Ian Sedgwick

170208 dylan powell"Amazing lessons which quickly gave me the ability to pass my practical with no faults at all. Also helped embed theory knowledge. Had a very friendly teacher. Would recommend."

Dylan Powell

8th February 2017

Jasmine"Fantastic! Keeping the 1st time pass in the family with the help of Ian Sedgwick at Elite driving school. Very highly recommended!"

Jasmine Young, Redhill, Surrey

31 January 2017

Eleanor"After 3 months of lessons with Ian I was absolutely delighted to pass my test yesterday afternoon. Ian encouraged me to be confident but safe on the road and this is something that will be ingrained in the way I drive for life. Each lesson was personalised for the aspects of driving I wanted to build upon and well structured so I could keep track of what I'd learnt each time- keeping a record card was really useful for this. I thoroughly recommend Ian as an instructor."

Eleanor Perrin, Horley, Surrey

23 December 2016

Phoebe"Elite were amazing to learn with. My instructor, Ian, developed my confidence in driving and I have now passed and I'm so happy!! Thank you."

Phoebe Arnold, Chipstead, Surrey

05 December 2016


"Ian is a fantastic instructor and made me feel confident enough to do my driving test. He was so patient and calm, even if I wasn't! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn; Elite has been great."

Natalie Earl, Redhill, Surrey

12 December 2016

"Ian provided excellent tuition and is a patient and calm instructor. Both daughters passed 1st time!! Would definitely recommend."

Angela Earl, Redhill, Surrey

12 December 2016

"Just like to recommend Elite driving and especially my instructor Ian. Made me feel relaxed from the beginning, and I have just passed 1st time."

Tayla Edwards, Redhill, Surrey

27 November 2016

Martyna"I am so pleased that I have passed my driving test today. I was so lucky to have Ian Sedgwick as my instructor. My husband also passed his driving test under the instructions of Ian and he actually recommended Ian to me. Ian is very calm and informative instructor with an excellent style of teaching. He is very patient, helpful and professional manor instructor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Martyna Puczylowska, Caterham, Surrey

07 November 2016

"Ian has been a tremendous instructor. He is patient, nice and remains calm when he teaches and I really enjoyed each and every lesson. I was terribly nervous and never thought I could pass the test, but I eventually got there (third time lucky!). I would highly recommend elite to anyone who is looking for a reliable teacher."

Liann Cranham, Surbiton, Surrey

01 October 2016

Andy"Ian has been a tremendous instructor. He is patient, nice and very programmatic when he teaches and I really enjoyed time spent with him. I am a terribly nervous driver and never thought I could pass the test, but I eventually got there with his help. I would highly recommend elite to anyone who is looking for a reliable teacher."

Andy Yu, Redhill, Surrey

14 September 2016

Sam"Ian is the best driving instructor I have ever had and I am very lucky to have found him. He was clear, patient and detailed. I progressed consistently under his guidance and I'm not not only very happy to have passed but also very comfortable behind the wheel."

Sam Sheridan, Reigate, Surrey

08 July 2016

"Ian was my instructor and I would highly recommend him because he was so patient with me and of course very friendly. I had some very bad habits in driving and I wouldn't just leave them. He dealt with everything so patiently and made sure I am not inconsistent with mirror, signal routine. He is good with building up confidence of his students, I would recommend Elite (Ian, in particular) as an ideal school for potential learners."

Munira, Reigate ,Surrey

01 July 2016

Louise"I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Ian at Driving Elite. Ian's patience and ability to pick up on my learning style were priceless. He had a great knack for knowing exactly why I was going wrong and how to correct it, before I even knew why I was doing things! He has a great focus on increasing confidence, which is very important for learning to drive." "I'd recommend this company and Ian anybody. Great value for money."

Louise Commerford, Redhill, Surrey

27 May 2016

Josh"Great service, made me feel comfortable as a driver and also couldn't of had a better instructor thanks again Ian great instructor!

Josh Harding, Redhill, Surrey

23 May 2016

"My son has been using this school in order to help him pass his driving test, since around February. Initially we encountered an issue, and after an email to the company, the issue was resolved by Ian S amicably and very quickly. Ian bent over backwards to accommodate my son. Their service and quality was really outstanding. I can honestly say that my son passed his driving test due to his commitment as well as with the guidance, help and instructions provided by Ian. He is an absolute star! I highly recommend Ian S and the Elite Driving School."

