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Croydon, South Croydon, Caterham; Whtyeleafe, Mitcham, Coulsdon, Warlingham, Thornton Heath and Purley; Kenley

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Peugeot 208 Diesel, 5 door in red

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Biography - Sue Garner driving instructor

Hi I'm Sue,

I became an Approved Driving Instructor after years of working for a bank in the city.

I enjoy being on the road and meeting new people after decades of commuting up to London (mainly spent waiting for delayed London Bridge trains!) and being stuck behind a desk number crunching.

The best part of the job is watching pupils progress and gain confidence throughout the course of the lessons, and seeing the satisfaction in the face of the pupil as they are jumping around the test centre car park after they've passed, knowing that I helped them to achieve their goal, enjoying their new life on four wheels.

I am married with a football mad teenage son, so I spend a lot of my 'spare' time on muddy football pitches.

Sue's Testimonials

James Mulvey, Warlingham, Surrey

"I highly recommend both Elite Driving School and my instructor Sue Gurner. She is extremely supportive and patient when teaching, providing a comfortable learning experience which gave me plenty of confidence when taking my test."

05 August 2021 Google review logo

Lewis Whiting, Croydon, Surrey

Lewis passed with Sue"The lessons are amazing, efficient and extremely effective. My instructor Sue structured the lessons very well, catering more time to areas and routes that I needed more practice on. This allowed me to become confident behind the wheel and grow as a driver, allowing me to pass first time on both my theory and practical driving tests!"

18 August 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Lola Valles, South Croydon, London

Lola passed with Sue"Sue is an excellent driving instructor; she taught me how to drive confidently and safely, and she always made sure I had my scheduled weekly lessons even if her week was really busy, adjusting to last minute time changes. My goal was to pass my test before my holiday in August and she put her heart to it, working with me to get me ready and I passed! Even though my test centre was not her usual one, she went out of her way to show me the relevant routes. I thoroughly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a patient and reassuring teacher, she was amazing thank you Sue."

16 August 2021  freeindex review Google review logo

Emma Chandler, Warlingham, Surrey

"Sue taught my son to drive, he passed first time. Sue was so good with him very patient and kind and such a lovely lady, I can’t recommend her enough. She gave him the confidence to drive safely and taught him everything he needed to know to pass confidently. As a mum all you can ask for is that your child is safe and happy in someone’s care and with Sue that’s exactly what you get from her."

28 July 2021 freeindex review

Alex Lucas, Croydon, Surrey

"Sue is a great instructor, she helped me get test ready and simplified the test by covering all scenarios that could come up in a test. With her help I passed first time and felt confident for my test 5/5 stars ."

26 July 2021 freeindex review

Hannah McHardie, Purley, Surrey

Hannah"Elite were so professional and supportive in my driving experience. I had Sue as my instructor and she was great at helping me get my confidence back after some tricky learner experiences. She was calm and helped ease me into things whilst pushing me to do more and be better each time. Even given the pandemic she has been very active in keeping up and making time for me even after going to university. 5 stars :)."

20 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Katie Merrit, Warlingham, Surrey

Katie"My instructor, Sue, was amazing! I really enjoyed my driving lessons and she helped me prepare very well for my test, which meant I passed first time! I would highly recommend Elite Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive."

20 July 2021 freeindex review

Harrison Bee, Croydon, Surrey

Harry"Very good, felt really comfortable and this helped me to pass first time like my brothers."

08 July 2021freeindex review

Alex McLean, Kenley, Surrey

Alex "Fantastic driving lessons particularly from Sue, who was always friendly and patient. Amazing standard of teaching meant I passed first time confidently! Would highly recommend!"

10 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jacob Reynolds, Warlingham, Surrey

Jacob passed with Sue"Great driving school, with amazing instructors especially Sue who enabled me to pass first time!"

21 June 2021

Nadia Hussain, South Croydon, Surrey

"My instructor Sue Garner is always punctual and well-organised. She gave me clear and useful feedback about my driving in lessons and prepared me well for my driving test, enabling me to pass first time. She is always friendly and encouraging, and helped me feel confident about my driving."

11 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jack, Coulsdon, Surrey

Jack passed with SUe"I passed first time with no minors thanks to my instructor Sue Garner with elite who overall was a fantastic driving instructor who always made me feel calm and collected throughout learning. 100%recommend."

29 May 2021freeindex review

Andrew Dearden, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Sue as my driving instructor and I couldn’t have had a better person in the car seat next to me. With the pandemic and university, she was flexible and kept in contact with me throughout this process. In the car, she made me feel much calmer when driving and she explained everything clearly. With Sue’s and Elite’s driving help I passed with only 1 driving fault."

