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Passing your practical driving test with ELITE Driving School

Your ELITE instructor will cover a detailed syllabus of lessons based around The National Standards for Learning to Drive to ensure you are fully prepared to be a safe, confident, responsible and independent driver.

Your progress and your reflections on your progress can be logged on our Total Drive App.

You will also be fully prepared for what to expect on the day of your driving test, whether it be at:

Mitcham, West Wickham, Redhill Aerodrome, Crawley, Burgess Hill, Morden,
or any of the other driving test centres within our catchment area.

Booking your driving test

To book your Practical Driving Test make sure you use the official Government website.  DO NOT BOOK through any third-party booking sites that will come up in Google searches.

Many of these will offer guaranteed pass or free retests. However, the initial booking is more expensive, you won’t be able to choose the date and time for your test, and often their misleading terms and conditions mean that you won’t be able to change or cancel your test without losing what you've paid.

Through the official DVSA site you can change or cancel your test up to 3 working days before your test without loss of fee, and change it up to 10 times.

Getting an earlier test date

If your instructor agrees that you are ready to take your test sooner than the date you've booked, then you can check the DVSA system to see if earlier dates become available.

Unfortunately, this relies on a bit of luck. Dates do become available if other candidates cancel, examiners are issued overtime, or a new examiner is deployed to a test centre. 

However, as new slots do become available, they tend to get snapped up quickly. If you haven't got the time to keep logging on and checking yourself then you can use a third-party cancellation checking service.

When it comes to doing this, your instructor can probably advise you what Apps are generating test slots for their other pupils at that time, as performance of these Apps do vary, as do the costs of the services.

The Apps will keep on checking for you, and when test slots become available text you the details, or some even move the booking for you.

Make sure that you check that your instructor can accommodate your new date before changing it though, otherwise you might end up losing the slot completely.

What does the practical test involve?

The Practical Driving Test involves you driving for around 40 minutes on various road types and conditions, 20 minutes of independent driving (following sat nav or road signs) carrying out one reversing manoeuvre, and possibly an emergency stop.

Eyesight check

The first part of the test involves the examiner asking you to read a vehicle number plate at a distance of 20 metres (new style post 2000 plate) or 20.5 metres (old pre 2000 style plate) to check your eyesight.

Not being able to read the number plate at the required distance will result in the distance being measured out accurately by another examiner before you are allowed to try a second time.

Failing to read it on a second attempt will result in a serious fault being recorded and the test terminated before you even sit in the car, and your test fee lost.

An eyesight check is the first thing that your ELITE instructor will do with you on your first lesson, so please make sure if you wear glasses or contact lenses that you bring them with you on your first and every driving lesson.

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

  • You will be asked one of a possible 14 simple 'tell me' vehicle safety questions at the start of the test.
  • These include how to check that the vehicle lights are working and how they are operated, how to open the bonnet and check the engine fluid levels, and how to operate and check various other items and controls on the vehicle.  You will then be asked one of another possible 7 'show me' questions during some point of the drive, such as 'when safe to do so, show me how you clean your front windscreen using your screen washers and wipers'.  This can happen at any point during the test. You will receive a driver fault mark for each question answered incorrectly. However, if you are distracted whilst trying to carry out this exercise, it could result in a serious fault being given, for example if you swerve onto the wrong side of the road.
  • To view these questions in full, including a full explanation of the answers click here.
  • Your instructor will go through the questions with you in more detail, and familiarise you with the controls of the vehicle that you are taking your lessons in, and therefore you will be taking your test in.

Reversing Manoeuvre

Throughout the drive you will be asked by the examiner to perform one of the following exercises:

  • Forward parking into a bay in a car park, and reversing out
  • Reverse parking in and driving out of a bay in a car park
  • Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths, and rejoin the traffic
  • Parallel Park at the side of the road behind a parked vehicle

For these exercises you will be required to deliver smooth and accurate operation of the controls of the vehicle, whilst carrying out effective observations to ensure that you and everyone around you are safe through planning and risk assessment.  Note that the DVSA still recognise the turn in the road and left reverse manoeuvres as valuable manoeuvres to learn to help develop these skills. 

