Jenny Hutchinson

"I was the absolute opposite of a natural when it comes to driving. I am in my 30s, no hand eye coordination and was extremely nervous about learning to drive. I had previously had lessons when I was a teenager but this had been an unpleasant experience which only added to my nerves."

"Signing up to Elite and taking lessons from Jenny Hutchinson has been one of the best decisions I've made. With great patience and good humour, Jenny has done a fantastic job in training me up to be able to drive. I passed first time with only one minor and more importantly feel safe driving my toddler around."

"Jenny was always very good at judging what I needed at different times. Sometimes this was lots of jokes to make the experience fun, sometimes this was gentle reassurance on a low day and sometimes this was pushing me to challenge myself. I feel Jenny has taught me to drive rather than just to pass a test and I highly recommend her teaching."

21 October 2023 Google review logo

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