10 June 2021 Google review logo

Alex Cockcroft, Croydon, Surrey

"I recently passed my driving test learning with Sue Garner. She is a fantastic instructor and has all the key traits you need when learning to drive; kind, calm, patient, supportive and informative. It hasn't taken me long to pass my test, and I certainly would not have been able to without Sues support. I'm genuinely going to miss having my lessons with Sue every week. THANK YOU SUE, I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! :)"

20 April 2021 Google review logo

Tommie Butler, Croydon, Surrey

Tommie passed with SUe"Sue Garner was an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend for any of those who are planning on learning to drive. During this pandemic and hard time Sue was extremely calm and flexible with her time teaching me everything I needed to know before taking my test."

23 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Ellie Parsons, Beckenham, London

Ellie passed with Sue"Sue Garner was a great instructor. She gave me the confidence I needed, and was very patient and supportive throughout. I was a very nervous driver before coming to Sue, but she helped me overcome this and I managed to pass first time! I would 100% recommend elite driving school, and learning with Sue was a great experience!"

19 May 2021 Google review logofreeindex review

Abrielle Wells, South Croydon, Surrey

Abrielle passed with Sue"Sue Garner was very patient and helpful in lessons and made sure I covered everything I needed to before test day. She also made me feel comfortable and helped build up my confidence. She was always punctual and flexible."

19 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Ethan Hamlyn-Sack, Walingham, Surrey

Ethan passed with Sue"I went with sue from elite as she was recommended by many people who had passed previously. I had a great experience learning and enjoyed all my lessons. Each lesson had a constructive theme, so I felt I had achieved something each week. I was really happy to pass first time, and would highly recommend both Sue and Elite!"

15 May 2021 freeindex review

Julia Rose Canavan, Purley, Surrey

Julia passed with Sue"I came to Sue after a bad experience with a previous instructor and she was so helpful in building my confidence and teaching me everything I needed to be a safe and knowledgeable driver. I can't recommend her enough, thank you Sue!"

11 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Brennan C, Redhill, Surrey

Brennan passed with SueZERO HERO!!

"Sue Garner was great to learn with. I always felt comfortable and gained confidence in my driving. A first time pass with zero faults was the best! I recommend Sue 100%."

08 May 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Hana Aleem, Croydon, Surrey

SG Hana1 210429"A great quality of teaching makes every penny worth it. I chose to have Sue as my driving instructor after a very strong recommendation from my older sister who passed her test first time. She is a lovely driving instructor who takes special care to make her students feel comfortable when driving, despite any beginners anxiety. Sue works to cater everyones learning styles, through visual images (on her iPad ) or by being more than happy to stop over and go through any mistakes / questions you may have. I ALSO passed my test first time today with 1 minor and I owe it all to Sue. I’m over the moon. I can’t wait to have my brother start his driving lessons with her in the near future. Her texts 24 hours in advance of a lesson are also very handy if you have a bad memory like me! Thankyou Sue! I will miss our chats and good laughs."

29 April 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Taylor Jones, South Croydon, London

Taylor Passed after taking driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"Elite driving school is an excellent driving school, I highly recommend if you are looking to learn to drive. My instructor Sue Garner was friendly, easy to get along with, and a lovely all round person. She helped, and supported me when learning to drive providing an incredible service, which enabled me to pass first time. You may think elite is pricey, but for the service provided it is more than worth it."

08 December 2020  freeindex review


Louis Davidson, Redhill, Surrey

SG Louis100 201028"Sue Gardener proved to be a calm, thorough and reassuring instructor when I was able to pass my test with my first attempt. I hear a lot about overly-strict or harsh instructors teaching those around me. However, with Sue, it was hard to pick any imperfections with her teaching. Being a very organised and fair instructor, it was simple to organise any lessons with her (especially with her 24 hr notice text to remind you of your lesson). After passing me and my brother, I would highly recommend Sue to any aspiring driver needing a safe and comfortable pathway to passing due to her being such an easy person to get on well with."

28 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Maliha Hawond, South Norwood, London

"Sue Garner proved to be a calm, thorough and reassuring instructor when I was able to pass my test with my first attempt. I hear a lot about overly-strict or harsh instructors teaching those around me. However, with Sue, it was hard to pick any imperfections with her teaching. Being a very organised and fair instructor, it was simple to organise any lessons with her (especially with her 24 hr notice text to remind you of your lesson). After passing me and my brother, I would highly recommend Sue to any aspiring driver needing a safe and comfortable pathway to passing due to her being such an easy person to get on well with."

