Pierluigi Capparella

Byron took automatic driving lessons in Redhill"Absolutely thrilled to have passed my driving test (Automatic) on the first attempt!"
"When I first started the classes with Pierluigi I was really poor and lost in many ways but with his guidance I managed to streamline my driving skills and unlearn certain things while learning a lot more to be able to do a good job to pass the exam at the first go. Pierluigi is a calm guy who would watch me carefully and point out what I was doing wrong and do it in a way that I would be open to learn without any worries. The best part is the things that I would do wrong would be repeated constantly till I got it right!!! Perseverance and hard work is just not for the driver but also the instructor and Pierluigi stands out because he has these two qualities in abundance!
Fantastic guy in general as well and would definitely recommend him and Elite Driving School to any one else looking to learn how to drive!"

26 March 2019

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