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Crawley, West Sussex

Driving lessons areas covered

RH1, RH2, RH6, RH10, RH11

Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Crawley

Paul stubbington driving instructor Crawley West Sussexdvsa approved driving instructor Paul Stubbington

Training vehicle

Vauxhall Viva, petrol, in red

Services offered

Manual Driving Lessons

Refresher and Motorway Lessons


Instructor since 2014

elite manual driving lessons Redhill

Biography - Paul Stubbington driving instructor

"I have been driving for over 30 years, and have a vast experience of being a road user.  I decided to become a driving instructor as I knew that I could combine skills I have gained in previous vocations to this role, and a good friend who was already an instructor recommended I contact Ian at ELITE, as he trained with him a few years ago."

"My working history has taken me from insurance, to working in graphics for newspapers, and multi-drop couriering around London.  In that time, particularly when working in the newspapers I have trained and mentored countless people, and would say that I have been able to develop my skills in being patient, to have an understanding of individuals training needs, and established a good rapport with all the people I have trained.  My experience in couriering in and around London really developed my awareness of other road users actions, and I know that anticipation is a large part of making a safe driver, not just operating the controls of a vehicle.  I have witnessed far too many collisions that could have been avoided simply through greater awareness."

"I am enthusiastic about, and simply enjoy driving, and I am keen to impart my knowledge and help people become not only good drivers, but safe and courteous ones too."

Paul's Testimonials

Cameron Hayward, Crawley, West Sussex

"I recommend Paul Stubbington, after 12 hours with him I was able to pass my driving test with 2 minors! His method of teaching was clear and patient making sure that I was fully prepared for my test."

10 June 2022 freeindex review

Ionel Constantin, Crawley, West Sussex

" Paul Stubbington from Elite Driving School was an amazing instructor with very clear and good ways of teaching me driving, manoeuvers and generall driving which lead to me passing first time today. I recommend him 100%."

14 April 2022 freeindex review

Chloe Burdett, Horley, Surrey

PS Chloe 220226"I had my lessons with Paul Stubbinston and he was a very patient instructor he helped me pass. Couldn’t of asked for a better instructor."

26 February 2022 freeindex review

Summer Haus, Redhill, Surrey

"Paul stubbington was an excellent instructor! Driving didn’t come naturally to me and he was patient, calming and exactly what I needed to pass! He was the third instructor I had and I am so grateful I was recommended to him because I don’t believe I would ever have passed if it wasn’t for him. I would recommend him to anyone as he tailors the lessons exactly to your needs."

24 February 2022 freeindex review

Joanna Witek, Crawley, West Sussex

"Paul Stubbington was my driving instructor and I cannot thank him enough. I passed second time and all thanks to him. Paul was extremely professional and patient, very knowledge. His tips, lessons and advice helped me to pass my exam. Every time when I felt stressed or needed reassurance- Paul was always there for me. I can highly recommend him as I couldn't do it without him. Thank you Paul once again. It was a pleasure meeting you."

22 February 2022 freeindex review

Kayalvily Grish, Crawley, West Sussex

"I’m really thankful to my wonderful instructor Paul who made the learning to drive very pleasant and peaceful. I passed my driving test few days before. I always admire my instructor Paul for his professionalism, patient and timing. I feel proud of him and recommend to anyone who wants to learn driving."

17 January 2022 freeindex review

Aaron Giggs, Redhill, Surrey

"I've had lessons with Paul since June 2019. He was always a reliable instructor and always helped me gain confidence along my learning journey for driving. Although, I had failed a couple of times, Paul always helped me pick up my confidence again and gave very good, constructive feedback. It was a pleasure to have learned with him."

29 November 2021 freeindex review

Tarra Amedee, Redhill, Surrey

"Thankful to my instructor, Paul Satbington for providing a professional and accommodating environment for learning. Your teaching allowed me to succeed on first attempt. I would recommend him to anyone. Very patient."

26 September 2021 freeindex review

Elisa Adamoli, Horley, Surrey

"I’ve just passed my driving test and I would like to recommend Paul Stubbington from Elite. He has been a great instructor, really supportive and helpful building my confidence as a driver. I had a very bad experience with another instructor before him and to be honest on my 1st lesson with Paul I learned more than in many lessons with my previous instructor. He is an excellent professional, always on time, always there to answer everything I needed to know, to explain things and expand my knowledge."

