Moh Ali (Automatic)


Croydon, Surrey

Driving lessons areas covered

BR4, CR0, CR2, CR6, CR7, CR8

Croydon, Sanderstead, Warlingham, Thornton Heath, Purley, Kenley, West Wickham 

Muhammad Moh Ali driving instructor Croydondvsa approved driving instructor Moh Ali

Training vehicle

Mazda 5 AUTOMATIC, in blue

Services offered

AUTOMATIC Learner Driving Lessons

Refresher and Motorway Lessons


Instructor since 2015

elite automatic driving lessons Warlingham

Biography - Moh Ali driving instructor

I give lessons to learner drivers, as well as those who wish to improve their skills and experience beyond the driving test, including motorway and refresher lessons. I have lived in the Croydon area for many years, so have a good knowledge of the local areas, including New Addington, Selsdon, Sanderstead, West Wickham, Beckenham, and central Croydon.

Learning to drive is a very personal experience, so it is important that you have a good working relationship with your instructor. I aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment with, of course, a high standard of training and professionalism. I aim to help my students to pass the driving test with confidence, and also give them the skills to enjoy safe driving for life.

I am passionate about road safety, and enjoy meeting new people and helping them achieve their driving goals. I make lessons fun and interesting, and provide plenty of opportunities for questions. All lessons and routes I cover are individually tailored, to assist my pupils in building their confidence in all aspects of their driving.

Moh's Testimonials

Ester O, Warlingam, Surrey

"I had passed my theory test and booked the first practical test I could find (within 2 months or so). I started looking around for instructors, and came across ELITE (thankfully!). I was told all instructors were busy but they went above and beyond for me, and Moh offered to take me on."

"I booked about 10 hours of lessons with Moh, and through each one he guided me, advised and was very calm with his approach. This allowed me to really excel, and also calmed any nerves I had."

"A mishap with my driving test, saw it delayed for 3 weeks. Unfortunately Moh was not available for the new date, but kindly arranged for Moshin to accompany me. I had one lesson with Moshin, where we brushed up a bit before the test, which was SO needed after not driving for a few weeks."

"I went into my test having guidance from amazing instructors, and was able to pass my test first time with only one minor!
The luck of the Mo’s!! Definitely recommend!!"

25 November 2021 freeindex review

Stef Tru, Croydon, Surrey

"I took lessons with Mo and he was great. Despite being nervous I passed the first time and feel very confident on the road now."

25 November 2021 freeindex review

Noreen Butt, South Norwood, London

"I am very happy today that I passed my driving test."

06 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Samar Mandour, South Croydon, Surrey

"A massive thank you to Moh Ali for being such a great instructor. Since the very start he has provided me with so much guidance and support in such a positive manner. He ensured that I learnt from all my mistakes so that I’ve left with the skills needed to pass my test and to become a confident driver. I have also enjoyed our lessons which is very important, so much so that I will definitely be back for the pass plus with him. I highly recommend Moh as an instructor for anyone wishing to learn automatic."

27 September 2021 freeindex review

Olivia Mu, Bromley, Kent

"I passed my driving test yesterday and I would like to thank my instructor Moh for helping me pass my test. Moh is a very professional, knowledgeable and patient instructor. He always encourages me and highlights the positives to gain my confidence. He would also give me small challenges in the lesson to help me overcome my weakness and improve my driving skills. I have learnt so much from Moh not only the driving skills but also how to be a safe and responsible driver. I highly recommend Moh to anyone who is planning to learn driving or improve their driving skills."

22 September 2021 freeindex review

Andreya Thompson, Croydon, Surrey

"I decided to use Elite again after passing with them a few years ago for refresher lessons.
My instructor Moh was amazing! He is calm patient and throughly encouraging! I'm already driving confidently in my new car !
Highly recommend Moh and Elite driving school."

27 July 2021 freeindex review

Muhammad Kutub, Croydon, Surrey

"The instructor is very friendly, helpful and fantastic. I have passed my test with first time because of the instructor."

