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Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, West Byfleet, Addlestone, Chertsey

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Driving since 1979

Instructor since 2009

Full Motorbike Licence

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Biography - Kim Hart driving instructor 

I've been driving for well over 40 years, a driving instructor since 2009, and I still love doing both!  I strongly believe that driving should not be stressful, and I aim to get this across to my pupils on their lessons, and make it as relaxed an environment as possible.

Before becoming an Approved Driving Instructor I had several careers involving driving, including being a multi-drop driver and controller for a firm in central London, a private hire driver, and a stretched Limo driver on the Costa Del Sol.  Away from driving I also used to work with horses.

When I'm not working most of my time is taken up by my kids and grandchildren, but I like to unwind in front of the TV catching up on the soaps, and of course Top Gear.  Also I love taking photos (mainly of the family), and spending time on my PC.

Kim's Testimonials

Shilias Thomas, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Shilias 220520"Kim Hart is an incredible instructor. I had a great experience with elite driving school, I'm very pleases I did. Kim Hart mademe feel confident in myself and was extremely comfortable to be around. Kim Hart always planned the lessons exactly suited to me and I felt every lesson was 100% worth the money. Kind, punctual, realiable and extremely productive, I definitely recommend Kim Hart and Elite."

20 May 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Elizabeth Mitchell, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Elizabeth 220513"I passed first time with 0 minors, thanks to Kim Hart’s approach to teaching. She helped me build my confidence with driving from almost zero to being able to take my test calmly and confidently."

13 May 2022 freeindex review

Sophia Scholey, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim made sure I passed first time!! She was brilliant at teaching, and made driving lessons enjoyable. She was really accommodating to my (sometimes) weird schedule, and I can’t thank her enough!! My older sister learnt with her as well (and passed first time), and hopefully my younger brother will learn with her too! Many thanks Kim :)."

13 April 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Layla Honey Karp, Shepperton, Surrey

KH Layla 220322"My driving instructor was amazing, she really pushed me and made me better than I ever could be, always gave me really good advice, and was always helping me with my driving and making me improve. Couldn't have done it without her thank you Kim hart."

22 March 2022 freeindex review

Ben Meredith, Shepperton, Surrey

"Driving lessons were really good Kim hart helped me out for my test I got one for 3 days away and she helped me out and I’ve passed now definitely would recommend."

10 March 2022 freeindex review

Sami Naas, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Sami 220305"Kim Hart was an amazing instructor with very clear and good ways of teaching driving manoeuvers and generall driving which lead to me passing first time."

05 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Tallulah Everitt, Weybridge, Surrey

"Thanks so much Kim for your thorough tutoring, I passed first time with 1 minor."

02 February 2022 freeindex review

Lucy Brunner, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

KH Lucy 220524"I had such a good time learning with Kim Hart! She was a great instructor - both funny and patient, especially when I made mistakes (of which there were many!) She was always on time, great at communicating, and really supportive through all my lessons. Passed with only one minor and would recommend her to anyone!"

05 January 2022 freeindex review

Elisa Everitt, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim took on my daughter with weeks to spare till her test date. She was patient and thorough and my daughter passed 1st time with 1 minor. Great work!!"

30 December 2021 freeindex review

Jodie Crawford, Weybridge, Surrey

Jodie passed wth Kim"Just passed my driving test 1st time with Kim Hart. Great instructor, learnt so much and helped me gain confidence in my driving! Thanks so much."

30 November 2021 freeindex review

Luke W, Weybridge, Surrey

"I had Kim heart for my driving lesson she was amazing and taught me everything and helped me pass thanks elite driving school."

09 October 2021 freeindex review

Nina S, Egham, Surrey

KH Nina 211109"After many breaks due to the pandemic, I passed my driving test first time due to the excellent instruction of Kim Hart. I had nervously put off learning to drive for 8 years, but under Kim's calm and patient teaching I've built my confidence up and I actually enjoy driving now, which I never thought would be possible! Every week we had a clear lesson plan, and feedback was always constructive so I always knew what I should work on to develop into a safe and confident driver. I would 100% recommend learning to drive with Kim!"

10 November 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Richard L, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Richard 211005"A keen biker when younger, with a full licence, and a fair amount of car driving experience, but no full licence, I came back to cars at 56, after over 20 years without riding or driving. I wasn’t ever a nervous rider or driver, enjoying both. Nonetheless, it was somewhat daunting, after so long off the road. I chose Elite, and Kim Hart specifically, on the basis of online reviews. Kim was patient throughout, and I was never in any doubt as to what the test requirements were. She worked with me, rather than taking a directive approach, which suited my needs very well, and lessons were tailored following good discussion, especially as the test approached. I passed first time, with no minor faults, and if anything felt I’d been ‘over-prepared’ for the test! Kim was very thorough, and while it’s obviously desirable to pass the test, there’s more to it than that, and I now feel confident for my future driving. Passing first time was great, but I’d recommend Kim highly to anyone in my position regardless."

06 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Antonietta Esme Campanile, Weybridge, Surrey

Toni passed with Kim"I would like to thank Kim Hart at Elite driving school so much for helping me pass! Kim was incredibly patient with me as I wasn’t a confident driver however she helped me believe in myself and made me become a safe and confident driver. I couldn’t reccomend her enough, she was incredibly thorough and professional but always made me feel at ease when I was having my lessons. My lessons had clear objectives and I always felt like I was progressing. Thank you Kim for your patience and hard work I can’t thank you enough!"

