Pierluigi Capparella

Emilia passed her test at Reigate test centre after taking driving lessons with Elite instructor Pierluigi"I have recently just passed my driving test and I would love to thank Pierluigi Capparella for all his help and support along the way! I honestly believe that I wouldn’t had passed if it weren’t for he’s consistent support, advice and guidance. He was very friendly and will make you feel more than comfortable behind the wheel! Is there is any elements you are unsure with he will ensure that he goes over it with you again and again until you feel comfortable with it. He is patient and welcomes you to make mistakes so you can have the option to learn from them! I will miss my lessons with Pierluigi but I am so happy that I have finally passed my driving test and can now be on the road alone! As stated wouldn’t had done this without Pierluigi and honestly cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Pierluigi once again."

26 May 2018

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