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Biography - Lee Haydon driving instructor 

Before training with ELITE to become an instructor I had spent my whole working life in retail, working myself through the ranks to managerial position for a major retailer. I'd always had it in my mind to become a driving instructor, following in the footsteps of my dad, who was an instructor for many years right up until he retired.

When I decided to make the career change from store to car, I did so for several reasons. Firstly is my love of all things car related. I love driving, and have always enjoyed long road trips both in the UK and abroad, and pass on that passion to my pupils in their lessons, ensuring driving becomes a pleasurable experience, not a stressful one.

I'm a family man, married with two sons. We as a family are avid fans of Formula 1, and are #TeamLH, and have camped for the race weekend at the Silverstone British Grand Prix every year for many years now.

I have been able to transfer many of the skills I have gained as a father into teaching, including being a good listener, and being empathetic. I also ensure I justify anything I tell my boys, so they understand why they should or shouldn't do something. I understand how important this is when learning to drive. My skills from the retail sector have also come in useful, including colleague training roles, risk and safety management, and diary management. It's great now putting all of those skills into practice to help individuals to gain the life skill of learning to drive safely.

I love my career as a driving instructor, and aim to make each and every lesson bespoke to the needs and learning style of every different pupil I meet, whether a confident driver approaching test standard, a nervous beginner, or anywhere in between.

Lee's Testimonials

Emily Perrin, Horley, Surrey

"I’ve just had my first driving lesson with Lee and I already feel more confident and comfortable with driving! He’s very patient and thorough. Really looking forward to the rest of my lessons. Highly recommend!"

07 December 2021

Olly Rawlinson, Horley, Surrey

"I passed my test and Lee my instructor was amazing he taught me brilliantly"

01 November 2021 Google review logo

Judy Rawlinson, Horley, Surrey

LH Oliver 211030"Thanks to Lee at Elite Driving School, my 17 year old son passed his test first time. Lee is a fantastic instructor, so friendly,genuine, trustworthy and patient. We would recommend him to everyone, 100%."

30 October 2021 freeindex review

Jessica Brewer, Reigate, Surrey

LH Jess 210924"Lee was a brilliant instructor - patient and very thorough. We covered everything there is to make sure I felt like a competent and safe driver in any scenario - all road types, weather types etc. I also passed first time :) Thank you!"

06 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Alex Criss, Crawley West Sussex

"My instructor was Lee Haydon. And he was very punctual, very professional ,very passionate about his job and very patient!! I would recommend him and Elite Driving School to anyone ! He has been really supportive all the way through and I am so grateful that I had him as my driving instructor! Thank you for your diligence!"

11 June 2021 Google review logo


Jazmine Cant, Redhill, Surrey

Cant"I'd highly recommend Elite driving school and my fantastic driving instructor Lee Haydon! He gave me the confidence I needed and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Lee tailors each lesson to your individual needs, is calm and incredibly patient. Communication was excellent even through multiple lockdowns and he always arrived promptly. Thank you, Lee!"

27 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Kayleigh Sweet, Crawley, West Sussex

Kayleigh"I learnt with Lee as a first time driver, I had no experience what so ever and managed to pass first time with only 3 minors! He is such a lovely, funny man, and was patient with me throughout. I really recommend!"

09 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Patricia Kiy, Redhill, Surrey

LH Trish 210702ZERO HERO!!

"A massive thank you to my driving instructor Lee Haydon from Elite Driving School. I just passed my driving test in Crawley first time, with no minors! Lee is a fantastic driving instructor, he's very calm and tailors each lesson to what you need, teaching at the pace that suits you to make driving an enjoyable experience. On top of that he is very organised, always on time to lessons and communicating with you which was really helpful, especially through multiple lockdowns! I definitely recommend Elite lessons if you're looking to pass your test and feel confident on the roads. Thank you again!"

02 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Daisy Mills, Reigate, Surrey

Daisy passed after lessons in Crawley with Lee"I had my driving lessons with Lee Haydon and he was very professional, patient and a brilliant support. I would highly recommend lessons with elite due to there amazing services. Thank you!!"

21 June 2021 Google review logo

Alex Brandiu, Redhill, Surrey

"My instructor was Lee Haydon. And he was very punctual, very professional , very passionate about his job and very patient!! I would recommend him and Elite Driving School to anyone ! He has been really supportive all the way through and I am so grateful that I had him as my driving instructor! Thank you for your diligence!"

12 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Connor Killard, Crawley, West Sussex

"I did my driving lessons with Elite Driving School. My instructor was Lee Haydon. The lessons I had and the whole experience with Lee was great. Even with the troubles of COVID-19 over the last year Lee kept me up to date with what was going on the whole time. Coming up to the time of my practical test he gave me priority for lessons to ensure I was test ready. I was able to pass 1st time and would definitely recommend Elite Driving School to others looking for lessons."

27 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Lucy Bayo, Horley, Surrey

"I took my lessons with Lee, he was amazing, he managed to build up my confidence very quickly and he always took time to explain things properly and go over certain things that needed more work, he was also extremely punctual to lessons so I would definitely recommend him to anyone :)."

07 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Thomas Aveling, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my lessons with Lee and can assure you I felt very confident during lessons due to the quality of explaining, patience shown during driving sessions and down to earth personality. Was so kind throughout even about being unsuccessful in my first test he softened the blow. Lessons definitely worth the time and money."

19 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Kerry Hemsley, Crawley, West Sussex

Kerry passed after driving lessons in Crawley with Lee"Lee at Elite is an amazing instructor, he helped with my confidence and was so patient with me. Always on time and flexible with lessons.
Couldn't of passed without him!"

18 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Charlie Rexstrew, Redhill, Surrey

"Definitely the best driving school I’ve come across! Lee was very patient and was always very encouraging throughout. Much better to have an instructor who is more relaxed with you as you’re learning."

"Big thank you to Lee and Elite!" 

28 April 2020 freeindex review

Libby, Crawley, West Sussex

Libby passed her test at Crawley after taking lessons from driving lessons with instructor Lee "I recently passed my test with Lee, I would recommend him to anyone. He was a brilliant teacher, always patient and encouraging. If I didn’t understand something or couldn’t do it we would practise until I was happy with it. Overall amazing experience!"

05 February 2020 freeindex review

Sarah McAdams. Horley, Surrey

Sarah passed 1st time with Lee, and with ZERO faultsZERO HERO

"Passed first time with zero faults after learning with Lee! Positive and professional at all times. Lee takes the time to make sure you’re confident and comfortable and allows you to develop at your pace. Didn’t take long to become test ready. Would definitely recommend to all. Thanks, Lee!"

12 March 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Louisa Bedford, Horley, Surrey

"Great experience learning with Lee, he's easy to get on with, fitted me in around my work shifts, and made the lessons really enjoyable. I passed first time, and feel really comfortable driving on my own. Thanks Lee!"

25 September 2019 freeindex review

Andy Rose, Crawley, West Sussex

"I can't thank my instructor Lee enough for all of the patients and support throughout my lessons. He was so calm, and explained everything really clearly, but in an easy to understand way. I passed firth time, and will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know that is looking to learn to drive."

01 August 2019

Nicolau Rodrigues, Redhill, Surrey

Nick passed after lessons with Lee in Redhill"Thank to Lee ! He was very friendly, calm, and patient.
He was always on time, helped me in giving tips to finally get behind the wheel and finally passed!"

20 November 2019 freeindex review

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