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Due to our excellent reputation we have a huge demand for more quality manual and automatic driving instructors in areas where we currently advertise, plus we are constantly growing and expanding into new areas.

Whether you're looking into training to become an instructor and the job prospects once qualified, or if you're already a qualified ADI and interested in joining our fantastic team of instructors, here you will find out more about our comprehensive and great value Driving School Franchise. We are a family run school, and strongly believe in looking after our close knit team of instructors by providing regular team meetings, newsletters, WhatsApp networking group, and free ongoing CPD (continual professional development) training with one our ORDIT trainer. This ensures that our instructors continually develop their knowledge and skills to grow their own business, as well as helping us to maintain the reputation of ELITE as a quality driving school with our customers.

About the ELITE driving school franchise

Here we explain exactly what we provide for our ELITE instructors to help them run and grow their driving school business. Our franchise is a fixed fee, with no additional or hidden charges, but all inclusive (excluding car) and comprehensive. We provide a start up period which guarantees new pupil introductions, 2 weeks franchise free per year. Plus, we have no minimum term contract or tie in period.

Join the ELITE driving instructor franchise

The ELITE franchise package

Whether you are currently an independent instructor or working under a franchise with another school, you will find ELITE's franchise package to be a fair, comprehensive, and affordable option to help you grow your driving school business. If you are looking to train to become an instructor then see our instructor training section. You'll see from our instructors' testimonials that our franchise suits most instructors. Since establishing the ELITE brand in 2008 we have steadily grown a fantastic team of instructors, and the geographic area we cover is ever expanding too. Right now we’re struggling to reach the demand for instructors and are keen to talk to qualified ADI's and PDI's about coming to joining our team of instructors. Being experienced ADI's ourselves, we strongly believe that our franchise package provides instructors with exactly the service they need to assist them in running and growing their own business, at a reasonable and realistic cost. As an ELITE Franchisee you will receive:

  • Start-up 20 pupils in first 10 weeks guaranteed
  • No pupil introduction or additional fees
  • 2 weeks franchise holiday per year
  • Personalised marketing materials
  • Personalised web page to promote yourself
  • Our instructor and pupil App to simplify managing your business, including:
    • Interactive diary system
    • Pupil messaging service
    • Pupil payments and financial logs
    • Pupil progress log
    • Pupil reflective logs
  • Free Theory Test Pro App for all of your pupils
  • The prestige of being part of the driving school ranked No.2 for driving schools nationwide (Freeindex June 2024)
  • Assistance in arranging a lease vehicle
  • Credit and debit card processing for your customers
  • New pupil text alerts
  • You have full control over your business, including:
    • You choose what postcode areas you want to work
    • You choose and manage the days and times you want to work
  • Regular team network meetings
  • Phone, email and WhatsApp group support from a close-knit family run team
  • Reduced rate CPD courses to help you develop your business
  • Vehicle livery and roof top box provided
  • No minimum term contract or tie-in period
  • Preferential accountancy rates for your personal tax affairs
  • Further franchise free weeks incentives for franchisee referrals and achieving customer reviews and instructor referrals
Potential earnings as an ADI with an ELITE franchise

Update May 2024

These figures are based on average working weeks under an ELITE Franchise.
These figures will fluctuate for various reasons:


  • Pre-paid cancellations – you still charge, but don’t use fuel
  • Pay-as-you-go customers pay higher hourly rate
  • There may be other incomes from referral commissions etc
  • Small training area, meaning less traveling time and fuel used between lessons
  • Teaching in an automatic car, as normally a higher hourly rate charged, and if it’s a
    Hybrid potentially less fuel used


  • Late notice cancellations without pre-payment
  • Sickness  
  • Car trouble
  • Bad weather
  • More lesson mileage, for example more dual carriageway and motorway lessons


Hourly rate of £40 per hour (ELITE Driving School prices for manual tuition current at May 2024).
30 x £40 = £1,200 a week
Or 35 Hours 35 x £40 = £1,400 a week
Or 40 Hours: 40 x £40 = £1,600 a week

Then you will need to deduct your weekly expenses:

Franchise Cost:

If you chose to join a franchise you will have a weekly fee to pay your franchisor.  This will vary hugely from school to school depending on the services they provide.  Some franchisors charge a lower weekly rate, but then add additional charges for extra services like introducing or booking new customers for you.  Some will also provide a driving school vehicle, but normally at a premium rate.  When choosing a franchisor, you also need to consider how much the school charges their customers for lessons.  If their franchise fee is low, but their hourly rate for lesson is low, you will probably end up earning less.  You need to consider what you want from a franchise and carefully chose one that suits your needs. ELITE franchise fee (all inclusive, excluding car): £110 per week (50 weeks a year only).

