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South Norwood, Upper Norwood, West Norwood, Gypsy Hill, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Croydon, South Croydon, Mitcham, Coulsdon, Wallington, Thornton Heath, Carshalton, Wallington, Beddington, Streatham, Beckenham, Hayes, West Wickham

Mohsin driving instructor South Norwooddvsa approved driving instructor Mohsin Iqbal

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Totota Yaris Hybrid, 5 door AUTOMATIC, in silver

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Instructor since 2017

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Biography - Mohsin Iqbal driving instructor 

I joined ELITE in 2018 after completing my training with them to become an instructor. I feel that I have been well prepared to provide the best possible teaching and coaching to my learners, using the most up-to-date and appropriate methods that are suited to each individual learner. 

I chose to become an instructor after working in recruitment and training within the prison service for many years, as I wanted to redirect my skills into something more challenging and rewarding. I am a very active person with a real passion for sports, especially cricket, and I have three young children that keep me busy outside work. I have a passion for teaching new life skills, and see teaching peolpe to drive as a fantastically rewarding career option to pursue.

I teach in an Automatic car as they have become so popular since the introduction of more Hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years, and are just as economical as manual cars. More people in London are now choosing to drive automatic cars, as you don't need to be constantly pumping the clutch up and down when you are in traffic.  

Mohsin's Testimonials

Hiba Ibrahim, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin has been a really supportive instructor throughout the entire learning process. Making sure I progress each lesson has helped greatly with confidence in driving and helped me to pass my test 1st time!"

20 November 2023 Google review logo

Juliet Horsfall, Walthamstow, Greater London

MI Julliet 231102"Mohsin from Elite Driving is simply a brilliant instructor! He is patient, informative and encouraging. I am a nervous driver but Mohsin was supportive all the way! I passed first time with only 2 minors. Thank you for having belief in me, when I didn't have it in myself! I wholeheartedly recommend learning to drive with Mohsin and Elite Driving!"

31 November 2023 freeindex review

James Dsouza, Purley, Surrey

"Mohsin was extremely helpful and organised when helping me during lessons. He allowed me to learn completely and answered every question thoroughly developing my understanding. I only had a couple of weeks before my test and he instilled great confidence in me so I was 100%. By far the best instructor I have come across."

17 October 2023 freeindex review

E B, South Noorwood, London

"Excellent service,"

"I strongly recommend Elite Driving School"

"I passed the practical test (automatic) thanks to my instructor, Mohsin, who is very professional and provide exceptional lessons + assisted with the test booking"

06 October 2023 Google review logo

Bijou L, Croydon, Surrey

"Excellent service.
I strongly recommend Elite Driving School.
I passed the practical test (automatic) thanks to my instructor, Mohsin, who is very professional and provide exceptional lessons + assisted with the test booking."

05 October 2023 freeindex review

Mohammud Busawon, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin was a great instructor,very knowledgable and motivating.He helped me pass my test quickly on my first attempt.He was very patient,friendly and always made me comfortable when driving.I would strongly recommend Mohsin to anyone who is looking for an excellent driving instructor."

31 July 2023 Google review logo

Sibel Niazi, Covent Garden, London

"Booked lessons with Mohsin upon recommendation from my cousin. Mohsin has been a great instructor. He is paying lots of attention to explaining the reasons behind the rules of driving, which makes it much easier when you are practicing as you know what might go wrong if you don’t follow the rules. Gave me lots of practical and valuable advice. He knows all the routes the examiner might take you on your test day and will emphasise on any of the junctions or roundabout you may come across during your test. I took only 5 lessons and passed with only 1 minor on my first attempt. Highly recommended."

19 June 2023 freeindex review

Layla Issa, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin was a great instructor, very knowledgeable and motivating. Helped me pass quickly."

08 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Sibel Niazi, Croydon, Surrey

"Booked lessons with Elite driving school instructor Mohsin upon recommendation from my cousin. Mohsin has been a great instructor. He is paying lots of attention to explaining the reasons behind the rules of driving, which makes it much easier when you are practicing as you know what might go wrong if you don’t follow the rules. Gave me lots of practical and valuable advice. He knows all the routes the examiner might take you on your test day and will emphasise on any of the junctions or roundabout you may come across during your test. I took only 5 lessons and passed with only 1 minor on my first attempt. Highly recommended."

19 June 2023 Google review logo

Alicia Diaz del Rio, Croydon, Surrey

"I took some refresh lessons as I got my drivers liscence a few years ago but never managed to drive. I was allowed to do so but never thought I would feel confident behind the wheel. Thankfully I came across Elite driving school and I started taking lessons with Mohsin. He was the most patient with me and would explain everything so driving rules made sense and were logical. I would one 100% recommend Mohsin to be your driving instructor as he managed what i thought was the impossible task to make me feel safe in a car and enjoy driving!"

15 June 2023 Google review logo freeindex review

Teann Roberts, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mohsin and had an amazing journey ! I passed first time with 6 minors and feel extremely confident on the road. I’m the beginning I had so much anxiety and did not know what to do . Mohsin helped and supported me so much and in less then 8 months I passed my practical driving"

11 June 2023 Google review logo

Demi Curran, Caterham, Surrey

"Passed my test on the first attempt thanks to Mohsin! I was incredibly nervous to drive but Mohsin instantly made me feel at ease. He is calm, patient and supportive and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass my test. Highly recommend!"