Joe de Abreu, Redhill, Surrey

21 April 2016

Chavier"I started my lessons in February 2016, after having bad experience from another driving school that taught me a bad habit. My instructor Ian gave me the confidience, skecting scenarios were I went wrong and explaining why that happened and telling me what I could have done. I owe it all to Elite which I highly recommend and Ian who was patient and helped me improve and doing mock tests which helped me a lot as I knew what would be expected of me on the day of the test. Did my practical today 21 April 2016 and passed first time, I never thought I would pass in such a short space of time as my theory test certificate expired soon."

Chavier De Abreu, Redhill, Surrey

21 April 2016

Luke"My driving instructor Ian helped me so much throw our journey of diving together but the one thing that stuck was the perseverance to succeed in my driving he kept at me and at me and I got there 100% recommend them for your driving lessons one of the one :)"

Lukasz Solis, Redhill, Surrey

15 March 2016

Sam"I went from 5 majors on my first mock test to passing first time with only one minor. Ian makes everything really simple and makes the test seem fairly simple."

Sam Dukes, Redhill, Surrey

14 January 2016

Salwa"I had a great experience learning to drive with Ian. S from Elite and was able to pass my test on the 2nd attempt. I am a nervous driver and had very little driving experience when I began with Elite and was also new to the country. Ian was a very understanding and patient instructor, who provided clear explanations during every lesson and positive yet constructive feedback to build my confidence up. I felt very comfortable learning to drive with Ian and my driving abilities increased significantly in a short period of time. Still can't believe I have passed the test! Couldn't have done it without the patience and support of Ian. Thank you Ian and Elite. "

Salwa Ali, Redhill, Surrey

31 December 2015

Michael"The most relaxed and chilled out instructor around, Ian has been excellent throughout. Good sense of humour which makes you relaxed."

Michael Walker, Redhill, Surrey

06 December 2015

Francesca"I had my driving test on Saturday with Ian as my instructor. With terrible weather conditions, I honestly thought that I would fail. However, I kept calm and remembered all that Ian had taught me and I PASSED!!! I can honestly say that Ian is the best instructor - he's always clear with his instructions, very calm and patient, especially when I had troubles with the manoeuvres. He eased my understanding on how to do them properly and accurately which helped me gain confidence for the exam. I also liked the fact that Ian always tried to make sure that I had a lesson booked in every week, despite his busy schedule. This helped me learn how to drive progressively."

"As well as actually learning how to drive, Ian focused very much on how to drive SAFELY, which helped me become aware of possible dangers when on the road. I am very greatful to have had him as my instructor as he was also very supportive and helped me keep my nerves down minutes before the exam. I honestly couldn't have done it without him! :). I am very greatful to have had a brilliant instructor and will always remember everything that I have learnt and remain a safe driver. I strongly recommend Ian and Elite Driving School as they are a wonderful company to learn with! You won't regret it!"

Francesca Lazaro, Redhill, Surrey

09 November 2015

Kalina"Ian was my third instructor and by far the best one. He was always patient and helped me to built up my confidence and get rid of some bad habits "inherited" from the previous instructors. He was always happy to go through things I didn't feel comfortable with again and answer any questions. He also pushed me to book my test when he thought I was ready (even though I wasn't sure if I really was:), unlike my previous instructor who kept driving me around for months. I passed the first time with only two minors. Would definitely recommend Elite."

Kalina Dziekan, Redhill, Surrey

11 October 2015

"I took my driving lessons with Ian and was really happy with his tuition. He explained everything to me patiently and calmly, and was always happy to go through anything I wasn't confident with - remember the parallel park Ian! Passed first time with a couple of minor faults, absolutely delighted :) Can't thank Ian and Elite enough, brilliant driving school and would recommend them to anyone looking to learn. Cheers mate, enjoying the freedom!"

Tyrese Jhonson, Redhill, Surrey

07 October 2015

Sophie"Just passed my driving test today! I had Ian as my driving instructor and he was brilliant so patient with me, great at giving clear instructions and explaining situations to me and was easy to talk to! And thanks to him I passed my test! Highly recommended - especially Ian."

Sophie Bulmer, Redhill, Surrey

27 August 2015

Sam"Elite driving were very professional and a good value for money. Ian was my instructor and did a really good job! Thanks again! (:"

Sam Clarke, Reigate, Surrey

06 July 2015

Lucy"Thank you so much to Ian, I have just passed my driving test after 3 months of lessons. I am 31 and have not driven a car for over 10 years, Ian was patient and always positive. Would definitely recommend Elite to anyone wanting to learn, so glad I chose them."

Lucy Gaida, Merstham, Surrey

30 June 2015

Kane"Ian was a great teacher, always on time would highly recommend."