05 July 2021 freeindex review

N Longworth, South Noorwood, London

"Took a refresher lesson with Moh and came away feeling really confident. All the major manoeuvres covered and a good experience of lots of different road scenarios in a relatively short time period. I would highly recommend."

20 July 2021 freeindex review

Sekan C, Clapham, London

"So happy to work with Elite Driving School. Moh Ali and Garry Commey were great instructors and motivators. I had lessons with them for a few hours and every hour made a difference in my driving skills. Easy communication and friendly conversations. I definitely recommend both of the instructors if you are looking for success and someone who will support you till you have your certificate in your hand. Thank you Moh, Thank you Garry, Thank you Elite Driving School. Regards."

28 May 2021 freeindex review

Kamran Shahid, Purley, Surrey

"I only had one refresher lesson with Moh on the motorway but I can honestly say he is one of the best. He was very patient and gave me great pointers to improve my driving. Even though it was just one lesson I’m a lot more confident. Thanks."

27 April 2021 freeindex review

Emmanuel Akoto, Croydon, Surrey

"I've had a good experience with elite driving school, they make sure you understand what you're doing, they have patience, I only had about 4 lessons and passed my test the first time. I would recommend Elite driving school to anyone."

24 October 2020 freeindex review

Hans Soopal, Redhill, Surrey

"Had a few lessons with Mo. Great instructor. Very friendly. Passed first time with his great tips. Would surely recommend him."

05 October 2020 freeindex review

Atacan Bozdemir, Croydon, Surrey

"I am very satisfied from Elite Driving School. I would like to thank to Moh for all helps."

05 September 2020

Chris H, South Norwood, London

"After a nasty car accident in 2010, I stopped driving. I have remained nervous and cautious since then and was reluctant to ever drive again. But lockdown has ‘driven’ me to try again. I was initially reassured by the office when I called, and the person I spoke with was incredibly understanding and supportive. She advised I went with Moh Ali, who was amazing! His gentle and reassuring manner was most supportive for someone terrified to be back behind the driving wheel. His careful and thoughtful approach instilled me with the confidence I was lacking in myself. It was transformative! I couldn’t recommend them enough!"

06 August 2020 freeindex review

Yaseen Shahid, Croydon, Surrey

"Would highly reccommend Moh very patient and encouraging, explains in detail where improvements are needed and works on weaknesses to perfect you so you are test ready."

03 March 2020

Leonora Osei, Croydon, Surrey

"After more than twenty lessons with another driver and still not able to pass, just ten lessons with Moh and I passed on the first test. Thanks Moh for being so patient."

04 December 2019 freeindex review

Zoe Alice, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed today! Which was my first time with hardly any mistakes! Moh has the patience of a saint and is a really good teacher. Would highly recommend him! Thank you for teaching me safe driving!"

22 January 2020 freeindex review

Aaron Philips, South Croydon, Surrey

"I had Moh as my instructor and he was very patient and knowledgeable. I would not have passed without his guidance. Thank you very much for the help."

03 December 2019 freeindex review

Debo O, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Moh was an excellent instructor - he was very professional, friendly, patient, always on time, very good at explaining everything. I would strongly recommend him!"

12 November 2019 freeindex review

Andrew Bayston, Croydon, Surrey

"Moh is a fantastic instructor and can't thank him enough. Didn't think I'd be passing so soon! Calm and professional at all times, really can't recommend him enough."

01 October 2019

Kwame Boateng, Mitcham, Surrey

"I would like to say a big thank you to Moh for helping me pass my driving. He is very patient and also a good instructor. Moh helped me stopped all my bad habits. I would recommend Moh to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks Moh."

16 September 2019

Yvette Nelson, South Croydon, Surrey

"Thank you to Mo for helping me Pass. He is such a great instructor-very patient, knowledgeable and encouragement me a lot through."