17 September 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Emma Wright, Weybridge, Surrey

Emma passed with Kim"With lots of breaks due to the pandemic, Kim Hart was a very patient driving instructor throughout the learning process. She was very thorough with the manoeuvres and very helpful and understanding whenever I had a question. I was able to attain very good driving discipline and confidence which developed over my lessons with her. Kim ensured I was test ready which meant I passed first time with only one driving fault!! Highly recommend her for lessons, thank you very much Kim!"

09 September 2021  freeindex review Google review logo

Aiden Ahmad, Weybridge, Surrey

Aiden pssed with Kim"Kim Hart is an excellent driving instructor. She has taught me to become a smooth and safe driver over the last 7 months. Kim's lessons are well structured and have clear focus. I would highly recommend."

10 September 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Szymon Skrobot, Chertsey, Surrey

KH Szymon 210810"Great driving teacher and a very polite person, helped me out alot through the hardest times during Covid, I had a 3 months break and she helped me catch up on where we left of with no problem, her help made me pass my driving lesson first time"

10 August 2021 freeindex review

Alessia Lazzari, Weybridge, Surrey

Alessia passed after lessons with Kim"Kim Hart was my driving instructor. She was very patient and encouraging, this is something that helped my build confidence on the road. I had her from day 1 and haven’t looked back. She not only helped me passed my test but Kim also helped me feel safe and calm in any situation that we encountered. We’re had some great chats and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to start driving ASAP! Thank you so much Kim, hope to see you again."

14 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Darcey Giles, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Darcey took driving lessons in Weybridge with Kim"Kim Hart has been amazing at getting me my 1st time pass, she slotted me in whenever she had availability too and was very supportive and friendly whilst also being clear as to what I need to do better. Highly recommend, amazing service."

19 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

William Jeffreys, Weybridge, Surrey

William passed with Kim"Kim Hart was a fanastic driving instructor. Always on time and with a good story to tell, she guided me through the driving process (sometimes physically, to avoid a few collisisons of my own doing! Thanks Kim!) to ultimately pass without any faults. She handled any issues I had; such as fitting a lesson in with only a days notice. Her teaching style gve me the awareness and skills that are necessary in becoming a confident and safe driver. I am delighted to say that since passing my test, I have managed to get a job. It is driving Santa's sleigh! Thanks again Kim and hopefully see you soon."

09 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Brin Dorrell, Weybridge, Surrey

Brinley took driving lessons with Kim in Weybridge"Thanks to Kim Hart I past my test first time with 2 minors. Kim is a great instructor and really helped me learn to drive. Brin."

01 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Claudia Collingburn, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim Hart has been such a great instructor who was always reliable and on time. Kim made me feel so comfortable whilst driving and really built my confidence. With fun teaching methods and memorable catchphrases, she really put me at ease. Kim helped me feel fully prepared for different driving scenarios and situations. My experience with Elite Driving School and in particular, Kim Hart has been one I’d definitely recommend!"

25 September 2020 freeindex review  Google review logo

Jon Keane, Staines, Surrey

Jon passed with Kim"A couple of years back I had a bad experience with a driving instructor (another company) in which I thought I’d never pass. But today with the amazing work of Kim Hart I passed with 1 minor. Well worth the hours and money! (“A near perfect drive”)."

10 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Belinda Britton, Chertsey, Surrey

KH Belinda100 200828"Kim Hart is a very good driving instructor, she was calm and gave constructive comments which enhanced my driving abilities. I would highly recommend her."

28 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Tom Hollands, Weybridge, Surrey

Tom passed after manual lessons with instructor Kim"If you want to pass first time then I recommend Kim Hart. She's easy to talk to, relaxed and helps you learn to be both a confident and competent driver. Kim eases you into driving and within the first few lessons, I was already driving confidently on the roads. Thanks to her I've been able to pass my test with just a few minors. Anyone who has had her as their instructor will agree she is the best at what she does."

21 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Ted Southworth, Addlestone, Surrey

Ted passed after lessons with Kim "Kim Hart was a very good driving instructor during the time I had lessons with her. From the start she told me exactly what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong without sugar coating, which I found very helpful in improving my driving quickly. Despite everything that happened with COVID, I was able to fit many lessons in prior to my test because of how flexible the timings were. I passed first time and I would 100% recommend elite."

04 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Maja Nowak, Addlestone, Surrey

Maja passed at Chertsey after taking driving lessons with Kim"With Kim Hart I felt I made the most of my lessons and I gained a great understanding of driving safely because feedback was always constructive. I liked that Kim was always honest with me which meant I could really see my progress. The lessons are the perfect length and pricing is great as well."

 25 July 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Bethany Wood, West Byfleet, Surrey

Bethany passed with Kim"Very grateful to Kim Hart for helping me pass my driving test 1st time!!!! She was such a fantastic instructor - always reliable and on time, with clear and fun teaching methods. I always felt safe in the car with her, and she helped me understand and feel prepared for different driving scenarios. I would really recommend her, every lesson it was a pleasure to have her teach me, and she was very encouraging and supportive in the lead up to the test."

18 February 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Monty Crawford, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Monty100 200131"Brilliant instructor which gets the job done. Passed first time with 0 minors which I am very impressed with, and what the standard is with this instructor. Very pleased."

01 February freeindex review Google review logo

Finley Ahmad-Hambling

KH Finley100 200124"I just passed my driving test first time with instructor Kim Hart. She always arrives early for the lesson and explained everything well. Well organized and planned what to do next lesson. I would totally recommend her and Elite driving school."

24 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Edward Hickey, Walton-on-Thames

SG Edward100 200106"I passed first time with my instructor Kim Hart from Elite. Always on time with honest and constructive feedback to ensure fast progression and improvement. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

06 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Ryan Palmer, Weybridge, Surrey

Ryan Passed in Chertsey with Kim"I had an amazing experience with Kim hart from Elite driving school, an amazing instructor and got me through my test 😊 Couldn’t be more grateful and happy about it. Thank you."

