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Paul Stubbington


Crawley, West Sussex

Driving Lessons Areas Covered

RH1, RH2, RH6, RH10, RH11

Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Crawley

Paul stubbington driving instructor

Training Vehicle

Vauxhall Viva, petrol, in silver

Services offered

Manual Driving Lessons

Refresher and Motorway Lessons


Instructor since 2014

ELITE Silver Viva

Biography - Paul Stubbington Driving Instructor

"I have been driving for over 30 years, and have a vast experience of being a road user.  I decided to become a driving instructor as I knew that I could combine skills I have gained in previous vocations to this role, and a good friend who was already an instructor recommended I contact Ian at ELITE, as he trained with him a few years ago."

"My working history has taken me from insurance, to working in graphics for newspapers, and multi-drop couriering around London.  In that time, particularly when working in the newspapers I have trained and mentored countless people, and would say that I have been able to develop my skills in being patient, to have an understanding of individuals training needs, and established a good rapport with all the people I have trained.  My experience in couriering in and around London really developed my awareness of other road users actions, and I know that anticipation is a large part of making a safe driver, not just operating the controls of a vehicle.  I have witnessed far too many collisions that could have been avoided simply through greater awareness."

"I am enthusiastic about, and simply enjoy driving, and I am keen to impart my knowledge and help people become not only good drivers, but safe and courteous ones too."

Paul's Testimonials

Melissa Newman, Horley, Surrey

"I learned to drive with Paul Stubbington, I really recommend him to everyone. He was always patient and supportive and helped me to pass my test first time."

10 July 2019

Miles Baker, Redhill, Surrey

"I had Paul and only need lesson on to pass the test but Paul did that and more he made me a more Cautious driver and made me more aware of my surroundings definitely using him for my girlfriend lessons."

25 May 2019

Robbie C, Horley, Surrey

"During the time I spent learning to drive, I had two fantastic instructors from Elite - PJ and Paul. The knowledge I gained from both, and the fun I had during my lessons helped to form a milestone in my life that I'll not soon forget!"

"Thank you for always being so patient friendly, especially considering how nerve-wracking I used to find driving."

25 May 2019

Nick Bell, Redhill, Surrey

"I had a couple of refresher lessons with Paul in the Crawley area, as I hadn't driven for 15 years, when I originally passed my test. He very quickly helped me get my confidence in driving again, and tailored the lessons to my needs. He was also adaptive to my growing confidence, developing my independence as a driver. After 2 2 hour lessons he confirmed that I had shown the skills to be able to drive on my own - testament to his driving instruction."

"All in all I was very happy with the end result and the speed with which he helped me get my confidence back to drive. Thanks Paul!"

Valentin Priceputu, Redhill, Surrey

"I would like to say thank you to Paul Stubbington for providing me with excellent lessons and always giving me feedback on areas where needed and I would highly recommend Elite Driving School. Thanks for all the work that you have done !"

18 April 2019

Lucy Baxter, Purley, Surrey

"Today, I have passed my driving test! My instructor Paul Stubbington has a calm, friendly but professional persona, which made me feel relaxed and confident right from my first lesson. I was nervous in the beginning but Paul’s patience and expertise gave me the confidence I needed. He also gave good advice to learn the manoeuvres easily and effectively. Thank you to Paul for teaching me all I needed to know and wouldn’t have passed without him."

08 April 2019

Nirmani, Croydon, Surrey

A pass after taking lessons with Elite Driving School in Croydon"All I can say if you would like to pass your exam promptly Mr. Paul is the best instructor you must choose. I’ve been to many other companies and instructors but I have never had someone like Mr. Paul. He is a very patience and very punctual. Also he has vast knowledge and he does his job very efficiently and honestly…and also me and my husband both learned from Mr. Paul and we both much appreciate what he did for us. Please all take my word you will never regret......"

04 April 2019

Melissa O'Donnell, Reigaet, Surrey

Melisa passed at Redhill after taking lessons with Paul"Thankyou to paul for being my driving instructor and helping me to pass first time! I would highly recommend ELITE to anybody even if you have no experience in driving, this is an amazing company to work with and personally my instructor was so flexible when working around my college hours. Paul is an incredible instructor who was clearly very experienced and was very patient with me. His tips and advice have really helped me feel more confident as a new driver. Thanks again!"