19 September 2021 freeindex review

Meg Yates, Redhill, Surrey

"I had Paul throughout the Covid pandemic. He provided a reliable and consistent teaching process in which I passed my test first time and within 6 months of lesson-taking. I highly recommend Paul!"

24 August 2021 freeindex review

Katie Woodman, Redhill, Surrey

Katie passed with Paul"After 12 years since my last unsuccessful attempt to pass, I nervously booked in for lessons with Paul."

"Paul’s calm informative teaching style really was what I needed and, despite some disruption due to the Pandemic Lockdowns, I can happily say that I passed with 1 minor!"
"I couldn’t recommend Paul enough!"

21 June 2021 freeindex review

Harry Triance, Redhill, Surrey

"My Instructor Paul was Brilliant he was so helpful and able to work with my busy schedule, he was an excellent teacher who had a lot of patience for me which resulted in me passing my driving test first time all thanks to him."

10 June 2021 freeindex review

Summer Harrison, Redhill, Surrey

"I highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor. He was patient and had lots of knowledge. He gave me lots of tips how to improve my driving skills and be safer on the road in the future after passing."

16 May 2021 freeindex review

Malgorzata Witek, Crawley, West Sussex

"Strongly recommend Paul Stubbington. Professional instructor with lots of knowledge. Calm, patient, always punctual. Very positive and I simply enjoy to have a lesson's with him. He gave me lots of tips how to improve my driving skills and by safer on the road in the future. I pass my licence on 29th April 2021 after long time of waiting due to COVID. I will highly recommend Paul to all my friends and family. ??Dreaming about driving licence? Call Paul. He will make your dream come true."

30 April 2021 freeindex review

Ayan Shahid, Redhill, Surrey

"I recently passed my driving test after having lessons with Paul Stubbington. He was very helpful in building confidence going into the driving test by practicing on exam style routes. He also gave very helpful advice in controlling the clutch and for all the different manoeuvres. Overall, he was very helpful and I felt he helped me be fully prepared for the driving test."

29 April 2021 freeindex review

Callum Ware, Redhill, Surrey

Calum passed with Paul

"I would recommend elite driving, Paul and Ian as they are both very knowledgeable, helpful and wonderful instructors 5* review from me."

08 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Vinu Babu, Redhill, Surrey

"I would recommend the Elite driving institute especially Paul Stubbington in Redhill area. He is very helpful, calm and friendly. I passed my test in first attempt itself with the help of Paul."

24 October 2020 freeindex review

Alice Davis, Horley, Surrey

Alice took manual lessons with Paul"I passed my test today after having lessons with Paul. He was always so calm and explained everything thoroughly ensuring I understood everything. 100% recommend."

18 August 2020 freeindex review

Mason Edwards, Redhill, Surrey

"I wouldn’t of passed without Paul he was very good and made sure I understood everything I was doing before moving on to something else."

13 August 2020 freeindex review

Paulina Gregorek, Crawley, West Sussex

Paulina passed with Paul inCrawley"I have passed my driving test today. My intructor was Paul. Really patient and calm teacher, he did make sure I understand all the maneuvers and feel confident in the car. I would definitely recommend Paul and Elite driving school :)."

17 March 2020 freeindex review

Jamie Newton, Horley, Surrey

e_mode":"AutoModule","faces":["217_-644_442_-475"]}"Paul Stubbington was my driving instructor. Though I started with no knowledge on driving a car, I was able to develop the skills quickly yet safely with Paul's teaching. He was easy to talk to and helped me understand concepts easily. I would highly recommend taking elite lessons with him."

02 March 2020

Teagwen Cameron, Reigate, Surrey

Teagwen passed with Paul"Whilst at Elite, I had two instructors due to unforeseen circumstances, the swapping of instructors was managed really well, I had a second instructor within a week! My second instructor, Paul, really helped me to build my confidence in the lead up to my driving test, always putting me at ease in all of our lessons. Having failed my test the first time around, Paul helped me to identify and work on my weaker areas, allowing me to pass the second time! I really liked how Paul organised his lessons, helping you to prepare for driving in general rather than just passing your test. Would definitely recommend Paul and Elite."

20 February 2020 freeindex review

Dan Coldrey, Reigate, Surrey

Dan passed after lessons with Paul in Reigate"My instructor was Pual, who provided a great service to me. He was very patient reliable and constructive. Overall he had a very professional approach to organising and carrying out each lesson. I would certainly recommend him as in instructor for anyone learning to drive."