17 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Ellen Scott, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Ellen100 191017"Passed first time!! Sooo happy!! Kim Hart was an absolute pleasure to be taught by. Always on time with a smile and a laugh to relax me and make me ready to learn. The only problem with passing is I dont get to have anymore lessons and chats with Kim. Would highly recommend to anyone!! Especially if you want to make a friend list you learn! Thank you so much Kim!!"

17 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Juliana, McIntosh, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Juliana100 190926"I passed first time with Kim hart. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and felt very prepared when it came to do my test."

05 October 2019

George Robinson, Addlestone, Surrey

George passd with Kim"I hadn’t had much luck with an instructor prior to Elite Driving school, I’d heard good things about from several different friends about Kim, and it was all true, her teaching style was second to none. I began as quite an anxious driver but Kim’s calmness and confidence instilled the same in me which ultimately had me passing with very few minors, we also had quite a few laughs a long the way which made the somewhat daunting notion of driving a really enjoyable one. Could not recommend anyone any more!"

11 August 2019

Daniel Oates, Weybridge, Surrey



"I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Kim Hart and today passed me practical first time. This was due to her great patience and positive teaching style. This gave me the confidence I needed to approach the harder aspects of driving so I felt fully prepare for my test."

29 May 2019

Michael Fuller, Addlestone, Surrey

Michael passed in Chertsey after taking lessons with Kim"I was a nervous driver at first but Kim Hart really helped me build my confidence and progressed me, enough so I wasn’t in my comfort zone but not enough that I was out of my depth. She was really supportive and listened to what I felt I needed more practice with and tailored routes to best help me. She is an excellent instructor and worth every penny."

28 May 2019

Hannah Murphy, Chertsey, Surrey

Hannah took driving lessons in Chertsey with Kim"Kim is a wonderful teacher. She managed to boost my confidence and has really good teaching skills. I highly recommend her to any learner drivers."

20 May 2019

Amy Skingle, Feltham, Middlesex

Holly passed with Kim"I passed my driving test first time, only 2 minors with Kim Hart. She makes you feel Betty relaxed and comfortable with driving, she supports you and definitely helped boost my confidence. She not only teaches you how to pass your test but she teaches you how to drive properly. I’d highlyrecommend her to anyone wanting a good and smooth experience when learning."

16 May 2019

Lauren O'broin, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim Hart was a great, enthusiastic and patient driving instructor, always had a laugh. She helped me learn to drive confidently, focusing on strengths and weaknesses for each lesson and pass my test first time. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Kim!"

09 May 2019

Ella-Maria Harrison, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim Hart was very helpful, patient and informative as my driving instructor and built not only my driving skills but also my knowledge of the road. Thank you Kim!"

15 March 2019

Anna Maria Dzyadyk, Weybridge, Surrey

Anna passed first time with Kim"I passed first time with Kim Hart from Elite Driving School. I would definitely recommend her to any first time learners. She is so easy to chat to and most fundamentally, an amazing teacher. She has made me feel very confident and comfortable on the road. If you are looking to start driving, get Kim to teach you! Shes great value for money, and you are guaranteed a few laughs especially about ‘Bratlits’!"

08 March 2019

Daniel Herbert, Walton-on-thames, Surrey

Daniel passed with Kim in Chertsey"Provided a great service that I would recommend to anyone looking to start driving."

28 February 2019

George Birch, Byfleet, Surrey

George passed with Kim "I was taught by Kim who was fantastic with teaching new concepts and focusing on the areas I was weakest at."

22 February 2019

Alex Bennett, Feltham, Middlesex

KH Alex 1903077"Kim Hart is great instructor, she was always on time and was very thorough when teaching me how to drive. She was very good at turning a bag of nerves, in myself, into a very confident driver so I would 10/10 recommend her services, especially if you're nervous about starting."

07 February 2019

Millie Wallace, Walton-on-thames, Surrey

Millie passed after taking lessons with Kim"I passed my driving test today 1st time with Kim Hart. Kim is a fab instructor she helped me gain my confidence and enjoy driving by having a laugh and a joke to stop me overthinking everything. I’d HIGHLY recommend Kim and Elite to anyone I know, very reliable and never let me down. Looking forward to getting my car sorted and to start my motorway lessons!!"

17 January 2019

Jamie Boffin, Weybridge, Surrey

Jamie passed after lessons with Kim in Weybridge"I have successfully passed my driving test first time thanks to my brilliant driving instructor Kim Hart who helped me through it. Her teaching methods are great and has great personality and We would always have a good laugh in the car together. She would always find different ways to make it easier to understand. She was overal exceptional teacher and great value for money."

29 January 2019

Alice Coyle, Weybridge, Surrey

Alice passed her test at Chertsey after driving lessons with Kim"I was recommended to Kim Hart from Elite from a friend. Kim provided me with the confidence and the skill to pass my driving test first time with no faults. After each lesson Kim would discuss with me my strengths and weaknesses and we would plan how to tackle those areas of weakness in my driving for next lesson. This really helped me improve but also reassured me of what I was doing well. I couldn’t recommend Kim enough, she has been so helpful and supportive throughout."

21 December 2018

Jess Adams, Cobham, Surrey

Jessica passed with Kim"I was such a nervous driver and Kim hart was so patient and went completely with my comfort levels really good teacher, helped me pass first time."

