Mohsin Iqbal

Max passes his automatic test at West Wickham"Mohsin is an extraordinarily patient, committed, and thorough teacher. He throws you in the deep end with a considerable amount of independent driving from the get-go, but he always complements hands-on practical experience with demonstrations, instructions, and feedback. He pushes you enough to improve your skills each lesson, but never so much as to put you in an unsafe situation on the road. Mohsin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of driving rules, ettiquette, and pitfalls, and there was not a single question of mine that he couldn’t answer (he even informed me about the history of windscreen wipers). It was clear from the few occasions where he had to use the emergency brake that he is switched-on and constantly attentive to potential hazards (he does not daydream in the passenger seat; his eyes are always glued to the road). Additionally, he is very flexible and accommodating when it comes to scheduling lessons — there were probably a dozen times that he let me re-schedule a lesson at short notice. Crucially, he is full of good banter, and definitely makes you feel welcome. More than anything however, he is personally invested in your success in the driving test: it genuinely matters to him whether you pass or fail, and he goes the extra mile and then some to ensure that you are in the best possible position to pass your test."

20 March 2019

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