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Jenny Hutchinson (Manual)

Jenny is based in Tadworth, Surrey and gives driving lessons in:

KT18, KT20, RH1, RH2, RH3

Betchworth, Brockham, Langley Vale, Kingswood, Lower Kingswood, Merstham, Redhill, Reigate, South Earlswood, Tadworth, Tattenham Corner, Walton on the Hill, White Bushes

Training vehicle

Kia Rio, petrol in whited

Services offered

  • Manual learner driving lessons
  • Pass Plus
  • Manual refresher and motorway lessons

Jenny Hutchinson driving instructor

Animal mad (I have many pets), Photography (though not very good), and a small interest in sports cars (mainly as my partner is building one!)

Before becoming an instructor in 2010 I worked at a school for children with special needs.  Prior to that I've worked in management, sales, and customer service.  

I trained with Ian (one of the owners of ELITE) after a friend who I was training with through one of the larger national driving schools recommended him. When I qualified as an instructor I intended to do this job part-time around my other job, and went out on my own.  However once I started I realised how much of a buzz I get out of doing it, and I decided to make this my sole career, and joined ELITE so that I had the support I needed to support my business.

I am a very patient and professional instructor, not one that screams and shouts.  I really can't understand how anyone can think that will help, but pupils regularly tell me this has happened to them before coming to me.  Surely this does more harm than good!  I try not to bog my pupils down with loads of technical information, I prefer to keep it simple. I also believe that different people learn in different ways, so I like to tailor my lessons according to their needs.  I also believe that people learn better if they enjoy the lessons, so I try to have fun, whilst making sure they understand what is needed to be safe behind the wheel.

I don't only teach people how to pass their test, but that it is a skill for the rest of their lives. I know that sounds corny, but it's so true. I want my pupils to pass their test, AND be safe drivers on the road. I've had teenage children, and that's what I'd have wanted for them.

Jenny's Testimonials

Carrie Cheung, Reigate, Surrey

"Jenny Hutchinson has been an excellent teacher who has always been really patient with me. I started off as a nervous driver and Jenny has made such a big difference in building my confidence in driving, allowing me to pass my test with only 3 minors :)"

"I recommend Jenny for anyone who wants a teacher who is has great humour and never raises their voice at you! Jenny has always been understanding in what the pupil needs to improve on and is able make lessons adaptable to your needs!"

26 October 2023 Google review logo

Gaia Dart, Reigate, Surrey

"I was the absolute opposite of a natural when it comes to driving. I am in my 30s, no hand eye coordination and was extremely nervous about learning to drive. I had previously had lessons when I was a teenager but this had been an unpleasant experience which only added to my nerves."

"Signing up to Elite and taking lessons from Jenny Hutchinson has been one of the best decisions I've made. With great patience and good humour, Jenny has done a fantastic job in training me up to be able to drive. I passed first time with only one minor and more importantly feel safe driving my toddler around."

"Jenny was always very good at judging what I needed at different times. Sometimes this was lots of jokes to make the experience fun, sometimes this was gentle reassurance on a low day and sometimes this was pushing me to challenge myself. I feel Jenny has taught me to drive rather than just to pass a test and I highly recommend her teaching."

21 October 2023 Google review logo

Gaia Dart, Redhill, Surrey

"I was the absolute opposite of a natural when it comes to driving. I am in my 30s, no hand eye coordination and was extremely nervous about learning to drive. I had previously had lessons when I was a teenager but this had been an unpleasant experience which only added to my nerves."

"Signing up to Elite and taking lessons from Jenny Hutchinson has been one of the best decisions I've made. With great patience and good humour, Jenny has done a fantastic job in training me up to be able to drive. I passed first time with only one minor and more importantly feel safe driving my toddler around."

"Jenny was always very good at judging what I needed at different times. Sometimes this was lots of jokes to make the experience fun, sometimes this was gentle reassurance on a low day and sometimes this was pushing me to challenge myself. I feel Jenny has taught me to drive rather than just to pass a test and I highly recommend her teaching."

21 October 2023 freeindex review

Sam Potten, Reigate, Surrey

"It was my first lesson so nerves were high but Jenny was incredible at easing the nervousness I felt with a lot of humour and in particular sarcasm with threats to even kill me which for some reason actually made me relax more. Instructions were clear and formal and very well explained so I could try and pick it up easily. We went through information at the start then I started driving myself with the help of Jenny. I loved every bit it was exciting and even if you make mistakes which I did, that doesn’t matter as Jenny would joke and laugh about it and explain where you went wrong. It was so exciting to drive an actual car for the first time and not a go kart and I loved every bit of it."

14 Novemebr 2022 freeindex review


Harry Pemberton, Tadworth, Surrey

"I’ve recently started having driving lessons with Jenny and I can happily say that she’s not only a excellent instructor but an amazing person in general, Jenny is very calm when teaching which makes me relaxed and less stressed when driving and since Jenny isn’t a boring and strict instructor she makes the lessons fun and enjoyable, another thing to note is to not curb Jenny’s car as she will kill you as I’ve been warned already."

23 October 2022 freeindex review

Olivia Ide, Tadworth, Surrey

"I just passed my driving test (first time), all thanks to Jenny Hutchinson! Jenny pushes you to boast your confidence, to focus on things that may need improvements and to make you the best driver you could possible be. She also helps you on things you may not understand how to do and makes sure you feel test ready. Can be firm in some places but to be honest that helped me get to where I am today! She goes ab"ove and beyond to help you with your test! Highly Recommend her! Miss seeing her every week! Many thanks to Jenny!"

