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Jenny Hutchinson


Tadworth, Surrey

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Jenny hutchinson driving instructor

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Instructor since 2010

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Biography - Jenny Hutchinson Driving instructor 

Animal mad (I have many pets), Photography (though not very good), and a small interest in sports cars (mainly as my partner is building one!)

Before becoming an instructor in 2010 I worked at a school for children with special needs.  Prior to that I've worked in management, sales, and customer service.  

I trained with Ian (one of the owners of ELITE) after a friend who I was training with through one of the larger national driving schools recommended him.  When I qualified as an instructor I intended to do this job part-time around my other job, and went out on my own.  However once I started I realised how much of a buzz I get out of doing it, and I decided to make this my sole career, and joined ELITE so that I had the support I needed to support my business.Since joining ELITE one of the main projects I've been involved in is the Under 17 driving experiences.  These sessions have proved to be hugely successful, and we are further developing these sessions all of the time.

I am a very patient and professional instructor, not one that screams and shouts.  I really can't understand how anyone can think that will help, but pupils regularly tell me this has happened to them before coming to me.  Surely this does more harm than good!  I try not to bog my pupils down with loads of technical information, I prefer to keep it simple.  I also believe that different people learn in different ways, so I like to tailor my lessons according to their needs.  I also believe that people learn better if they enjoy the lessons, so I try to have fun, whilst making sure they understand what is needed to be safe behind the wheel.

I don't only teach people how to pass their test, but that it is a skill for the rest of their lives. I know that sounds corny, but it's so true.  I want my pupils to pass their test, AND be safe drivers on the road.  I have teenage children, and that's what I'd want for them.

Jenny's Testimonials

Ferzan Eskisan, Redhill, Surrey

Ferzan passed with Jenny"I had jenny and I tell you I've never met someone so great as her, im a really nervous driver now im full of confidence. She's amazing, she knows how to tackle your fears and everyone I recommend her and you will have no doubts I promise :)."

07 August 2019

Nicholas Defoe, Tadworth, Surrey

JH Nick100 190109"I just passed my driving test first time. Something I thought impossible for a while. When I started, I was completely scared of driving and didn’t even want to do it. But thanks to the incredible help of my driving instructor Jenny, I was able to get past this and get a pass. She made lessons both fun and really helpful. I very highly recommend her for an instructor!"

01 August 2019

Elizabeth Hanlon, Tadworth, Surrey

190403 jh lizzy100"I passed my driving test a few months ago and first time round thanks to Jenny. I had regular lessons and more over holidays when I could. She was very easy to get along with and made driving much less nerve racking because of her humour. I really enjoyed the lessons and each lesson she managed to make me believe I had accomplished something new which made me much more confident when driving. I would defingitely recommend her!"

31July 2019

Lauren Sweeney, Reigate, Surrey

Lauren passed after lessons with instructor Jenny"I passed my driving test 2 months ago now after having had regular lessons with Jenny I found the majority of my lessons with Jenny was good and she would always explain things as many times as you needed to make sure you’d understand. She’s very easy to get along with and great to have a laugh with too would definitely recommend Jenny for anyone looking to start driving lessons."

30 July 2019

Katie Howe, Brockham, Surrey

"After my first couple of lessons with Jenny I have been put at ease by her humorous style of teaching, even though at first I felt very nervous in the car. She explains things simply and clearly and I would definitely recommend!"

16 July 2019

Sarah Miller, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny and it was really good. She made sure I understood everything and made me feel really relaxed and safe whilst driving, as well as making it a fun lesson aswell!"

24 June 2019

Rebecca Rowe, Tadworth, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny a few days ago, from the get-go Jenny made the environment a really comfortable and fun place to be, keeping a great balance of responsibility and fun putting me straight at ease. Warning.Threatens to kill (if you hit the curb ;) ) ."