14 September 2019

ZERO HERO Kelina Kelly, Purley, Surrey,

"My instructor was Moh and I couldn’t of ask for a patient and motivating instructor.
I passed with 0 mistakes I couldn’t of been more grateful.
The lessons are a lot but 1000000% worth it."

24 July 2019

Lana Holyn, South Croydon, Surrey

"Big thanks to my teacher Moh, real professional! I passed my test after about 25 hours of driving on 6th month of pregnancy. 100% satisfied, not cheap driving school, but it is worth it."

22 July 2019

Oriyomi Ariyo, Croydon, Surrey

"I would like to thank Moh for helping me pass my test first time. He Made me feel at ease from first day. Always on time, very professional and will explain everything in details. I would recommend Moh to anyone who wants to learn. Thanks again Moh."

16 July 2019

Reniece Cameron, Croydon, Surrey

"Hi there I have recently passed my test driving with Muhammed from elite and I must say I'm so grateful as iv been trying to pass for 8 years so this clearly showed me the who's best. Thanks again."

05 July 2019

Letty Clark, Croydon, Surrey

"Can’t exclaim how amazing a teacher Moh is. Calm, collected, a fantastic mentor and a pretty cool dude. Prices are fantastic because I learnt so quickly with 2 hour lessons. So If you want to learn fast and become a safe confident driver, Moh is your man! Good luck!"

2 July 2019

Florence Cheng, Beckenham

"I just finished a few refresher courses with Moh and I'm a nervous driver which haven't driven since passing the test nearly 6 years ago. Moh had been really helpful and supportive and reassuring. I really enjoyed the lessons and he helped me to build up my confidence. Thanks so much for that. It's a combination of skills and mindset which I think Moh teaches."

1 July 2019

C Spirit, Purley, Surrey

"I can't recommend Moh highly enough. I passed both my theory and driving test first time thanks to his patience, positive and constructive teaching methods. He's been an amazing instructor."

12 June 2019

Kealy Levy, Purley, Surrey

"I can not thank Moh enough.. I passed my test after moving over to him from another driving school. Excellent teacher and extremely patient.. So happy.! Would highly recommend."

27 June 2019

S Serrette, Croydon, Surrey

S Serrette passed after taking automatic lessons in Croydon with Moh"Moh is a fantastic driving Instrutor! He is very patient and competent and makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend Elite all the way.. Passed on my second try."

8 June 2019

Sharon Maja, Croydon, Surrey

"Mo has been the best teacher very calm and patient his been there for me through out until I passed and always boost my confidence and teach me not only to pass but to be a safe driver I highly recommend Mo always on time for lessons and never cancell. Thank you so much for everything."

5 June 2019

Dipti P, Purley, Surrey

"I passed my driving test with Moh in first time. He has been an amazing instructor, always punctual and efficient and willing to accommodate my schedule. He is knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. I really enjoyed our lessons and felt a clear sense of progression. He is very patient and polite. I highly recommended Mo to anyone. He is an brilliant instructor .Thank you for being a great teacher."

31 May 2019

Hieu Le, Croydon, Surrey

"I've got a drive license long time ago and I only drove for 3 months before moving to London where I stopped driving for 3 years. I got confused by the complex roundabouts in London and gradually lost my confidence in driving.
I called Elite Driving School to explain my situation; the receptionist really understood my case and put me on a 5-hour refresher course.
I had Moh Ali as my instructor, he is very friendly, knowledge and calm which is possibly what I needed most because I tend to be nervous if someone shouts at my mistake and will soon make another (I had a bad instructor before). Moh took me through the roundabouts from simple to complex, went through with me how I had done (after we came to stop at some place), and gradually increased the difficulty until I felt comfortable.
I highly recommend Moh Ali as well as Elite Driving School."

26 May 2019

Fai Jones, Coulsdon, Surrey

"I took my driving lesson with Mo.
He has been very patient to support me and provide very good tips and useful feedback. I tend to get nervous while start driving. Mo has been encouraging me to feel more confident to pass my test."