18 July 2022 freeindex review

Charlie Coveney, Reigate, Surrey

"After putting off learning to drive for years; at 24 I finally decided to take it on. Despite only being slightly older than most Learners, I felt completely out of place and out of my comfort zone with the idea of learning to drive. Jenny Hutchinson changed all of that. She has an incredibly calm yet firm temperament which is in my opinion exactly what was needed for me to gain confidence. Never shouting or berating me, just calmly explaining where I went wrong and how to improve it next time. It really didn't take me long to grasp the principles of learning to drive; which was definitely helped with the threat of death if I kerbed her car! A fantastic instructor, would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"

06 April 2022 Google review logo

Abbie Moult, Redhill, Surrey

"Had Jenny for my first driving lesson can’t recommend her enough made me feel a lot less nervous to start driving she was great!"

05 January 2022 freeindex review 

Mya Lloyd, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny and she is amazing! From the very beginning I felt at ease and comfortable and always up for a laugh whilst being professional. She always gives great, constructive feedback which helps me learn and the pace of learning is just right. I’m always so excited for me next lesson to arrive because it’s so much fun whilst learning. Would recommend 100% no doubt."

17 May 2021 freeindex review

Toni Norman, Reigate, Surrey

"I recently had my first driving lesson with Jenny, and I couldn’t recommend her more. She has a great way of making things easy to understand, whilst allowing you to feel instantly calm when you sit in the seat - really helped me as I was extremely nervous and I instantly felt relaxed. She also offers a promised guarantee of death if you damage her car, always a plus!"

18 April 2021 freeindex review

Megan Casse, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny a couple of days ago. Instantly she showed me that I had nothing to worry about (apart from losing my life if I ruin her car!) and I did not feel overwhelmed by anything as she didn't overload with information too quickly. She is so lovely and such a laugh with a very relaxed teaching method which stops you from panicking. She kept checking if I was still breathing which was also a nice touch! I trust that I will do very well with Jenny-I'm so excited for my next lesson and I really recommend her :)."

12 December 2020 freeindex review

Lauren Mackay, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny and it was really fun and enjoyable. Jenny explained everything clearly and kept things simple, she is really friendly and had lots of patience. She made me feel comfortable driving for the first time, and I came away feeling very positive. I look forward to my next lesson. :)."

13 September 2020 freeindex review

Abbie Frew, Redhill, Surrey

"Had my first lesson with Jenny... For a total beginner, she explained everything so well, keeping the perfect balance of fun and firm, helping me to feel fully relaxed to start driving - beware of the death threats !! Despite worrying for my life at points, she's a lovely lady!!"

16 July 2020 Google review logo

Oli Howell, Redhill, Surrey

"Jenny was really nice and made learning fun and easy. She explained everything well and made me much less nervous about driving. Good progress being made!"

28 July 2020 Google review logo

Jonathan Steele, Reigate, Surrey

"First lesson with Jenny Hutchinson today. She laid down the rules immediately, gauged my ability satisfactorily, and maintained a nice and relaxed atmosphere throughout. No shouting, thank God! (An experience I have had before). Kudos. I look forward to working with her in the future."

09 July 2020 freeindex review

Michael Bicker, Redhill, Surrey

"Miss j Hutchinson was very informative she fully understood my worries with being a more mature student, everything was explained to me with great detail , that's how i like it. She filled in the massive gaps left by previous instructors. Im very confident that i will pass with elite and cant wait for my next lesson. thank you so much for giving me boost in confidence i needed as well as being patient and understanding."

03 March 2020 Google review logo

Liam Spratt, Reigate, Surrey

"Still having lessons but going great learning loads of stuff I never even thought would be an issue while driving my instructor is carm and patient with me explains everything with extreme detail would highly recommend the instructor Jenny Hutchinson 5* from me always enjoyable to get in the car"

04 February 2020 Google review logo

Evie Pettitt, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny and her funny sayings and terms make you feel relaxed while helping you to remember what you need to learn. She also helped to calm my nerves despite threatening to kill me if I wreck her car!"

23 January 2020 freeindex review

Sarah O'Brien, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny H. Today, it was really good. I had lessons 20yrs ago so was nervous but Jenny is very down to earth and has a good sense of humour which made me relax. Jenny was patient and supportive. I think her car is her baby as she has threatened to kill me if I trash it, but, I am really looking forward to my next lesson!"

09 October 2019 freeindex review

Danielle Cowlard, Tadworth, Surrey

"Just passed my test 2nd attempt. Had Jenny has my instructor and I honestly can’t thank her enough!! I was a nervous wreck when I first started learning and Jenny was so amazing with me. Patient but firm. Made me feel so at ease. Looked forward to my lessons as I knew I would be learning but having such a fun time as well. She’s a right laugh and I’d recommend her to anyone!! Jenny would push me to do it but didn’t push to a point where I couldn’t do it she knew my limit of what I was capable of and every lesson she pushed a little harder. I’m actually going to miss my lessons!! Thank you Jenny for everything u have taught me!! I’m sure I’ll be using your little sayings for a very very long time!! Xxxx."

21 September 2019

Megan Drew, Reigate, Surrey

Megan passed with Jenny "Elite driving school offers a great value for their driving lessons. My driving instructor Jenny was very kind, helpful and instructive during my time with her. She helped me when I had bad days with driving and she pushed me when I became more confident. She always adapted our lessons to suit me and my learning which was brilliant as it wasn’t just a fixed routine. I enjoyed my time learning with Jenny and I learnt so much and felt very prepared for my test. Which in the end I passed first time."

