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Ian Sedgwick (Automatic)


Redhill, Surrey

Driving Lessons Areas Covered

Learners - RH1, RH2, RH6
Instructor Training - Reigate RH2, RH1

Redhill, Reigate, Horley

Ian sedgwick driving instructor

Training Vehicle

Toyota Auris, Hybrid Automatic, 5 door in blue

Services offered

Automatic Learner Driving Lessons

ORDIT Driving Instructor Training

Observational training for Trainee instructors:  As Ian provides training for people becoming instructors, if you are taking driving lessons you may occasionally have a trainee instructor sitting in the back of your lessons

ADI Check test training

Fleet and company car assessments and training

Pass Plus

Refresher and Motorway Lessons


Driving since 1992

Instructor since 1999

Ian sedgwick Auto Auris 318

Biography - Ian Sedgwick Driving Instructor 

Tweenage twins keep me fairly busy when I'm not working!

Watching Formula 1 racing

I have been teaching learners since 1999, and training instructors since 2004.  In that time I have trained hundreds, if not thousands of people to either drive or become driving instructors.  I learned very quickly when I started the job that simply teaching someone does not involve firing a series of instructions.  Instead, it is about building an understanding of knowledge with the pupil, whether that be existing or newly acquired, and then developing a way of transposing that knowledge into ability.  As a result, I use many different teaching styles, and achieve an extremely high pass rate.

Since forming ELITE in 2008 I have striven to not only grow the number of instructors and areas we cover, but also to develop the quality of all our instructors and the services we offer as a whole.  As a result we now have a team of excellent instructors that have all been personally chosen and receive 6 monthly training meetings and ongoing tuition.

In November 2017 I made the switch from manual to automatic tuition, due to the ever increasing demand for automatic instructors. This is due to the popularity and ever increasing affordability of automatic cars.

Ian's Testimonials

David Ellis, Reigate, Surrey

David passed first time at Redhill after taking automatic lessons with Ian"Big thank you to Ian for getting me through first time. Very pleased. Sue is relieved I’ll be driving her to the hospital although I was kind of looking forward to the free ambulance ride."

14 June 2019

Tom Pearson, Reigate, Surrey

Tom passed first time after taking lessons in Reigate with Ian"I was fortunate to experience two brilliant instructors from Elite - Pierluigi and Ian. Both were excellent, calm, friendly, and very reliable. They were extremely attentive and clearly very experienced in identifying ways to iron out any difficulties and make driving smoother and safer. I would highly recommend. I was fortunate to pass first time and it was largely thanks to their skill and care."

31 April 2019

Viv Cole, Horley, Surrey

"I would like to say thank you to Ian my driving instructor. As an oap I thought it was time to carry out my driving lessons, it was some what nervous to begin with but Ian gave confidence after my first lesson.
As my lesson progressed I became more confident as Ian was very patient and always very thorough.
I would highly recommend Elite Driving School because due to the excellent coaching advice I was able to pass my test on my first attempt.
Once again thank you Ian for being a great instructor."

13 April 2019

Dierk Geen, ADI, Epsom, Surrey

Dierk Geen"I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ian Sedgwick at Elite Instructor training."

"Before coming to Ian in 2018 to help me with part 2 and part 3 of the ADI qualification, I had used a larger UK wide training company where I was disappointed with the lack of availability of the trainers and the over-intensity of the training regime."

"All this changed when I started being taught by ORDIT qualified Ian."

"Ian took the time and trouble to assess what I had and hadn’t learnt properly and proceeded to deliver each 2 hour lesson with a tight client-centred focus."

"The lessons with Ian included pupil role-plays; watching Ian teaching pupils whilst observing from the back seat; and being observed by Ian whilst teaching live lessons."

"The lessons also focused clearly on the three main areas of competence i.e. Planning of the lesson, risk management, and teaching and learning strategies; as well as the 17 lower level competencies."

"By the time I came to take my part 3, my level of teaching confidence was high and this helped to make the part 3 exam more relaxing and easier to perform well in. I passed."

"Once again many thanks to Ian and his team for all their help. I would recommend Ian to any one who wants professional help in becoming an ADI."

08 March 2019

Ella Geen, Epsom, Surrey

Ella passed with Ian"My instructor was very calm and helpful, he didn’t make me feel bad about making mistakes so I didn’t lose confidence and recovered quickly. The service was excellent value for money, I felt that I was getting high quality teaching for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend my instructor to my friends and I think that switching to automatic was the best thing I could have done!"

22 February 2019

Unarani, Redhill, Surrey

"Ian is the best instructor I have got my licence and I have tried others but he is the best."

17 February 2019

Elena Jfremova, Pullborough, West Sussex

Elena passed with Ian at Redhill Test centre"I want to thank my instructor Ian Sedgwick for all his valuable time and effort that he's put into teaching me how to drive. Ian was very patient, professional and his level of knowledge really boosted my confidence in driving. Couldn’t thank him enough for finally seeing me through my driving test. I'd highly recommend!"