13 May 2019

Von Collantes, Croydon, Surrey

"I passed my practical driving test with Moh recently. He was really patient and hands-on from the very beginning of my driving lesson to the moment I am about to take my practical test. I highly reccommend Moh as a driving instructor as he have been very supportive and motivative along the way to passing my test with him as my instructor, because of him and our past lessons I now feel more confident on the road as a new driver, thank you once again Moh!"

16 April 2019

Shamila Fernando, Croydon, Surrey

"I had the brilliant Mr. Mo as my driving instructor. Before I started driving lessons, I was nervous and clueless about what to expect. He was kind and helpful as a driving instructor and as a result I passed my theory and practical test without a fuss. I would not have been able to pass either with anyone else. I get anxious before knowing that I am going to be tested and he really assured me that everything would be fine and that I was ready. I just wanted to say how fantastic instructor he is and I would definitely recommend him to absolutely anyone."

07 April 2019

Olga Semenova, Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor helped me to constantly improve myself and not to give up after I failed the test multiple times. He even volunteered to provide the lesson during his day off before my test, which I really appreciate. Thank you for all your help."

19 March 2019

Dominique Haywood, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mo as my instructor and from the first call to the administrator and then on to the actual instructor the service was very smooth and hassle free. The lessons were punctual, reasonably priced and very helpful, I did only 3 refresher lessons and Mo really helped me enjoy my time as well as gain confidence and knowledge on the roads."

11 March 2019

Anthony Street, Croydon, Surrey

"Thanks to Moh I passed my driving test first time. Such a good teacher. Great skills an very patient. Always on time I would recommend any one to him. Best teacher I ever had. Thank you so much."

22 December 2018 

Neha Sharma, Kenley, Surrey

"I would highly recommend Elite and my instructor Moh. He built my confidence back which I had completely lost with my first driving instructor. He brings the best out of you by motivating and appreciating you for all the correct things you do during your lessons. He is never negative and even if you make a mistake he explains it in a very calm way that it sounds positive and you always learn from them and try not to repeat the same errors again. He is very professional in terms of being punctual, his techniques and ways of making you learn and remember things and always making the other person feel good about their drive during the lessons. Thanks Moh for helping me out to drive properly and with confidence."

31 October 2018

Thisari Tennakoon, Godstone, Surrey

"I had my driving lessons with Mo, who is an excellent driving instructor. I used to had many lessons with other instructors but only Mo could establish confidence in me. I am greatly appreciated the service that he provided for me. I drove with ease and without fear. He guided me with a very gentle manner. I had my test in West Wickham and got passed today, the manoeuvre techniques are the BEST. What more could I say about Mo, he is an asset to Elite Driving school. Thank you very much Mo for helping me to achieve the target with few lessons.
Wish you all the best Thisari Tennakoon."

24 October 2018

Christopher Akinbode, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"Excellent driving school/lesson, dedicated, timely instructor and above all very satisfied with their work."

07 October 2018

Alex Battershall, Croydon, Surrey

"I would highly recommend Elite Driving. I learnt with Moh and passed first time with three minors. He’s a great instructor, calm and patient and explains things clearly. He really helps to build your confidence behind the wheel."

"Arrived on time for every lesson, clear communication throughout my time learning with him - brilliant!"

03 October 2018

Jessica Parker, Croydon, Surrey

"I 100% recommend Moh for Your Instructor, He explains everything So well and he is very calm. He is a very kind man and there is never any silence during my lessons, I feel like that helps to calm you down. J."

10 September 2018

Lauren, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Moh was an excellent instructor and after 8 hours I was test ready and passed first time. Was also extremely understanding and flexible with lessons and was very patient."
"He was also supportive. Would 100% recommend to anyone who’s a nervous driver."
"Thank you once again MOH!"

27 July 2018

Alise, Croydon, Surrey

"My driving instructor was fantastic. He was patient and encouraging throughout. I sense the passion he has for his job which put me at ease. It's never money with Mohammed Ali and I loved that."