18 December 2018

Matt Smith, Feltham, Middlesex

Matt passed his test after taking lessons with Kim"A friend recommended Elite and Kim Hart. Kim is patient, encourages you, is helpful and is always on time. Thanks to Kim and all her support I have now passed and would highly recommend her."

13 December 2018



Faye Ruby, Weybridge, Surrey

Faye passed after taking lessons with Kim in Weybridge"I’m so glad I changed driving instructor, as I learnt things I don’t know. After doing 12 lessons with another driving instructor and ending up nowhere to now I’ve passed my driving test with the excellent work of Kim Hart. I have given all excellent reviews as I received amazing service from my driving instructor. I would 100% recommended this company to others that are learning to drive."

07 December 2018

Holly Crockford, Weybridge, Surrey

Holly passed after lessons with Kim in Weybridge"I’m happy to say that I have passed my driving test on my second attempt, a big thank you to Elite and Kim Hart for always encouraging me and supporting me throughout my driving lessons and also the test, I wouldn’t of wanted to go with anyone else. I would definitely recommend driving lessons with Kim at Elite to everybody. A big thank you again Kim."

28 November 2018

Hannah Glynn, Weybridge, Surrey

Hannah passed first time with Kim in Weybridge"I had a great experience with elite my instructor Kim always ensured I was confident driving and enjoyed my lessons. Passed first time with one fault, would definitely recommend."

02 November 2018

Caroline M, Weybridge, Surrey

"I undertook a refresher course with Kim Hart in Weybridge, who was excellent. I was a fairly apprehensive driver, having been living in London without driving for 10+ years. Kim made me feel at ease straight away and really boosted my confidence, covering everything from parking to driving at speed. Very grateful to Kim for turning my driving around and would highly reccomend her to others!"

07 October 2018

Theo De Placido, Weybridge, Surrey

Theo passed after taking lessons with Kim"My instructor Kim Hart for Elite Driving School helped me pass my driving test first time. Her clear instructions and organised lessons make driving skills easy to learn, and the 40 hours of lessons in her easy and nice to drive car gave me experience as well as confidence."

06 September 2018

Chloe Thompson, Weybridge, Surrey

Chloe passed her driving test first time after taking lessons with Kim"I passed my test first time today after learning with Kim Hart. Kim has helped me regain confidence after learning with a previous instructor who I felt I wasn't progressing with. Kim's demonstrations and explanations have helped me understand driving in a way that has suited me. I definitely now feel like a confident driver and I am looking forward to doing a motorway lesson."

12 July 2018

Molly Hyatt, Walton-on-thames

Molly passed with Kim"I passed my driving test first time today with only 1 minor after having instructor Kim. Kim carefully built up my confidence to driving on busier roads and provided useful resources to the build up to my test. I would highly recommend elite driving school as I can now say I am confident to drive on my own and now with a good technique. Kim was very reliable and never let me down. Overall a very positive experience."

04 July 2018

Fredrik Cox, Addlestone, Surrey

Freddie passed his test after taking driving lessons with Kim"Kim is a fantastic instructor and that meant I passed first time today with just one (very silly) minor. She makes the lessons fun and enjoyable, whilst also taking it at a pace that suits you and won't let you take your test until you are absolutely ready!
The car she uses is perfect for learners, and very easy to drive. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

19 June 2018

Jenny, Weybridge, Surrey

"Kim is a brilliant teacher. I passed on my first try. Thank you!"

01 June 2018

Rachel Hurst, Walton-on-thames, Surrey

Rachel passed at Chertsey test centre after taking driving lessons with Elite instructor Kim"Thank you so much Kim for all of your help. Always on time and very reliable. Not only has Kim helped me to develop my driving skills but she has also helped me gain confidence on the road. I don't know what I would have done without the catchy phrases she used to help me remember, I've found myself repeating them in my head without realising and they always help me to navigate common as well as tricky situations. She is also very friendly and made me feel at ease in every lesson. I couldn't have asked for anything more!"

24 May 2018

Gabriel Baxter, Weybridge, Surrey

Gabriel passed after taking driving lessons with Kim'Thank you so much Kim for helping me with my driving. Kim has been a very helpful instructor and has meant that I have passed my test! I very much appreciate the support I have received throughout my learning experience.'

27 April 2018

Richard Sewell, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Richard passed after taking lessons with Kim"After passing my practical test first time, I cannot recommend Kim Hart and Elite enough."

"I was very hesitant about starting driving lessons again after avoiding them for a long time after two short and unsuccessful spells with other instructors."

"Kim helped me build my confidence up to the point where I actually started enjoying driving. I felt at ease when in the car and she was always calm when I made mistakes, understanding why I’d made them and helping me avoid them reoccurring."

"Her method of teaching really helped me, good use of repetition and routines made it so checks and manoeuvres became second nature as well as using images of the more difficult junctions and roundabouts with proper explanation helped massively."

"In my lessons I was always asked what I wanted to work on so I could address what I felt I was weak or less confident on. This made me feel I was definitely getting the good value from each lesson."

"On top of all that Kim was never late and didn't missed a lesson!"

16 April 2018

Martha Lewis, Weybridge, Surrey

"So happy to have passed first time thanks to Kim Hart! She taught me all I needed to know!"

15 April 2018

Jodie Eggerton, Weybridge, Surrey

Jodie passed with Kim after taking lessons in Weybridge"I've gone from a nervous driver to a confident driver. My instructor Kim has been amazing. Always on time. She really put me at ease and always demonstrated patience. I would recommend Kim to any level driver. I can now gladly say I've passed first time thanks to my instructor."