11 February 2020 freeindex review

Sophie Thompson, Horley, Surrey

"My instructor was Paul. I'm very pleased I passed my test with his help. His teaching was great and his reference points for the manoeuvres were very helpful. Thank you."

28 December 2019 freeindex review

Anna W, Redhill, Surrey

Anna passed after lessons with Paul in Redhill"Had Paul as my instructor based in Redhill. He has been incredibly helpful, especially giving me tips and reference points for parking. He's definitely made me more confident in driving. Passed first time!"

14 November 2019 freeindex review

Lucy Pigram, Horley, Surrey

Lucy passed after lessons with Paul"My instructor as Paul and he was very calming and made me feel confident in the car even in my 1st lesson. Even though I passed first time, Paul helped me understand where I went wrong and what I needed to improve and I felt confident again straight away. I passed 2nd time with only a few faults! I highly recommend having Paul as your instructor if you choose Elite!"

06 November 2019

Sonia Beltramelli, Redhill, Surrey

"I am very happy with my experience with Elite. Paul Stubbington is a very good instructor. He is supportive and polite, that made a big difference to my experience. Paul is also very patient which has a calming effect on a nervous driver like myself. He identifies what your mistakes are and explains a problem until it is understood, he listens at your concerns and helps overcome difficulties. If it hadn't been for Paul's skills as an instructor, I doubt I would have been able to gain the confidence to pass my driving test. I recommend Paul as a driving instructor as his service is 5 stars."

16 October 2019

Julan Karanjit, Redhill, Surrey

"Thanks to my instructor Paul! As I have passed my test today first time. I was very nervous about driving but Paul was very patient, kept me calm and made me feel comfortable when driving. I would highly recommend Elite driving school and Paul as a Instructor."

07 October 2019

Muhammad Ahamed, Horley, West Sussex

"I passed my Driving Test on 16th of September. Paul Stubbington was my instructor. He's very calm, skillful and helpful, as I started from the scratch. I Had some of my lesson in my office lunch time, and weekend, he kindly managed that for me. Paul is overall good instructor with good patience. Thanks a lot Paul."

07 October 2019

Amy S, Crawley, West Sussex

Amy passed her test with Paul after taking lessons in Crawley"I passed my test first time with 3 minors all thanks to my instructor Paul! I would recommend Paul to everyone and anyone. He is patient and made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. He never got angry when I made mistakes and gave reassurance when it was needed. Paul made the lessons fun, whilst also allowing me to gain all the knowledge and experience I needed to be able to pass! Thank you again to Paul and Elite!"

15 August 2019

Melissa Newman, Horley, Surrey

"I learned to drive with Paul Stubbington, I really recommend him to everyone. He was always patient and supportive and helped me to pass my test first time."

10 July 2019

Miles Baker, Redhill, Surrey

"I had Paul and only need lesson on to pass the test but Paul did that and more he made me a more Cautious driver and made me more aware of my surroundings definitely using him for my girlfriend lessons."

25 May 2019

Robbie C, Horley, Surrey

"During the time I spent learning to drive, I had two fantastic instructors from Elite - PJ and Paul. The knowledge I gained from both, and the fun I had during my lessons helped to form a milestone in my life that I'll not soon forget!"

"Thank you for always being so patient friendly, especially considering how nerve-wracking I used to find driving."

25 May 2019

Nick Bell, Redhill, Surrey

"I had a couple of refresher lessons with Paul in the Crawley area, as I hadn't driven for 15 years, when I originally passed my test. He very quickly helped me get my confidence in driving again, and tailored the lessons to my needs. He was also adaptive to my growing confidence, developing my independence as a driver. After 2 2 hour lessons he confirmed that I had shown the skills to be able to drive on my own - testament to his driving instruction."

"All in all I was very happy with the end result and the speed with which he helped me get my confidence back to drive. Thanks Paul!"

Valentin Priceputu, Redhill, Surrey

"I would like to say thank you to Paul Stubbington for providing me with excellent lessons and always giving me feedback on areas where needed and I would highly recommend Elite Driving School. Thanks for all the work that you have done !"