11 August 2019

Ferzan Eskisan, Redhill, Surrey

Ferzan passed with Jenny"I had jenny and I tell you I've never met someone so great as her, im a really nervous driver now im full of confidence. She's amazing, she knows how to tackle your fears and everyone I recommend her and you will have no doubts I promise :)."

07 August 2019

Nicholas Defoe, Tadworth, Surrey

"I just passed my driving test first time. Something I thought impossible for a while. When I started, I was completely scared of driving and didn’t even want to do it. But thanks to the incredible help of my driving instructor Jenny, I was able to get past this and get a pass. She made lessons both fun and really helpful. I very highly recommend her for an instructor!"

01 August 2019

Elizabeth Hanlon, Tadworth, Surrey

190403 jh lizzy100"I passed my driving test a few months ago and first time round thanks to Jenny. I had regular lessons and more over holidays when I could. She was very easy to get along with and made driving much less nerve racking because of her humour. I really enjoyed the lessons and each lesson she managed to make me believe I had accomplished something new which made me much more confident when driving. I would defingitely recommend her!"

31July 2019

Lauren Sweeney, Reigate, Surrey

Lauren passed after lessons with instructor Jenny"I passed my driving test 2 months ago now after having had regular lessons with Jenny I found the majority of my lessons with Jenny was good and she would always explain things as many times as you needed to make sure you’d understand. She’s very easy to get along with and great to have a laugh with too would definitely recommend Jenny for anyone looking to start driving lessons."

30 July 2019

Katie Howe, Brockham, Surrey

"After my first couple of lessons with Jenny I have been put at ease by her humorous style of teaching, even though at first I felt very nervous in the car. She explains things simply and clearly and I would definitely recommend!"

16 July 2019

Sarah Miller, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny and it was really good. She made sure I understood everything and made me feel really relaxed and safe whilst driving, as well as making it a fun lesson aswell!"

24 June 2019

Rebecca Rowe, Tadworth, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny a few days ago, from the get-go Jenny made the environment a really comfortable and fun place to be, keeping a great balance of responsibility and fun putting me straight at ease. Warning.Threatens to kill (if you hit the curb ;) ) ."

20 May 2019

Harvey Nutt, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny H today, she was extremely helpful and calming whilst having to maneuver Gerald around. Shes extremely nice and I am looking forward to continuing my lessons. (I hope Gerald doesn't hate me by the end of it either!)."

11 April 2019

Eythan Porter, Tadworth, Surrey

"This was my first lesson with Jenny and I was super nervous however she kept me calm and made sure to go through everything, she wasn't pushing me too hard or anything and moved at a pace that I was comfortable with, just don't break her car or she will kill you! :)."

15 February 2019

Joseph Parker, Redhill, Surrey

"Had my first lesson with Jenny Hutchinson. Very relaxed first lesson, easy tips given on how to remember certain things and lovely casual death threats here and there. All round brilliant first lesson."

14 February 2019

Lewis Blake, Epsom, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny yesterday and she made me feel very relaxed due to the funny nature of her personality. She took explained everything that I needed to think about very clearly and got me starting to drive on the first lesson which was a lot of fun. She was not at all intimidating or strict although threatened to kill me if I burnt her clutch away! Would recommend Jenny to anyone thinking of learning to drive."

03 Febryary 2019

Lorna McDougall, Reigate, Surrey

"Had my first lesson with Jenny last week. She put me at ease right from the start and told me everything I needed know before setting off so that I had the confidence to give it a go. It was an enjoyable lesson throughout. Would definitely recommend. P. S. Sorry Jenny for burning Gerald's clutch!"

25 January 2019

Tia McKay, Redhill, Surrey

"Jenny was an absolute treat! Would definitely recommend, she loves a giggle and a gossip which makes everything much less boring! She’s absolutely lovely to drive with:)."

24 January 2019

Emily Tucker, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson on Friday with Jenny. I was extremely nervous but she made me feel a lot more comfortable and made me laugh the whole time. The lesson was amazing and I can't wait for my next one this week! 10000% recommend her :)"

18 October 2018

Gavin True, Epsom, Surrey

Gavin passed with Jenny"The experience of learning to drive with Elite Driving School, will stay with me, as it was an enjoyable experience. I would recommend my driving teacher, Jenny H, as she was a fun teacher and helped me at my lowest during my duration of learning to drive. Thanks again, Jenny."

27 August 2018

Ambah Christensesn, Redhill, Surrey

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny. I was terrified getting into the car but Jenny calmed me down with a joke (I hope) that if I did anything to hurt Eric (the car) she'd kill me. She was hilarious throughout the whole lesson and made sure that she always spoke calmly so as not to agitate me. I'm very excited for my next lesson!"

15 March 2018

Alice - Driving Lessons Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny this afternoon which I felt a bit apprehensive about however her chatty and friendly demeanour put me at ease. Having been driving on and off for a while I feel Jenny will be able to help me identify where I need to improve and already she has helped me gain an idea as to when I might take my test."

16 June 2017

Cullum Day, Redhill, Surrey

"Jenny is the best driving instructor in the world because she told me to say so. In seriousness though first lesson was very intuitive and prepared me fully for the second. Jenny is an excellent driving instructor and in no way was forced into saying that."

13 June 2017

Ellie Symons, Tadworth, Surrey

"My first lesson with Jenny was amazing! She's such a good instructor and I am so happy to of found her. I was so nervous for my first lesson but she completely put me at ease and she explained everything thoroughly. Very friendly!"

