Karen Weighall

JanaKaren W. Was a great instructor. She was very patient, helpful and supportive. Thank you so much Karen."

Jana Bartanusova, Redhill, Surrey

29 December 2016

"Karen was amazing. She was so supportive and took me on all sorts of roads which helped me gain confidence quickly. I was pleased to have passed in under 8 months."

Victoria Wilson, Caterham, Surrey

21 September 2016

Nida"Karen is very dedicated, meticulous and sincere instructor with lots of patience. In my passing the driving test in first attempt all credit goes to her guidance and exceptional support she provided me. She is very punctual and co-operated a lot with me to accommodate my weekly schedule. I will very highly recommend her as an experienced and skilled driving instructor. Thanks a Million Karen."

Mrs Nida Kha, Redhill, Surrey

14 September 2016

"I had Karen as my driving instructor and it turned out to be a fantastic choice, she was very patient with me and very thorough with explaining each section. Highly recommend."

Harry Berghofer, Reigate, Surrey

24 May 2016

Natalia"I was with ELITE just 2 months but my instructor, Karen, taught me to drive safely and the most important thing she gave me confidence on the roads. I am very grateful to my instructor, thank you Karen! I could not do it without you! Definitely go with ELITE and Karen and you will pass first time!"

Natalia Lotca, Caterham

20 April 2016

Marta"Karen was great, she helped me with all my weak points and had me up to scratch driving. I would definitely recommend Elite Driving School."

Marta Bartocha, Redhill, Surrey

21 February 2016

Emma"My driving instructor, Karen, is the most patient and calm instructor. Was very blessed to have her teach me and I have learnt great and important skills. Went from being petrified of the road and country lanes to being a more confident and careful driver. Even had to teach my twin how to parallel park as my instructor explained it in the simplest of term and manoeuvres have been mastered. Thanks Karen and Elite driving school. "

Emma Odih, Reigate, Surrey

05 February 2016

Zirwa"Karen was a great instructor, very friendly, professional and most importantly extremely patient. Really enjoyed learning with her from the very first day when I was really nervous to be on the driving seat. She made me comfortable during all the lessons. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Karen."

Zirwa Tul huda, Coulsdon, Surrey

10 November 2015

Lizzie"I have rated Elite Driving School 5 stars for each heading as I found learning to drive with them a lovely experience. I learnt with Karen Weighall and I felt she gave me the confidence I needed to become a successful driver. I really enjoyed every second of learning as Karen was friendly and supportive. I thought the use of the progress card helped me to see what I needed to work on so I could improve ready for my test. With Elite I managed to pass first time! I would definitely recommend them to my friends! "

Elizabeth Sporle, Croydon, Surrey

08 November 2015

Evelin"KAREN- Professional, friendly, patient, with excellent knowledge and heart of gold. We had great time during the lessons full of professional advices and also fun and great atmosphere. Karen was really really patience with me and let me feel confident. I passed my practical driving test on 6 of August just before my holiday. After the exam I received my driving licence just in 6 days, and I could enjoy my holiday with my new driving licence. It is great feeling to be finally independent. Thank you so much Karen, you are simply the best."

Evelin Eve, Redhill, Surrey

18 September 2015

Fernanda"I just pass in my first driving test on Thursday !! Thank you Karen for your patience , support you are great !!! If I could I will give 10 stars !!!! I really recommend !!!"

Fernanda, Reigate, Surrey

01 August 2015

So happy I chose to learn with Elite driving school, it got me the results I wanted!!"

Cullum Dunning, Wallington, Surrey

09 July 2015

"Karen- what an amazing instructor! I have never met another person with the levels of patience she had. I began my driving lessons as a bundle of nerves that wouldn't go faster than 20mph. However, Karen didn't rush me and allowed me to progress at my own pace, resulting in me passing my driving test first time! I cannot thank Karen enough, she is such a brilliant instructor and I would recommend her to anyone! "

Chloe Phillimore, Caterham, Surrey

06 July 2015

Yazmin"My experience with Elite has been very positive, from the moment I called to book my first driving lesson through to passing the practical test. My instructor, Karen, is a great teacher and I couldn't have done it without her. Having had 2 previous driving instructors prior to signing up with Elite, I was ecstatic to find a caring and efficient instructor. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to get their driving license and Elite as a company. "

Yazmin King, Redhill, Surrey

12 February 2015

Hayle"Karen was a great instructor very patient, calm and reassuring, Would definitely recommend."

Halle Wyatt, Wallington, Surrey

23 December 2014

Candice"I was taught by Karen, she has to be the most patient person I have ever met, I could not have passed my test without her. I will definitely be recommending Karen and elite driving school. Thank you Karen x."

Candice McGowan, Horley, Surrey

01 November 2014

"I had Karen, she is the best instructor. She is so patient and nice, made lessons enjoyable and wouldn't have been able to pass without her. Made me confident at driving. Thank you Karen!!"

Ashaduz Zaman, Redhill, Surrey

25 September 2014

Natasha"Karen was a great instructor, from my first to my last lesson she was always very calm and helpful; when I had a question she always knew how to answer it. I felt I could be confident whilst learning with elite and Karen as my instructor and this confidence showed whilst I was taking my driving test. I highly recommend elite driving school as they are incredibly professional and positive."

Natasha Burgess, Redhill, Surrey

01 July 2014

Jake Leonard"Could not have asked for anything more from Karen. A relaxed and friendly instructor, who not only has the largest amount of patience I have ever seen in a human being, but also made the lessons fun and light-hearted whilst still being very productive. An instructor that is highly skilled and time flexible yet also has a great sense of humour is a perfect combination and that is what I found. Thank you so much Karen and thank you Elite Driving!"

Jake Leonard, Leatherhead, Surrey

21 May 2014

"I learned to drive with Karen Weighall and she was absolutely brilliant! She always had patience with me and always kept me calm and relaxed and whenever i did anything wrong she always helped me! I passed fourth time and even then i still didn't believe i would do it but she always had faith in me and really helped me get through it! When i failed she made sure we focused on the things things that i failed on and i then was confident with them! She is kind and such a lovely person and so easy going and nice to have a chat with. I would definitely recommend her, she will get you through the test and give you the confidence and help you need! Great instructor xx"

Marrisa Anderson, Redhill, Surrey

06 May 2014

Laura Ashford"Karen was a great instructor - very helpful and patient. I passed on my second attempt with only 4 minors. I would definitely recommend this company, and Karen to others."

Laura Ashford, Redhill, Surrey

14 April 2014

"I had Karen as an instructor and she was great! Very calm and patient. I passed first time and I will recommend to anyone who needs an instructor!"

Nick Berghofer, Reigate, Surrey

28 February 2014

"I learnt with Karen, and she was great from start to finish, I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU!!

Carrie Greenaway, Merstam, Surrey

"Thanks Elite, and especially thanks to Karen to putting up with me!  I wasn't what you would call a natural learner, and I wouldn't have had the patients to put up with me, but Karen did.  No matter how stupid I was she calmly explained what I needed to do and helped be build my confidence.  I still can't believe it, but I passed my test, and this was down to the dedication of my great instructor!"

Kim Morris, Godstone, Surrey

"I learnt with Karen, and she was great from start to finish, I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU!!

Carrie Greenaway, Merstam, Surrey

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