18 April 2019

Lucy Baxter, Purley, Surrey

"Today, I have passed my driving test! My instructor Paul Stubbington has a calm, friendly but professional persona, which made me feel relaxed and confident right from my first lesson. I was nervous in the beginning but Paul’s patience and expertise gave me the confidence I needed. He also gave good advice to learn the manoeuvres easily and effectively. Thank you to Paul for teaching me all I needed to know and wouldn’t have passed without him."

08 April 2019

Nirmani, Croydon, Surrey

A pass after taking lessons with Elite Driving School in Croydon"All I can say if you would like to pass your exam promptly Mr. Paul is the best instructor you must choose. I’ve been to many other companies and instructors but I have never had someone like Mr. Paul. He is a very patience and very punctual. Also he has vast knowledge and he does his job very efficiently and honestly…and also me and my husband both learned from Mr. Paul and we both much appreciate what he did for us. Please all take my word you will never regret......"

04 April 2019

Melissa O'Donnell, Reigaet, Surrey

Melisa passed at Redhill after taking lessons with Paul"Thankyou to paul for being my driving instructor and helping me to pass first time! I would highly recommend ELITE to anybody even if you have no experience in driving, this is an amazing company to work with and personally my instructor was so flexible when working around my college hours. Paul is an incredible instructor who was clearly very experienced and was very patient with me. His tips and advice have really helped me feel more confident as a new driver. Thanks again!"

01 February 2019

Alex Clowes, Crawley, West Sussex

"Passed my test in Crawley with just 2 minors in a manual car. Paul was great at accommodating my work schedule, and really good at explaining how I could improve and what I needed to focus on. He was 5 minutes early to every lesson, and always sent a confirmation text the day before."

26 January 2019

David Marsden, Kenley, Surrey

171212 David"I’ve been with a couple of driving instructors before and they were mostly the same type of attitude not very professional, I was close of calling it quits driving for some more years but I got recommended Paul by a good friend of mine, so I tried it out and I couldn’t fault Paul on nothing every time I felt nervous Paul would reassure me and talk about what I’m nervous about. If you do something wrong he doesn’t get angry or annoyed he will just ask you to pull over and give you a quick demo run and let’s yiu carry on. Overall Paul was the one that got me to pass my driving test first time at west Wickham test centre and I can’t thank you enough Thanks Paul."

Samuel Quainoo, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Samuel passed in Croydon after taking driving lessons with Paul"The best instructor I have had so far. Attention to details is exceptional."

12 December 2018

David Fearon, Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor Paul was great from the start, very patient and helped me every step of the way and very easy to speak to. Helped me overcome my fail to go on to pass. If I had to do it all again I would definitely choose Paul. Many thanks"

25 October 2018

Megan Cormican, Purley, Surrey

Megan passed after taking lessons with Paul"I started having lessons with Paul on my 17th Birthday in June this year and am delighted to have passed my test first time and with only 1 minor!! I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul as he was very reliable and organised. He always made me feel at ease and explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Paul and Elite it was a great experience. Thanks Paul."

15 October 2018

Sean H, Croydon, Surrey

Sean passed ,at Croydon test centre after taking lessons with Paul"Would highly recommend Elite. Had Paul as my instructor and passed first time. Lessons always started on time and were very clear and productive. Very professional throughout."

05 October 2018

R D Burton, Croydon, Surrey

Robin passed after taking driving lessons with Paul"Passed my test first time with driving instructor Paul Stubbington. I decided to go with Elite Driving school and Paul after having reviewed the many options and seen all the good reviews. The lessons were clear and planned and took place at a comfortable pace. Paul really know the road and how to work with peoples skills and reservations to make the best possible learning plan. I also had many stops and starts due to out university and work schedules and Paul worked around this. Passed first time so obviously made a good choice!"

10 September 2018

Luca Loannou, South Croydon, Surrey

"I would highly recommended elite driving school to anyone. I had Paul as my instructor and was very satisfied with the lessons that I had with him. I passed first time with Paul and would recommend him anyone that is wanting to learn Manual. Brilliant service."

13 July 2018

Ken MacRonald, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"I started having refresher lessons with Paul this year after having not driven for a while and I found him to be a brilliant instructor. Paul was very calm and patient and explained things very clearly in a way that was easy to understand. Paul worked on my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to improve on both. Paul was also 100% reliable and would always turn up for my lesson 5 minutes early and would send me a confirmation text the day before. I would recommend Paul to anyone who's looking to learn to drive or like me looking to take some refresher lessons."

