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South Norwood, Upper Norwood, West Norwood, Gypsy Hill, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Croydon, South Croydon, Mitcham, Coulsdon, Wallington, Thornton Heath, Carshalton, Wallington, Beddington, Streatham, Beckenham, Hayes, West Wickham

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Totota Yaris Hybrid, 5 door AUTOMATIC, in silver

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Instructor since 2017

Garry Commey Yaris driving instructor

Biography - Mohsin Iqbal driving instructor 

I joined ELITE in 2018 after completing my training with them to become an instructor. I feel that I have been well prepared to provide the best possible teaching and coaching to my learners, using the most up-to-date and appropriate methods that are suited to each individual learner. 

I chose to become an instructor after working in recruitment and training within the prison service for many years, as I wanted to redirect my skills into something more challenging and rewarding. I am a very active person with a real passion for sports, especially cricket, and I have three young children that keep me busy outside work. I have a passion for teaching new life skills, and see teaching peolpe to drive as a fantastically rewarding career option to pursue.

I teach in an Automatic car as they have become so popular since the introduction of more Hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years, and are just as economical as manual cars. More people in London are now choosing to drive automatic cars, as you don't need to be constantly pumping the clutch up and down when you are in traffic.  

Mohsin's Testimonials

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Katie O'riordan, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an incredible driving instructor. I have attempted to learn to drive twice before but my lack of confidence and anxiety held me back. Mohsin instilled a great amount of confidence in me. His teaching is clear and concise and he always made the lessons fun and enjoyable. Although I wish I’d learnt to drive many years ago, I’m grateful that I learnt with Mohsin, as I don’t think I would have passed or gained confidence with any other instructor. Highly, Highly recommend Mohsin."

10 October 2019

Dennis Yambao, Purley, Surrey

"What I like from Mohsin is his honesty. He’s upfront about things you need to work and he will tell you when you don’t need anymore lessons. He’s also a calming effect when you’re behind the wheel. Definitely would recommend him!"

10 October 2019

Sherine Pereira, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"My driving Instructor was Mohsin.
He was very calm and made me feel comfortable from the get go. His technique when teaching was so adaptable to how you were on the day gave me confidence I was in the best hands.
I passed on my second go round, the first was simply neves, but Mohsin kept me calm gave me the techniques and confidence I needed to pass and now I can say I am officially a driver thanks to his patience."

14 October 2019

Mihir Gandecha, Croydon, Surrey

"Best driving instructor EVER! Like the Four Seasons hotel, service, value, and quality could not be better. Passed with 4 (realistically 3 minors) today and was only slightly, marginally panicked at the start however Mohsin's confidence of me passing led me to victory. I enjoyed his lessons thoroughly (literally buzzing before every lesson) and enjoyed each joke that was made. Also very much respect his honesty, how he would tell the driver if he/she was ready or not, which was much appreciated. Furthermore, Mohsin identifies each mistake and rectifies it Moin an instant. He will keep on explaining a problem until it is understood. Therefore I cannot stress how much I recommend as his service was impeccable. Bahut dhanyavaad Mohsin you're the best instructor in the universe! Mihir."

08 October 2019

Edrine, Douglas, Horsham, West Sussex

"Today I passed my driving test on the first attempt with only 6 faults. I knew I would pass because I have been with the best instructor Mohsin ! So great , Very supportive, polite and patient. He tailors the lessons to the student needs and builds your confidence towards the end goal which is being a safe driver and also off course ‘practical driving test’ ?. I couldn’t have passed my test without Mohsin ‘s support and patience. I have been travelling from Horsham to take lesson with him in Croydon not because there are no instructors in horsham but he is definitely worth it. It’s the way he mends his lesson plan to suit your needs and turns you into a real good driver. I’m very happy to recommend Mohsin to any learner who wants a an instructor with sheer knowledge and patience."

07 October 2019

Jonathan, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed with 1 minor after exemplary tutelage from Moh. Always felt very comfortable in the car and properly equipped to drive safely and successfully on the road. Couldn’t recommend highly enough - no need to look elsewhere."

21 September 2019

Saba, City of London

"Thanks Mohsin for building up my confidence and helping me get back behind the wheel after 5 years of no driving.
Very relaxed and easy driving. Nice car too!"