28 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Abbie Morbin, West Wickham, London

Abbey passed with Sue"Sue was a very helpful and friendly instructor she made me feel confident and comfortable in the car from the first time I set foot in it. She helped me pass my theory and practical first time, would highly recommend her to anyone!"

23 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Lauren Clark, Redhill, Surrey

Lauren passed after driving lessons with instructor Sue in Redhill"Sue was just fantastic! Super friendly, helpful and most of all patient even through all my wobblies with bay parking! Got me through both my theory and practical passing first time for both, don't think I could have done it without her! Thank you x."

07 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Mayur, Reigate, Surrey

Mayur "I started my driving lesson with Sue Garner, she is a brilliant driving instructor, I got a confidence to drive a car with Sue’s advices. She is super welcoming and assisted me in areas where I wasn’t confident with. Due to some personal reason I wanted to change from manual to automatic where Sue introduced me with Ian Sedgwick, I am thankful that he was able to provide his time during this pandemic and short notice. He’s amazing personality so calm and always telling you things deeply for better understanding. Ian taught me some techniques which certainly helpful in final exam and I have passed the test recently. Both Ian and Sue are super friendly and I would surely recommend Elite driving schools for new learners."

25 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Chapelle Cooper, Warlingham, Surrey

Chapelle passed with Sue"I am extremely grateful to my driving instructor Sue at Elite, I had a couple of driving instructors prior to Sue but they couldn’t compare at all, she was very supportive and accommodating during my learning process.
Sue was always so patient and made sure that we went through the test routes and that I was confident with them. She is so friendly and our chats along the way put me at ease. I had a few problems with my nerves but Sue helped me get through this and built up my confidence when driving and I finally got my pass!! I couldn’t recommend Sue enough! Thank youu!"

14 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Amy Wallis, Croydon, Surrey

Amy passed after driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"I started taking driving lessons with Sue after recieving many recomendations from family members and friends who had passed their test. She is easy to talk to, helped me gain confidence in my driving and the best instructor I could have asked for. My test was cancelled in May due to Covid then again in september - Sue stayed in touch with me and helped me throughout. I would definately recommend!"

04 October 2020 freeindex review

Sasha, Coulsdon, Surrey

Sasha passed after driving lessons in Coulsdon with Sue"Sue made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in the car. She is calm and easy to talk too. I was meant to take my test in March that was then postponed 3 times during COVID and had to change my test centre to be able to do it when allowed to. Sue stayed in touch during the whole of COVID and passing over any updates. She also helped me learn a different test area and gave me the confidence So that I could achieve it, she was as happy as I was when I passed. Sue is a lovely person and I would happily recommend."

31 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Terry Macdonald, West Wickham

Lewis passed with Sue at West Wickham"Would like to say a massive thank you to sue for helping my son lewis to pass his test 1st time and with only 1 minor fault would recommend this lady to teach any one she will be teaching my other two children to drive thanks again sue"

16 March 2020 Google review logo

Megan Edwards, Horley, Surrey

Megan passed with Sue"I would recommend Elite and especially my instructor Sue. I had a couple instructors before who made me feel nervous and stressed before every lesson, then I switched to Sue and with her calm approach my anxiety left and I managed to pass my test first time ! I would recommend Sue she is an excellent teacher always patient and understanding. I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor!"

13 March 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Fedha Kasongo Kassongo, Redhill, Surrey

Fedha passed with Sue"Throughout my learning experience, my instructor (Sue) continued to show patience in directing me on areas where I did well and others where my driving was potentially hazardous. Sue was able to help me into a first time pass on my test, which is amazing!"

04 March 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Hannah Togwell, Croydon, Surrey

SG Hannah 200113"Elite driving school was really great in helping me to pass my theory test and driving test first time round. The school gives you a free app to prepare you for everything you need for theory test as well as having really good structured lessons. My driving instructor was Sue who was really friendly and calmed my nerves from the minute I got into the car! Would highly recommend having Sue as well as driving with the school."

15 February 2020  freeindex review

Alex Quantick, Reigate, Surrey

Alex passed with Sue"Really great driving school! I had to change instructors part way through and Sue was able to fit me in. She got me through my theory and practical test first time which was brilliant. The app for theory that Elite give you access too was great as it enabled me to practice identical questions to the actual thing. My lessons ensured my driving was ready for both test standards as well as driving generally in life. Would defiantly recommend Elite and Sue as I had a great experience with both!"