21 March 2018

Brenden Hart, Weybridge, Surrey

Brenden passed with Kim at Chertsey"I passed today at Chertsey. My driving instructor was Kim Hart. And she was perfect I couldn't ask for anymore. She picked up on lots of little things in order to perfect my driving which helped loads! Kim used sayings that really helped you to remember what to do and when, they were very catchy and stuck in mind! She really put me at ease when I was frustrated and always kept calm and professional. Very, very highly recommend for anyone from a nervous driver to a confident one! She was always on time and was never late."

14 February 2018

Alfredo Cruddas, Weybridge, Surrey

Alfredo passed with Kim in Weybridge"Kim Hart my driving instructor was exceptional at tweaking every part of my driving skills so that when my test came I only took one attempt for me to pass. Kim was always on time and had patience however would not be afraid to say what needed to be said which is one of the reasons why I passed first time. I would recommend elite to anyone as they are fairly flexible and provide the best value for money service and most of all I enjoyed every one of my lessons."

13 February 2018

Deike Bxx, London

"After years off the road (on a EU continental license), I wanted to get back behind the wheel in the UK and booked a 10 hours refresher course with Elite. The instructor Kim Hart is absolutely punctual and reliable, as well as very friendly and chatty. Most importantly, she was able to squeeze all the hours into the time window I had: 3 weeks, afternoons only. There are cheaper instructors around in Surrey, but I wanted a female instructor and someone affiliated to a school, not just a 1-man-business. I particularly appreciated the visual helps (drawings of junctions, roundabouts etc. ) Kim talked me through before the actual driving. It helps getting things clear in your head first. Also, Kim focused on the really necessary stuff, knowing that I didn't have to take the test. We repeated those things as often as I felt it was necessary.
At the end of the 10 hours, I feel safer and more confident on the road, i.e. Exactly what I expected from the course."

01 February 2018

Georgia Rivers, Ashford, Middlesex

Georgia passed with Kim"I would like to thank Kim Hart for helping me pass my practical test first time. She's a lovely lady and always on time, with flexible hours to fit around the students and never cancelled on me. She is a very confident driver and made me feel confident too. Her knowledge of the road makes her a brilliant instructor to work with and I would recommend her to anyone."

23 January 2018

Juliet Ballard, Weybridge, Surrey

171120KH Juliet"Kim Hart from the Elite Driving School helped me regain the confidence to drive again after lessons with a previous teacher. Kim is a great teacher and I thoroughly recommend her. She made me feel calm and I passed first time."

20 November 2017

Jessica Mcsweeney, Ashford, Middlesex

Jessica passed after lessons with Kim in Weybridge"A huge thank you to Kim Hart I was a nervous learner and had a very bad experience on the verge of quitting driving and then I decided to try one more time and that's when I called Kim! From the first phone call Kim made me feel at ease and comfortable. Her calm and patient ways soon had my confidence growing and a new found love of driving followed! And to my utter joy a first time pass is a testament to her teaching, I can't thank Kim enough!"


06 September 2017

Tayler Raggett, Feltham, Middlesex

170724KH Tayler"I passed my first ever driving test today with only 3 minors thanks to Kim Harts lessons, and I can't thank her enough for all the support she's given me over the time I've been driving. Very clear and concise explanations of manoeuvres and she explains everything you need to know."

24 August 2017

Charlotte Baines, Walton-on-thames, Surrey

Charlotte took lessons and passed in Chertsey with Kim"Today Kim Hart helped me pass first time with only 1 minor! I can't thank her enough for helping out with my driving anxiety due to terrible instructors in the past. Thank you so much Kim will defiantly pass you on to friends."

2 August 2017

Lucy Withers, Weybridge, Surrey

Lucy passed with Kim"I am so greatful to Kim Hart from the Elite Driving School for giving me the confidence and driving ability to pass first time with only one minor. It was a real pleasure to have my lessons with someone so calm and reassuring, who was capable of transforming me from a nervous driver into a fully competent one!"

01 August 2017

Diana David, Weybridge, Surrey

Diana took driving lessons and passed with Kim in Weybridge "I took my driving lessons with Kim Hart from Elite Driving School, and I wholeheartedly recommend her! I've just passed my test and I'm so pleased. Kim helped me fix the bad habits picked up from previous instructors and I prepared for the test driving through the most difficult roads. The lessons didn't prepare me just for the test, but also for real life driving, by consolidating methods for driving safely and confidently. In my test I used all the processes I rehearsed with Kim and I managed to execute everything with Kim's instructions running through my head. The greatest thing was that all the roads I drove through during my test seemed familiar as Kim had taken me around all places where I would have encountered difficulties. Thank you very much Kim."

26 July 2017

Amelia Mandeville, Chertsey, Surrey

170724KM Amilia"I had my lessons with Kim Hart from Elite driving school, and I really recommend her with everyone! I previously had a driving instructor that I had a bad experience with and once I changed to Kim it changed my driving completely. She understands if you are nervous or anxious but is really patient and had a very clear way of teaching; preparing you with everything that will come up on the test or that you'll use in life with driving. I was so nervous before I took my test, and Kim calmed me down. I ended up passing FIRST time with ONE minor. Insane, I had Kim's voice going through my head as I took the test. I'm buzzing. So so so buzzing. Thanks so much Kim! Actually going to miss our lessons! Hahaha."

19 July 2017

Imogen Hollands, Weybridge, Surrey

Passed 1st time! So so happy with kim hart, used to cry when I got in the car Imogen passed with Kimand didn't want to do my lessons but she made me feel so comfortable and now I love driving and feel confident when I go out! Thank you so much ??.

26 June 2017

Roz Evans, Weybridge, Surrey

170629KH RozJust passed my test thanks to my instructor Kim Hart! She was always friendly and my driving lessons were always fun and enjoyable thanks to her, and she always explained everything so it was easy to understand!