Emergency Stop

1 in 3 candidates may be asked to perform an emergency stop.

For this exercise the examiner will pull you over at the side of the road and explain that shortly he / she will be giving you a signal to stop the car (this signal varies, but each examiner will demonstrate the signal they will give). Once they have given you the instruction, they will then ask you to drive on again as normal before shortly giving you the signal. 

As soon as they have given you the signal to stop, you will need to demonstrate that you can stop the car as quickly and safely as possible (as if a child had run in front of the car) and under full control.

Independent Driving

For twenty minutes, around half of the test, you will be asked to drive independently.  This was increased from ten minutes as from 4th December 2017.

During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav.  The sat nav will be pre-programmed and set up by the examiner.  Therefore, you will not be expected to touch the device.  If you are not sure of the instruction being given by the device, you will be able to ask the examiner for confirmation.  

This is not a test of your navigation skills, and if you do not follow the exact route you will not receive a fault mark providing you are safe in the route you take.  The device or examiner will help with directions to get you back on route.

One in 5 driving tests won't use a sat nav, and you will instead be asked to follow traffic signs towards a certain destination.

Fabiana Lino Bueno, Horsham, West Sussex

"I couldn't recommend Elite enough, especially the instructor Tony. Before taking classes with Elite, I had 2 terrible experiences. And meeting Tony really was a blessing. A respectful, patient, good vibe, polite and effective instructor: after all, I passed the first time. I just have to thank :)"

20 February 2024 Google review logo


Samira Khan, Horsham, West Sussex

"want to say a massive thank you to my instructor Tony! i passed within 4 months of doing lessons with him and he gave great driving tips! I am going to miss doing lessons with him, thank you !!"

10 January 2024 Google review logo

Ryan Snow, Horsham, West Sussex

"Highly recommend my driving instructor Tony, passed first time with no minors."

08 December 2023 Google review logo

Chloe White, East Grinstead, West Sussex

"I had lessons with Gary warrell after having lessons with a different instructor, and I can’t thank him enough for putting me at ease, making me feel comfortable and building my confidence. I passed 1st time. I would highly recommend him."

18 February 2024 freeindex review

Adeiza Atta, Surrey

"Passed my test today, and I owe a huge thanks to Musawar Saleem my instructor. After a few years of delaying lessons, their patience really boosted my confidence behind the wheel. Thanks for helping me over the past couple of months"

20 November 2023 Google review logo

Hiba Ibrahim, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin has been a really supportive instructor throughout the entire learning process. Making sure I progress each lesson has helped greatly with confidence in driving and helped me to pass my test 1st time!"

20 November 2023 Google review logo

Maria Labelle, Crawley, West Sussex

LH Maria 231118"Passed my test at the weekend! All my lessons were with Lee. Lee is a very patient, calm and kind instructor. He was always reliable and contactable. I would especially recommend him if you are a very nervous driver like I was."

20 November 2023 Google review logo

RC, Croydon, Surrey

"Matt was excellent from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. He made sure I was ready for the test with his expert knowledge and I passed first time!!!"

25 November 2023 Google review logo

Carolyn Holmes, Crawley, West Susse

"Thank you to Andy Kirby so his good humour, patience and constructive advice to help me pass my automatic driving test today (25.11.23). Honestly, I'd advise anyone though is looking to pass in an automatic, to get in touch with him. It's been money well spent and now a skill for life. I'm an older learner, so this was a big deal for me"

25 November 2023 Google review logo

Alice F, Purley, Surrey

"I passed my driving test first time! Matt was really a great driving instructor, he always explained things well and I felt fully ready to do the driving test when it came round."

27 November 2023 freeindex review

Hannah Smith, Crawley, West Sussex

"Just had my first lesson with Lee, it went really well and I felt he really helped me understand everything I already knew and didn’t know a lot better, straight away felt comfortable and at ease!"

27 November 2023 freeindex review

Audrey Wallis, Purley, Surrey

SG Audrey 231127"Sue was a really nice instructor, helped me pass first time and kept me calm during the test and before it. Helped me learn to drive super quick and really well."