20 February 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Jessica Foxley, Redhill, Surrey

SG Jess 200127"A brilliant experience learning with Sue and Elite, I passed first time. Sue was always encouraging and honest, we really had a good laugh together and she always put me at ease."

28 January 2020  freeindex review Google review logo

Andy Marlow, Croydon, Surrey

Andy passed with Sue"Sue is a very good driving instructor. Very patient, understanding and accommodating. If you don't understand something she takes the time to explain and provides plenty of feedback. Over time I was able to build up my confidence and pass! Thank you Sue and Elite Driving!"

30 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Jack Freddie, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Jack100 191209"I passed my test first time with sue from Elite, with just two faults. All my friends are now trying to sign up with Elite, and a couple have already passed like me, first time as well. It's a great company with value for money, the office is super helpful and easy to talk to, not intimidating at all, which makes it easy when you are nervous about phoning up and trying to arrange lessons. All round brilliant !"

02 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Olivia Mason, Coulsdon, Surrey

Olivia passed with Sue"Absolutely loved learning with elite, my instructor sue was so patient and helpful and really made me comfortable learning to drive. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!"

02 November 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Cassius Balucas, Redhill, Surrey

Cassius passed with Sue"Passed first time with the help of my instructor Sue! She explained things very well and she can always identify my weaknesses and we'd keep on working on it until I got it right which really helped on test day. I would recommend Sue and Elite Driving in general."

18 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Samuel Bull, Coulsdon, Surrey

Sam passed with Sue"I learned with Sue from Elite and she we great! Very kind, supportive and patient. I would definitely recommend Elite to anyone wanting to learn how to drive!"

14 October 2019 freeindex review Google review logo

Ben Birtwell. Redhill, Surrey

Ben passd with Sue"Sue is a brilliant driving instructor, she taught me in a clear way that made me get it when I never thought I would. Thank you Sue and Elite!"

31 August 2019

Emily W, Warlingham, Surrey

Emily passed with Sue"As a naturally anxious person I was nervous about driving however my instructor Sue made me feel at ease. She was patient and easy to get a long with, giving me regular feedback, helping my confidence with driving to grow. Thanks Sue and Elite!"

25 August 2019

Neil Patel, South Croydon

Neil passed with Sue"I am so glad I had the opportunity to be taught by Sue! She was so patient and really cared. Not only that but her teaching methods, such as diagrams, using her iPad to explain specific situations and mock tests on real routes were invaluable. I highly recommend elite to anyone."

24 August 2019

Lucy Parsons, West Wickham, Kent

Lucy passed at West Wickham after lessons with Sue"I learnt to drive with Sue at Elite Driving School and I can honestly say she is an absolutely brilliant teacher. Her friendly disposition made all of my lessons comfortable and I genuinely looked forward to every lesson. Where Sue really shines is in her thorough teaching methods. Sue gave really detailed explanations when teaching things such as manoeuvres, roundabouts and offside/onside at lights, which made them clear, achievable and much less daunting. Sue helped me become very familiar with many different driving routes and in doing so helped me become a confident driver. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Thanks Sue :)."

22 August 2019

Jodie Parkhouse, South Croydon, Surrey

Jodie passed with Sue"I passed my practical driving test first time on Thursday and I couldn’t have done it without my instructor Sue! She is an amazing teacher and kept me calm throughout all of it as I was so nervous! I definitely recommend Elite driving school!"

10 August 2019

Thomas Butler, Croydon, Surrey

Tom passed after taking lessons with instructor Sue"When I first started my lessons with Sue I had never stepped foot into a car. She quickly made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel with her structured and proven approach to driving. I highly doubt there is someone more knowledgable about the road and the way a new driver should be using it. For me one of the best things about Sue’s approach to teaching is her use of an iPad upon which she was able to clearly show me on a specially designed app what my car should be doing on the road as we approached any junction or hazard. Approaching my test Sue prepared me immensely with a number of mock tests on all the routes that could come up in the test. This meant that when I came to test it was all smooth sailing. FIRST TIME PASS! WOOO thanks Sue and Elite!"

25 July 2019

Danielle Perez, Croydon, Surrey

Jaden passed with Sue"This is my 2nd positive experience with Elite. Both times having had the most fantastic instructor Sue. She is absolutely incredible with her teaching and really supports you into becoming a safe confident driver. I cannot recommend her enough."

11 July 2019

Alex Cockcroft, Warlingham, Surrey

Alex passed after driving lessons with Sue"I've recently passed my driving test having learnt with Sue Garner. Sue is a brilliant instructor, she is extremely patient and informative. I am genuinely going to miss having my lessons with Sue every week. I couldn't have done it with you Sue! Thank you :)."