Kane Kackay, Redhill, Surrey

31 May 2015

Anna"Really patient and identified the things I needed to work on quickly which helped me improve on my driving! Which resulted in me passing my test! Forever grateful."

Anna Zimbango, Redhill, Surrey

28 May 2015

Victoria"Ian had the patience of a saint! He was always calm and made me feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel which helped greatly. I hadn't driven for over 20 years and was quite nervous/stressed about learning to drive but Ian immediately me feel at ease from the start. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian (Elite) to anyone thinking about learning to drive! Hope he'll still be teaching when my little boy starts learning to drive in 16yrs!!"

Victoria Robinson, Redhill, Surry

20 May 2015

Bianca"Absolutely loved learning with elite was with them for 2 years roughly and was very satisfied. Would recommend Ian as he is very lovely and a pleasure to learn with. Thanks again to Ian.

Bianca Boros, Redhill, Surrey

20 May 2015

Tom"Elite Driving School were very helpful in teaching me how to drive and how to pass my test. My instructor Ian was easy to get along with and was never pressurizing. He knew all the stuff I needed and more and was always very professional."

Tom Hawgood, Redhill, Surrey

24 April 2015

Akash"Took lessons with Elite Driving School after a strong recommendation from a family member and that recommendation was correct! My instructor, Ian Sedgwick, was brilliant, helpful and encouraging - everything you want in an instructor! I passed my test first time, which says it all really!! Looking to take the Past Plus soon."

Akash A, Redhill, Surrey

20 March 2015

Katie"Great instructor that Taught everything that was needed for both the test and in some real life situations!"

Katie Field, Horley, Surrey

09 March 2015

Lucy"I'd like to thank Ian for his consistent patience throughout the course of my lessons. Having put off learning for a whopping 18yrs due to an intense phobia of ever putting myself behind the wheel, he had his work cut out. But I was amazed how fast he managed to make me feel confident and comfortable, and I'm still pinching myself that I'm a driver. He made the experience incredibly painless, particularly when faced with the challenges of working around childcare arrangements, part time work and baby due dates…. He made it easy. So a huge thank you Elite, and to Ian for getting me that licence and removing and need to drag 2x under 3's on to a bus again! (and a thank you from every local, long suffering bus driver and public transport passenger too. Thanks)."

Lucy Reid, Redhill, Surrey

01 March 2015

Alex"I had a fantastic time learning to drive with Elite, the teaching is great and they're very patient when you get things wrong! I was lucky enough to pass my test this week and I thank my wonderful instructor Ian for that! Would definitely recommend Elite."

Alexandra Earl, Redhill, Surrey

12 February 2015

Karuna"Without a doubt, the best driving school around! Ian built my confidence up and took away my hatred for the dreaded parallel park :) Was pushed to book my theory and practical when my instructor thought I was ready, I felt reassured on my test day - couldn't have wished for a better learning experience! Thank you :)."

Karuna Askoolum, Redhill, Surrey

09 February 2015

Duncan"By far the best decision I have ever made was using Elite to help me drive! I had lessons with Ian and he was amazing!! Iv never had a better teacher! He was very patience with me, would talk me through every manoeuvre, and gave me great knowledge about the road. Thank you Ian and Elite."

Duncan Christian, Redhil, Surrey

31 January 2015

Bethany"Thank you so much to my brilliant instructor Ian for helping me pass! He was reliable and very very patient (which as a nervous student, was very important)I would definitely recommend Elite!"

Bethany Taylor, Redhill, Surrey

08 January 2015

"I found Mr. Ian very generous and highly patience person, help me to adjust timings of my own choice, some time I personally feel some difficulty in understanding and learning but he explained and teach me very generously. Found him very friendly, professional and highly patience guy. I would strongly recommend to my friends."

Ambreem Tanvir, Redhill, Surrey

04 November 2014

Oliver"Couldn't recommend Elite Driving School and my instructor Ian enough. His patience and calm attitude (despite some near collisions at the start) was very reassuring and with his help I have grown in confidence as a driver and succeeded in passing my test first time. I will definitely be coming back for some motorway lessons soon."

Oliver Harvey, Reigate, Surrey

23 October 2014

"Ian was a great driving instructor and helped me to pass my driving test. Lessons were well structured and tailored towards my needs. Ian covered not only the skills I would need to pass my test, but also practical skills and techniques such as parking in a parking bay. I have recommended Ian and Elite to friends and family who are also learning to drive."

