Mohsin Iqbal

"Moh has been an amazing instructor! I’m so glad i had the chance to learn with him from Elite. All thanks to him, i passed my driving test first time! Would recommend Moh to everyone. He made lessons very informative, clear and yet fun. He’d always make sure to explain things in the most simple way so that i could understand. Moh was always on time, never late, infact he was always early and was great at communicating. He was quite patient with me and remained calm during all situations and never made me feel bad about myself or uncomfortable. The ideal driving instructor! Whenever i made a mistake, i was able to learn from it and Moh would ensure to ask throughout and at the end of each lesson if i had any questions. Moh from Elite is literally the best, many thanks for being an outstanding instructor and helping me pass my driving test first time!!"

17 May 2022 Google review logo

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