27 November 2023 freeindex review

Caris Fox, Addlestone, Surrey

KH Caris 231117"Kim Hart helped me pass my test! Best instructor ever and always made me smile :)."

17 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Elizabeth Tookey, Kenley, Surrey

"I have had the BEST driving instructor I could not pass if I didn't have Tasawar. I'm going to miss his lessons so much. I would recommend him to everyone!! He is the most kind and patient teacher who will show you all of the best techniques and will never make you feel bad if you make a mistake. Thank you so so much!!!"

28 October 2023 Google review logo

Adiy Siddiq, Croydon, Surrey

"My experience with Elite Driving School has been excellent. My instructor Sue was really kind and talkative during my lessons and remained calm throughout which really helped to build my confidence. Not only was I able to pass my driving test first time but the ability to drive by my self now without any fear is truly what has made the lessons valuable and worth every penny. Thank you so much Sue."

01 November 2023 Google review logo

Lawrence Oluwayomi, Redhill, Surrey

"Tasawar is a very great instructor. I passed my driving test at the first attempt."

01 November 2023 Google review logo

Matt Hills, Reigate, Surrey

"Ian was an amazing instructor, very patient and helpful would definitely recomment."

Zsanett Andras, Horsham, West Sussex

"Andy is an amazing experienced instructor. He's very patient and quickly points out weaknesses. He doesn't miss a fault and that will make you pass your test. He made our lessons fun. I will really miss our conversations. I wish him all the best and thank you for changing lives."

12 November 2023 Google review logo

Sofiia Novo, Caterham, Surrey

"I’m really happy that I was lucky enough to find this school and met here a perfect teacher Muhammad) Only with his help I passed my test.
Thank and absolutely recommend."

14 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Declan Smith, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Declan 231113"Couldn’t have been happier with my lessons with Kim. From the start she was professional, put me at ease and had great knowledge and teaching style that made every lesson a pleasure. Her experience and patience allowed me to pass first time! I’d recommend Kim to anyone looking to learn to drive."

13 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Amber Juby, Peckham, London

SG Amber 231111"I started lessons with Sue after a bad start with another instructor. From the first session she was professional and friendly, making me feel relaxed and confident in her teaching. She broke the syllabus down into small pieces so it never felt too overwhelming and worked on one thing at a time. Sue gave me so much confidence and I passed first time thanks to her!"

11 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Alexander French, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Alex 230511"Sue was an amazing driving instructor, she really helped me improve in all aspects, and taught me so many things to get me to a great level of driving after a bad experience with other companies. Would definitely recommend :)."

07 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

William Starkie, Redhill, Surrey

"Amazing instructors who are friendly and are great what they do."

05 November 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Juliet Horsfall, Walthamstow, Greater London

MI Julliet 231102"Mohsin from Elite Driving is simply a brilliant instructor! He is patient, informative and encouraging. I am a nervous driver but Mohsin was supportive all the way! I passed first time with only 2 minors. Thank you for having belief in me, when I didn't have it in myself! I wholeheartedly recommend learning to drive with Mohsin and Elite Driving!"

31 November 2023 freeindex review

Rachel H, Crawley, West Sussex

"Just had my first lesson with Lee, what a lovely patient instructor :) I Was really nervous and tend to be very shy but he was so friendly and professional that I look forward to my future lessons. Definitely recommend."

18 October 2023 freeindex review

James Dsouza, Purley, Surrey

"Mohsin was extremely helpful and organised when helping me during lessons. He allowed me to learn completely and answered every question thoroughly developing my understanding. I only had a couple of weeks before my test and he instilled great confidence in me so I was 100%. By far the best instructor I have come across."

17 October 2023 freeindex review

Joanne Dungog, Redhill, Surrey

"I passed my driving test first time with the help of my instructor, Colin Pullen. He is very experienced, patient and professional. I learned not only the skills but also the discipline when you get behind the wheel. I would not be able to do it without his expertise and support. Thank you again Colin! I highly recommend Colin and Elite Driving School."

22 October 2023 Google review logo

Diya Thakrar, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Diya 231019"Five Stars!"