03 July 2018

Ian Thomas, Croydon, Surrey

Ian passed his test after taking lessons with Paul"I’m so glad that I got Paul as my instructor. He’s so easy to talk to and having never driven before prior to starting lessons with him, he immediately made me feel comfortable. He let me take things at my own pace and would always thoroughly explain everything I needed to know. He always arrived at least 5 minutes early and always tried to fit lessons around my schedule. Paul is an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend him and Elite Driving School to anyone looking to start taking lessons.
Cheers Paul."

29 June 2018

James Hunter, Coulsdon, Surrey

James passed his test after taking driving lessons with Paul in Croydon"Paul is an excellent instructor, always punctual, patient and understanding. He is someone that goes the extra mile, explains everything clearly and puts you at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and it is testament to Paul that I passed first time with only one minor.
I would highly recommend Paul and Elite Driving School to anyone thinking of taking lessons."

26 June 2018

Charles Dimerio, Wallington, Surrey

Charlie passed after taking driving lessons with Paul"Paul is a fantastic driving instructor. He never loses his patience, always has time to explain things calmly and thoroughly and has made the learning process incredibly easy. He was always at my house five minutes early and would happily run over the lesson free of charge if he felt he wasn’t done explaining things. He is an asset to Elite and I would recommend him to any friends or family. Thanks Paul!"

22 June 2018

Christopher Sardarsingh, Croydon, Surrey

Chris passed after taking driving lessons with Elite instructor Paul in Croydon"I just passed my driving test and I am pleased to say it is all thanks to Paul. With his guidance I probably wouldn't have been able to pass as quickly as I did. He was always on time and would always notify you the day before your lesson to make sure you can still attend. It is absolutely worth it for the money you pay and I will start recommending him to friends and family. Thank you again!!"

7 June 2018

Omar Latif, Croydon, Surrey

Omar passed his test after taking lessons with Elite instructor Paul"Elite Driving School offer a great service to all learners looking to pass as soon as possible. Their instructors are very kind and patient, they are also very good teachers and listeners. Recommend to anybody looking to learn how to drive."

05 June 2018

Kayleigh Henry, Croydon, Surrey

Kayleigh passed her test at West Wickham test centre after taking lessons with Elite instructor Paul"I would like to give a big thank you to Paul at Elite, for being extremely supportive during my learning to drive experience! I was a very nervous person at the beginning, but Paul’s lessons meant that all of the skills I learned in each lesson can be used in day-to-day driving! Paul was very reliable and on time during each lesson, and he was flexible which meant that I could still complete lessons that fit in with my college timetable. I am now such a confident driver, and this is because of all of the support Paul gave me. I would definitely recommend Paul, and I have already recommended him to many friends and family members who want to drive. Thank you Paul!"

27 May 2018

Rhiannon Edwards, West Wickham, Surrey

Rhiannon passed her test first time after lessons with Paul'Thanks to my instructor Paul with his calm manner and teaching. I was able to pass my driving test first time. Highly recommend elite driving school.'

06 May 2018

Hazal, Croydon, Surrey

Hazal passed after taking lessons with Paul in Croydon"I’ve had couple other Instructors in the past however none has been as greet as Paul with his knowledge and ability to teach his students the correct techniques. It’s been a pleasant experience and would recommend Paul to others!"

20 April 2018

Gilly, Caterham, Surrey

Neve passed after taking driving lessons in Croydon with Paul"Massive thank you to Paul Stubbington of Elite for helping my daughter through her driving test - she was so relieved to find an instructor who made her feel at ease and built her confidence in such a short space of time - we highly recommend you to anyone and everyone! Thank you!!"

13 April 2018

Rebecca Kurz, Croydon, Surrey

Rebecca Passed with PAul in Croydon"Andy was a great instructor, really put me at ease when I was driving and helped to boost my confidence. So glad I picked elite and got Andy and very grateful that he helped me pass my test."

19 March 2018

Nauman Adeeb, Croydon, Surrey

Nauman passed with Paul "I feel so proud Paul worked on a lot for me and updated me on the rules as I had been driving in another country."