11 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Joanna Korzeniewska, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin, my instructor was great! Really professional, but friendly at the same time. I passed on my first go! Really happy with the experience, as I was really nervous initially, but Mohsin really is a great person to ease nerves and give you road confidence! Many thanks!"

11 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Charlotte Smith, Croydon, Surrey

"All thanks to Moshin I passed my test 1st time and only within 9 lessons!! Absolutely incredible instructor and I couldn’t recommended him enough. I was super nervous going into my lessons but he made me feel so comfortable and confident right off the bat. He’s very knowledgeable and has lots of different tips and tricks that really make driving that bit easier. Couldn’t thank him enough for being so encouraging and making every lesson and absolute pleasure."

13 March 2023Google review logo

Ryan Beecham, Croydon, Surrey

"I highly recommend Mohsin. He has a clear teaching style and calming presence. I passed my test in the first try."

25 March 2023 Google review logo

Zahrah Raja, Croydon, Surrey

"My driving instructor was Mohsin. From the start he told me to believe in myself. He was very patient and calm and caring. Having an instructor who believes in you makes you believe in yourself. From the start to the end off my lessons I was never doubted always pushed further and that's what everyone needs to be able to pass there test. "

21 March 2023 freeindex review

Candia Mohan, South Norwood, London

"Going for my UK license after driving forever in Guyana was quite a journey. I did not only pass first time with Mohsin with only 3 minors (bad case of nerves) but I got a friend for life now! Mohsin, you were outstanding! He rang me up before our first lesson and I didnt know what to expect but im glad that he exceeded my expectations. Patient, funny, kind and just unconventional in his teaching style and thats what u need when ur driving (in safe doses ofc). I cant tell u how privileged I feel to have passed through his capable hands! I did make the mistake of asking him post test how many minors HE gave me and ofc it was more than what I got but I figure if you steer clear of that kinda chat after ur pass, everything I said about him above will remain true, dont be like me."

03 March 2023 freeindex review

Sabry Alawal, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is a very good, and constructive driving instructor with patient methodologies that allow students to excel and pass while, understanding driving concepts in a short period of time."

22 February 2023 Google review logo

Suraya Ashab, Penge, London

"I had Mohsin as my instructor and he was such an amazing and patient instructor! He helped me in understanding the rules of the road and why we do certain practices on the road, which helped me improve my driving skills exponentially. He is also friendly and creates an easy atmosphere, which is comforting for the learner driver (especially if they’re not too confident in driving)."

24 February 2023 freeindex review

Joanna Brooks, Purley, Surrey

"I passed first time (with 1 minor!) with Mohsin. I couldn’t recommend him enough if you’re thinking about starting driving. The lessons were always enjoyable and he really made sure that I understood all the concepts. His instructions were clear and he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you!"

24 February 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Balaji Gopal, Croydon, Surrey

"I would like to share that I have passed my practical driving test on the first go.
Big Thanks to my instructor Mohsin who was very brilliant in sharing his knowledge on driving and preparing me for driving in the UK roads. He was proactive in setting up my lessons and making sure I understood and delivered it practically during our weekly lessons.
He always picks me up for the lessons on time.
I really enjoyed the weekly lessons with him as we talk a lot of topics on the drive. Very calm, kind and a knowledgable Instructor.
Thank you again Mohsin. :) Continue your good work which will help a lot of learners like me."

22 February 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ammar Noorani, Streatham, South London

"Recently passed my driving test after having lessons with Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal. The lessons were genuinely fun, as well as constructive. Even if I made simple mistakes, he would just teach me again with a smile on his face. He also employs various methods of teaching. If I was struggling to understand a certain topic, he would simply change his approach in order to give me the best chance of learning. I would definitely recommend Mohsin to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

22 February 2023 freeindex review

Md Mahfujul Islam, South Croydon, Surrey

"My Instructor Muhammod Mohsin Iqbal was very helpful and detailed in every point. He used to break down every point to make me understand which helped me to pass at first attempt. Highly recommend him as an instructor and Elite Driving School."

21 February 2023 freeindex review

Yusuf Saber, Purley, Surrey

"Very good, very patient and constructive teacher capable of encouraging students to digest strong driving skills concepts, in a short period of time."

21 February 2023 freeindex review

Donia Kls, Purley, Surrey

"I can only speak highly about Mohsin. He is an outstanding instructor, calm, kind and really committed to his student.
I started working with him with very little knowledge on driving, and quite frankly a lot to learn. Mohsin was always patient and his priority was always for me to understand the logic behind all the driving principles. He has really high standards which is appreciated, especially now that I am full licence holder, I can see how useful his attention to detail is. His explanations are always extremely clear, and he never hesitate to go over things several times to make sure that they are understood. I am grateful for his time and teachings, and I would recommend him with no hesitation."

