Pierluigi Capparella

Titos passed after taking driving lessons with Elite's instructor Pierluigi in Riegate"The first time I did my driving lessons was tough, it meant trying to find a good instructor who’s teaches well and really gives you the time and patience because you don’t want your money to go to waste. Through the Elite driving school I was assigned PJ as my instructor. The first words that come to mind when you are with PJ is patience, passion and dedication. He will notice your weak points and encourage you to self learn these errors and reflect on how you can do better, he will go above and beyond to prioritise your lessons and will be willing to make himself flexible because he will trust in you before you trust your own driving and suddenly you have a newfound confidence on the road. I highly recommend this driving school and I strongly advise you that you get PJ as an instructor because your money, time and most importantly your road safety will be in great hands."

21 June 2018

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