Moh Ali

"I've got a drive license long time ago and I only drove for 3 months before moving to London where I stopped driving for 3 years. I got confused by the complex roundabouts in London and gradually lost my confidence in driving.
I called Elite Driving School to explain my situation; the receptionist really understood my case and put me on a 5-hour refresher course.
I had Moh Ali as my instructor, he is very friendly, knowledge and calm which is possibly what I needed most because I tend to be nervous if someone shouts at my mistake and will soon make another (I had a bad instructor before). Moh took me through the roundabouts from simple to complex, went through with me how I had done (after we came to stop at some place), and gradually increased the difficulty until I felt comfortable.
I highly recommend Moh Ali as well as Elite Driving School."

26 May 2019

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