26 November 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Eamon Hassouna, Fulham , London

"Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Mohsin. I was reluctant to start driving lessons but really enjoyed the experience. Mohsin made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and helped me to understand the key principles of driving. Would thoroughly recommend Elite and Mohsin to others."

09 November 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

McCan Narin, Purley, Surrey

"Booking with Elite driving was very easy. Ian was so helpful with the booking. My driving tutor Mohsin form the first day to the last lesson was extremely good. He is well prepared and great teaching skills to apply on students. I have enjoyed my time and learned a lot from him. I’ve passed the exam with only 6 lessons. Thank you Mohsin and Elite driving school."

06 October 2022 freeindex review

Qudrat Khan, West Norwood, London

"Best Service amazing friendly responsible instructor with affordable price. I’ve taken only 10-12 lessons and I passed it. Thank you so much to Mohsin."

23 August 2022 freeindex review

Becky Kubu, Croydon, Surrey

"I was lucky enough to learn to drive with Mohsin, who took me from very little driving experience to passing first time in 20 hours. Mohsin is so knowledgable and allows you to learn being guided by your own intuition rather than just using reference points. He communicates clearly and concisely and is so patient and calm and supportive. He is clear, calm, supportive and an all round excellent teacher. He also has a great sense of humour which helps the learning process a lot! I wholeheartedly recommend him as an outstanding instructor. Thank you Mohsin!"

02 August 2022 Google review logo

Frederic Pambo, Whyteleafe, Surrey

"Before starting with Mosin, I hated driving. Just the thought of it was a nightmare but he boosted me and brought back my confidence. Today I have passed my driving and I enjoy driving. Thank you so much."

09 August 2022 freeindex review

Ciara Cosgrove, Croydon, Surrey

"When I joined Elite driving school, I was assigned Mohsin as my driving instructor. I did not know then, just how lucky I was."

"From the first lesson, until my last today when I passed my test, Mohsin has supported me throughout. I went from not knowing how to even start a car, to a confident driver today."

"Mohsin not only teaches you how to drive, he gives the reasoning behind everything, which is so important when learning and will stay with me. He is super attentive, and knows what I am thinking, before I even say it. Maybe a second career in fortune telling? That just shows what a great instructor he is. We also had a lot of fun along the way too!"

"I would recommend Mohsin as an instructor to everyone, and I am just really glad we had the pleasure meeting. He is understanding, kind and always on time!"

19 August 2022 freeindex review

Magdaline Njuafed, Bromley, Kent

"My driving instructor Mohsin is the best. After failing my test I wanted a new instructor I call him and he gave me all the knowledge that I didn't receive from my previous instructor. Mohsin is always on time, friendly and never get upset when you do wrong instead he will try to find out from you what the issue was and he will do all his best to fixed it. I will highly recommend Mohsin I will say again he is the best."

02 August 2022 freeindex review

Molly Chase, Croydon, Surrey

Very patient understanding instructor, made me feel very comfortable and confident in myself I passed 1st time and very quickly too!!"

18 July 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Acelya Bedir, Croydon, Surrey

"I am so grateful to have had Mohsin as an instructer. He was so supportive and encouraged me all through my driving journey. He boosted my confidence by believing in me at times where I did not believe in myself. Mohsin enabled me to pass first time and it was all due to his teachings and direction."

12 July 2022 freeindex review

Alina Qadeer, Croydon, Surrey

"I was terribly nervous after failing my driving test 6 times. But, after joining Elite with Mr. Mohsin, I passed it in my first attempt. I’m very grateful to you for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness. Your lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciate your encouragement. As well as having a very professional attitude. Remarkable instructor! Stay blessed."

06 July 2022 freeindex review

Maria Pera, Sutton, Surrey

"My instructor Mohsin has a systematic way of teaching. Progressive approach that help me a lot. Passed first time attempt. Thankful!"

04 July 2022 freeindex review

Rebecca Kubu, South Norwood, London

"Mohsin guided me from very little driving experience to passing in 20 hours. His style of teaching, temperament, ability to communicate in a clear and concise way, support and enthusiasm were outstanding. He was great at gauging my level of understanding and helping me to build on my driving ability and keep pushing myself each week. I am so grateful to Mohsin for equipping me with the skills and confidence to start me on my journey as a safe, aware, calm and confident driver. Thank you Mohsin!"

01 June 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Meltem Muratoglu, Croydon, Surrey

"Moh has been an amazing instructor! I’m so glad i had the chance to learn with him from Elite. All thanks to him, i passed my driving test first time! Would recommend Moh to everyone. He made lessons very informative, clear and yet fun. He’d always make sure to explain things in the most simple way so that i could understand. Moh was always on time, never late, infact he was always early and was great at communicating. He was quite patient with me and remained calm during all situations and never made me feel bad about myself or uncomfortable. The ideal driving instructor! Whenever i made a mistake, i was able to learn from it and Moh would ensure to ask throughout and at the end of each lesson if i had any questions. Moh from Elite is literally the best, many thanks for being an outstanding instructor and helping me pass my driving test first time!!"