19 October 2023 Google review logo

Gabriel Marian, Cralwey, West Sussex

"Lee is such a good instructor my first lesson was brilliant I recommend lee and elite driving school."

18 October 2023 Google review logo

Bolaji Akintoye, Redhill, Surrey

"Ian introduced Musawar to me and I had a really good experience with him. He is so kind and patient, also has the best reference points for easy remembrance. Thank you Elite. Thank you Ian. Thank you Musawar for all your help towards passing my test. God's blessings!"

15 October 2023 Google review logo

A M, Horley, Surrey

IS AM 231011"Had my driving lessons with Ian, was an absolute pleasure driving with him. Very professional and very friendly. Highly recomend! Thanks Ian all the best!"

11 October 2023 Google review logo

Daniel Casbon, Redhill, Surrey

TA Daniel 231003"Taswar was my driving instructor, was very reliable and patient whilst teaching. On the day of the test he settled my nerves which helped me pass first time."

06 October 2023 Google review logo

Jaimon James, Redhill, Surrey

MS Jaimon 230923"I have just passed driving test with Musawar with 9 hoirs training only was previously strugling to pass witb other instructors.
Musawar was very reassuring and patient while providing the training and he gives me a lot of confidence."

23 September 2023 Google review logo

Christina Baker, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Christins 231017"Kim Hart is a patient, calm driving instructor. She is very helpful and she got me through my test as I passed! She helped me with confidence in my driving, I'm really greatful for such a good driving."

17 October 2023 freeindex review

Renee Perez, Croydon, Surrey

SG Renee 231017"Sue was the best driving instructor I could’ve had, helping me to achieve the confidence I now feel when driving. I definitely recommend."

17 October 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Jayda Edwards, Croydon, Surrey

AA Jayda .161023jpg"I have been a pupil with Elite and learning to drive with Anna since January and I can say I have had the best experience ever!! Anna has taught me everything from the basics to be being able to drive independently. I have I have a gained so much confidence and was able to pass my test first time. Thank you so much Anna and Elite !"

16 October 2023 freeindex review

Bijou L, Croydon, Surrey

"Excellent service. I strongly recommend Elite Driving School.
I passed the practical test (automatic) thanks to my instructor, Mohsin, who is very professional and provide exceptional lessons + assisted with the test booking."

05 October 2023 freeindex review

Daniel Okehie, Horley, Surrey

"I started my journey with Lee after some unfortunate circumstances which delayed my start, however Lee handled the process amazingly and made me feel comfortable and in control once my lesson had started, allowing me to gain confidence and make a good amount of progress in my first lesson."

03 October 2023 freeindex review

Jamie F, Crawley, West Sussex

"I had my first lesson with Lee today, he’s very good instructor, very patient and eases you into doing things at your own pace as well as guiding you into feeling safe behind the wheel. Very good first lesson definitely recommend."

02 October 2023 freeindex review

Kai Muller, Croydon, Siurrey

SG Kai 230928"Sue was a great instructor that taught me very well and also very quickly, passing in 4 months of turning 17, she was always on time and always helped me best she could to improve my driving."

28 September 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ben Wilkie, Weybridge, Surrey

"Enjoyed every minute driving with Kim. Calm, collected and patient. Always up for a good chat and a laugh. The 1.5 hour lessons that Kim offers are better for learning than the hour lessons offered by many other drivers. I became more confident with driving every lesson thanks to her constructive feedback."

18 September 2023  ELITE YELL LOGO

Mohammud Busawon, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin was a great instructor,very knowledgable and motivating.He helped me pass my test quickly on my first attempt.He was very patient,friendly and always made me comfortable when driving.I would strongly recommend Mohsin to anyone who is looking for an excellent driving instructor."

31 July 2023 Google review logo

Ravi Rahi, Crawley, West Sussex

!Just had my first lesson from instructor Lee and I got a reality check of my skills and the gaps. I must say Lee is very professional and truthful in providing feedback and guidance to improve. Looking further for the next session."