13 June 2017

Kimberley Russell, Redhill, Surrey

"I'm so happy to have found Jenny! My driving has improved and she has made me feel completely at ease! She has a good understanding of what I need and she's really easy to get on with. Brilliant. Can't wait for my next lesson"

08 June 2017

Tom Andrews, Reigate, Surrey

"Jenny is such an amazing driving instructor although at first it may seem a bit strange to people that she tells you to run over cyclists and golfers crossing the road you will soon get to understand Jenny's personality and how fun it is to learn how to drive with her! She always makes me laugh and every single time I have a lesson I know its going to be an absolute blast. If there is one instructor I would recommend to anyone it would definitely be her! P. S she does have some very strange names for things. For example she likes to notify people as cabbages, Not sure why she does this as it can come across as rather crazy at first but the most worrying thing is after a couple of lessons you will start to do the same:)."

31 May 2017

Sophie Gaunt, Tadworth, Surrey

"Had my first driving lesson today (12th may 2017) it was a blast! Jenny is wicked! Made me cry! (In a good way) she's a banana in a pare tree lol so overwhelmed! It was a good lesson! Can't wait to carry on our journey if she/me don't kill each other haha thank you for an amazing experience:). "

12 May 2017

James W, Redhill, Surrey

"Just had a first lesson with Jenny at Elite, having resumed lessons after a break of several years following some fairly uninspiring tuition by two previous schools in the area. But this is certainly a breath of fresh air by comparison! Or air smelling of whatever sweets happen to be in the seat pocket. Haven't found that out yet, but we'll get there. Jenny arrived promptly, talked me through what I have remembered and what I haven't, moaned copiously about cyclists (until she found out that I was one), then started on roundabouts (one of which I am not), and was generally good humoured and friendly. As the car has a heads-up display, I will promptly book lots more lessons and pretend I am a fighter jet pilot (in a black Mazda with writing all over it). In all seriousness, however, I can tell that professionalism and good mentoring skills are definitely present in that car, and that there is rather less likely to be any excuse to not get through this attempt at learning to drive! Or at least driving a car. My three-wheeler caused much amusement..."

11 May 2017

Justin Keogh, Reigate, Surrey

"Had a brilliant first lesson with Jenny, very friendly and patient but will chase you down the street if you damage her car!"

08 May 2017

Sophia Cranfield, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny last week. Being very nervous about starting my lessons my nerves were quickly calmed once I had met with Jenny. So friendly and and I felt we covered a lot in the time given. Looking forward to my future lessons with her"

03 May 2017

More of Jenny's Testimonials

"What can I say, Jenny is an outstanding instructor. Learning to drive is a difficult skill at first, but as soon you get used to it, it all becomes natural thanks to the help of Jenny. Jenny has taught me not only how to pass my test but how to deal with driving in the real world - which is a skill that'll stay with you for the rest of your life. Jenny is concise and very welcoming and her banter helps keep any nerves at ease. Having passed with only 1 minor fault, Jenny cannot be faulted in any way! Thanks so much for everything, I will certainly miss some of our chuckles."

James Flanders, Reigate, Surrey

25 January 2017

"Had my first lesson today which was made to be really enjoyable and informative by Jenny."

Sandro Pietrunti, Tadworth, Surrey

23 September 2016

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny Hutchinson today, it went really well. Didn't have any issues, she was really easy to get along with, she explained everything really well and made it easier for me."

Ross Cornelius, Reigate, Surrey

08 September 2016

"Just had my very first lesson with Jenny, although I was very nervous to begin with she was so friendly and relaxed that I enjoyed myself so much! I even managed to move the car without stalling which is a bonus!"

Laura Whitehead, Epsom, Surrey

25 July 2016

"Very happy with my first few lessons with elite. Jenny was super nice and helpful! :)."

Chevelle, Redhill, Surrey

19 July 2016

"I had my first lesson with Jenny today, she has a great sense of humour which really helped with processing the new information. She was very clear in the way she explained all the new ideas as well as allowing me to feel comfortable on the road and I look forward to the future lessons."

Seb Noller, Redhill, Surrey

18 July 2016

"Had my first lesson today with Jenny H and from the moment we met I knew we'd get along, she's concise, really patient, and I already feel perfectly in control. I must also point out that Jenny has some great banter and this massively helps relieve any nervousness. Just make sure you take care of her precious car :)."

James Flanders, Reigate, Surrey

08 June 2016

Nicola"Wow a first time pass for me but really all credit goes to the amazing Jenny Hutchinson she has been well pretty amazing from day one every lesson was fun but also professional this lady really is the best!!!… And if your lucky to have her trust me you will to enjoy every minute you are with her! So patient understanding and well so so funny Jenny I am really really going to miss you at that comes from the bottom of my heart!!!…. Thank you so so much once again for every thing!! Xx."

Nicola Barrett, Epsom

17 May 2016

Chloe"Finally passed my driving test yesterday, elite has given me the confidence I need to be able to drive in any situation and able to drive on my own without a problem. Jenny was lovely and was always able to have a laugh! She was able to work around my rota and it was never a problem trying to fit me in. Going to miss the lessons!"

Chloe Holgate, Tadworth, Surrey

30 April 2016

SHERYL WILLIS"Jenny H was a fantastic instructor, very patient and encouraging. As I was an older learner with work commitments Jenny was exactly what I needed in an instructor! I feel very confident on the roads now!"