29 June 2017

Jack McKay, Chertsey, Surrey

Jack took driving lessons with Kim in Chertsey"Just passed first time today all thanks to Kim Hart! She always has a great attitude towards the lessons and knows exactly what needs to be worked on each week. Her knowledge of the local area meant we were able to avoid heavy traffic often and get through as much as possible within each lesson. Would definitely recommend her for anyone in the Chertsey area!! Thanks again Kim!"

15 June 2017

Rhiannon Tobin, Walton-on-Thames


"Just passed my practical driving test 2nd time with my lovely instructor Kim Hart. always felt confident when driving with kim as she makes you feel at ease when driving. Being taught by Kim was wonderful and id recommend her to anyone! Elite driving school are brilliant."

31 May 2017

Jess Murphy-Steel, Staines, Middlesex

"Just passed my test and could not have done it without Kim and the Elite driving school. Couldn't be happier right now, finally have the freedom to go where and when I like. I Would really recommend going with Elite. Kim was amazing, she made me feel as comfortable as I possibly could when driving and if I ever got nervous she will always new what to say to reassure me and put a smile on my face and she got me to believe in my self when driving as when I started I didn't have much confidence or self believe. A massive thankyou to Kim and seriously couldn't do it without you ??."

12 May 2017

George Longden, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

"Just passed under an hour ago, still taking it in. My instructor, Kim Hart was fantastic helping to achieve what I have achieved today. She was very patient with me and was never too abrupt. Elite are good value for money, especially with the service you would receive. Would highly recommend to all."

27 April 2017

Nakita Baptiste, Feltham, Surrey

"My instructor was Kim Hart and I passed yesterday all thank to her guidance and support. She was miles better than my last instructor from a competing school. She helped build my confidence, especially on dual carriageways and busy roundabouts"

26 April 2017

Prl Hps, Weybridge, Surrey

"I would like to thank my instructor, Kim Hart, for amazing 20 hours of driving experience. Unfortunately, I have to move away from the area and I had to stop taking more lessons :( She is always on time, she is always reassuring. Most importantly, she is a very knowledgeable instructor. I very much recommend her to everyone, especially to nervous drivers."

22 January 2017

More of Kim's Testimonials

Louise"Kim Hart has been fantastic, I would highly recommend her and Elite driving school - especially for "mum's to be"! Kim's patience with me (a very nervous driver at the start) and extensive knowledge of the roads and test conditions really made the difference. Today I was able to put her words into practice and passed my test for the first time since I started to learn how to drive over 15 years ago! I also think Elite offers great value for money, not only in terms of lesson quality, but also the resources available on the website that made it easy for me to learn the basics and pass my theory test quickly and easily."

Louise Elizabeth Barrett, Weybridge, Surrey

08 March 2017

"I had an intensive 2 day course with Kim Hart before I moved and she was amazing, she gave me the confidence I desperately needed and talked everything through, nothing was ever too much hassle. Thanks to Kim I only needed a few extra hours and I've just passed my test first time with 1 minor. I genuinely couldn't have done it with her help. 100% recommend her to anyone."

Kelly Mitchell, Melksham, Surrey

01 March 2017

Honey"I received amazing teaching from this school. My instructor Kim Hart was so so helpful and taught me everything thoroughly so I felt confident going into my test. Passed my test first time with no minors and I'm incredibly pleased! I would definitely recommend to anyone else looking for driving lessons!"

Honey Southworth, Addlestone, Surrey

27 February 2017

Tania"I passed first time with only two minors thanks to Kim hart ! Amazing teacher couldn't do it without her ! I highly recommend Kim for driving lesson !"

Tania Barba, Addlestone, Surrey

02 February 2017

Francesca"I managed to pass first time with Kim Hart as my instructor! I had an amazing time learning how to drive with her and could not have wished for a better instructor. The way in which she conducted her lessons meant that I felt at ease and well equipped for my test. She was extremely patient and helped me feel at ease on the roads, I would definitely recommend Kim as an insructor."

Francesca Cox, Addlestone, Surrey

23 December 2016

Sophie"I would love to recommend Elite Driving School, especially my instructor Kim Hart. Before my lessons with Kim I had no experience what so ever with driving and she had the patience and time to get up my confidence on the road and enjoy driving. There was never a dull moment with her and you would be lucky to have Kim as your instructor. Thanks for everything Sophie."

Sophie Lloyd, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

06 December 2016

Eward"I passed first time thanks to the patience of my driving instructor Kim hart I would recommend her to anyone that's learning to drive :D :D excellent instructor."

Eward Chandler, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

17 November 2016

Ryan"I learnt with Kim Hart and found the service very good. Elite driving school are very flexible with their hours and affordable. I felt very comfortable with my instructor who provided me with lots of tips to help me be prepared for driving once I passed."

Ryan Bennett, Feltham, Surrey

09 November 2016

Antonia"I would like to say a massive thank you to Elite driving school and especially to Kim Hart for helping me get through the driving, so that I can pass my practical. I have recommended Kim to many of my friends around the area and also to family members that are needing an instructor. Kim was very friendly and always on time for lessons and managed to fit around my work schedule perfectly. Thank you very much."

Antonia Holden, Weybridge, Surrey

20 October 2016

Tara"So pleased to have passed my driving test today, a massive thank you to my instructor Kim Hart! I would highly recommend her! She was very patient and helpful. She made me feel so comfortable and really built up my confidence. Couldn't of done it without her! Thank you!"