05 March 2018

Sanan Arshad, Coulsdon, Surrey

Sanan passed her test with Paul at Carshalton test centre"Choosing Elite was a no brainer. My instructor Paul was great and very patient with me. He would break things down until I finally got it and would always work on my weaknesses driving. He would turn up on time and always sent a reminder text the day before. He's reliable and very knowledgeable but will get you from being a nervous driver to a confident one in no time!"

23 February 2018

Roselyn Healy-Yorke, South Croydon, Surrey

"I went with Elite two years ago for my driving lessons as I heard such great things about them. I had Paul as my instructor and he was fantastic. I was pretty nervous at first but he made me very comfortable and confident in a short amount of time. I had around 15-20 lessons and then had my test, which I passed first go! Big thanks for Elite for a great service. Cr."

22 February 2018

Max Pacey, Purlay, Surrey

Max passed his test at Mitcham with Elite instructor Paul"Paul always turned up on time and was an exceptional teacher, no issues or problems! Glad I chose Elite, passed second time with flexible lessons and text reminders the day before a lesson."

22 February 2018

Bethany Miles, South Croydon, Surrey

Bethany passed with Paul 1st time at West Wickham"I decided to return to driving after a few years break and passed my test first time yesterday. I learned with Paul and would definitely recommend him to all. Paul is calm and friendly and very good at making you feel at ease and if you make mistakes he will talk you through it so you can learn from it but will never make you feel bad about it. He is also very flexible and it was really great that I could fit my driving lessons around my busy work schedule!"

21 February 2018

Marco Palmieri, Coulsdaon, Surrey

"Lessons where well planed, and their was clear progression each lessons, this helped me pass quickly. The lessons where very flexible and where made to fit perfectly into my schedule."

03 January 2018

William Peruscello, Croydon, Surrey

171208PS William"I definitely would recommend the instructor Paul! I managed to pass thanks his straightforward and friendly way to pass the information and instructions you need. Thank you Paul. William."

12 December 2017

Alan Leung, Croydon, Surrey

171206IS Alan"I had 5 wonderful hours with Paul Stubbington over the last week. I paid for an Intensive course as I have had some experience in driving previously. Today I passed with 3 minors and it was all thanks to Paul. I would totally recommend Paul as he is very knowledgeable and his lesson structure is based on what he feels you need to improve on. So, If you are looking for an instructor to teach you the safest way to drive and help you pass, then look no further!! Call up Elite and just ask for Paul Stubbington. You will know what I mean when you meet Paul for your first Lesson. Again, Thank You Paul.. You are the best!"

06 December 2017

Bradley Bass, South Croydon, Surrey

"I had Paul Stubbington as my instructor and he was an exceptional instructor. Provided informative information all the time and helped me to pass my test with only two minors."

"The theory practice website they provide was very helpful too."

"Thank you, Paul!"

22 November 2017

Wouter Hulzebos, Purley, Surrey

"Paul Stubbington was my instructor. Outstanding driving lessons! Paul is calm understanding and friendly. I would recommend Paul to anybody. I passed both the practical and theory exam first time! Thanks again Paul!"

01 October 2017

More of Paul's Testimonials

"I would like to give a big thanks to my instructor Paul Stubbington for his thorough teaching and great support when teaching me from scratch, how to drive! Excellent instructor and I would highly recommend as I passed first time!"

Tai Charles-Martin, Kenley, Surrey

21 September 2016

"I had Paul as my driving instructor, I passed with 2 minors. This man will get you passed your driving test 100 %, Top bloke. Thanks Elite, Thanks once again Paul."

Daniel G, Coulsdon, Surrey

29 July 2016

Shelley"I cannot fault my experience with Paul at Elite. I had been learning prior to my lessons with Elite, however had given up learning with my old instructor as he was knocking my confidence down and was in short, awful! Since taking lessons with Paul my confidence has been built back up. He was always patient and never once rose his voice when I made mistakes. I actually started to enjoy my lessons instead of hate them! I passed first time, and would recommend Paul to anyone thinking of taking up driving lessons, especially if you're a nervous person/ are lacking in confidence. I'm really grateful for Paul's encouragement and support :)"

Shelley Debourde, Carshalton ,Surrey

29 July 2016

"My instructor at elite was Paul Stubbington who not only helped me pass first time but also made sure I was a competent driver before taking my test. Rather than just pointing out mistakes I had made, he helped me to understand why I had made them and how I could improve. Really recommend Paul as a driving instructor as he is calm, and really teaches you how to drive rather than just pass your test."