16 September 2019

Muhammed K, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"Mohsin is a fantastic and an easy going instructor! Through his assistance I was able to pass my test first time. Would highly recommend him to others!"

13 August 2019


Danny Maynell, Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor Mossin very helpful very honest With the amount of hours needed ect. I would 100% recommended him"danny

12 August 2019

Angela Strickland, West Wickham, London

"My instructor, Mohsin was wonderful. He was very thorough and taught me several things I would have definitely made errors on during my driving test. I passed my test the first time! He was friendly, calm and humorous. It made for good lessons. My nervousness quickly dissipated and I was at ease. His car was clean, automatic, and he had AC for the hot days. Thanks for a great experience, Mohsin!"

07 August 2019

Vanessa Jayasekara, Caterham, Surrey

"I feel that lessons where great value for money as my instructor gave me the option to choose areas that I feel I needed practice with which I felt helped me gain the confidence that I needed to pass my test. I personally feel that my instructor was patient and understanding but yet had pushed me in areas that I needed to be so I could pass. I would refer Elite to anyone that is wanting to learn to drive."

02 August 2019

Maliha Fareen, Croydon, Surrey

Maleeha passed wit Mohsin"Mohsin my driving instructor is very patient , very professional ,committed and has a good sense of humour . I have passed in first attempt!! He is an excellent instructor .I honestly couldn’t have wished for anyone better to teach me how to drive. He has a brilliant style of teaching . He takes time to explain the mistakes and how to rectify them. He gives good pointers which make the manoeuvres easy. Highly recommend him..."

18 May 2019

Charlie Tancock, South Noorwood, Croydon

Charlie passed after taking automatic driving lessons in Croydon"I felt every nervous about finding a driving school with a good instructor because none of my friends really drive and if they had they had a bad experience but I’m so pleased I went with ELITE! Mohsin was my driving instructor and I couldn’t recommend him enough!!!
I passed at West Wickham and I wouldn’t of be able to do without him! He always pushed me to be the best driver I can and he always had confidence in me when I didn’t, He helped me throughout driving From learning how to actually drive to the theory test and the actual driving test! And going over everything a million times to make sure I understood, he always made me feel comfortable and nothing was ever to much when it came to questions and wanting to go over things he had already taught me."

"A massive thank you to him. Your a Credit to elite."

30 March 2019

Derek Srickland, Croydon, Surrey

"Excellent instruction and highly recommended!! I am an experienced driver from the USA who moved to the UK and needed lessons to be comfortable and prepared for the UK driving test. The lessons with Moshin were very informative and helpful to prepare. I passed on my first attempt!!"

27 March 2019

Emma Jones, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is a really great instructor. Very patient and good at explaining things. I booked him for some refresher lessons but I'd recommend him to anyone."

27 March 2019

Rachael James, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an amazing driving instructor... it was a pleasure learning with him, he’s patient and a wonderful teacher. Thank you once again I would definitely recommend him"

26 March 2019

Sophie Hallam, Tadworth, Surrey

Sophie passed with MOHSIN"Amazing driving instructor, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Passed first time in automatic. Thank you Mohsin"

24 March 2019

Jadene Prospere, South Noorwood, London

Jadeene passed her automatic test after taking lessons with Mohsin in West Wickham"After a few failed tests, 3 different teachers and a lot of anxiety, I came to Elite to try again. I’m so proud to say that I have just passed my test today with Mohsin. He helped me deal with my anxiety and become a better driver. I now feel confident driving and am so grateful to Mohsin for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself... Would 100% recommend!"

22 March 2019

Max Mitchell, Caterham, Surrey

Max passes his automatic test at West Wickham"Mohsin is an extraordinarily patient, committed, and thorough teacher. He throws you in the deep end with a considerable amount of independent driving from the get-go, but he always complements hands-on practical experience with demonstrations, instructions, and feedback. He pushes you enough to improve your skills each lesson, but never so much as to put you in an unsafe situation on the road. Mohsin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of driving rules, ettiquette, and pitfalls, and there was not a single question of mine that he couldn’t answer (he even informed me about the history of windscreen wipers). It was clear from the few occasions where he had to use the emergency brake that he is switched-on and constantly attentive to potential hazards (he does not daydream in the passenger seat; his eyes are always glued to the road). Additionally, he is very flexible and accommodating when it comes to scheduling lessons — there were probably a dozen times that he let me re-schedule a lesson at short notice. Crucially, he is full of good banter, and definitely makes you feel welcome. More than anything however, he is personally invested in your success in the driving test: it genuinely matters to him whether you pass or fail, and he goes the extra mile and then some to ensure that you are in the best possible position to pass your test."