17 May 2022 Google review logo

Eljona Koceku, Penge, South London

"I had a really bad experience in the few past months with another instructor but after I’ve met Mohsin from Elite driving school, I’ve improved a lot and passed my driving test."
"Mohsin is the best driving instructor, he’s very patient, friendly and always ready to help you."
"I definitely recommend him as driver instructor. Good luck everyone!"

04 May 2022 freeindex review

Mtale Namushi, Croydon, Surrey

"I would highly recommend MOHSIN ( my instructor). He is absolutely brilliant in the way he teaches, so patient, very relatable, knowledgeable about driving and a genuine person, definitely one of best instructors.
I passed my test today:) He has been so good and helpful throughout our lessons and very flexible on the days and times, friendly and always made me feel so comfortable, he has made me a very confident driver not just to pass the test but for life:) I am so grateful to Mohsin, and Elite driving school."

20 March 2022 Google review logo

Danial Akbar, Oxford

"It was a great experience with elite driving school. I am very thankful of my instructor Mohsin iqbal. He give me a lot of information and guidance by which I passed my practical test in the first attempt. The service of elite driving schools is very outstanding. I want my brother and my friends to take lessons from elite DS. I will recommend EDS( Sir Mohsin Iqbal ) to my friends and my brother. It was a great journey with EDS for my future and career. To become a good and safe driver I learned a lot of useful information from EDS. I want to say thanks to my instructor and the whole EDS company for giving a best service. Thanks a lot."

24 March 2022 freeindex review

Mutale Musoma, South Norwood, London

"I would highly recommend MOHSIN ( my instructor). He is absolutely brilliant in the way he teaches, very relatable, knowledgeable about driving and a genuine person."
"I passed my test today:) He has been so good and helpful throughout our lessons and very flexible on the days and times, friendly and always made me feel so comfortable, he has made me a very confident driver not just to pass the test but for life:) I am so grateful to Mohsin and Elite driving school."

17 March 2022

Rachel Edwards, Caterham, Surrey

"I would really recommend Elite and Mohsin (my instructor). The way he teaches makes learning to drive quite straight forward. He is very informative but teaches in a way that he doesn’t overload you with instructions or details."

13 February 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Derek Cox, Caterham, Surrey

"Well, what can I say. If patience is a virtue then my instructor Mohsin clearly has virtue litterally pouring out of him. I have dyspraxia and as such have found certain things very difficult. Learning to drive has been one of them. Lucky for me Moshins approach to learning suited me perfectly. From the very start he was patient and understanding. Despite my struggles, he never let me loose faith in myself and as such I passed my driving test today on my first try. Everything about learning to drive with Mohsin has been a pleasure. I'm chuffed to bits. I highly reccomend."

04 February 2022 freeindex review

Grace Ussher, South Croydon, Surrey

"As someone with autism I was very nervous about learning how to drive and whether someone would have the patience to help me learn. I chose Elite Driving School and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. My driving instructor Mohsin, was very supportive and patient. Over the past few months I became an increasingly confident driver and always looked forward to lessons. I never felt bad about making mistakes as he always had faith in me that I would do better and helped and encouraged me to learn from my mistakes. Today I passed my driving test and I am very grateful to him for being so supportive and patient during my journey to become a driver. Thank you Mohsin!"

31 January 2022 freeindex review

Aditya Shukla, Purley, Surrey

"The whole experience of learning the driving was wonderful. Mohsin was my instructor and he did a fabulous in identifying my weak spots, concentrating on them in a structured manner, as well providing constructive feedback to instil confidence I my driving test as well as then starting to drive independently. The lessons were super useful not just to clear the test but also to make me a better driver."

24 January 2022 freeindex review

Sandy Mc, South Croydon, Surrey

"BIG THANKS to Mohsin, he is an amazing instructor! I hadn’t driven for about 16 years and also new to this country, to have refresh lessons is a must. I’m so lucky to have Mohsin as my instructor. He is friendly and professional. I was very nervous and scare to drive during the first few lessons. Mohsin was very patient and calm helped me build up my confidence. Also taught me lot of skills, how to be safe driven on the road and to be a good driver. Highly recommend to everyone!"

20 January 2022 freeindex review

Lisa Ingram, Coulsdon, Surrey

"My very nervous daughter took her lessons with Mohsin. He was a fantastic instructor, extremely patient and understanding. She passed her test with just 1 minor and has now become a very confident driver. Thank you Mohsin…. I am hoping you will be able to teach my youngest in the future."

18 January 2022 freeindex review

Ester, Warlingam, Surrey

"I had passed my theory test and booked the first practical test I could find (within 2 months or so). I started looking around for instructors, and came across ELITE (thankfully!). I was told all instructors were busy but they went above and beyond for me, and Moh offered to take me on."

"I booked about 10 hours of lessons with Moh, and through each one he guided me, advised and was very calm with his approach. This allowed me to really excel, and also calmed any nerves I had."

"A mishap with my driving test, saw it delayed for 3 weeks. Unfortunately Moh was not available for the new date, but kindly arranged for Moshin to accompany me. I had one lesson with Moshin, where we brushed up a bit before the test, which was SO needed after not driving for a few weeks."

"I went into my test having guidance from amazing instructors, and was able to pass my test first time with only one minor!
The luck of the Mo’s!! Definitely recommend!!"

