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Biography - Matt Timor driving instructor 

I trained with Eddie and Ian back in 2007 before they set up ELITE Driving School.  I decided to join the team of ELITE instructors at the start of 2015 simply because of their rapidly growing reputation locally as a quality driving school, and their approach to successfully teaching people to become safe drivers for life.

This is exactly the same approach I have with my pupils.  I like to make learning to drive logical rather than just learning through monotonous repetition, and believe it is important to understand what we do, the safey implications of why, and how we do something. Driving should be enjoyable, and so should the learning to drive process.  I aim to make my lessons fun and as stress free as possible, and work with my pupils to help them learn at a pace that suits them.

Before deciding to come back to my career as an ADI, I had an engineering background, and previously I worked for a jet engine manufacturer.  So if you have any aerospace or technical engineering related questions I would be more than happy to have the conversation, not that driving a car will be anywhere near as technical!

Matt's Testimonials

Samuel Deyanov, Wallington, Surrey

"I have only had Matt for 5 2hr lessons but they have been so useful and I have learnt so much that I have booked another 10hrs! He's been critical when he's had to be but also reassuring, which has helped me with my confidence behind the wheel. An amazing instructor!! Really worth booking your lessons with Elite"

13 September 2021 Google review logo

Alvin Nelson, Croydon, Surrey

"Matt is a great instructor - he has taken me from a struggling pupil to a fairly competent driver. He always aims to help me and improve my skill on the road and I appreciate his hard work and teachings over the course of our lessons."

01 September 2021 freeindex review

Cynthia O, Croydon, Surrey

"My experience with Matt was a long one because of Covid, but he was patient throughout the process. Because of his patience, I was able to pass first time with only two minors. He not only concentrated on teaching what is needed to pass the test, he also focused on other elements needed to ensure safe and confident driving. He never gave up on me, claiming everyone is teach-able and he was right. Thank you for being so patient. I am now ready to take on the roads!"

24 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jack Lewington, Coulsdon, Surrey

"It’s been amazing thus far I’ve had Matt yeh instructor and he’s been very caring and helped me develop so much in just a few lessons I feel no fear with him I’m very happy."

05 August 2021 freeindex review

Laura Hatch, Coulsdon, Surrey

"I've had 14 hours of lessons with Matt and he's been a great instructor. He's always calm when teaching me, and explains everything really well. I feel like I've made so much progress, and I would definitely recommend him."

24 June 2021

Lizzie Bitzan, Croydon, Surrey

"So far I've had 10 hours of lessons with Matt and have already booked my next 10. I was starting from scratch and have been amazed by the progress I was able to make so far. He's calm, flexible and never gets annoyed at any mistakes. I've found it to be a great learning environment despite myself being rather nervous before starting. I would absolutely recommend!"

22 June 2021

Ben Greenwell, South Croydon, London

"Really good first lesson with Matt today. Felt really comfortable and at ease !!"

21 June 2021

Lucy Wilken, Sydenham. East London

"I recently had a number of refresher lessons with Matt Timor. He is a really great instructor, he made me feel calm and comfortable every lesson which really helped to build my confidence back up with driving. He was really patient with me and explained everything I needed help with in a clear way which was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Matt and Elite Driving School!"

20 April 2021 freeindex review

Yaseen Chaouad, Wallington, Surrey

Yaseen took driving lessons in Wallington with Matt"I recently passed my test first time with 4 minors thanks to Matt. The best teacher out there. 100% would recommend. Good explanations and lessons especially compare to my old teacher. The car is always clean and spotless and I feel very comfortable."

01 October 2020 freeindex review

Gabriella Palmieri, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Since November I had lessons with Alister, who always made me feel very comfortable especially in the beginning when starting to learn how to drive. He gave good explanations, and made every lesson a pleasant experience. After lockdown I had lessons with Matt Timor, and passed my test. He gives great constructive criticism, and has good tips. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions I had. I have learnt a lot from his teaching. Both instructors were always on time and professional."

28 September 2020 freeindex review

Lewis, Croydon, Surrey

MT Lewis100 200602"Passed first time with Matt. Helped me feel comfortable and broke things down thoroughly. Would recommend highly."

07 February 2020 freeindex review

Caroline Byrne, Steatham, London

MT Caroline100 191218"I contacted Elite when I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with my previous driving school. It was the best move I made. Matt was brilliant! He's patient and very thorough. Because of Matt I went in to test feeling confident and passed first time. I can't recommend Elite and Matt highly enough."