Matthew Ormandy, Caterham, Surrey

12 July 2016

Shreena"Thanks to Paul Stubbington I passed my test first time! He was patient and enthusiastic, helping me to understand where I had made mistakes and discussing problems or anything I was unsure about. He made lessons enjoyable and boosted my confidence whilst driving around Croydon to ensure I was comfortable with all potential situations that may occur. Would thoroughly recommend both Paul and Elite for the high standard of teaching. "

Shreena Patel, Purley, Surrey

04 July 2016

Mica"I passed first time thanks to Paul. He was very attentive and thorough with every lesson and ensured I was always comfortable and as a female driver that was very important to me. I felt encouraged every step of the way and enjoyed my lessons. I would definitely recommend Elite and Paul especially if you're looking to take driving lessons."

Mica Denny, Croydon, Surrey

08 June 2016

Patricijia"I took my lessons with Paul Stubbington who was great! He was very helpful, patient and understanding. He was teaching me to drive and not just to pass the test, which is something I really liked. Instead of just pointing out mistakes, we would discuss them in detail to make sure I fully understood what's gone wrong and learned from it. By the time I booked my test, I was confident that I knew what I was doing and I passed it first time with only 3 minors! The level of teaching is really very high and I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive (and not just pass)."

Patricija Gavele, Croydon, Surrey

01 June 2016

Jannah"My instructor(Paul)was very helpful and understanding. The level of teaching is really high and when I didn't understand something he went over it again for me. I wasn't pressured and my lessons were always enjoyable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to focus on their driving lessons."

Jannah Oliver-Rowland, Croydon

18 May 2016


"My instructor (Paul) was very helpful and understanding. The level of teaching is really high and when I didn't understand something he went over it again for me. I wasn't pressured and my lessons were always enjoyable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to focus on their driving lessons."

Jannah Oliver-Rowland, Croydon

18 May 2016

"A friend recommended elite to be one of the best driving school there is so I decided to give it a try. This was my first time driving lessons. That's where I met my Instructor Paul, who took me through everything calmly and thoroughly. He was very patient with me, though I made mistakes and always encouraged me and corrected. Felt confident enough to take my test just after about 9 lessons with Paul, but failed the first . Paul took me through my weakness after that time which we worked on for 4 lessons more and this time I was sure I had it. And again I failed, this time one could say I passed but you sometime just get that one test instructor who's just gonna ruin it for you. Now, I have failed twice and more people will just blame it on the instructor and change the driving school , but the way I was comfortable with Paul and how professional he was about his job and patient with me , I didn't change him and had just one more lesson with before I had my 3rd test. This time I passed with just a minor fault. All this was just between a 4 month period. With this said, I highly recommend Paul as he is very proffesional instructor and was always on time. Paul is very patient and understanding with his students."

Jonas Attuquaye-Clottey, Croydon

12 May 2016

Sola"Felt my instructor was very good and always willing to help. He was calm and never shy to offer a word of advise. He gave me a lot of confidence on the road and for that I am grateful. I definitely recommend Paul."

Sola O, Croydon

12 April 2016


Nicholas"I was returning to driving after having last had lessons when I was 17, which was over 15 years ago with a different driving school. I stopped because nerves got to me after two near crashes during lessons entirely due to to other driver errors. Paul assessed my level and took me from a nervous driver, to passing first time. He is a very patient instructor and I would highly recommend Paul and Elite Driving School to any learner drivers. Another thing to add, their free resources to help pass the theory test are superb, I scored 49 out of 50, which is why I have rated the service received as 5 star all round. "

Nicholas Bryant, London

21 March 2016

"I had a great time learning to drive with Paul. He was so patient and really taught me to think through why I was doing things rather than just how to do them. I feel that he has taught me to become a safe driver for life, rather than just to pass my test."

Chris Stroud, Croydon, Surrey

11 September 2015

"A massive thanks to Paul! Having had lessons before, but been messed about by unreliable instructors, I turned to Elite after a recommended from a friend. Paul was so much better than I'd experienced before. After a short assessment he knew straight away where I needed help. I was used to being given orders, and never had anything explained. Paul was very clear in his instructions and helped me to develop understanding as well as my ability, at a pace that suited me. Thanks Paul!"

Jessica Hamblin, Sanderstead, Surrey

02 September 2015

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