01 February 2019

Ashraful Islam, Redhill, Surrey

""I had Ian as my driving instructor who is an excellent instructor, very patient and cares about the pupil and helps to pass the test. His teaching style is second to none, and sometime entertaining. He teach the most accurate driving behavior and the correct driving attitude, which would certainly benefit myself in much longer term than just to pass the test."

"So I definitely recommend Elite Driving School and Ian as a driving instructor - I cannot thank him enough for the time he has spent with me."

14 August 2018

Anan Achwa, Redhill, Surrey

Anan passed her test at Redhill after taking automatic driving lessons with Ian"Thanks to Ian I passed my test today second attempt with 2 minors! Ian is a friendly instructor who works very patiently every lesson always making sure I focussed on areas I need to improve on to boost my confidence. He works very professionally and makes you feel at ease. I would definitely recommend- thanks again!"

14 August 2018

Maureen Dietz, Reigate, Surrey

Maureen passed at Redhill after taking lessons with Ian"Thank you Ian so much for helping me with passing my driving test today. You are an excellent tutor, understanding and your patience with me was excellent. You gave me a lot of encouragement constantly, especially when I need the support. You always took the time to explain all my mistakes and talk me through each one. Your patience and calmness enable me to achieve my goals today."

"You are genuinely a Fantastic instructor and I really enjoyed learning to drive with Elite. I would highly recommend Elite. Your are Fantastic - Patient And Kind."

"Highly Recommended."

28 July 2018

Dennis Kong, Redhill, Surrey

Dennis passed his test at Redhill test centre after lessons with Ian"I had Ian as my driving instructor and he is fantastic to drive with. He's cheerful, calm, and always engaging throughout the lesson. However most of all he is always attentive to your strengths and weaknesses, and so he will work hard to ensure that you are perfectly fit to drive on the road and push you to improve your skills and confidence on the road! And today, I have passed my driving test with only one minor and it is all thanks to Ian's diligence, instructions, and encouragements towards me.
So I definitely recommend Elite Driving School and Ian as a driving instructor - I cannot thank him enough for the time he has spent with me."

23 July 2018

Sophie Taylor, Redhill, Surrey

Sophie passed her test at Riegate after taking driving lessons with Ian"I have just passed my automatic driving lesson under the wonderful guidance and encouragement of Ian. His level headed, personal, professional nature is perfect for when you're learning to drive. His continual support and belief was so appreciated and made it possible for me to Pass!"

31 May 2018

Chantalle Thorpe, Redhill, Surrey

Chantalle passed in Reigate after taking driving lessons with Ian"I would like to say thank you to Ian, for providing me with excellent lessons and always giving me feedback on areas where needed and I would highly recommend Elite Driving School."

20 April 2018

Nancy Oliver, Redhill, Surrey

"At the age of 42 I started learning to drive. For years I had been fearful of starting lessons so late but once I had started lessons with Ian it all started fitting in to place I learnt at a pace that suited me and fitted around my work and family. Ian encouraged me to push myself, he reminded me when I needed to do my online learning and knew when I was ready to take my theory and practical tests. Ian’s faith in my ability to pass was unwavering and when the day finally came I was on such a high! It has been a joy to start driving people around that have been doing the same for me for many years. Friends and family who have sat in my passenger seat have said how confident and assured I am when driving."

05 March 2018

Absicles Cusick, Caterham, Surrey

"I PASSED! Severely dyslexic and dyspraxic....Ten years on and off of driving lessons .....8 and a half months pregnant..... just could not 'click' with reversing. I had only a two hour driving lesson with Ian before my test (booked for a completely different area!) During this lesson I gained some valuable tips, was shown helpful visuals, was given useful handouts, was put completely at ease, given a much needed confidence boost and finally my reversing 'clicked'!
So much thanks to Ian for this magical two hour lesson. I passed with no faults and pulled off a perfect parallel park!
Really well organised and resourced driving school that caters perfectly to people with learning difficulties!"

(5 Star Google Review)

December 2017

Maxine Coldrey, Reigate, Surrey

171030IS Maxine"Very professional teaching, helpful office staff and good value. I was super happy to pass first time and I believe this was down to the great quality and thoroughness of teaching I received."

14 November 2017

Monica, Caterham, Surrey

171119IS Monica"Ian is a fantastic instructor. Very patient and he helped me to get the confidence to take the test I wouldn’t have passed my test without him. Highly recommended very professional."

07 November 2017

Khadijah Sadaf, Redhill, Surrey

"Ian Sedgwick was my instructor I passed my test in one go. He’s really amazing personality so calm n always telling you things deeply for better understanding. Must say he is remarkable, fantastic, superb n everyone should approach him for best results."

02 October 2017

Chloe Collier, Horley, Surrey

"Ian helped me pass as soon as I could and no lessons were very useful as he was patient and understanding."

26 September 2017

Tim Fahy, Redhill, Surrey

170707IS Tim"I had the joy of having Ian as my driving instructor and hands down believe without his encouragement and skill I would of not passed my driving test, even when it took me 4 attempts he didn't lose hope! I would 100% recommend elite driving school to anymore wanting to learn to drive."

16 August 2017