25 November 2021 freeindex review

Leanne Hill, Caterham, Surrey

"A massive thank you Moshin, he was an amazing instructor from start to finish! Very patient, professional and a great motivator! Moshin takes great pride and doesn’t only teach you how to pass your driving test, but teaches you how to become a good driver! 10/10 would recommend!"

10 December 2021 Google review logo freeindex review

Michelle Dyer, Croydon, Surrey

"I passed first time. Moshin is the best instructor ever!!! He pushed me to my full potential and never allowed me to doubt myself. I cannot be happier with my experience. Thank you so much"

11 November 2021

Ngoc Tan Luu, East Grinstead, West Sussex

MI Pass 212212"Moshin was amazing, he helped me with all my anxiety, and really taught me the rules of the road. Will definitely be recommending him.
He helped me to pass 1st time round."

12 November 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Georgina Serwaa, South Norwood, London

"I passed my test first time on the 1/11/2021. My instructor was Moh. He is such amazing person with a lot of patient. If there is a chance, I will always recommend him."

03 November 2021 freeindex review

Sukaina Baudin, Anerley, Kent

"I am so so grateful to have had Mohsin as my driving instructor and I woud highly recommend him to everyone! Thank you to Mohsin I managed to pass. Mohsin was extremely friendly, pateint and always went above and beyond to ensure that I had a solid understanding of everything I needed to know to drive safely and confidently. Mohsin always encourages me and highlights the positives to gain my confidence. I have learnt so much from Mohsin not only the driving skills but also how to be a safe and responsible driver. I highly recommend Mohsin to anyone who is planning to learn driving."

28 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Safiya Kenny, Purley, Surrey

"I passed my test today!! My instructor Moshin was amazing, really supportive and friendly, always professional and punctual for lessons. The lessons were good value for money and because they were two hours long I was able to learn and practice lots of skills. I am now a confident driver and definitely recommend Moshin and this driving school to anyone else looking to pass their driving test."

25 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Haris Imran, Croydon, Surrey

MI Haris 211015"I was referred to Mohsin from a friend who had passed her driving test. He is a very good instructor, he was very good with regards to scheduling our lessons and adapting these to meet my schedule. He was a very good communicator and provided constructive feedback where required to help me with developing my control of the vehicle, understanding the core principles of driving and understanding how these apply to driving safely and confidently on the road. He follows a well thought out structure with our driving lessons and tailored our lessons to strengthen any areas that needed development. I am happy to have had him as my driving instructor. He did not teach me to only pass my test successfully in Bromley where my driving test took place today (06 October 2021), but provided me with skills to drive safely and confidently on the roads no matter the location. I am grateful to have had Mohsin as my instructor and will happily recommend him to anybody that needs the services of a driving instructor!"

06 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Syd Grainger, Croydon Surrey

"Passed 1st time with Mohsin as did my partner. Very patient and understanding. Would recommend 1000%, very easy to get along with too!"

5 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Emily Penn, Caterham, Surrey

"I passed my test first time with Mohsin! I had no confidence in myself but he has helped me gain that confidence. He is very experienced and knows what he's talking about! Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. He is honest and doesn't beat around the bush. I would 100% recommend this driving instructor!"

15 September 2021 freeindex review

Christine Akhuetie, South Norwood, London

"I am so so grateful to have had Mohsin Iqbal as my driving instructor and I woud highly recommend him to all learners!"

"Mohsin was so excellent. He was extremely friendly, pateint and always went above and beyond to ensure that I had a solid understanding of everything I needed to know to drive safely and confidently. He explained everything so well, always made me feel comfortable and addressed all of my concerns."

"Mohsin's words of encouragement and his friendly and calm nature, always made me feel at ease whenever I felt anxious and nervous, especially the day before my test! His amazing teaching, ensured that I was test ready and I was able to PASS THE FIRST TIME!"

"Thank you Mohsin for everything, you are fantastic!"

03 September 2021  freeindex review Google review logo

Lorraine Meade, Croydon, London

"I had a few amazing refresher lessons with Moh. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was almost impressed with how much I had learnt with him in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend booking with them."

24 August 2021 freeindex review

Naveed Alam, South London

"8 lessons and job done. Just had 1 minor indicator fault. Mr Mohsin Iqbal is highly professional instructor. I was surprised when he asked me to book a test just after 4 lessons, because everyone said you need 15 to 20 lessons. He also helped me to book a test. I highly recommend Elite Diving School."

10 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Tasmin Ali, South Noorwood, London

"As my second driving test was approaching, I had Mohsin as my new instructor. He helped calm my nerves by filling in my gaps of knowledge about the road, making it less daunting. He explained everything in detail and took me to unfamiliar routes for me to apply my knowledge. I felt confident as a driver, allowing me to pass second time round." 

09 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Chinonso Ojukwu, Croydon, Surrey

"I had a driving instructor before, but I never enjoyed driving at that time. I never learned anything and I always thought that I was the problem. However when I came to Elite, I quickly realised the difference having a good driving instructor makes. I learned to drive more or less within a month. My driving instructor (Mohsin) was so excellent. Not only did he teach me how to enjoy driving, but he also taught me how to be a safe and responsible driver. He even fitted in lessons for me when it was inconvenient for him. Learning to drive during a pandemic was already stressful in itself but Mohsin made it so simple for me to understand. I really enjoyed learning with him, I passed first time and it was worth every penny! Would defo recommend to everyone."