"I have had many driving instructors I've the last 10 years and he was the best."

"First time PASSED! Whoop whoop!"

17 July 2018

Tomi Ogunlolu, Thornton Heath. Surrey

"Moh at Elite Driving School was a great help in helping me and guiding me to pass my test. After taking numerous lessons with a previous driving company in 2017, I was getting no where, then I found Elite driving school and was assigned my instructor Moh who first assessed my driving to begin with. He made sure we went at my own pace,each lesson was not like the last, Moh gave constructive criticism and also made sure I was confident in my driving by encouraging me massively when I doubted myself and my driving."

"Anyone looking for a driving school and a great instructor, visit Elite driving school. They have extremely great driving instructors who cater to your individual driving ability and needs."

13 July 2018

Adelajda Allkja, Thornton Heath, London

"I passed my exam first time today and I’m so pleased. A lot of this can be attributed to my instructor Moh Ali who was an amazing instructor very patient with my repeated mistakes and had a simplified manner in the way he explained things. Thanks to him passed first time around and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Thank you so much Moh

26 June 2018

Penny Papaspyrou, South Croydon, Surrey

"I'm so pleased I took my lessons with Elite. Moh is an amazing instructor. I was a very anxious driver but he was very patient and encouraging and made me believe in myself. I never thought I would ever drive let alone pass first time!!!I would recommend Moh to anyone."

25 June 2018

Leah Kimemia, Thornton Heath, London

"I just passed my driving test today 1st time thanks to Moh and his excellent teaching skills. Moh is a patient instructor who knows his job to detail and would recommend him to anyone in need of an instructor. He is always punctual and a man who loves and enjoys his job. I will definitely recommend him to my friends."

13 June 2018

Elma Pabua, South Croydon, Surrey

"I passed my test under Moh, I can't thank enough with him, always helpful and patience really build up my confidence very passionate on he's job always arrived early, absolutely amazing very good instructor highly recommended to anyone."

11 June 2018

Shanice Best, Croydon, Surrey

"Moh is the instructor by far! Passed first time. He made me feel so comfortable and explained everything. Always arrived early. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to past their test and be filled with the confidence that will last for a life time. He has faith in his students and is a very positive person. Can’t thank him enough."

05 June 2018

Michalae Thompson, Croydon, Surrey

'Mo is simply an amazing instructor. With his secret formulas and his calm teaching manner Mo is the instructor you want. He is the driving instructor guru and really knows how to get the best results.
I passed first time with Mo and would recommend anyone who is wanting to learn to drive to choose Mo.'

05 May 2018

Rimel Naqvi, Croydon, Surrey

'I can't believe I have passed the first time today, and it's all because of Mohammed. He is an amazing instructor who was very patient with me and really helped me to build my confidence. He was friendly and an excellent teacher, making every lesson enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you so much to Mohammed for all your help. I couldn't recommend him enough.'

26 April 2018

Danielle Majorski, Croydon, Surrey

'I would definitely recommend Moh as a driving instructor, he was patient and went out of his way to help me pass my test ensuring that I was fully prepared for the day itself.

25 April 2018

Weelfried, South Croydon, Surrey

'I had Mo, who was a very calm and professional instructor at all time. After failing a few times he studied my driving and gave me pointers on what to do to pass first time with him. Always honest but reassuring. Thanks Mo.'

24 April 2018

Koffi Konan, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"Muhammad was the best instructor ever. Was patient, spoke clearly. Learning was real fun. Pass first time. Will definitely recommend him to my friends. Will also recommend Elite as the driving school in London."

16 April 2018

Rio Humpage, Purley, Surrey

"Moh was a great instructor, made me feel at ease and pass my test within 3 months of starting."

