Bobbie D

"I would like to thank Gary for passing my test. He is not just a brilliant instructor. Gary is a great, easy going and reliable person. Big thank you for his patience and support. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you Gary..."


"I am absolutely thrilled to have passed my practical driving test. I would like to thank my instructor Gary for helping me to get through. Gary is a highly skilled and very experienced driving instructor who knows the “ins and outs” of his trade very well. He tailored the lessons exactly to suit my requirement to pass in the shortest time possible whilst targeting my numerous bad habits. (I have been driving for more than a decade in my home country – India).His instructions were always very clear and right to the point and the lessons were good fun too. Gary inspired so much confidence in my ability to drive well, so on the test day I was almost looking forward to showing off my driving skills. Gary never lost his calm temperament and had a very optimistic and positive attitude in my driving abilities. He would instantly flag up areas of concern and look to rectify those, which showed his attentiveness to my driving. I was impressed at how easily he helped me understand how to do particular manoeuvres.I will have no hesitation in recommending Pinnacle Driving School and Gary to anyone contemplating driving lessons in the future.Once again thank you Gary!"

Bhavin, Hounslow

"I really enjoyed taking my lessons with Gary; Gary is an excellent driving instructor, calm, professional he made me feel relaxed in each lesson. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to be able to drive and would definitely recommend Gary to friends and family."

Dan, Ealing

"Gary is a brilliant instructor, he's very calm and patient which is a really good asset to have in this business. When I booked my first lesson with Gary, the process was very quick and easy. Throughout my driving lessons Gary has been very flexible with lesson times and he is always on time and reliable. I am very lucky to have had Gary as my instructor as he has made me a safe and confident driver. I recommend Gary to everyone, as he is trustworthy, caring, friendly and a great teacher who makes you feel comfortable."

Kharla Allen

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