Mohsin Iqbal

Mihir passe with Mohsin"Best driving instructor EVER! Like the Four Seasons hotel, service, value, and quality could not be better. Passed with 4 (realistically 3 minors) today and was only slightly, marginally panicked at the start however Mohsin's confidence of me passing led me to victory. I enjoyed his lessons thoroughly (literally buzzing before every lesson) and enjoyed each joke that was made. Also very much respect his honesty, how he would tell the driver if he/she was ready or not, which was much appreciated. Furthermore, Mohsin identifies each mistake and rectifies it Moin an instant. He will keep on explaining a problem until it is understood. Therefore I cannot stress how much I recommend as his service was impeccable. Bahut dhanyavaad Mohsin you're the best instructor in the universe! Mihir."

08 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

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