20 March 2019

Abdirahman Hassan, Croydon, Surrey

"I started from the beginning with Mohsin, from not knowing how to drive to passing my test today. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, honestly. What I liked most about Mohsin was his clear instructions on how to perform various tasks, if I was ever unsure about anything he would go over it 100 times until I understood it well. Mohsin I can't thank you enough man, best instructor in Elite Driving School!"

25 February 2019

MB General, Croydon Surrey

"Highly recommend to anyone who wants to pass whilst gaining valuable knowledge and experience in driving. Very knowledgeable of the road and really goes into details, details that other instructors or drivers may not know. Very approachable and friendly, and also accommodating, I felt very comfortable throughout my lessons, the best option if you want to pass quickly whilst getting good knowledge of the road"

22 February 2019

Magnus Boye, Bexleyheath, London

Magnus passed with Mohsin"Whole experience has been exceptional, my instructor Mohsin is vastly experienced and it shows by the way he explains the process of driving. Very knowledgeable and approachable."

"Highly reccommend for anyone who wants to pass as soon as possible whilst gaining the best driving knowledge."

11 February 2019

Abdullah Hassan, Croydon, Surrey

"Very good driving instructors. Would definitely recommend. My instructor Muhsin Iqbal helped me through my theory test aswell. I definitely would have failed if it hadn’t been for him. Would definitely recommend to use."

01 February 2019

Ram Potti, Croydon, Surrey

"Cleared the test on the first attempt.. Enrolling for the lessons was super easy.. Called up their number, was given clear details of available options and was promptly assigned an instructor.. Mohsin, my instructor, is just amazing.. He was able to immediately assess my capabilities and guided me in the right direction.. Every lesson had specific objectives and he knew exactly when I was "test ready".. He shared some amazing "Reference Points" that helped me master the manoeuvres."

23 December 2018

#SatisfiedCustomer #HappyCustomer #DrivingIsFun

Hannah Owen, Croydon, Surrey

"Having had previous lessons else where and not having the best experience I felt very apprehensive about taking up lessons again...but after my first lesson with Mohsin at Elite I couldn't of felt anymore at ease! Mohsin is a professional yet friendly instructor who takes the time to not only build on your driving skills but also your confidence. Every lesson was not only knowledgeable but enjoyable and I looked forward to my lessons rather than dread them! I passed my test first time with 2 minors within a 2 month period and I honestly feel I couldn't of done that as easily with anyone else. I HIGHLY recommend Mohsin at Elite driving school for anyone looking to take up lessons...... Thank you!"

20 December 2018


Michael Oj, Croydon, Surrey

"Due to a very tight work schedule I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to obtain lesson appointment with Elite Driving School on short notice. My instructor was Moshin and he is a true professional. Special thanks to his esteemed coaching skills, I managed to pass my practical driving test on first attempt. I am very pleased with the service and training I received throughout the process."

17 October 2018

Lauren Xuereb, Wallington, Surrey

"Moh has been such an amazing instructor and I can't believe how supportive he was and how confident he made me feel. I 100% reccomened him. Thanks so much moh x"

14 November 2018

Robert K, South Croydon, Surrey

Robert passed his test first time with Mohsin"My driving was already pretty good but driving instructor MOHSIN really improved me, made me more confident and a better driver with only a few lessons. Credit to him I passed on the first go. Great instructor."

08 October 2018

Bills, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Bilal passed his automatic test at Mitcham"Great driving experience. Mohsin was a very good instructor and highly reccomend him."

04 October 2018

A Hassan, Corydon, Surrey

"I am so happy that I passed today all because of Mohsin making everything crystal clear on how to do things he's very calm and always explains things very clearly and is a very nice man I only got 4 minors today which i'm very pleased about I highly recommend to choose Mohsin you will 100 per cent pass."

20 September 2018

Paul Taylor, South Norwood, London

"I needed someone that would explain things in a calm way, and work with me at my own pace. Luckily I found this with Mohsin. Thanks so much!"

15 Septemebr 2018

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