Sheryl Willis, Reigate

27 April 2016

"I've only had a couple of hours but already I am starting to understand how people manage this whole driving concept- with a fantastic instructor like Jenny it is nowhere near as hard as I expected! A lot of my friends recommended Elite (and Jenny) to me, and I can now understand why."

Clodagh Wells, Redhill, Surrey

18 January 2016

"I had Jenny as my instructor, and as well as being lovely and friendly she was extremely patient and understanding, allowing me to progress at my own pace. Her positive attitude always made the lessons fun, and I was so happy when I passed first time! I couldn't have wished for a better instructor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to start lessons!"

Bethany Wells, Redhill, Surrey

18 January 2016

"My first lesson with Jenny took place on my birthday, and she managed to overcome my nerves, and it was a really great lesson. I got some time on the road, whilst also being reassured about the car, the road, and the whole process. I would definitely recommend her, and her humour!"

Hannah Cheek, Reigate, Surrey

12 January 2016

"I had my first driving lesson today with Jenny, and I am more than happy with her. She made me feel at ease about getting on the road again, and told me when I went wrong in order for me to learn from my mistakes. Had a giggle too, and have another lesson tomorrow which I'm really looking forward too! Thanks Jenny."

Olivia Nelson-Brown, Tadworth, Surrey

11 January 2016

Kirsty"Jenny had a challenge straight off with me. Very nervous, lack of confidence driving, dyslexic and pregnant. Jenny has been amazing, encouraged me all the way and seemed to know exactly what to do to calm my nerves. The way Jenny taught me made sure I had fun and we had a giggle every lesson, so I looked forward to every lesson even if I was nervous and feeling sick. I felt very safe with Jenny and knew she wouldn't let me get into anything I couldn't handle, even handling anything the road threw at me. I wasn't perfect but Jenny taught me what I was doing wrong, but also told me when I had handled others driving safely. Jenny made sure I didn't just pass my test, but taught me to drive to keep Bump and me safe. Jenny is an amazing instructor and I can't recommend her enough. I'll miss our weekly driving lessons. "

Kirsty Daniel, Wallington, Surrey

19 December 2015

"I was very nervous for my first lesson and Jenny was patient and reassuring as she made sure I went at my own comfortable pace. She is also concise and clear at explaining things for any improvements. I would definitely recommend her as a driving instructor."

Natalie Lou, Sutton, Surrey

11 December 2015

"I have just had my first driving lesson with Jenny and I thought it went really well. She is very chatty and is happy to have a bit of a laugh (provided that you aren't trying to kill her!) Her style of teaching is just what I was looking for. I'm a nervous driver but I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Jenny right away. She is very understanding and I love her quirky terminology (cabbages) which makes it fun to learn. I would highly recommend Jenny as a driving instructor if you are looking to have fun whilst learning. Just make sure you don't put fingermarks on her mirror - she may kill you. You have been warned! :)."

Jessica True, Epsom, Surrey

08 December 2015

Millie"Had a fantastic experience with my driving instructor Jenny, with help from her I managed to pass my test first time. Thanks."

Millie, Epsom, Surrey

01 December 2015

"Recently had my first ever lesson with Jenny, and despite my nerves I was really happy with how it went!She's a great instructor and was understanding when I made mistakes and clearly took me through what went wrong and how to not have it happen again next time. I'm looking forward to getting more experience, and I'm sure with Jenny's help I'm going to gain confidence and eventually pass while enjoying the experience a lot."

Becky Lambert, Reigate, Surrey

11 October 2015

Alice"I've been learning with Jenny for just under a year and I passed my first test this morning. Jenny has been amazing, I was such a scaredy cat and she transformed me into a confident driver. She is mad, if you hurt her car she will kill you and she talks nonsense most of the time but she is a fabulous instructor, always on time and pushing you to do your best and I would recommend her to everybody. I'm going to miss our hilarious driving lessons, i'll never forget them."

Alice Bryant, Epsom, Surrey

18 May 2015

"I had my first lesson with Jenny today and right from the start I felt relaxed and calm. Very fun and can't wait for my next lesson!"

Charlie Baker, Reigate, Surrey

29 April 2015

I had my first lesson with Jenny today and was very pleased! She's calm, patient and good fun! Looking forward to more lessons! :)."

Abeera Mohammad, Redhill, Surrey

08 April 2015

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny today and it was great!!!! I had been really nervous beforehand, driving for the first time is terrifying, but Jenny put me totally at ease and is a really great teacher. She explained to me how everything works and how to actually drive!!! I really enjoyed my first lesson and I would definitely recommend her!!!"

Emma Elson, Redhill, Surrey

04 March 2015

"I'm brand new to driving and had my first lesson with Jenny recently. She's been incredibly patient and lovely while I work on my clutch control! It makes such a difference to have someone calm and patient at the helm when you're really nervous and getting to grips with something totally unfamiliar. Thanks Jenny, I promise to do my utmost to keep your alloys impeccable!"

Jennifer Carey, Redhill, Surrey

04 March 2015

"I had my first driving lesson with the wonderful jenny! It was my first time ever in a car so was nervous but she made me feel at ease. She was great fun and a fantastic instructor, can't wait for my next lesson!!"

Georgina Crosbee, Epsom, Surrey

11 February 2015

John"Just passed my test first time with Jenny after 4 months of training. Such a a fantastic Instructor, patient, knowledgeable and made lessons fun. I shall miss you Jenny and thanks for everything. :)"

John Leith, Sutton, Surrey

05 February 2015

"First lesson with Jenny. Went really well much better than expected!!"