03 July 2019

My Ahmed Nid Taleb, Streatham, London

Ahmed passed with Sue"Good experience very professional fantastic instructor sue helped me a lot I would recommend her to anyone."

08 July 2019

Morgan Parnell, Kenley, Surrey

Morgan passed after taking driving lessons in Croydon with Sue"Passed my test today first time with 3 minors, a massive thank you to my instructor Sue for teaching me, she is amazing, couldn’t have done it without her! Great car and great survice!"

27 May 2019

Amy Abendroth, South Croydon, Surrey

Amy took lessons in Croydon with Sue"I passed my test first time with Sue as my instructor, she is a great teacher and I would recommend Elite as an excellent driving school."

16 May 2019

Ben Brant, Purley, Surrey

Ben passed after taking driving lessons with Sue in West Wickham"Sue is a great driving instructor throughout the whole process. She is very understanding and had great confidence in me. Her explanations allowed me to fully understand the rules of the road and how best to carry out manoeuvres or take on certain situations and I’m very pleased with my ability and it’s all down to sue, thanks."

05 April 2019

Dan Hammed, Purley, Surrey

Dan passed after driving lessons with Sue in Purley"I had such a great experience learning to drive with Sue! She has helped me to increase my confidence when driving and worked hard to help me overcome my weaknesses. Each lesson focused on making me more comfortable on the road and I couldnt have passed without her. She was incredibly patient and would always take the time to go over things that I forgot or struggled with. Can’t recommend Sue enough!"

02 April 2019

Emma Lydn, Croydon, Surrey

Emma passed with Sue"Sue is an amazingly knowledgeable instructor. After I had a gap from driving lessons I decided to take it up again. I got in contact with Sue again and I'm glad I did :) Sues method of teaching is exceptional, she will always try to find a way to help you to understand or learn a skill in a style that suits you. Whether you are struggling with a manoeuvres or roundabouts, she will work positivity with you to advance your techniques! Including safe driving on the road!! I found Sue friendly and easy to talk too. Sue's patience has helped me to over come many fears I had on the road and build my confidence."
"And for this I past my test first time!! Forever grateful. Thankyou!!"

29 March 2019

Zayna Ahamadeen, Croydon, Surrey

Zanya took manual driving lessons in Croydon "Sue is a wonderful driving instructor and was from start to finish! She is encouraging, warm and easy to get on with. She’s patient and determined and gives you the confidence and capability to progress with your driving at a great pace. Her explanations allowed me to fully understand the rules of the road and how best to carry out manoeuvres or tackle certain situations and I’m so grateful to have had her as my instructor !!! Thank you Sue, you made driving enjoyable!"

28 March 2019

Leigh Jones, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Leigh190213"Sue is an amazing driving instructor, and was very patient and calm in every lesson. She is super friendly and helped me in areas I wasn’t confident with. I felt comfortable asking her any questions and really enjoyed going to my lessons."

20 March 2019

Hannah McFall, Coulsdon, Surrey

Hannah passed with zero faults"I was anxious about learning to drive, but as soon as I met Sue, her friendly nature made me feel at ease. I looked forward to my lessons every week and passed my test first time. Sue is a really lovely person, always being professional and flexible with lesson times. Her patience and encouragement offers a lot of support and confidence for nervous drivers like myself."

ZERO HERO - Well done Hannah for passing with ZERO faults!!

15 March 2019

Jason Fernandes, Coulsdon, Surrey

Jason passed after taking driving lessons with Sue in Coulsdon "Sue was an outstanding driving instructor, not only was she patient and honest, but she went above and beyond to make sure I was confident with all content before my driving test. Her dedication to every lesson is inspiring, as she is always early and there is a goal/focus for each session. Sue is also super friendly and easy to get along with, so I would really recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting an instructor. I wouldn’t of been able to pass my driving test without her and definitely a credit to Elite Driving School. Thank you so much !!"

09 March 2019

Melissa Ritchie, Croydon, Surrey

Melissa passed with Sue"I have just passed my test ‘first’ time (I did actually take a test about 15 years ago!) with Sue. I really enjoyed learning with Sue; she’s an excellent instructor and really put me at ease as I was quite nervous to begin with. She’s friendly and patient and a really good teacher. I’d recommend her to anyone. My friend learnt with Sue originally and I’m so glad she sent me her way!"

25 January 2019

Lucy Holmes, South Croydon, Surrey

Lucy passed with Sue"Sue is the perfect instructor. She is a great teacher and is so patient and guides you well in every lesson."