22 August 2023 Google review logo

Catia Coughlan, Merstham, Surrey

"Musawar was an excellent instructor, very reassuring and knowledgeable. I hadn’t driven for several years and never in the UK and he walked me through everything patiently and helped me regain my confidence. I never felt stressed or taken out of my comfort zone sooner than I was ready, so would definitely recommend him as an instructor if you’re anxious about driving."

29 August 2023 Google review logo

Luke Bugden, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Luke 230810"Great patience and great teaching."

22 August 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Mia Gulless, Warlingham, Surrey

"Really nice driving school to learn with.very reliable and calm.I learnt with sue garner and she was excellent and taught me how to stay calm and confident with my driving.the lessons were filled with great tips and I felt really confident going into my test."

02 September 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Lucy Ellis, Farnborough, Surrey

AA Lucy 2312016"Absolutely amazing - Adrienne was so patient and helpful Thankyou so much for the time you have spent repeating everything ahah - 1st time passer 100% most comfortable drives."

09 September 2023 Free Index Logo

Alphonsa Mathew, Redhill, Surrey

"Musawar is an excellent instructor. He has very good knowledge and amazing teaching skills. He has been patient to correct my mistakes and helped me to gain confidence. I would like to say big thank you to him and would strongly recommend him."

01 September 2023 freeindex review

Taymiyah Davidson, Croydon, Surrey

SG Tay 230811"I would highly recommend Sue, she has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in teaching me to drive. Even on aspects I was finding difficult she was extremely patient and I’m thankful to pass first time thanks to her help."

28 August 2023 freeindex review Google review logo


Damian Bond, Camberley, Surrey

"Adrienne has been fantastic with instructing our daughter to drive. Clear communication throughout and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Our daughter passed with just one minor."

25 August 2023 freeindex review

Madeleine Bond, Camberley, Surrey

AI Madeline 231206"Was taught everything very well, anything extra help I needed was addressed and I always felt relaxed and at ease when driving with my instructor"

25 August 2023 freeindex review

Molly Rose, Faygate, West Sussex

LH Molly 230824"My driving experience before meeting my instructor Lee was a negative one. After my first lesson with Lee my whole view of driving changed, he was so supportive and professional and was really encouraging. I had suffered with driving anxiety so the lessons with Lee have helped me a lot with that too. Today I have taken my first driving test and passed first time! I would have never done this without Lee! Thank you!"

24 August 2023 freeindex review

Georgia Hills, Reigate, Surrey

"Thank you so much, I couldn't have passed my test without you! Lessons with Jason were always well structured, we was always punctual, and I always looked forward to my lessons. Highly recommended"

14 July 2023 freeindex review

Evie Degiovanni, Camberley, Surrey

AA Evie 231206"I had Adrienne as my instructor and she was amazing, she was really patient and took time to explain each skill before I tried it. She doesn't just teach you how to pass your test, she goes above and beyond making sure you will be a safe and confident driver after you've passed."

01 August 2023 freeindex review

Peter Anderson, Reigate, Surrey

!I had an amazing experience with Musawar as my driving instructor! His guidance and support were instrumental in helping me pass my test quickly. Thanks to him, I got my license in no time, which was crucial for my business needs. I highly recommend Musawar to anyone looking for a skilled and efficient driving instructor. He's the best!!

31 July 2023 freeindex review

Gergana Chonkova, Redhill, Surrey

"Musawar is an excellent driving instructor who played a crucial role in helping me pass my test. His patient and encouraging teaching style made me feel confident on the road, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking driving lessons.".

30 July 2023 freeindex review

Danny Jones, Redhill, Surrey

"Passed my driving test yesterday, first attempt! I would like to personally thank Colin he is an excellent instructor. He was very patient, friendly and always made me feel comfortable when driving he was also very easy to get a long with which helped with my confidence. If I struggled with anything, he made sure I understood what I needed to do, gave feedback on how I could improve and tried different approaches until I got it right."

20 July 2023 freeindex review

Rama Ilanagai, Crawley, West Sussex

"So far my experience with elite driving is great. My instructor Lee Haydon is very patient and teaches in proper systematic manner which clearly makes you understand your progress and the things which we need to improve."
"I would definitely recommend the driving school and instructor Lee."