Tara Newport, Surbiton, Surrey

18 October 2016

Noshin"Kim was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone that's in need of an encouraging and supportive instructor. She made me feel comfortable and at ease from the first lesson even though I was a bundle of nerves to begin with, and she has always remained patient - even when arranging lessons was a hassle as I was moving back and forth from uni. Thank you for all of your support Kim, I couldn't have passed today without you!"

Noshin Choudhury, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

03 October 2016

"I passed today thanks to my driving instructor Kim Hart she was brilliant and friendly would definitely recommend her to everyone I know that wants to learn to drive she was so helpful and patient with me."

Rebecca Harry, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

28 September 2016

Chloe"Kim Hart proved to be the most fantastic instructor! She was calm, patient, supportive and good fun - exactly what I needed to build up my driving confidence, especially having not driven for 6+ months previously. As a result, I passed my test first time!! A huge thanks to Kim - couldn't have done it without you!!"

Chloe Sacher, West Byfleet, Surrey

21 May 2016

Shannon"I took my lessons with Kim Hart, she was really good and remained calm and gave precise instructions. I really liked learning with Kim I was learning something new every time. Thanks for everything Couldn't of done it without you."

Shannon Crockford, Weybridge

16 May 2016

Emily"Great driving school, passed with no minors after 3 tries before. Kim was good at explaining how to carry out moves and building my confidence on the roads."

Emily McLean, Addlestone, Surrey

10 March 2016

Emily"Passed my test first time today thank-you to Kim. Amazing instructor, calm and patient the whole time and extremely supportive. Couldn't recommend a better instructor!"

Emily Ford, Weybridge, Surrey

15 February 2016

Sharifah"Kim Hart is an exceptional instructor. She is patient, thorough and very accommodating. She helped me get rid of all my bad driving habits and taught me to drive in a very safe and enjoyable manner. I'd highly recommended KIm to both new learners and old timers looking to pass the British driving test first time around!"

Sharifah Amirah, Cobham, Surrey

13 November 2015

Lorena"I would like to thank Kim Hart my Instructor, I am a stubborn student but nevertheless she was patient and taut me well! I am one of the only amongst my friends who can parallel park :D! Passed my Driving test today at Chertsey DTC."

Lorena Scarse de Oliveira, Weybridge, Surrey

22 October 2015

Melissa"I passed yesterday in Tolworth, Kim hart is a great instructor who makes you feel confident in yourself even with my baby brain sometimes. She is very easy to talk to which helps with the nerves, I felt so comfortable and she made sure I could fit in around my sons hours at school, Loved every minute learning with Kim and enjoyed our conversation. Such a lovely person and helped me a lot so greatful for all you taught me. Highly recommend Kim and Elite."

Melissa west, Cobham, Surrey

12 October 2015

Grace"I passed my driving test first time on Friday 2nd October with only 2 minors thanks to Kim hart and elite driving school. She was always reliable and helped to tailor my lessons to what I wanted to learn. Her emphasis was always on making me a well rounded driver long term and not just getting me through my test. She also always had some funny stories to tell which made the lessons entertaining. Many thanks Kim."

Grace Ball, Feltham, Middlesex

04 October 2015

Rebecca"I passed today thanks to my driving instructor Kim Hart she was brilliant and friendly would definitely recommend her to everyone I know that wants to learn to drive she was so helpful and patient with me."

Rebecca Harry, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

28 September 2015

"I was very pleased with my experience with elite driving school. In a small space of time I managed to drive to standard to which I could pass my driving test thanks to the help of my instructor Kim."

Dean Miles, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

22 September 2015

James"I had Kim Hart as my instructor and am very pleased with my learning experience, Kim is very patient and explains situations and new maneuvers well, Kim has a lot of helpful sayings to remind you what to do in pressured situations. Overall I am very happy to have passed with Kim Hart and highly recommend her as well as elite driving school."

James Dethridge, Addlestone, Surrey

26 August 2015

Brunda"I would like to thank my instructor Kim Hart who made me comfortable, confident to pass my test in first attempt!!! She was so patient, punctual, flexible and friendly throughout my classes. Never ever saw a frown irrespective of any number of mistakes I did. Kim, a big big thank you. And yes, I will definitely recommend her for everyone!!" "Last but not the least, Kim, I will miss your "up a pound, down a pound" "

Brunda Kiran, Surbiton, Surrey

28 May 2015

Melinda"I'm very pleased with the service of Elite Driving School and especially to have Kim Hart as instructor. She've been very patient and helped me to build up my confidence with her teaching techniques. She always encouraged me to not give up and gave me advices how to do my best in driving and I always enjoyed every lesson with her. I would fully recommend her for everyone who wants to get the driving license. Thank you very much Kim!!!:)."

Melinda Kollo, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

25 April 2015

Hannah"Without having a car to practice on at home, I can confidently say that all the driving skills that I learnt, enabling me to pass my test came from Kim. She was a great driving instructor and tried to make driving fun! Her lessons were detailed and were often aided with pictures to help make the rules of junctions clearer. She also helped by constantly using phrases such as 'No gas! No go' and 'creep and peep' which I am sure I will find myself saying when I drive my own car. Kim was punctual, really easy to get along with and was also very flexible with timings of lessons to work around my school timetable. Overall I am really happy with my experience with Elite Driving School and would recommend it to any new driver."

Hannah Humble, Walton-on-Thames Surrey

04 April 2015

"I had a great experience with Elite; My instructor, Kim Hart, thoroughly prepared me for both my theory and practical exams, and now I feel very confident in my driving skills. The service provided was punctual, and I never thought twice about what I was paying."