28 February 2019

Melisa Brahimi, Kenley, Surrey

Mel passed after taking lessons with Sue"Just passed my driving test first time with Sue in West Wickham today!!! I couldn't recommend her enough brilliant instructor very patient and constantly helping me become the best driver I could possibly be. Couldn't have done it without Sue!! I highly recommend Sue!!"

16 February 2019

Elizabeth McBride, Purley, Surrey

SG Elizabeth190204"I have just passed my driving test first time with Sue in West Wickham after just 5 months. She was amazing. She is patient and explains everything really well and will answer any questions you have to ask her. She has given me back the confidence that the previous driving school took. I would highly recommend Sue to all!"

05 February 2019

Grant Davidson, Redhill, Surrey

"My driving instructor Sue was very helpful and honest about my progress and mistakes. She was also punctual and flexible with the arranging of lessons."

01 February 2019

Beth Matlock, South Croydon, Surrey

Beth passed after taking lessons with Sue"I had never even been behind a steering wheel before my lessons with Sue, and after about 8 months of lessons I passed my test first time! Sue helped me through a few confidence wobbles and was so helpful in explaining parts I was confused about. Thank you Sue!"

23 January 2019

Jenny Gibson, Redhill, Surrey

"Sue was amazing I went with sue because she had a son of the same age and would understand teenagers In just 4 months from a boy that had never been in a driving seat of a car she had Charlie ready for his test and he passed 1st time couldn’t have asked for more thank you sue."

23 January 2019

Charlie Rickwood, Redhill, Surrey

Charlie passed after taking lessons with Sue"Great serivce and really fast to get my pass. Very professional and would recommend to anyone starting driving! Took me 4 months to get the pass and was really easy to understand with ELITE. Really recommend Sue really good instructor and easy to talk to with lots of help!"

21 January 2019

Linda Best, Croydon, Surrey

"My son and daughter both passed first time with Sue as their instructor. She is very friendly, patient and understanding. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor."

19 January 2019

Mattew Best, Croydon, Surrey

Matt passed in Croydon after taking lessons with Sue

"Passed first time with Sue as my instructor. Enjoyed my lessons as Sue was always punctual and easy to learn with. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor."

18 January 2019

Luke Marlow, Croydon, Surrey

Luke from Croydon passed his test after driving lessons with instructor Sue"Recently passed my driving test first time with the teaching and support from Sue at Elite Driving. She was incredibly clear, thorough and an all round excellent teacher. I felt completely prepared for the test and she left no stone un-turned.
Would definitely recommend Sue to anyone wanting to learn with someone patient, clear and with a good sense of humor. Thank you Sue!"

27 December 2018

Richa Roy, Croydon, Surrey

Richa passed after taking driving lessons with Sue"Having just passed my test today, I must give huge thanks Sue Garner, my Instructor. I was a complete beginner and Sue was just brilliant! She knew exactly how to get me feeling comfortable, but also pushed me when necessary so that I could advance my skills. Sue managed to strike a great balance between allowing me to build my confidence, but also ensuring I was improving in areas I needed to. Her tips were always spot on. Thanks again Sue! I couldn't have done it without you. Would gladly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Manual."

01 November 2018

Isabel Burton, Purley, Surrey

Isabel passed first time after taking lessons with Sue"I would highly recommend Elite for driving lessons. My instructor was Sue and she was very supportive, thorough, clear, patient and overall a great teacher. When starting I was very nervous but Sue was very reassuring and relaxed. With her expertise I was properly informed and was able pass first time!"

01 November 2018

Daniel Mahon, Redhill, Surrey

Dan passed his test at Redhill after taking lessons with Sue"So there’s a reason why everyone gives a great review to elite and I don’t believe that it’s just because they soooo happy after passing their test, it’s because they are GREAT! I really struggled to find a driving school that had available space for me and after several either not replying or being to busy I tried Elite and although they were busy also instead of just leaving it at that Eloise actively tried to see if she could find me a space somehow and she did, with the rightly title “ Super Sue” and that is exactly what she is! I can not thank her enough for teaching me how to drive and having great patience when she must of wanted to slap the back of my head! would highly recommend her to anyone.
Thank you very much."

23 October 2018

Laura Ashby, South Croydon, Surrey

"Elite driving school is great, I just passed my test and I was so pleased. My instructor was Sue who was both helpful and encouraging throughout teaching! I would defiantly recommend elite for anyone learning to drive!"