Driving School Vehicle: 

ELITE don't supply a car with our franchise as some instructors prefer a training vehicle that they are familiar with. Some of our instructors purchase their own cars, and some lease. We don't mind either way, so long as it is not too old, has air conditioning, dual controls, and is in good condition to fit in with the 'ELITE' brand. We will arrange for the ELITE livery to be fitted. Leasing tends to be the preferred worry-free and cost-effective choice. Cost of a vehicle will vary depending on whether you buy a car outright, and whether that car is new or used, and model chosen hugely effects cost, or buy a car on finance, or lease. Many instructors chose to lease a driving school car, as it is worry free.  Normally you are only required to pay a month rental in advance, so you don’t need to find a large initial deposit.  It will come already fitted with dual controls, will have a high mileage allowance, so no depreciation to worry about.  It will also be fully maintained, so no unexpected servicing or breakdown costs.  A lease car is normally replaced every 1-2 years with a new car, so no MOT to worry about.  Also, knowing that you will get it replaced regularly means that you will not be quite so precious about it when your learners accidentally crunch the gears, burn the clutch, or scrape a wheel on a kerb, which will ease your daily stress level.  You also get worn tyres replaced, breakdown cover, and a replacement car normally within 24 hours if the car can’t be fixed. Also leasing can be more tax efficient as the monthly cost of a leased vehicle can be offset immediately as an expense for tax purposes.  Whereas a purchased vehicle is seen as an asset to the business and written off over a period. If you choose to lease, we can assist you in arranging a contract hire agreement from approximately £90 per week with one of our recommended suppliers.

As an example of average lease cost, based on the price of a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, on a 36 month 60,000 miles lease, supplied by CA Car, as at 1st February 2024:

£97 per week all-inclusive of VAT, servicing, worn tyre and wipers, breakdown and replacement vehicle cover.

Fuel cost:

This will also vary depending on what vehicle you use for teaching, as some vehicles are more fuel; efficient than others.  It will also depend on your mileage both whilst teaching and travelling between lesson.
High end estimate for:  
30 hour week - £90 per week
35 hour week - £105 per week
40 hour week - £120 per week

Car insurance:

Like any insurance, this will also vary depending on the vehicle, where you live, your age, your personal circumstances, and other criteria that insurance companies specify.  However, ADI insurance is normally reasonable, as so long as there are dual controls fitted, and you are a professional ADI, you are generally considered as a relatively low risk. High end estimates £15 per week (£780 a year)

Projected earnings estimates:

So, based on the lowest hourly rate, and with high end estimates for expenses, leasing a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, working 49 weeks a year on an ELITE franchise you could expect to earn:

Working for 30 hour week (49 weeks a year) you can expect:

Total income before tax £888 per week (£43,512 per year)
Or for a 35 hour week based on an ELITE franchise (working 49 weeks a year) you can
£342 (high end estimate)

Total income before tax £1,058 per week (£51,842 per year)

Or for a 40 hour week based on an ELITE franchise (working 49 weeks a year) you can expect:
Income: Expenses:
£342 (high end estimate)

Total income before tax £1258 per week (£61,642 per year)

So if it sounds like this is what your business needs then contact us to discuss it further. We'll be quite happy to discuss any questions you may have over the phone, or meet for a chat over a coffee, or we’ll come to you.  Whatever suits you, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

If it sounds like this is what your business or career needs then contact us to discuss it further. We'll be quite happy to discuss any questions you may have over the phone, or meet up for a chat over a coffee.

Whatever suits you!