Freddie Burrowes, Reigate, Surrey

19 December 2014

"I had my first lesson with Jenny yesterday which I was very nervous about, however she made me feel very comfortable in the car and gave a lot of good advice and information. Great first lesson- can't wait till the next!"

Livvie Pipe, Tadworth, Surrey

18 December 2014

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny. After a gap of many years learning to drive. She was exactly like her reviews from other pupils. She explained everything in a relaxed and friendly way. She got me driving and even though my face did not show it, I really enjoyed the lesson and am looking forward to more."

John Leith, Sutton, Surrey

13 November 2014

"Jenny has been a great help getting me back behind the wheel. It's been four years since I passed my test and I hadn't had the opportunity to drive whilst away at University. Jenny has helped me remember all those little details I had tucked away, and has been calm, patient and comforting when I get worried. I'm already feeling much happier about being back in the driver's seat and look forward to my next refresher lesson!"

Victoria Hodges, Redhill, Surrey

10 November 2014

Will"Jenny worked very hard with me during our time together to help me through my test. She always quickly identified when I went wrong, and helped to correct me. She helped me to get to a level high enough to pass with flying colours, and to continue driving well. Rather than just doing enough to get me through the test, she goes above and beyond to set you up for life. She’s always happy, and makes lessons enjoyable, constantly making you laugh and smile. Thanks a lot. Will :)"

William Jones, Banstead, Surrey

07 November 2014

Luke"Just passed my test first time after a great 8 months with Jenny! I've looked forward to every lesson and her teaching is excellent, geared towards post-test driving and not just passing it. I couldn't have had a better instructor. Thanks!"

Luke G, Reigate, Surrey

29 October 2014

Luke F"Jenny did a great job of getting me through my test first time. She was always quick to identify why I was getting things wrong and gave straightforward tips on how to put things right. She also worked hard to encourage me to be a smooth and polished driver, rather than just learning to scrape through the test! Thank very much, Luke."

Luke Fisher, Reigate, Surrey

24 October 2014

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny and I was very apprehensive at first, but after breaking the ice talking about nails and other nonsense that girls talk about I began to feel much more comfortable. The location where Jenny took me to start off was ideal as the road was very wide and didn't have that many cars which helped with my confidence a lot. Jenny is a brilliant instructor and even though I didn't drive that much this first time round I look forward to many lessons to come."

Rhianna Miller, Epsom, Surrey

24 October 2014

Emily"Jenny, what on earth am I going to do without you?!  As thrilled as I am to have passed yesterday first time, I have started to realise that 8 months of amazingness has suddenly come to an abrupt end - I can honestly say that I have loved every single minute of learning to drive. Jenny believed in me even when I didn't and was always there for some words of encouragement (or a reality check!!) when I thought I was losing it! With the patience of an absolute saint, withstanding attempts of around 15 parallel parks in one lesson last week, and a personality that had me in fits each and every lesson, I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to find such a brilliant instructor to see me through this journey. She let me learn at my own pace, never putting me in a situation I was unable to handle, yet still pushed me each and every lesson, continuously showing me I could handle situations that I thought I couldn’t! I know that I would still be having lessons now, believing I wasn’t ready, if Jenny hadn’t convinced me to go for it… and guess what?! She was right, I was ready and I managed to pass first time thanks to the confidence she has put into me. If you told me a month ago, even a week ago, that I would now be confidently driving around on my own I would have laughed at you… it remains a mystery to me how she managed it! Jenny, thank you so so so much for EVERYTHING. Words cannot explain how much I am going to miss you, you absolute nutta… but I will see you on the road and I’ll be back for some pass plus lessons… you don’t get rid of me that easily!! :-) X."

Emily Howe, Betchworth, Surrey

22 October 2014

"I have really enjoyed my first couple of lessons with Jenny. She is extremely patient and makes learning fun! Her relaxed but thorough teaching style helps me to drive with confidence and she has assured me that I am making good progress…so far!"

Emma Higgins, Sutton, Surrey

18 October 2014

"Absolutely brilliant instructors, very thorough in how they teach. Wouldn't have gone with anyone else. All round good experience with Elite!"

Joseph Ellis, Tadwortrh, Surrey

10 October 2014

"I've just had my first lesson with Jenny and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I feel the lessons are good value for money - especially with the current offer. I found Jenny very positive, supportive and encouraging although the time just flew by too quickly and I can't wait for my next lesson! Thank you Jenny for making my first lesson so fun :) x."

Alessandra Garsia, Sutton, Surrey

23 September 2014

"I had jenny! She was the best, couldn't have asked for a better instructor! she was such a laugh and I had so much fun with her, never a dull moment. And I passed first time!!! Woohoo!!"

Emily King, Redhill, Surreyy

21 September 2014

"Jenny has been my instructor since the off-road driving lessons and I could not be happier with my progress. Jenny's approach to teaching is the perfect amount of joy, strictness and laughter. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and always look forward to them."

Haran Nadesan, Wallington, Surrey

05 August 2014

"I have just started lessons with Jenny and I am already feeling confident about being a driver. She is very easy going and relaxed and always provides confidence with every turn (just left ones at the moment!) I feel very smiley whilst behind the wheel and have laughed so much with Jenny already. I'm really looking forward to my next lesson."

Kathryn Martin, Redhill, Surrey

28 July 2014

"Jenny is a brilliant instructor, she is very patient and helpful which was what I needed to build my confidence. I enjoyed my first lesson with Jenny as she goes through everything very clearly and made me feel at ease. At the end of the lesson I felt more confident in myself. I look forward to more lessons!"