Mike Leverington, Horley, Surrey

22 October 2014

"Ian was my driving instructor and I can't thank him enough for his exceptional service. Ian is an excellent driving instructor who made me feel very calm and relaxed in all of my lessons. With his guidance and calm instructions it made learning to drive an easy and enjoyable experience. I would like to say a massive thank you to Ian and Elite Driving School and I would recommend both to anyone!"

Kerry Alexandra McGivern, Redhill, Surrey

10 October 2014

"Ian was a fantastic instructor. I was really anxious about learning, having had two instructors from other schools who were not very patient. With Ian, he calmed me down, taught me so much and got my confidence growing every lesson, until I passed my test with only 3 minor faults! I feel that I am now a safe and confident driver, and that he taught me skills and techniques that will stay with me for ever! Sarah, Horley."

Sarah Gabriel, Horley, Surrey

03 October 2014

John"A massive thank you to Ian and Elite Driving school. The help and guidance I received was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thanks"

John Bevan, Horley, Surrey

31 July 2014

Mike Nug"Just passed my test today and had Ian as my instructor. One of the most patient people I have had the pleasure of meeting and even tho I have passed my test i'm a little bit sad to know that next week I wont be learning to drive with him.. A***** Driving instructor and thank you Elite driving :-) Mike."

Mike Huggett, Redhill, Surrey

12 June 2014

Scott Hiley"I had Ian as my instructor and could not say a bad thing at all against him or the company, everything was taken at my own pace and to my ability, I would recommend Elite Driving School to anyone, and would like to thank Ian for being a quality instructor."

Scott Hiley, Merstham, Surrey

19 May 2014

"Very professional driving school with good deals offered. Instructor (Ian) very punctual with regard to lessons and good techniques used in order to help as much as possible. Very helpful, friendly and patient in all aspects of the learning process. Thank you, highly recommended."

Lauren Young, Redhill, Surrey

25 April 2014

Drew"My name is Drew Ayonmike. I want to say thank you to Ian, with his great guidance and flawless tuition. Ian and driving school made me feel comfortable when I was driving, which in turn lead to my success yesterday. I would recommend this to anybody."

Drew Atonmike, Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate, Surrey

10 April 2014

Casey"These guys are all you need. Ian was real patient, flexible with times and a great instructor, couldn't have passed without him. If there's any driving school that has the best value for money, its these guys."

Casey Jumu, Horley, Surrey

12 March 2014

Katie A

"An excellent service. Ian was very helpful indeed and always accommodated when lesson times had to be changed."

D Arnold, Coulsdon, Surrey

06 February 2014

Liam W"Elite driving school is brilliant. They have time and patients with their pupils and are very good at what they do and could not thank them enough for helping me pass my test!  I'll recommend them any day.... "

Liam Ware, Redhill, Surrey

03 February 2014

Mark S"Very good teacher, I felt comfortable driving and when it came to my test I was very relaxed. I was taught everything that could possibly be taught not just in the test but all the other skills needed to become an independent driver. Overall I was very please with my instructor and the cost was much better than my original instructor!"

Mark Scrimshaw, Redhill, Surrey

29 January 2014

"I passed my driving test today, big thank-you to Ian for helping me get there. Started of very nervous but gained confidence because of his help. Would recommend to anyone!"

Philip Gooding, Redhill, Surrey

12 December 2013

"Ian is an excellent driving instructor, I learnt a lot from him as he gave me many good tips for driving, Which I use now in my everyday driving. I passed first time thanks to Ian and I would recommend him and the company to anyone."

Ryan Martin, Caterham, Surrey

28 November 2013

"Passed my driving test today! My instructor, Ian, was great and always had useful driving tips to offer. I'd previously delayed starting lessons due to nerves, but Ian was very patient and helped me build up my confidence. Thanks!"

Mehreen Mohammed, Merstam, Surrey

14 November 2013

"Just passed my test today! I was with the AA for awhile making no progress and dreading every lesson. After my first lesson with Ian, I felt confident and really started to look forward to the next lesson. Passed first time and I would definitely recommend Ian and Elite to anyone wanting to learn. Thanks again to Ian for getting me on the road!"

Daniel Lewis, Caterham, Surrey

18 October 2013

"I had Ian, he's a very nice guy and great instructor. Calm when I did something bad and got me passing in 2 months. I recommend them greatly."

Zak MacKay, Redhill, Surrey

21 May 2013

"I had Ian teach me to drive and pass my test and I would highly recommend him and Elite, Ian was very thorough in teaching good road skills and very patient with mistakes."

"Elite are very adaptable to your schedule and are a great choice when choosing driving instructors."