06 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Denise Slater, Croydon, Surrey

"My driving instructor Mohsin took me from a crying nervous wreck to a confident and safe driver. Mohsin's skill, patience, and jokes enabled me to pass 1st time, something I never thought would be possible. Every penny spent on learning to drive with Elite and Mohsin was well worth it and I cannot thank him enough for all his support and encouragement. Thank you."

07 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Arun Henley, Croydon, Surrey

"It has been a absolute pleasure learning to drive with Mohsin these past few months. I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn automatic. His approach is calm yet attentive. He uses different techniques in his teaching, which deepens your understanding and knowledge of the road. 10/10 driving instructor!"

10 May 2021 Google review logo

Sam Baryeh, Croydon, Surrey

Sam passed with Mohsin in Mitcham"Great experience from the first lesson. I learned with Garry, and did my test with Mohsin and his car (due to test date availability). The instructors prepare you well for not only the test by covering a wide and varied range of driving scenarios but, also how to make safe and reasoned decisions for when you pass and begin driving on you own to be able to deal with any new scenarios you may face in the future. I felt well prepared for my practical test and passed confidently on my first try. I would definitely recommend Elite for their professionalism and thoroughness in teaching."

07 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Grace Gair, Caterham, Surrey

"Such an amazing company and such a lovely instructor! Made me feel so at ease and fabulous at finding a way that I was able to learn! Would definitely recommend to family and friends."

23 April 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

G Asok, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mohsin as my driving instructor. I took refreshers lessons with him. Couldn’t recommend him more!! He was very helpful throughout my lessons and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel.
He helped me build my confidence and explained everything perfectly. Would highly recommend this instructor!"

13 December 2020 freeindex review

Zareen Rujab, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mohsin as my driving instructor. He was my second instructor and he worked very hard to build my confidence as a driver. He was very professional, patient and friendly. He always explained everything well and our lessons were enjoyable. Thanks to him I passed my test first time. I couldn’t have done it without him. I highly recommend him!"

08 December 2020 freeindex review

Sadiq Dossa, Croydon, Surrey

"Really impressed about the technique and professionalism of Mohsin at Elite. My cousin Umair has failed thrice before and was not confident at all that he'll ever pass his test. But a little encouragement from me and a change in driving school along with a lot of patience and even more hard work from Mohsin and my cousin finally managed to pass with flying colours. Thank you!"

23 September 2020 Google review logo

Danny Wilkinson, South Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is a really nice guy. He is a very good instructor, helped me pass first time in under 14 hours of lessons. I would recommend mohsin highly to anyone learning to drive."

16 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Anthony Peterside, Croydon, Surrey

Anthony passed after automatic lessons Croyudon"I would 100% recommend Elite Driving School, especially Mohsin! He helped me a lot, and was very good at communicating his teachings along to me. He did an amazing job at making me understand where I was making mistakes, and provided explanations as to how I can correct these errors. I passed my driving test with only three faults. I would always look forward to when next I would drive with him, and I would certainly miss having a good laugh every now and then! Thanks again Mohsin, for everything :)."

15 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Maria Bacero, Whyteleafe, Surrey

Passed after automatic driving lessons Crawley

"I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure when I was learning to drive with my husband and decided to get proper driving lessons. A good friend recommended Elite and Mohsin as the instructor. He is very patient and he explains really well in a way that I was able to understand the lessons easily. Very knowledgeable and honest, and I have learned a lot in a short period of time. I passed first time! Money and time spent was well worth it. I would highly recommend Mohsin to anyone who wants to pass their practical test."

02 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Annie Collins, Purley, Surrey

Passed in automatic West Wickham

"I never thought I would be able to drive. I was super nervous about the whole experience and lacked confidence. Mohsin was very patient, reassuring and kind during my time as a learner driver. Lessons were well paced and I was able to progress through the training quickly, whilst still within my comfort levels. In the end, I was fully prepared for the test and went on to pass first time."

22 July 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Eunice Kisakye, Horsham, Surrey

MI Eunice100 200819

"I had to change my driving test Centre because of Covid. My instructor Moshin was very coperative agreed to come all the way from Westwickam to Crawley to help me do da test. I failed the first one but my instructor said I can really pass this test. I reapplied for the critically worker test got one in 4days time. He still said take the opportunity coz u can. Came with me did 2 lessons n PASSED. Well. Much appreciated yo help, flexibility and courage."