Nabihah Akhtar, Redhill, Surrey

16 July 2014

David"Jenny is an excellent instructor. She was patient and extremely encouraging. If I made a mistake she would explain to me what I had done wrong and allow me to repeat the manoeuvre until I was confident. She is friendly and easy to get along with which made learning with her easier."

David Onyenuforo, Sutton, Surrey

28 June 2014

Isabella"Jenny is the most amazing instructor very patient, caring and makes everything very clear for you! I don't know how I would have passed my test without her constant support and believing in me, would 110% recommend doing lessons with her! Thank you so much Jenny!! Isabella x."

Isabella Pires, Reigate, Surrey

19 June 2014

"I've been with Jenny just over four months now and within those four months I have achieved so much. You don't forget your first lesson with Jenny and the first thing you learn is don't hurt the car or else. When I started learning I had no experience what so ever, so getting straight into the drivers seat on my first lesson was quite a shocker for me and so exciting for someone that's never driven. I'm now on my last few lessons and I'm going to miss that crazy Jenny on a Friday, she makes the lessons fun and enjoyable for everyone and you become a very independent driver even when shes in the car. I think I was very lucky to get Jenny as my instructor and so pleased I did, I would highly recommend Jenny as she is a brilliant instructor."

Jade Jones, Redhill, Surrey

16 June 2014

"I can't believe it has been four months since I started driving! No matter how many times I joke about moving to Karen because she has now got a green car, or Steve Goose because he has a cool name, both you and I know that I am not going anywhere Jenny! I wouldn't dare get in a car with anyone else at the moment as you have taken my confidence so far and I know that you will eventually get me to the stage where, as much as I don't want to think about it, I will be able to do this whole driving thing on my own! I look forward to lessons so much now, you make them SO MUCH fun and I am the only 17 year old that I know who isn't itching to pass their driving test as they enjoy lessons far too much to want to do it on their own!! Choosing a driving instructor is such a gamble: you get in a car with someone for the first time who you know next to nothing about, and have to develop a form of trust very quickly so that they are able to teach you how to drive! Thanks to help from a friend and these reviews, I absolutely gambled on the right instructor, and maybe this will help others to do so too! Thank you Jen and see you next week! :). "

Emily Howe, Betchworth, Surrey

12 June 2014

"I've been using Jenny for about 2 months now, I was so scared of driving until I met Jenny, he calms nerves and is so patient !! Would HIGHLY recommend her, now I find driving fun and not a scare At all unless I put my fingers on her mirrors :) x."

Ryan Hutson, Redhill, Surrey

11 June 2014

"I've had two lessons with Jenny so far and it's been great, she's really understanding when I do something wrong (which is quite a lot!) we just talk about how it could be better next time and then I have another go. Jenny is helping me gain confidence and I'm looking forward to having more lessons with her."

Ruth Brampton, Redhill, Surrey

07 June 2014

"Had my first driving lesson today with Jenny after some 10+years since my last lessons. Had bad past experiences previously so was very nervous about starting up again (especially after such a long time). Jenny was exceptionally great. She made me feel at ease from the get go and by the end of the lesson I was very relaxed. She's very patient and a great pace of lesson. Here's to more lessons (without anymore boo boo's-SORRY!!!) :)xx."

Nurcan Demir, Epsom, Surrey

5 April 2014

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny - having never even sat in the driving seat of a car before, and it was great. She talked through what everything did as well as the plan for the lesson, and by the end of the 2 hours I was up to 2nd gear! Can't wait for the next one!"

Luke G, Riegate, Surrey

16 March 2014

"When I initially started to think about driving lessons, I had so many recommendations from friends of where to go for driving schools and instructors that I didn't have a clue where to begin! I sieved through each recommendation, having a look on the website and at the instructor profiles and reviews and as soon as I got to 'Jenny from ELITE' on my list I knew she was the driving instructor for me."

"I knew that I wanted someone who I could feel completely at ease with and have a laugh with every now and again - well Jenny certainly doesn't fail with that! To say we have a laugh every now and again is a slight understatement... Despite the laughs, Jenny has already picked up on my little bad habits or areas that we need to work on and these are incorporated into each lesson and I can already see myself improving."

"I was so excited about starting to drive, however, terrified about being on the road with other drivers... Which is still evident from my panicked looks and squeals at Jenny every time there is anything bigger than a small car behind me or coming towards me!! But with Jenny's help it is becoming a little easier and I am feeling more in control each lesson... And I have only had three!"

"Thank you Jenny for making me feel so at ease on these first three lessons... I won't mention the threats of death if I left fingerprints on your mirrors or harmed the car in any way ;)... and I can't wait to see what my next lesson brings! xx."

Emily Howe, Brockham, Surrey

19 February 2014

"Jenny was so amazing! She made me feel very comfortable in the car, and would always chat away to me and make me laugh. She is an exceptional teacher who pushed me every lesson to bring out the best in my driving. We had a lot of fun and I miss her a lot! I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you again, Jenny!"

Jordan Adcock, Redhill, Surrey

8 January 2014

"When I started my driving lessons I was lacking confidence and I just didn't seem to get on with my instructor. Then I started lessons with Jenny and she was much more patient and understanding, she makes the lessons fun, she's easy to get on with and she has a good way of helping you understand things better, most importantly she makes sure that you learn to be a safe driver, I would highly recommend anyone to her ! Cassie :)."