21 December 2019 freeindex review

Malcolm Kelly, Croydon, Surrey

Malcom passed after lessons with Matt "Just passed my test first time thanks to my instructor Matt! I was very nervous about driving and being on the road, but luckily my instructor Matt was extremely patient, friendly and very knowledgeable, always making sure I understood things no matter how many times it took! I would highly recommend Matt as our lessons were always fun and a laugh, and he always taught me how to be a safe driver, rather than just how to pass a test! Plus his analogies are second to none!"

08 August 2019

Joshua Britto, South Croydon

170112MT Joshua"Passed 1st attempt, with 5 minor faults. Matt from Elite Driving School has extensive knowledge of the roads and taught me to drive in safe manner. His emphasis was always on making me a well rounded driver long term and not just getting me through a test. Overall, my experience was enjoyable, so would highly recommend Matt."

04 December 2017

Jhei Win, Croydon, Surrey

"Having had two unsuccessful attempts at passing my practical driving test with a different instructor, I started working with Matt and couldn’t be happier! Our lessons didn’t just cover the practicalities and how to’s of driving but also the theory to driving and being road safe. Matt, with his extensive skills and knowledge have managed to simplify a lot driving techniques and manoeuvres that I would’ve considered really daunting in the past. Every lesson we had was fun without quality and learning ever being compromised."

"I have now since passed my driving test and ready to take on the road! All thanks to you Matt, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you (and your endless patience!)."

12th September 2017

Rachel Gore, Wallington, Surrey

Rachel"I recently passed my test (first time) after having lessons with Matt Timor. Matt has been an excellent instructor, building my confidence as a safe driver, rather than just focusing on the practical test. Matt is patient and calm, adapting his style to his pupils. Matt covers all aspects of driving during the lessons and has made the whole experience something that I'm really proud to have achieved."

Rachel Gore, Wallington, Surrey

06 September 2017

Vivienne Addo, South Croydon, Surrey

"I had my first 2 hour lesson with Matt today, he was very patient and shoed me things that my 2 previous instructors didnt even show. I would recommend Matt as he cleary has a passion for hat he does."

23 June 2017

More of Matt's Testimonials

Hayley"Today I passed my driving test and I wouldn't of been able to do it without Matt. He is an amazing tutor, very professional but is also a laugh and made me feel confident at driving. I can't thank Matt enough. I would most defiantly recommend to anyone. Thank you Matt sooooo much."

Hayley Clarke, Wallington, Surrey

15 November 2016

Janet"I'll be the first to say I'm not a natural driver, so it has been great having such a patient, calm and informative teacher as Matt Timor. He has put up with my nerves and anxiety and turned me into a confident and safe driver. This culminated in a first time pass after 7 months of lessons (I said I wasn't a natural!) and I couldn't have done it without Matt."

Janet Northway, Carshalton, Surrey

22 August 2016

Anastasjia"Matt is a Great instructor, got a lots of patience started slow and help me build my confidence, learned very quickly. He is a good communicator he prepared me for my test and WOW I have pass the 1st time happy days! Highly recommended. He knows that he is doing. I am very happy that I had such a good instructor."

Anastasija Okuneviciene, London

13 May 2016

"I've recently just started my driving lessons again after not doing some for over a year and I must say I have learnt a lot in the 4 hours Iv done so far than what Iv learnt with the other driving school. Matt is a brilliant tutor and I will highly recommend him to anyone."

Hayley Clarke, Wallington

07 May 2016

"I'm currently having lessons with Matt Timor and would highly recommend him to learners of all abilities. Matt has a very calm, flexible approach to lessons which has allowed me to develop my confidence as a driver. Lessons are pupil orientated and Matt is extremely patient as you develop, whilst also providing continual feedback so that you feel that every lesson has been really worthwhile. Learning to drive has been a lot more fun that I'd imagined it would be and that is entirely down to Matt's laid back, supportive approach. "

Rachel Gore, Wallington

01 May 2016

Prior to learning to drive, I didn't have a lot of confidence, but that changed when under Matt's instruction. He was very patient and explained things in a way that has helped me become a better driver; giving me greater confidence and skill when it comes to driving. His experience and knowledge at the wheel came through in the lessons which helped a great deal when I had any questions, no matter how small. He also recently gave me some refresher lessons when I hadn't driven for a while which has furthered my confidence and ability on the road. Thank you Matt! "

Philip, Croydon

01 May 2016

Ranjan"I passed my test with the help of my instructor Matt. Matt is very professional and patient in his lessons. Along with that he is very friendly and made each lesson fun to have. I had zero experience of driving before starting lessons with Elite and Matt. Matt is very patient and he clearly explained every aspect of driving. He gives constructive feedback to help improve your driving. He focuses on making you a better driver for life than making you just pass the test. I will highly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to learn driving."

