Ian Sedgwick

Furkan arshad"I started looking for driving instructor training after hating my previous role, I came across many companies promising the world with crazy low prices. Luckily I called Elite and spoke to Ian who recommended going for a coffee and a chat. This is where he quickly showed me what the role entails and showed me a realistic avenue. I’ve literally never met anyone in my life that’s so hungry to learn, Ian is highly knowledgeable and focused on the job at hand, he always comes up with multiple solutions for every scenario."

"Ian has been amazing from Day 1. Showing myself exactly what we were planning to do and how we were going to achieve it. We started a journey but little did we know we were going to be facing hurdles and lengthy delays along the way (Covid Lockdowns etc). Ian was fantastic working out easy solutions to get things done and prioritise, we had delays with the DBS checks but Ian made it productive while we were waiting."

"We then faced delays and busy periods trying to book my Part 2 tests. But Ian was great going out of his way to help me learn new areas where there was availability, forming simple solutions and sometimes even comprising his own time to help me."

"We had 3 separate incidents of setbacks with my Part 3. Ian helped emailing the PDI team and keeping me in the loop where I was worried about what was going to happen alongside the rest of the country, lockdowns were a mess but Ian did FaceTime calls reassuring me and going out of his way to keep me fresh and ready once that date came. Even little things like giving me car insurance guidance or finding the best car deals for me, he just went above and beyond where others wouldn’t even think of."

"Our journey wasn’t typical but it was made consistent and reassuring, Ian was flexible in timings and accommodating me when I was working or busy, gave me simple coaching advice to follow and ended up giving me a future. Ian isn’t an instructor, he’s a coach (when you realise this, the journey becomes easier), finding solutions where others don’t, that’s why he’s so great, knowledgeable and genuinely loves what he does!"

"If you’re not sure, call Ian at Elite, go for a coffee and change your life, Just Like Ian did for me."

August 2021

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