Cassie M, Tadworth, Surrey

06 December 2013

"Jenny was fantastic she's so understanding and really made me comfortable,   I suffer with really bad nerves and Jenny really helped me with that, she always made things clear and was more than happy to repeat herself, she really does have the patience of a saint! I'm so happy to have passed but really couldn't of done it without Jenny, really will miss her!! Would also say Ian was fab done a few mock tests with me and really helped with nerves and getting ready for test!"

Shanice Bulmer, Banstead, Surrey

20 December 2013

"I had failed my test twice before my friend recommended Jenny to me. Jenny is friendly, fun and professional. She helped to turn me into a less nervous, more confident, relaxed driver. I just passed my test and I would recommend Jenny to anybody who is looking to learn"

Charlotte Middleton, Horley, Surrey

02 December 2013

"I had my first ever driving lesson with jenny last Thursday and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I was so nervous to start driving and now I have to say I feel much more confident. I had a two hour lesson and I learned a lot of information that I had never heard of but it is essentail to know it and jenny explained everything very well, definetly having more lessons! "

Charlotte Blackledge, Reigate, Surrey

28 November 2013

"I would definitely recommend jenny at elite. From the start of my lessons jenny has been absolutely amazing, helping me through everything. She's hilarious and fun and makes you feel comfortable. Every lesson was brilliant especially on the mad mile :). She had total faith in me even when I didn't and helped me boost my confidence. I passed my test 5 days ago!! I couldn't thank you enough jenny and will miss are lessons. I can drive!! wooooh :) Chanel."

Chanel Diani, Carshalton, Surrey

09 November 2013

"Amazing driving school! My instructor Jenny is fantastic! She is a quick teacher and helps you with everything. Shes great fun and is a brilliant teacher! I've just had my second lesson and I already know loads thanks to her. She takes you through things step by step and makes you feel very comfortable in the car. I can't wait to have more lessons with her. Thanks Jenny!! :D."

Louise Baker, Leatherhead, Surrey

24 October 2013

"I had off-road lessons with Jenny for a while, so I got a bit of experience before getting on the road. Now I have just finished my 4th lesson on the road and I am extremely happy with my progress. Jenny is a great driving instructor, helpful, and not to serious whilst getting the job done. I am very satisfied with the quality of the lessons, and instructing. I look forward to every lesson."

William Jones, Banstead, Surrey

23 October 2013

"Jenny is AMAZING. I'm fairly certain she is a miracle worker, or has magical powers! When I started driving I was incredibly nervous, and I refused to leave first gear for months. Jenny has helped me build my confidence and taught me how to be a good driver, and although I never believed it would happen, I passed my test first time! She is always patient and always fun, and no matter how nervous you are she will make you feel at ease. I have had such a laugh with Jenny and have learnt so much from her. Jenny is fantastic, I would highly recommend her and will certainly be coming back to her to do Pass Plus."

Megan Davis, Surrey

2 September 2013

"I have only had a few off-road lessons but I have learnt a lot. The instructors are nice, and very helpful. An all round nice atmosphere. I enjoy going."

William Jones, Banstead, Surrey

7 July 2013

"I take part in the young person driving with Jenny. She is so nice and explains things really well and clearly. She has given me more confidence for when I do start driving. I will be asking Jenny to teach me go drive when the time comes. I would recommend her to any young driver that wants experience as its really fun and makes you feel more confident."

Lizzie, Tadworth, Surrey

2 July 2013

"I passed first time with JENNY in Reigate, she was a great teacher and helped me pass considerably quickly with no hassle and I enjoyed every minute of it. I high recommend her she is amazing."

Katy Cole, Putney, SW London

20 June 2013

"A big thank you to Jenny who is the nicest driving instructor; who always puts you at ease when driving. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you elite!"

Michelle Alexander, Reigate, Surrey

10 June 2013

"I would like to say a really big thank you to my instructor jenny I passed 1st time, she was very professional and explained everything clearly. I would highly recommend her to any one, thank you again Jenny."

Lee Grantham, Wallington, Surrey

20 April 2013

"My instructor Jenny was amazing. Friendly, helpful and very witty. If you ever get the chance to have Jenny as your instructor, the only problem is that the time goes so quick. Thank you Jen for everything."

Simon Bennett, Reigate, Surrey

03 April 2013

"I learned driving from jenny and found her so helpful and she gave me good points to pass the test... Finally I passed the test and I am driving now."

Parveen Kumar, Sutton, Surrey

26 March 2013

"A big thank you to my driving instructor Jenny, I passed today and couldn't have done it without her! Very supportive with great techniques for combating nerves. With highest recommendations, thanks again Jenny x."

Sarah Wells, Sutton, Surrey

22 March 2013

"Hi, I have just passed my driving test today at the age of, touch the wood, fifty eight! This wouldn't have been possible was it not for the support, encouragement and style of Instructor Jenny. I would take this opportunity to thank Jenny. I would also take the opportunity to invite fellow pensioners, and adults who got fed up with re-taking their tests along with freshers to try Jenny! SHE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! Thanks again Jenny!"

Salah El-Hassan, London, W3

Took Driving test in Sutton, Surrey

Stephen Harris, Epsom, Surrey

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny and it was wonderful! She was very patient and explained and reexplained things in such a clear way, so that I was nowhere near as nervous as I thought I would be when I started to pull away in the car for the first time. I can't wait for my next lesson so that this wonderful lady can help me to learn even more! (This review is completely honest and has not been effected by death threats)."

07 May 2017