12 April 2018

Amin Rahman, Croydon, Surrey

Amin passed his driving test test after taking driving lessons with ELITE instructor Moh"I have to thank Moh for giving me lessons and being patient with me over the past few months. I passed my test with only 2 minors. He is a brilliant instructor and very knowledgeable. He is always on time and breaks thing down to make you understand. What I’ve learned more from Moh after few lessons then what I’ve learnt from my previous instructor. Thank you again Moh."
10 April 2018

Rey Pabua, South Croydon, Surrey

"Moh was a great fantastic instructor that I’ve had. He is the most professionally calm and patient how to become a safe driver. I’m so proud of him, I couldn’t have done it without Moh. Every lessons, I did enjoyed he made me comfortable whilst driving and build up my confidence, He is brilliant and best instructor highly recommended to anyone…"

23 March 2018

Anthony Sean Howard, Coulsdon, Surrey

'Moh is one of the most calming polite yet very helpful people I’ve come across both professionally and personally. I can’t recommend him enough. I suffer from anxiety and Moh was brilliant dealing with any worries I had.'

17 March 2018

Diana, Croydon, Surrey

"I had been terrified of driving and took lessons on and off (mostly off) for years until I started lessons with Mo (who went automatic-) then Gary C. I had an excellent service from both instructors. I was the most nervous of drivers and both instructors were incredibly patient and calm. Gary taught me well and made sure I understood how to be a safe driver. Lessons were fun, he even managed to make them stress free and I have come to enjoy driving and found my confidence. I could not recommend ELITE enough. Very professional service, always punctual and a great introduction to a life long skill. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Gary and Mo and the ELITE team."

12 March 2018

D Hue, Croydon, Surrey

"As first I was very anxious to start driving but within half hour Moh made me feel very at ease, he was very patient with me and just me constantly to relax which is the main thing to do, I had about 15 hours of lessons and then passed first time. I was over the moon and very grateful for his help I would recommend him to anyone trust me he's a really good teacher."

03 January 2018

Alfie Murdoch, Croydon, Surrey

"Very pleased with the lessons received, passed my test first time. Really good value for money, wasn't charged for lessons that weren't needed! Highly recommend!"

25 November 2017

Eva Fraisse-Amani, Croydon, Surrey

"Moh is a fantastic driving instructor! Prior to moving back to London, I had not taken lessons in over 2 years. Moh really helped me to iron out bad habits that I had picked up and gave me a much needed confidence boost. Overall, his guidance and calm yet professional teaching style really made me feel at ease and in turn has me a more relaxed confident driver. Moh has always been accommodating and flexible in terms of lessons-really can not fault him. I passed today with 3 minors and really could not have done so without his teaching and support- so thanks again!"

15 November 2017

Adam Knowles, Purley, Surrey

"I recently passed my test after being taught by Moh from Elite Driving School."

"He was a great tutor, always prompt on arriving and flexible to any time constraints. In the car he was calm and methodical with his teaching and always ensured I was not rushed."

"I would definitely recommend Moh to anyone looking to learn to drive. I even referred him onto my friend Andy who has made surprisingly good progress under Moh's tutelage."

02 November 2017

Jacob Burt, Croydon, Surrey

"Always arrived on time and never cancelled. Very helpful, patient and understanding. Would always make the most use of time."

28 October 2017

Eric Y, Croydon, Surrey

"Really happy with my driving instructor, Moh. He explains things clearly and is very calm and patient which helps you build up confidence. He’s always early to lessons and is flexible to your needs. Would highly recommend Moh."

24 October 2017

Sawsan Maraqa, Croydon, Surrey

"Thanks to instructor Moh, I was lucky enough to have passed first time with 2 minors. My trainer was punctual, supportive, patient, always encouraging and provided clear explanations for all the manoeuvres needed to master the driving in the UK. Thank you!"

22 October 2017

Shane Booth, Croydon, Surrey

"Thanks to Mo I managed to pass my test, thanks for the help :)."