20 May 2019

Harvey Nutt, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny H today, she was extremely helpful and calming whilst having to maneuver Gerald around. Shes extremely nice and I am looking forward to continuing my lessons. (I hope Gerald doesn't hate me by the end of it either!)."

11 April 2019

Joseph Parker, Redhill, Surrey

"Had my first lesson with Jenny Hutchinson. Very relaxed first lesson, easy tips given on how to remember certain things and lovely casual death threats here and there. All round brilliant first lesson."

14 February 2019

Eythan Porter, Tadworth, Surrey

"This was my first lesson with Jenny and I was super nervous however she kept me calm and made sure to go through everything, she wasn't pushing me too hard or anything and moved at a pace that I was comfortable with, just don't break her car or she will kill you! :)."

15 February 2019

Lewis Blake, Epsom, Surrey

"I had my first lesson with Jenny yesterday and she made me feel very relaxed due to the funny nature of her personality. She took explained everything that I needed to think about very clearly and got me starting to drive on the first lesson which was a lot of fun. She was not at all intimidating or strict although threatened to kill me if I burnt her clutch away! Would recommend Jenny to anyone thinking of learning to drive."

03 Febryary 2019

Tia McKay, Redhill, Surrey

JH Tia190124"Jenny was an absolute treat! Would definitely recommend, she loves a giggle and a gossip which makes everything much less boring! She’s absolutely lovely to drive with:)."

24 January 2019

Lorna McDougall, Reigate, Surrey

"Had my first lesson with Jenny last week. She put me at ease right from the start and told me everything I needed know before setting off so that I had the confidence to give it a go. It was an enjoyable lesson throughout. Would definitely recommend. P. S. Sorry Jenny for burning Gerald's clutch!"

25 January 2019

Emily Tucker, Redhill, Surrey

"I had my first lesson on Friday with Jenny. I was extremely nervous but she made me feel a lot more comfortable and made me laugh the whole time. The lesson was amazing and I can't wait for my next one this week! 10000% recommend her :)"

18 October 2018

Gavin True, Epsom, Surrey

Gavin passed with Jenny"The experience of learning to drive with Elite Driving School, will stay with me, as it was an enjoyable experience. I would recommend my driving teacher, Jenny H, as she was a fun teacher and helped me at my lowest during my duration of learning to drive. Thanks again, Jenny."

27 August 2018

Megan Drew, Reigate, Surrey

Megan passed with Jenny "Elite driving school offers a great value for their driving lessons. My driving instructor Jenny was very kind, helpful and instructive during my time with her. She helped me when I had bad days with driving and she pushed me when I became more confident. She always adapted our lessons to suit me and my learning which was brilliant as it wasn’t just a fixed routine. I enjoyed my time learning with Jenny and I learnt so much and felt very prepared for my test. Which in the end I passed first time."

11 August 2019

Ambah Christensesn, Redhill, Surrey

"Just had my first lesson with Jenny. I was terrified getting into the car but Jenny calmed me down with a joke (I hope) that if I did anything to hurt Eric (the car) she'd kill me. She was hilarious throughout the whole lesson and made sure that she always spoke calmly so as not to agitate me. I'm very excited for my next lesson!"

15 March 2018

Kimberley Russell, Redhill, Surrey

"I'm so happy to have found Jenny! My driving has improved and she has made me feel completely at ease! She has a good understanding of what I need and she's really easy to get on with. Brilliant. Can't wait for my next lesson"

08 June 2017

Cullum Day, Redhill, Surrey

"Jenny is the best driving instructor in the world because she told me to say so. In seriousness though first lesson was very intuitive and prepared me fully for the second. Jenny is an excellent driving instructor and in no way was forced into saying that."

13 June 2017

Ellie Symons, Tadworth, Surrey

"My first lesson with Jenny was amazing! She's such a good instructor and I am so happy to of found her. I was so nervous for my first lesson but she completely put me at ease and she explained everything thoroughly. Very friendly!"

13 June 2017