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East Grinstead

Driving lessons areas covered

RH1, RH2, RH6, RH7, RH10, RH11, RH19

Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Lingfield, Dormansland, East Grinstead, Crawley

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Training vehicle

Toyota Yaris Automatic Hybrid

Services offered

Automatic Driving Lessons, Refresher lessons


Driving since 1997

Instructor since 2017

Szymon Swidkiewicz driving instructor Toyota Yaris

Biography -

I have been driving for 20 years, and I have found a lot of joy and satisfaction through the sheer independence of being able to travel wherever I need and whenever I want.

Learning to drive has always been a passion that I wanted to share with others, so they can also experience the thrill of being able to drive themselves. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them on their route to success. 

I am patient and professional, and I treat each of my students individually, ensuring that my pupils gain as much knowledge and confidence as possible during the lesson.

My patience and focus on each and every one of my pupils' driving journeys is the best start in preparing you for a confident driving future.

In my personal life, I am the father of two wonderful teenage daughters. I also love to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

Szymon's Testimonials

Edith Wairimu, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my lessons with Szymon and I passed first time! He is so patient and his way of teaching is so simple and clear you will hardly forget. Szymon has always been on time and rarely cancel lessons. He always reassured me and made me feel confident. If anyone wants to pass first time he is best!"

22 September 2020 Google review logo


Siham El Gallaa, Horley, Surrey

"“ I would like to say a big thank you to both Szymon and PG for helping me pass my test! They are both professional, calm and patient witch helped me feel confident with my driving. I would recommend Elite to everyone wanting to drive. I could not have done this without you guys:) thanks again."

20 August 2020 freeindex review

Anton Vydrin, Redhill, Surrey

SS Anton100 200805"I was very lucky to be trained by Szymon to prepare for the driving test with a very short notice from DVSA after the test center was re-opened after COVID-19. Szymon was able to adjust his calendar to accommodate a refresher training session and the exam timing for me. He has taken me to all complicated parts of the driving test, explained very clearly the routines for various road situations. Szymon is also a very patient and positive instructor, he uses visual materials very efficient to help his customers understand the expected driver behavior. It was a great luck and pleasure for me to be guided by him."

28 July 2020 freeindex review

Tugce Sadler-Montgomory, Crawley, West Sussex

"I had a few lessons with Simon, he is the best instructor ever, He was patient and easy to get a long with. Definetely would recommend him. Thank you ."

28 July 2020

Tugce Sadler-Montgomory

"I had a few lessons with Simon, he is the best instructor ever, He was patient and easy to get a long with. Definetely would recommend him. Thank you ."

28 July 2020 freeindex review

Debora Areco Lopes, Horley, Surrey

"I just passed my test first time in Redhill with Szymon as the instructor."

"He has been an incredible instructor - very patient, knowledgable and friendly. Thank you so much for helping me through my test and giving me the confidence to go out on the road by myself." 

11 February 2020 freeindex review

Alicia Guy, Reigate, Surrey

SS Alicia100 200130"Szymon is an excellent instructor and helped me pass first time. He is very patient and gives clear advice."

30 January 2020 freeindex review

David Hampden, Horley, Surrey

SS David 191102

"Trained by Szymon. Provided reasurrance and clear advice. Passed first time in Redhill Thanks so much Szymon."

18 December 2019 freeindex review

Hannah Jackson, horsham, West Sussex

SS Hannah100 191113

"I passed first time with Szymon, something I never thought I could do due to my horrendous nerves and self confidence issues but thanks to Szymon for his patience, kindness and understanding during every lesson I now am so comfortable with driving, confident and aware whenever I am out on the roads! ."

17 December 2019 freeindex review

Celine Wong, Crawley, West Sussex

"I had Syzmon as my Driving Instructor, very calm, helpful and patient. I passed my test in Crawley."

11 December 2019 freeindex review

Praveena Keerty, Redhill, Surrey

Praveena passed after taking driving lessons in Redhill"I was trained initially by Symon and then By Ian. They both were very good in identifying my weakness and helped me improve.
They accommodated my last minute practical test plan and helped me pass with just one minor."

05 December 2019 freeindex review


Turkan Ismail, Horlaey, Surrey

"Elite is highly recommended. My instructor was Szymon great teacher full of patience and knowledge. I previously had really bad experience with another company, who wasted my time and money. Elite on the other hand had me very well prepared for my driving test and I was confident of passing on the day, and I did !! Thank you Elite !"

03 October 2019

Oshimarie, Redill, Surrey

Oshimarie passed with Szymon after taking automatic lessons in Redhill"I did my lessons with Szymon and passed first time. I would highly recommend Szymon he is so patient And a really good instructor."

02 November 2019 free index

Craig O'Toole, Horsham, East Sussex

Craig passed after taking automatic lessons with Szymon in Crawley"I thoroughly recommend Elite Driving School to learn with. I was a first time driver who was looking for Automatic lessons (which were hard to find in my area, West Sussex), but luckily Elite contacted me about an opportunity to learn with the very professional and helpful instructor Szymon. I am very grateful for this as in the space of 4 months I had gone from someone who had never driven to someone who passed their test first time and with 0 majors and 0 minors! Thank you to Szymon once again and I have given full marks for Value, Service and Quality to reflect the teaching, patience and encouragement he offered in helping me achieve my licence."

02 October 2019

Sonni Ruax, Lingfield, Surrey

Sonni passed in Crawley after driving lessons with Szymon"My driving instructor Szymon helped me to increase my confidence as a driver and was very patient with the areas that I wasn't sure about. He is clear and professional and definitely improved my understanding of driving!"

25 August 2019

Louis Barnett, Crawley, West Sussex

"I had a wonderful session with Szymon and I am really thankful to him to have helped me pass my driving test on the first attempt."

14 May 2017

Alice Bush, Crawley, West Sussex

"Szymon is a very good instructor, very knowledgeable, his lessons are very organised and if you listen to him you will have no stress at all going into your test. Highly recommended instructor."

09 May 2017

Ian Hassall, East Grinstead, West Sussex

"Szymon is an excellent instructor. He is very patient and very professional. He always makes me feel comfortable and relax."

"Thank you so much."

21 April 2017

Andrew Platt, East Grinstead, West Sussex

"Szymon is a great driving instructor ,very patient he made my experience very easy."

"Highly recommend"

14 April 2017

Hannah Amin, Crawley, West Sessex

"Szymon was a fantastic instructor, very patient, calm and thorough, allowing me to have full confidence in my driving ability after taking lessons with him. I will be recommending him to my family and friends"

07 March 2017

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