18 October 2018

Scott Jiggins, Warlingham, Surrey

Scott passed after taking lessons with Sue"I had Sue as a driving instructor and would highly recommend her to anyone. It has been great learning to drive with Sue as she is very easy to get on with and a great teacher. I began my lessons and passed first time very quickly with the help of Sue. Thanks to her for all of the knowledge she has taught me."

16 August 2018

Tracy Jayne Turc-Milloy, Purley, Surrey

Tracy passed her test after taking driving lessons with Sue"Incredibly clear, well-planned and gentle guidance at all times from the wonderful Sue. She was the deciding factor in this being an enjoyable period learning to drive and a successful first(!) time pass (16 years ago I'd spent a year learning and failed 4 times before giving up). I have already recommended her to everyone I can think of. Thanks for your help Sue, you were always great company even when my baby brain was kicking in!"

15 August 2018

James Kennedy, Purley, Surrey

James passed after taking lessons with Sue"Great teaching with instructor Sue helped me to become a confident and able driver quickly. Would recommend her teaching to anyone."

15 August 2018

Penny Francis-Dyer, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Sadly my son didn’t really develop with his original instructor and he decided to make the change to Sue from Elite. I was really impressed. Sue provided excellent communication with both my son and I where required and was always punctual. I’m glad to say he passed first time and I have no doubt that Sue played a big part in this success. Would wholeheartedly recommend her in the future. Professional, diligent, polite, value for money, flexible and an excellent instructor."

15 August 2018

Zak Francis-Dyer, Coulsdon, Surrey

Zak passed his test first time after taking driving lessons with Sue"Overall had a great service with my Driving instructor Sue. I had previously been with another instructor and decided to make the switch upon a friends recommendation. My new instructor Sue quickly identified the areas of improvement I needed a lot faster than my previous instructor. I also some a lot of time driving the West Wickham test routes to prepare myself for the test. As a result I managed to pass first time and would happily recommend my instructor Sue to any drivers looking for lesson and to pass their test."

13 August 2018

Ashleigh Martin, Redhill, Surrey

"I highly recommend the Elite driving school. Sue was an amazing instructor and really helped boost my confidence when driving and helped me to pass first time!"

04 August 2018

Hannah Nelson, Coulsdon, Surrey

Hannah1 SG180731"I passed first time!! Couldn't have done it without my driving instructor Sue Garner! Thank you for being patient, encouraging and most of all believing in me from the very beginning. Never dreaded a lesson and always left with a smile. Would certainly recommend Elite driving school for a positive and cheerful experience."

31 July 2018


Taniya Masood, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed first time thanks to my instructor Sue! Sue has been so calm and understanding, especially when I was stressed with myself and lacked confidence. I was a nervous driver but found that I never dreaded my lessons as sue was always so lovely and friendly. It was a very positive experience."

27 July 2018

Bradley Jacobs, Coulsdon, Surrey

Bradley passed his test after taking driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"Sue at Elite Driving was very good in helping me pass my test, I had another instructor who I feel wasn’t helping me progress as quick as I wanted to so I changed and my progression increased quickly , I felt much more comfortable with key components of the test such as roundabouts and the mannovers . I would certainly recommend elite driving school to anyone looking to start learning."

16 July 2018

Lucy Best, Croydon, Surrey

Lucy passed her test first time after taking driving lessons with Elite instructor Sue"Passed first time!! My driving instructor was Sue Garner and I couldn’t have done it without her. She was a very patient and understanding instructor and made everything clear. She was always punctual, made driving fun and I always looked forward to my lessons with her."

21 June 2018

Maisie Bull, Coulsdon, Surrey

Maisie passed first time at Reigate after taking driving lessons with Sue"Sue has been a really great instuctor and has helped me to pass my test first time!! I originally contacted Sue after my brother recommended her.
She is a great teacher who is very patient and supportive and I would definitely recommend her to anyone else looking for an instuctor."

18 April 2018

Gabrielle Rolf, Westerham, Surrey

Gabby passed after taking lessons with Sue"Passed my test today after learning with Sue Garner from Elite. I couldn't have done it without Sue, she helped me every step along the way and always had confidence in me, even when I was panicking! Sue has taught myself and my eldest sister and we both can't thank her enough. Definitely recommend!!"

28 March 2018

Melanie Rolf, Westerham, Surrey

"My daughter passed her test today. Her instructor was Sue Garner, who also taught my eldest daughter. They both loved having her as their instructor and she made them feel confident in themselves. She was always on time and a brilliant instructor. I highly recommend Sue."