Leonid Gornovskiy, Weybridge, Surrey

13 March 2015

Zoe"Passed first time thanks to Elite driving school and my patient driving instructor Kim who made driving lessons a great experience for me, many thanks Kim !! Zoe Herbert."

Zoe Herbert, Walton on Thames, Surrey

05 November 2014

Caroline"The time I've spent with Kim has been phenomenal, she is so professional but funny and relaxing to be around every time I'm the the car it feels like I'm getting into the car with a friend. Kim has been so patient with me when I've needed her to be and supportive when I'm nervous, the years of driving experience shows when she is teaching you to drive. Without Kim I think I would have taken longer to get test ready. With little rhymes that I will be saying for months that helped me remember :). Thank you so much Kim."

Caroline Cook, Cobham, Surrey

14 July 2014

Paige"I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kim Hart for supporting with through my driving, and helping me pass my test!, I wouldn't of done it with out you Kim! I'm so releaved! Love ya Kim!, gunna miss driving with you! Hahaha with our funny lessons! Paige Ball."

Paige Lauren Ball, Feltham, Middlesex

26 June 2014

Alice"The service I received from the elite team was really good, they were helpful and friendly. And any questions I had were answered. My instructor Kim Hart, was an amazing instructor, she was always helpful, instructive, easy to talk to and reliable. I would refer elite and especially Kim Hart to anyone as the service, value for money and quality of lessons were of an exceptional standard."

Alice Currington, Feltham, Middlesex

26 June 2014

"I would just like to send a massive thank you to Kim hart who worked really hard to help me pass my driving test first time. Kim was very good at guiding me and considerate to my lack of confidence in the beginning. I now feel very confident I can drive well and safely due to her continuous support. Kim also help me to pass my theory test first time with advice on studying and using the elite theory practice. Overall a great experience. Thank you Kim."

Louise Statton, Feltham, Surrey

09 June 2014

"My driving instructor Kim Hart helped me to pass my driving test first time! Kim works really well in partnership with parents to achieve the pass and her fees are great value. Kim goes out of her way to help you, and often teaches for longer than she has too. Always really encouraging - would recommend to anyone!"

Imogen Boffin, Weybridge, Surrey

03 May 2014

John Charle"Many thanks to Kim Hart of Elite driving school for getting me through my test first time. She gave me confidence to maintain the skills I had and improve the skills I needed to work on. Her instructions were clear and her calm and professional manner very supportive."

John Charles Miskelly, Chertsey, Surrey

7 April 2014

Samantha Fisher"Really pleased I had Kim Hart as a instructor. She was really easy to get along with and made you feel relaxed and comfortable when driving. Her techniques of which she uses to help you remember really stuck in my head and helped me a lot when learning. Just want to say a big thanks to Kim for all your help and working around my schedule."

Samantha Fisher, Addlestone, Surrey

7 April 2014

Robert Edmonds"My name is Robert Edmonds. I want to send a big thank you to Kim Hart who with great guidance and faultless tuition I was able to pass my manual test after 20 odd years of driving an automatic I didn't think would be possible so once again a big thank you to Kim."

Robert Edmonds, Addlestone, Surrey

10 April 2014

Conner Thorne"I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Elite, very clear guidance which teaches to drive not just pass the test. Thank you Kim for the lessons. I would definitely recommend."

Connor Thorne, West Byfleet, Surrey

12 April 2014

Declan"Elite driving school was brilliant with everything from value of money to the driving I learnt on the road. I would like to thank Kim my instructor who was amazing and was a lovely person to be in the car and learning from. I have recommended her services and the company services to my family and friends. "

Declan Hester, Weybridge, Surrey

03 February 2014

"I've passed my driving test on 8th October and want to thank Kim for her patience and good advice that she has been giving me along the way. She is a very nice person and a brilliant driving instructor. I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone who wants to learn how to drive and pass the driving test. Thanks a lot, Kim!"

Aleksei Kozadaev, Chertsey, Surrey

08 October 2013

"Just passed my driving test today with Kim after only 5 hours of lesson she is very good and straight to the point and very helpfully would recommend her to any one , first class. "

Michael Grffiths, Addlestone, Surrey

4 September 2013

"I mean all of those 5 stars. Kim was an excellent teacher. Focused and to the point. She identified my weaknesses and we worked on them. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Passed first time after having driven in the US for 2 years. Chuffed to bits at the result and the wonderful guidance given by Kim. Thank you."

Mary Harrington, Weybridge, Surrey

25 October 2013

"Massive thanks to Kim Hart for helping me learn how to drive and successfully pass my test. Yeappie:). I've been worried about how I would get on with my first instructor, but as soon as I met Kim and she s taken me on the road she continuously been great at explaining everything as well as being patient, professional and encouraging. She had an amazing inkling of how far and quick she could push me but also keep it at a level so I continued to learn. Just brilliant. Defo recommend Kim, she is easy to get on with and will make sure she gets u ready and comfortable on the road. Thank you very much."

Anja Fritzsche, Staines, Middlesex

11 August 2013

 "My wife had just arrived in the UK and she did not even speak English, I personally thought she will never be able to learn to drive in the UK. I was shocked to learn how my wife was gaining confidence and was getting closer to pass the practical test after each lesson. Thanks to Kim (the instructor)".

"My wife has now passed the practical test and I think this is all the result of Kim's heard work and professionalism."

"A big thanks to ELITE DRIVING SCHOOL."

Kaleem Rehman, Weybridge, Surrey

21 February 2013

"I had Kim Hart as my driving instructor with Elite Driving School. She has helped me to pass on the first attempt. Very good teaching techniques, patient and a great encouragement. Thank you Kim."

Viktoriya Gygorydshclakk, Feltham, Middlesex

16 February 2013

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