02 October 2017

Vikram Thorat, Croydon, Surrey

"Taking driving lessons with Elite was a right decision. My instructor Moh was very calm during my whole learning process he turned me from beginner driver to a good driver in absolutely no time. His teaching techniques are quite easy to grasp and he explains all the test aspects very well throughout. He will keep reminding you each and every mistake you make during driving so that you memorise it and slowly tend to not repeat it. I passed with only 4 minor mistakes. All credit goes to MOH. "

01 October 2017

David Henderson, London

"Moh was a great tutor, patient and explained things really clearly. Nice guy too."

15 September 2017

Ife Afolabi, Coulsdon, Surrey

"I was very happy with my driving instructor Moh, I had used another instructor before him and had no confidence when driving but Moh very quickly improved my confidence. He also explained the monouvers to me and made everything simple. In a matter of weeks he was able to get me test ready and I passed first time thanks to him."

23 August 2017

Deanna Morecraft, Croydon, Surrey

"Moh was an amazing instructor, helped me pass first time in just 26 lessons, taking into consideration when I started I knew nothing about cars. He was incredibly patient with me and always encouraging. I would recommend moh to anyone in the area as he was just great."

24 July 2017

Dean Anderson, South London

"Just passed my test after lessons with Karen. She was extremely patient with me, explained everything as many times as I needed and made me feel relaxed during the lessons. Thank you Karen!"

13 July 2017

Simon Peet, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed my test first time yesterday after instruction from Moh. Moh was ace, knowledgeable, patient, and filled me full of confidence. I would recommend him to all my friends but at 35 all my friends already know how to drive. 

Thanks Moh!"

19 May 2017

Yunus Dutlu, Kenley, Surrey

I moved to elite from Kenley driving school as was not happy with them they just seemed interested in my money. With Elite I had Moh as my instructor. Straight away he made me feel relaxed and at ease. I highly recommend him he is a excellent instructor. I passed my test first time. Definitely recommend Moh.

10 April 2017

Jeremy Y, South Croydon, Surrey

Moh is a great instructor. He has a clear and patient style, which helped me become confident in my driving very quickly, and took great care to tailor his teaching to my needs. I never felt that we spent too long on anything, and could always practice more with any areas I wasn't comfortable with until I mastered them. Moh is also very good at teaching road craft, so I'd learn to be a good driver, not just to pass my test. Learning to drive with Moh was a fun experience! Elite were also extremely helpful in organising an instructor. I had to change instructors after a few lessons due to my original instructor having unexpected personal circumstances, just one of those things, and when I called Elite to follow this up they were very quick to reallocate another instructor, which minimised any disruption to my learning.

09 April 2017

More of Moh's Testimonials

"Have to say a huge thank you to Moh for my refresher lessons. I had massively lost my confidence with driving and he was so calm and encouraging and a real credit to the company. Within 3 lessons, I was back on the main roads in Croydon and drove on the M25 for the first time! Highly recommend to anyone in the Croydon area, both learners and license-holders in need of extra guidance."

Molly Binne, Croydon, Surrey - 01 February 2017

Michael"My time working with Moh has been very pleasant. He is very patient instructor, using different methods to get the message, I went from an eager driver to patient experienced driver. When working with Moh I felt he did target my weaknesses directly, for instance when I failed on a task, we would work on the problem and by the next time my test results would show the improvement. I felt as Moh is a down to earth person who is easy to work with and as he is my first and only instructor, he is the reason I passed the test and I would recommend him to anyone."

Michael Bankole, Croydon, Surrey - 13 February 2017

"I could not have asked for more from a driving school. Flexible times of lessons, lessons were fun, and I passed first time! Thanks so much Moh, I'll deffinitely be sending my friends your way."

Chris Molone, Croydon, Surrey - 15 February 2017

"I passed my driving test few years ago and I did not have the confidence to get back on the road. Thanks to Mo, I am now able to drive with no hesitation. I would definitely recommend Mo to anyone who wants to drive correctly. He is professional, punctual and able to teach you technical driving skills in a simplified way. Great teacher"

Mital, Croydon, Surrey - 08 March 2017

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