01 July 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Rachelle Cabautan, Purley, Surrey

MI Racelle 200302"Having only experienced being taught by one driving instructor here in the UK, and that is Mohsin from Elite Driving School, I have no one to compare him to but I can confidently say he is a brilliant driving instructor. I am very fortunate that I had my lessons with him. Mohsin is friendly, very patient, considerate, knowledgeable, honest, practical and just simply the best instructor a learner driver could ever hope and ask for. No lesson was ever dull with him and every week I was looking forward to our lessons because I know I will learn a lot of things and I definitely did. He is so good in observing and knowing what I need to improve on that I keep mental notes when he corrects me and I try to remember and apply what he says that a week before my test, I was feeling confident as he was with me. I passed on my first try with one minor. Needless to say, he is a great asset to this company. I have the greatest regard for him and definitely would recommend him. The only sad part is I’m going to miss listening to his chatter and banter when I get my own car, lol. Cheers Moh! Thanks so much and all the best."

02 March 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Mohammed Jaffar, Tooting, South London

"PROFESSIONAL SERVICE After driving for a long time in India. I had developed many bad habits. Mohsin was a God send. He introduced me to mirrors and boy that made a difference. I was very aware of my surroundings and that made me a fabulous driver. He introduced me to alot of new things yet didn't try and change many of my habits that wouldn't cause a massive danger on the road. His techniques are awesome as he uses various methods to explain things in detail. He explains the risk element of every thing and makes you analyse for yourself. Thanks Mo Man. I passed my test the first time with your help and trust."

22 February 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Saif Kidwai, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an amazing instructor he made me feel confident when driving and always helped me to understand everything. He taught me things at my own pace. He has a positive attitude towards his students.Before my final driving test he took a few mock test and this really helped me to identify my weak areas and work on them and it also made me more confident during the test. I will strongly recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you very much Mr. Mohsin and God bless you."

12 February 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Saburi Igbintade, Croydon, Surrey

"Thanks to Elite Driving School & to my instructor Mohsin for the Job well done & passing my Practical Test today and Mohsin is a very good driving instructor. Very patient, understanding and accommodating. If you don't understand something he will take is time to explain and provides plenty of feedback. Over time I was able to build up my confidence and pass! Big Thank to you Mohsin and Elite Driving!"

01 February Google review logo

Valerie Marks, Thornton Heath, London

"I would like to extend my gratitude to Mohsin from Elite Driving School for helping me during my time learning with him. Your encouragement and thoroughness helped me to pass my driving test, something I didn’t think I could achieve. I would highly recommend Mohsin to anyone out there looking for a very friendly, professional automatic instructor Thank you Mohsin, you are simply the best!"

16 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Khaleelulla, New Cross, London

"I passed my driving test! Genuinely Am very happy to give review about this driving school, mainly credit goes to mr Mohsin ……My driving instructor, he is very good instructor And very friendly…. Mohsin did speechless to me because whatever he have done was fantastic job, I will definitely recommend … Thanks again to Mohsin."

16 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Hamda Abdillahi, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an excellent instructor he was very professional, patient, friendly and easy to get along with. At the beginning, I wasn’t a confident driver at all. With his great teaching and advice I now feel very confident and comfortable when driving. Mohsin is amazing at explaining things, and gave me good feedback after each lesson. This definitely helped me gain the skills and knowledge I needed. I passed first time with Mohsin, I would highly recommend him!!
Thank you so much!"

19 December 2019 Google review logo

Nasi Faghirzadeh, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"After 7 years of doing lessons on and off in a manual car and giving up so many times and failing twice, I decided to contact Elite based on the good reviews and I’m so glad I did. My instructor was Mohsin and he taught me absolutely everything that previous instructors hadn’t. I never in a million years thought that I would pass and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mohsin!"

24 December 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Angel, Croydon, Surrey

"This is basically the only driving school I had. My instructor was Mohsin. He was very encouraging and patient at the same time firm. I passed my test due to his hard work and effort. Recommend anyone to use Elite and if u have the privilege of Mohsin as your instructor your onto a pass. Thanks so so much. Happy customer lol"

16 November 2019 Google review logo

Wilfried Togba, Croydon, Surrey

"I enjoyed working with mohsin. He is a very dedicated and professional instructor. He was very helpful in providing the support and help I needed to pass my test, I highly recommend him for anyone wishing to pass their driving test. Thank you mohsin."

28 November 2019 freeindex review

Maria Pisaru, Tooting , London

"My road to getting a license, has been a lengthy one. But that came to MI Maria10 191201an end when I met my instructor, Mohsin. I had some wrong knowledge to begin with and that was making me vulnerable to committing mistakes. And he was able to tell me why I was doing them and of course how not to do them again. I think it’s very important that you have an instructor that makes the whole experience enjoyable while learning.
I am a confident driver now! And that’s thanks to my instructor and his persistence and belief in me.
I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything went and how patient, professionals but friendly at the same time Mohsin has been.
Thank you!"

21 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Zartashia, Kenley, Surrey

Zartashia passed with Mohsin"Fantastic experience and passed in the first go. My instructor was Mohsin and he did superb job teaching me even the smallest things I could have missed. Thank you so much. A* service."

18 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

N R Kelly, Sydenham, London

MI Neil100 191118"Thanks to Mohsin I passed 2nd time. Hes a really great instructor. He met my needs and worked on my weak points. Thanks again for your time and patience I now have my license!!"

