Lee Haydon

"Elite driving school has bee a wonderful experience! I started with Lee, who I have found to be patient and encouraging! I came to the UK with 40+ years driving experience in another country, and found myself making the same mistakes over and over again. I'd previously started with another driving school, and my previous instructor made me feel awful and scared and foolish. However, Lee was encouraging, was completely straight forward about my plusses and minuses, and really made me feel confident to go forward. He has a patient demeanor, and is very kind. He is thorough and tells you exactly what you want to know, and adapts to your style. In my case, I am more academic so I want to know everything before I go. He did just that. Sadly, due to health reasons, I had to switch to automatic lessons, but again, Lee was incredibly kind and understanding about it and even helped communications with the school in order to assist with the change. I was disappointed that Lee didn't also teach automatic!"

"If you want a manual instructor that adapts to your needs and understands what your goals are, who keeps you on target in the kindest possible way, I highly recommend Lee as your instructor!"

01 March 2022 Google review logo

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