28 March 2018

Paradise Clarke, South Croydon, Surrey

Paradise passes with Sue in Croydon"I completed an intensive course with Sue and she was absolutely fantastic! She was so organised with the planning of the lessons and always gave honest, professional feedback to help me progress. The quality of her teaching is amazing - She uses an app to give a visual representation of the situation and then allows you to practise whilst instructing you. Her consice teaching then gives you the confidence to perform with your own initiative. I am so happy that I found Sue as my driving instructor. I can't begin to thank her enough!!"

16 March 2018

Emily Wallis, Croydon, Surrey

Emily first time pass with Sue Garner in West Wickham driving test centre"I’m very happy with my decision to use Elite driving school. Sue is an amazing instructor, she is very patient and reassuring. Couldn’t have done it without her."

09 March 2018

Will Hurst, South Croydon, Surrey

Will passed with Sue "Very good driving instructor, I enjoyed every lesson and never cancelled-would thoroughly recommend!"

05 March 2018

Huzaila Jauffur, Warlingham, Surrey

Huzaila passed with Sue first time at West Wickahm test centre"Sue, is an excellent instructor who is reliable and punctual. She is very patient and dedicated as she has made me feel comfortable whilst driving. I would recommend Sue to anyone!"

23 February 2018

Kirstie Lake, Croydon, Surrey

Kirstie passed with Sue first time at West Wickham"I had Sue teaching me. I'm so glad I chose her because throughout my whole time I felt safe and comfortable.
I passed first time and this was all thanks to Sue, she explains everything very clear to a high standard of professionalism.
She is very patient and very easy to talk to, answering all my questions.
She's very kind, caring and a great laugh.
I honestly couldn't recommend her enough!"

13 February 2018

Claire Stranack, South Croydon, Surrey

Claire passed with Sue first time with ZERO faults"I passed my test, first time, today with 0 faults thanks to my amazing instructor Sue. She taught my older sister who also passed first time and has been wonderful to both of us. She is so patient, knows everything there is to know about driving I couldn't be more grateful."

12 February 2018

Lucy Hughes, Warlingham, 2018

Lucy passed with Sue"I passed first time with no minors because of the excellent service of Elite and my instructor Sue. Sue not only helped me to be safe on the road but helped me to understand why everything I was doing was keeping me safe and the importance of all my checks. She is really clear when explaining and was really patient with me if I had a breakdown. She is very caring and she genuinely wants you to pass and cares about you passing compared to just wanting as much money as possible from you. Would recommend her to any type of student."

23 January 2018

Bethany Jeffery, Redhill, Surrey

173011SG Bethany"For my first lesson with Sue I was very nervous but she made me feel at ease straight away. Her outgoing personality made me feel comfortable and calm during lessons. I loved having lessons with her as she would always help to improve my driving skills and tell me what I needed to do to get better, but she was also chatty and bubbly which made lessons enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Sue as a driving instructor!"

01 December 2017

Regan Valle, Caterham, Surrey

171122SG Regan"I have had a unique experience with elite, as my instructor, Sue Garner, is already a mutual friend, but even then the whole experience has been enjoyable, exciting and knowledge filled, which ultimately helped me pass first time. Would highly recommend."

27 November 2017

Princess Webb, Caterham, Surrey

172811SG Princess"Had Sue as my instructor. She was a reliable, friendly, honest and professional driver. Without her I wouldn't have passed at the level I did! She really cares for her pupils and really helped me achieve my goals as a learner. She knows her stuff! Would recommend her to others."

29 November 2017

Liam Cole, Redhill, Surrey

171121SG Liam"I had Sue she was an amazing instructor. I would recommend this driving school to a friend I had a great service from them."

21 November 2017

Rebecca Dearden, Croydon, Surrey

171005SG Rebecca"I had an amazing experience learning how to drive with the Elite Driving School. Whenever I didn't quire get something, it was always reassured and motivated!I loved how in the next lesson we would quickly touch upon what I struggled with previously to ensure I had developed. I always felt calm and reassured and in control in the car, which came down to how amazing my driving instructor - Sue was! She was amazing and was always there for me not only in the car, but would check up on me on text if I had a bad lesson or would congratulate me when I did well! It was just nice to hear from an expert that you were doing well! I can't thank her enough for doing such an amazing job! Thank you Elite Driving School!"

18 October 2017

Matthew Bull, Coulsdon, Surrey

171013SG Matt"Sue has been a great instructor, I originally came to elite via a recommend from a past student and have never looked back.
A great instructor who is very patient and completely supportive through every lesson.
Under her teaching I was able to pass 1st time!!
If anybody is thinking about learning to drive and is maybe a little hesitant, just go for it with elite."

"Would 100% recommend."

13 October 2017

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