"This is basically the only driving school I had. My instructor was Mohsin. He was very encouraging and patient at the same time firm. I passed my test due to his hard work and effort. Recommend anyone to use Elite and if u have the privilege of Mohsin as your instructor your onto a pass. Thanks so so much. Happy customer lol"

15 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Asif Ghaffar, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Asif passed with Mohsin"A very big thank you to my instructor Mohsin. His knowledge, way of teaching and above all patience made me comfortable and more confident behind the wheels. Most amazing thing about him is that his friendly and professional approach not just make you a confident driver but a safe driver. I’d highly recommend Mohsin."

14 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Taiwo Afolabi, Dulwich, London

"Well what can I say! Mohsin has been an amazing instructor; the best out of 3 instructors that I have had. Been trying to get my licence for over 2 years now and I was finally successful with the precise teaching skills from Mohsin. I would recommend him to any students that are finding it difficult passing their test."

05 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Koffi Koko, Croydon, Surrey

Koffi passed after lessons with instructor Moh"It was an Amazing experience with mohsin and I love it, he was really professional and highly experience person and I would highly recommend him. He is the man Thank you very much mohsin Koko"

19 July 2019

Angelo Pandolfi,

"Had a 10/10 experience with Elite with Mohsin as my instructor. He was an extremely patient & skilled teacher and had me test ready within 3 weeks. Would highly recommend using these guys, worth every penny."

16 September 2019 freeindex review Google review logo


Mick Dillin, South Norwood, London

Mick passed after automatic lessons in Croydon"Mohsin Iqbal has been an incredible driving instructor. I had my driving test 22/10/19 and I passed first time with only 2 minors. I always felt relaxed and confident with him as an instructor, and he always explained things to me very clearly which also helped me pass my theory first time. He taught me everything from scratch and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons, and have always felt at ease and not stressed with Mohsin as my instructor. Even in the run up to the test, I didn’t feel stressed at all and felt very prepared and confident going into it. Mohsin is a unique driving instructor, and I’m incredibly lucky to have met him and work with him to obtain my driving license so smoothly, quickly and with lots of skillful knowledge.
If you want my advice and want to have the best possible chance of passing your test first time, hire Mohsin."

22 October 2019

Katie O'Riordan, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an incredible driving instructor. I have attempted to learn to drive twice before but my lack of confidence and anxiety held me back. Mohsin instilled a great amount of confidence in me. His teaching is clear and concise and he always made the lessons fun and enjoyable. Although I wish I’d learnt to drive many years ago, I’m grateful that I learnt with Mohsin, as I don’t think I would have passed or gained confidence with any other instructor. Highly, Highly recommend Mohsin."

10 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Sherine Pereira, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"My driving Instructor was Mohsin.
He was very calm and made me feel comfortable from the get go. His technique when teaching was so adaptable to how you were on the day gave me confidence I was in the best hands.
I passed on my second go round, the first was simply neves, but Mohsin kept me calm gave me the techniques and confidence I needed to pass and now I can say I am officially a driver thanks to his patience."

14 October 2019

Dennis Yambao, Purley, Surrey

Dennis passed with Mohsin"What I like from Mohsin is his honesty. He’s upfront about things you need to work and he will tell you when you don’t need anymore lessons. He’s also a calming effect when you’re behind the wheel. Definitely would recommend him!"

10 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Mihir Gandecha, Croydon, Surrey

Mihir passe with Mohsin"Best driving instructor EVER! Like the Four Seasons hotel, service, value, and quality could not be better. Passed with 4 (realistically 3 minors) today and was only slightly, marginally panicked at the start however Mohsin's confidence of me passing led me to victory. I enjoyed his lessons thoroughly (literally buzzing before every lesson) and enjoyed each joke that was made. Also very much respect his honesty, how he would tell the driver if he/she was ready or not, which was much appreciated. Furthermore, Mohsin identifies each mistake and rectifies it Moin an instant. He will keep on explaining a problem until it is understood. Therefore I cannot stress how much I recommend as his service was impeccable. Bahut dhanyavaad Mohsin you're the best instructor in the universe! Mihir."

08 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Edrine, Douglas, Horsham, West Sussex

Edrin passed with Mohsin"Today I passed my driving test on the first attempt with only 6 faults. I knew I would pass because I have been with the best instructor Mohsin ! So great , Very supportive, polite and patient. He tailors the lessons to the student needs and builds your confidence towards the end goal which is being a safe driver and also off course ‘practical driving test’ ?. I couldn’t have passed my test without Mohsin ‘s support and patience. I have been travelling from Horsham to take lesson with him in Croydon not because there are no instructors in horsham but he is definitely worth it. It’s the way he mends his lesson plan to suit your needs and turns you into a real good driver. I’m very happy to recommend Mohsin to any learner who wants a an instructor with sheer knowledge and patience."

07 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Jonathan, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed with 1 minor after exemplary tutelage from Moh. Always felt very comfortable in the car and properly equipped to drive safely and successfully on the road. Couldn’t recommend highly enough - no need to look elsewhere."

21 September 2019

Saba, City of London

"Thanks Mohsin for building up my confidence and helping me get back behind the wheel after 5 years of no driving.
Very relaxed and easy driving. Nice car too!"

16 September 2019 freeindex review

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