Bryce Scott-Jones, Redhill, Surrey

19 April 2013

"Had lessons with Elite, passed first time thanks to Ian. He was a great teacher and prepared me for the test really well. Thanks again."

Mark Hartley, Redhill, Surrey

12 February 2013

"I am so happy I picked Elite to learn to drive with. Ian is a fantastic instructor. Even when I made silly mistakes he stayed calm and coached me through what I needed to do. He was always encouraging which was a great boost to my confidence. I could not recommend Elite enough. Thanks to Ian I passed first time and couldn't be happier! If you are going to pick a driving school this is definitely the one to pick!"

Anne Fahy, Redhill, Surrey

14 January 2013

"I am very thankful to Ian for teaching me how to become a safe and confident driver. I would never ask for any other instructor, Ian is very patient, calm and skilled teacher. Not to mention their office staff, who are always polite and helpful whenever you call them. Elite Driving School is worth recommending to anyone."

Sharon Lazaro, Redhill, Surrey

"Hi, I had my lessons with Ian, he was very patient and explained things really well. I felt comfortable driving with Ian and he was very re-assuring. I have just passed my driving test and I would definitely recommend this driving school. The price of the lessons are worth that as the quality of the lessons were brilliant! "

Annmarie Wallace, Redhill, Surrey

ELITE Driving School were fantastic, being quite nervous my instructor built up my confidence. My driving instructor Ian was patient, reassuring and helped me to resolve any problems that came up with my driving. I constantly recommend ELITE to new drivers. Thanks to Ian I passed my test and feel confident and safe driving.

Leeanne Knight, Redhill, Surrey

I couldn't be happier with the service I received from ELITE. I would describe myself as a nervous driver and I have previously had lessons with other schools; however no-one was as patient, calm and straight talking as my ELITE instructor. I have now passed and I find that I am not only a confident driver but I understand much more than I ever thought I would about the principles of driving!

Kim Clinch, Redhill, Surrey

I'd previously taken lessons with three other firms; once when I was 17, again when I was 20 and a further time when I was 25. I was sure I'd never get to a level where I would be ready to take a test, as each time I started lessons, I struggled because I was a nervous driver. I found that my instructors lacked the patience and at times the general know-how to help me deal with my issues. My ELITE instructor was superb from lesson one, and quickly ironed out the main problems that were causing my insecurities in a car. Within five or six lessons I was already feeling more confident behind a wheel than I had ever felt before, and after just fifteen lessons I put in for a test and passed first time!

David Cox, Banstead, Surrey

Learning with ELITE was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Teaching was friendly and patient which helped me to build up confidence in my driving ability and any mistakes I made were worked on to ensure I improved. Thank you for all your help in enabling me to pass my test!

Adam Bitmead, Croydon, Surrey

I'm currently learning with ELITE and am extremely pleased with the level of service received every session. During every lesson, I am told what I need to work on, and what I am doing well at, which helps boost my confidence. My instructor is also very flexible and patient! I have recommended ELITE to several new learners.

Aimee McDowell, Reigate, Surrey

I was not a natural driver. I had a few driving instructors previously but my confidence was not growing and I still felt really apprehensive and hesitant in the car. I had failed one test and felt that I was going to be one of those people who would have to take their test 20 times before passing. After having a few lessons with my ELITE instructor I started to feel a lot more comfortable and in control of the car. He let me repeat the same aspect of driving again and again until I felt happy that I could do it completely independently. He really broke it down so I could drive very methodically until it became more natural. When I took my second attempt at the test I felt so much more relaxed and ready compared to the first time. I was so pleased that I passed and a lot of it is down to my instructor and the patient approach he had towards me.

Michelle Fox, Tolworth, Surrey

Thanks so much for the driving lessons. For the first time I was happy to wake up early on a Saturday morning. Thanks for getting me through the test first time and staying calm through the whole thing! I have total freedom now and it's an amazing feeling, now I can easily get out of school and go to parties Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! I'll keep driving like you taught me and stay safe.

James Jackson, Dorking, Surrey

I was taught by an ELITE instructor in 2005, and found him to be an excellent instructor. He was clear, efficient and friendly, and I passed my test in no time, thanks to him.

Richard Devonald, Southfields, London SW18

I only started learning to drive at the age of 29 and was quite apprehensive and nervous at first, but my ELITE instructor was very calm, patient and reassuring. I never felt under any pressure, and the lessons were enjoyable (the time passed so quickly, I definitely recommend two hour lessons). The instructor gave me plenty of confidence so I felt very prepared for my test.

Alison Rigby, Raynes Park, London SW20

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