Ranjan Kumar, Croydon, Surrey

13 February 2016

Angeline"Passed my test first time with the support of my instructor Matt! Matt was very supportive and able to give me the skills to pass my test and be a safe driver."

Angeline Scott-Ralphs, Croydon, Surrey

23 January 2016

"Very happy with the service Matt and Elite driving provided, thus allowing me to pass first time. Thanks very much. Mike."

Mike Rochester, Purley, Surrey

22 January 2016

Jon"I passed my test first time on 17 December after learning to drive with Matt T. I'm absolutely over the moon (six months ago I couldn't even put the car in gear!) and so glad I went with Matt and Elite. Matt is an amazing instructor and I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone, no matter how much of a beginner you are. I felt instantly at ease the first time I stepped into his car, and we've had great a laugh together – but more importantly, he's somehow turned me from a total novice to a driving pro in 40ish hours. Thank you, Matt! "

Jon Chapple, London

21 December 2015

"I am taking my driving lessons with Matt and the experience has been great so far. He has been very patient with me helping me overcome my nervousness and gain confidence behind the wheel. His teaching techniques are quite good and he creates a comfortable and fun learning environment. Would definitely recommend Matt to anyone looking for a fun, knowledgeable and patient instructor."

Prasanthi V, Wallington, Surrey

09 December 2015

Tracey"I past first time today with an amazing driving instructor Matt! He created an environment where I felt at ease and confident behind the wheel. He's teaching style was very encouraging, pushed me to my capabilities and praised me continuously. I am very grateful to Elite Driving School, especially my instructor Matt for teaching me how to drive confidently and helping me past my driving test first time, despite how nervous I was. Thank you!! "

Tracey O, London

25 November 2015

Clare"I recently passed my driving test first time after learning to drive from scratch with Matt from Elite. The company were very efficient when I first contacted them to inquire about learning and Matt went out of his way to accommodate my ever-changing availability times. Matt was also able to adapt his teaching style to teach me in a way that worked best for me, and explain things clearly - he also worked hard on making me confident in my abilities. I would highly recommend learning with Matt from Elite as he is very friendly and approachable and can break down the learning process so you don't feel too overwhelmed with everything that is going on! "

Clare W, Croydon, Surrey

24 August 2015

"I have recently passed after starting my lessons with Matt in March, Matts enthusiastic and friendly approach really made me want to learn more and his knowledge teaching of driving have made me become a safe driver. I am impressed by the service elite driving school has provided and look I am now confident to using the skills that I've learnt to drive at work and in my private life."

Tadas Balnys, Croydon, Surrey

06 July 2015

Luis"I had 3 months of lessons with Matt from Elite and am really pleased with the service I received. Recommend Matt to anyone as he has a lot of patience and is really calm. Passed on my second attempt."

Luis shove, Croydon, Surrey

15 June 2015

"I have had four hours' tuition with Matt. So far, it's been great – although I'm still really nervous, Matt is patient and friendly and makes me feel at ease, and I'm learning at my own pace."

Jon Chapple, South London

29 May 2015

"I took lessons with Matt from Elite after disappointing experiences with two other schools. I found Matt's enthusiasm and knowledge really pushed me to progress much more quickly than with my previous instructors, and I passed my test first time which was something I never dreamed would happen! Thank you Matt for your fantastic tuition!"

Carly Johnstone, Mitcham, Surrey

03 March 2015

"I am so grateful to Elite, and especially to my instructor Matt for the help, guidance and support he gave me throughout my lessons.  I had already spent a lot of money with another school but didn't feel I was progressing, and when I started with Matt it was clear why. I found understanding and digesting everything that was going on difficult, but he explains things so well, and made sure I understood and was comfortable with each step.  I still can't believe I've passed my test, THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Jessica Davis, South Croydon, Surrey

25 February 2015

"It's thanks to Matt I've now got my license. Top instructor, highly reccomend to anyone."

Jacob Taylor, Morden, Surrey

20 February 2015

Clayton Mario West, Croydon, Surrey

"I passed my driving test today at the very first attempt. I would like to give full credit to my instructor Matt of Elite without whom this would not be possible. He instills confidence and has a lot of patience. Fantastic guy and instructor who I would highly recommend. Thanks Matt.

17 January 2019

Anthony Storey, Croydon, Surrey

"I would highly recommend Matt as your driving instructor, he is patient and makes you feel comfortable at all times. He built my confidence up which ensure I passed first time!! You can have a good laugh with Matt which relaxes the mood!"
"Thanks for all your help Matt!!"

25 October 2018

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