Kim Hart

"After years off the road (on a EU continental license), I wanted to get back behind the wheel in the UK and booked a 10 hours refresher course with Elite. The instructor Kim Hart is absolutely punctual and reliable, as well as very friendly and chatty. Most importantly, she was able to squeeze all the hours into the time window I had: 3 weeks, afternoons only. There are cheaper instructors around in Surrey, but I wanted a female instructor and someone affiliated to a school, not just a 1-man-business. I particularly appreciated the visual helps (drawings of junctions, roundabouts etc. ) Kim talked me through before the actual driving. It helps getting things clear in your head first. Also, Kim focused on the really necessary stuff, knowing that I didn't have to take the test. We repeated those things as often as I felt it was necessary.
At the end of the 10 hours, I feel safer and more confident on the road, i.e. Exactly what I expected from the course."

01 February 2018

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