Jenny Hutchinson

"Just had a first lesson with Jenny at Elite, having resumed lessons after a break of several years following some fairly uninspiring tuition by two previous schools in the area. But this is certainly a breath of fresh air by comparison! Or air smelling of whatever sweets happen to be in the seat pocket. Haven't found that out yet, but we'll get there. Jenny arrived promptly, talked me through what I have remembered and what I haven't, moaned copiously about cyclists (until she found out that I was one), then started on roundabouts (one of which I am not), and was generally good humoured and friendly. As the car has a heads-up display, I will promptly book lots more lessons and pretend I am a fighter jet pilot (in a black Mazda with writing all over it). In all seriousness, however, I can tell that professionalism and good mentoring skills are definitely present in that car, and that there is rather less likely to be any excuse to not get through this attempt at learning to drive! Or at least driving a car. My three-wheeler caused much amusement..."

11 May 2017

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