01 February 2019

Alex Clowes, Crawley, West Sussex

"Passed my test in Crawley with just 2 minors in a manual car. Paul was great at accommodating my work schedule, and really good at explaining how I could improve and what I needed to focus on. He was 5 minutes early to every lesson, and always sent a confirmation text the day before."

26 January 2019

Samuel Quainoo, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Samuel passed in Croydon after taking driving lessons with Paul"The best instructor I have had so far. Attention to details is exceptional."

12 December 2018

Megan Cormican, Purley, Surrey

Megan passed after taking lessons with Paul"I started having lessons with Paul on my 17th Birthday in June this year and am delighted to have passed my test first time and with only 1 minor!! I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul as he was very reliable and organised. He always made me feel at ease and explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Paul and Elite it was a great experience. Thanks Paul."

15 October 2018

Sean H, Croydon, Surrey

Sean passed ,at Croydon test centre after taking lessons with Paul"Would highly recommend Elite. Had Paul as my instructor and passed first time. Lessons always started on time and were very clear and productive. Very professional throughout."

05 October 2018

R D Burton, Croydon, Surrey

Robin passed after taking driving lessons with Paul"Passed my test first time with driving instructor Paul Stubbington. I decided to go with Elite Driving school and Paul after having reviewed the many options and seen all the good reviews. The lessons were clear and planned and took place at a comfortable pace. Paul really know the road and how to work with peoples skills and reservations to make the best possible learning plan. I also had many stops and starts due to out university and work schedules and Paul worked around this. Passed first time so obviously made a good choice!"

10 September 2018

Luca Loannou, South Croydon, Surrey

"I would highly recommended elite driving school to anyone. I had Paul as my instructor and was very satisfied with the lessons that I had with him. I passed first time with Paul and would recommend him anyone that is wanting to learn Manual. Brilliant service."

13 July 2018

Ken MacRonald, Thornton Heath, Surrey

"I started having refresher lessons with Paul this year after having not driven for a while and I found him to be a brilliant instructor. Paul was very calm and patient and explained things very clearly in a way that was easy to understand. Paul worked on my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to improve on both. Paul was also 100% reliable and would always turn up for my lesson 5 minutes early and would send me a confirmation text the day before. I would recommend Paul to anyone who's looking to learn to drive or like me looking to take some refresher lessons."

03 July 2018

Ian Thomas, Croydon, Surrey

Ian passed his test after taking lessons with Paul"I’m so glad that I got Paul as my instructor. He’s so easy to talk to and having never driven before prior to starting lessons with him, he immediately made me feel comfortable. He let me take things at my own pace and would always thoroughly explain everything I needed to know. He always arrived at least 5 minutes early and always tried to fit lessons around my schedule. Paul is an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend him and Elite Driving School to anyone looking to start taking lessons.
Cheers Paul."

29 June 2018

James Hunter, Coulsdon, Surrey

James passed his test after taking driving lessons with Paul in Croydon"Paul is an excellent instructor, always punctual, patient and understanding. He is someone that goes the extra mile, explains everything clearly and puts you at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and it is testament to Paul that I passed first time with only one minor.
I would highly recommend Paul and Elite Driving School to anyone thinking of taking lessons."

26 June 2018

Charles Dimerio, Wallington, Surrey

Charlie passed after taking driving lessons with Paul"Paul is a fantastic driving instructor. He never loses his patience, always has time to explain things calmly and thoroughly and has made the learning process incredibly easy. He was always at my house five minutes early and would happily run over the lesson free of charge if he felt he wasn’t done explaining things. He is an asset to Elite and I would recommend him to any friends or family. Thanks Paul!"

22 June 2018

Christopher Sardarsingh, Croydon, Surrey

Chris passed after taking driving lessons with Elite instructor Paul in Croydon"I just passed my driving test and I am pleased to say it is all thanks to Paul. With his guidance I probably wouldn't have been able to pass as quickly as I did. He was always on time and would always notify you the day before your lesson to make sure you can still attend. It is absolutely worth it for the money you pay and I will start recommending him to friends and family. Thank you again!!"

7 June 2018

Omar Latif, Croydon, Surrey

Omar passed his test after taking lessons with Elite instructor Paul"Elite Driving School offer a great service to all learners looking to pass as soon as possible. Their instructors are very kind and patient, they are also very good teachers and listeners. Recommend to anybody looking to learn how to drive."

05 June 2018