Paul Stubbington

"I would like to give a big thanks to my instructor Paul Stubbington for his thorough teaching and great support when teaching me from scratch, how to drive! Excellent instructor and I would highly recommend as I passed first time!"

Tai Charles-Martin, Kenley, Surrey

21 September 2016

"I had Paul as my driving instructor, I passed with 2 minors. This man will get you passed your driving test 100 %, Top bloke. Thanks Elite, Thanks once again Paul."

Daniel G, Coulsdon, Surrey

29 July 2016

Shelley"I cannot fault my experience with Paul at Elite. I had been learning prior to my lessons with Elite, however had given up learning with my old instructor as he was knocking my confidence down and was in short, awful! Since taking lessons with Paul my confidence has been built back up. He was always patient and never once rose his voice when I made mistakes. I actually started to enjoy my lessons instead of hate them! I passed first time, and would recommend Paul to anyone thinking of taking up driving lessons, especially if you're a nervous person/ are lacking in confidence. I'm really grateful for Paul's encouragement and support :)"

Shelley Debourde, Carshalton ,Surrey

29 July 2016

"My instructor at elite was Paul Stubbington who not only helped me pass first time but also made sure I was a competent driver before taking my test. Rather than just pointing out mistakes I had made, he helped me to understand why I had made them and how I could improve. Really recommend Paul as a driving instructor as he is calm, and really teaches you how to drive rather than just pass your test."

Matthew Ormandy, Caterham, Surrey

12 July 2016

Shreena"Thanks to Paul Stubbington I passed my test first time! He was patient and enthusiastic, helping me to understand where I had made mistakes and discussing problems or anything I was unsure about. He made lessons enjoyable and boosted my confidence whilst driving around Croydon to ensure I was comfortable with all potential situations that may occur. Would thoroughly recommend both Paul and Elite for the high standard of teaching. "

Shreena Patel, Purley, Surrey

04 July 2016

Mica"I passed first time thanks to Paul. He was very attentive and thorough with every lesson and ensured I was always comfortable and as a female driver that was very important to me. I felt encouraged every step of the way and enjoyed my lessons. I would definitely recommend Elite and Paul especially if you're looking to take driving lessons."

Mica Denny, Croydon, Surrey

08 June 2016

Patricijia"I took my lessons with Paul Stubbington who was great! He was very helpful, patient and understanding. He was teaching me to drive and not just to pass the test, which is something I really liked. Instead of just pointing out mistakes, we would discuss them in detail to make sure I fully understood what's gone wrong and learned from it. By the time I booked my test, I was confident that I knew what I was doing and I passed it first time with only 3 minors! The level of teaching is really very high and I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive (and not just pass)."

Patricija Gavele, Croydon, Surrey

01 June 2016

Jannah"My instructor(Paul)was very helpful and understanding. The level of teaching is really high and when I didn't understand something he went over it again for me. I wasn't pressured and my lessons were always enjoyable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to focus on their driving lessons."

Jannah Oliver-Rowland, Croydon

18 May 2016


"My instructor (Paul) was very helpful and understanding. The level of teaching is really high and when I didn't understand something he went over it again for me. I wasn't pressured and my lessons were always enjoyable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to focus on their driving lessons."

Jannah Oliver-Rowland, Croydon

18 May 2016

"A friend recommended elite to be one of the best driving school there is so I decided to give it a try. This was my first time driving lessons. That's where I met my Instructor Paul, who took me through everything calmly and thoroughly. He was very patient with me, though I made mistakes and always encouraged me and corrected. Felt confident enough to take my test just after about 9 lessons with Paul, but failed the first . Paul took me through my weakness after that time which we worked on for 4 lessons more and this time I was sure I had it. And again I failed, this time one could say I passed but you sometime just get that one test instructor who's just gonna ruin it for you. Now, I have failed twice and more people will just blame it on the instructor and change the driving school , but the way I was comfortable with Paul and how professional he was about his job and patient with me , I didn't change him and had just one more lesson with before I had my 3rd test. This time I passed with just a minor fault. All this was just between a 4 month period. With this said, I highly recommend Paul as he is very proffesional instructor and was always on time. Paul is very patient and understanding with his students."

Jonas Attuquaye-Clottey, Croydon

12 May 2016

Sola"Felt my instructor was very good and always willing to help. He was calm and never shy to offer a word of advise. He gave me a lot of confidence on the road and for that I am grateful. I definitely recommend Paul."

Sola O, Croydon

12 April 2016


Nicholas"I was returning to driving after having last had lessons when I was 17, which was over 15 years ago with a different driving school. I stopped because nerves got to me after two near crashes during lessons entirely due to to other driver errors. Paul assessed my level and took me from a nervous driver, to passing first time. He is a very patient instructor and I would highly recommend Paul and Elite Driving School to any learner drivers. Another thing to add, their free resources to help pass the theory test are superb, I scored 49 out of 50, which is why I have rated the service received as 5 star all round. "

Nicholas Bryant, London

21 March 2016

"I had a great time learning to drive with Paul. He was so patient and really taught me to think through why I was doing things rather than just how to do them. I feel that he has taught me to become a safe driver for life, rather than just to pass my test."

Chris Stroud, Croydon, Surrey

11 September 2015

"A massive thanks to Paul! Having had lessons before, but been messed about by unreliable instructors, I turned to Elite after a recommended from a friend. Paul was so much better than I'd experienced before. After a short assessment he knew straight away where I needed help. I was used to being given orders, and never had anything explained. Paul was very clear in his instructions and helped me to develop understanding as well as my ability, at a pace that suited me. Thanks Paul!"

Jessica Hamblin, Sanderstead, Surrey

02 September 2015

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