04 July 2023 freeindex review

Ellie Payne, Crawley, West Sussex

"My instructor Lee was absolutely amazing! I wanted to do automatic, but was pushed to do manual by my family. Lee helped me confidence so much. He was very clear and didn’t rush me into doing things I wasn’t confident in. He was always on time to my lessons. Lee made sure I was fully confident before going out onto main roads. I passed my test yesterday, and that is all because of Lee. Thank you!"

21 June 2023 freeindex review

Zora Price, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

"Kim Hart was incredibly helpful and especially amazing to me. Super kind and got me passed 1st time in a short amount of time. Absolutely amazing and would definitely recommend her! X."

09 June 2023 freeindex review

Anya S, Redhill, Surrey

IS Anya 230607"Ian was amazing instructor helped me pas first time !"

23 July 2023 Google review logo

Sumanth Dupuguntla, Redhill, Surrey

"I passed my driving test today first attempt, and I want to give a big shout-out to my instructor, Colin. Colin was patient, knowledgeable, and always encouraging. Colin helped me to improve my driving skills in a safe and supportive environment. I would highly recommend Colin Pullen to anyone who is looking for a great driving instructor."

22 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Aaron Geevarghese, Croydon, Surrey

"My teacher Matt is good at teaching me to drive a Manuel and his teaching style is enthusiastic and intuitive"

20 July 2023 Google review logo

Suzana Rukaj, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Suzana 230712"Passed my test thanks to Kim. She is an amazing instructor who really helped me build my confidence through the lessons. She was very professional, calm, always on time and really communicative with me. Highly recommend her , thank you so much for all your patience Kim."

12 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Layla Issa, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin was a great instructor, very knowledgeable and motivating. Helped me pass quickly."

08 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Joel Latham-Ching, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Joel 230704"Elite is great! I found Kim Hart a brilliant driving instructor, eased me through the whole process with a constant smile on my face. I enjoyed my lessons with Kim immensely, they were equal parts learning and banter, and she always ensured that I felt confident behind the wheel and prepared for the test. Would recommend"

04 July 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Christian Ritter, Croydon, Surrey

"Passed my test first time thanks to having such a great instructor. He was patient, calm, informative and kind hearted. He refused my request to do donuts too, which was very professional."

01 July 2023 Google review logo

Veronica Perez, Croydon, Surrey

AA Veronica 231023"Passed my driving test on the first time. Anna was a great instructor, very patient with me and making sure I was being the best I could be on the road. Thanks, Anna!!"

24 June 2023 Google review logo

Abby Steward, Croydon, Surrey

AA Abby 231023"My instructor anna helped me alot and was very good"

15 June 2023 Google review logofreeindex review

Chris James, Reigate, Surrey

"I had Colin as my instructor, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, he made me feel comfortable and helped grow my confidence, explained everything clearly and as many times as needed, a caring considerate and supportive person. Passed my test first time with Colin , couldn’t recommend enough!"

13 June 2023 Google review logo

Paris E, Croydon, Surrey

NT Paris 230601"Just passed my test at West Wickham with Matt as my instructor from Elite driving school. It was always a pleasure to drive with him as he always pushed me to do my best. Matt always made time for me to fit lessons in along with my work & me being a student as well. Big thank you to Matt, Definitely recommend!"

12 June 2023 Google review logo

Teann Roberts, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mohsin and had an amazing journey ! I passed first time with 6 minors and feel extremely confident on the road. I’m the beginning I had so much anxiety and did not know what to do . Mohsin helped and supported me so much and in less then 8 months I passed my practical driving"

11 June 2023 Google review logo

Zora Price, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

"Kim Hart was incredibly helpful and especially amazing to me. Super kind and got me passed 1st time in a short amount of time. Absolutely amazing and would definitely recommend her! X."

23 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Anna Morgan, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Anna 230611"Passed first time! Kim Hart in a great driving instructor, really lovely and just the kind of person you want in the car when learning to drive. She is supportive and also helps you strive to reach your full potential."

11 June 2023 freeindex reviewGoogle review logo

Conor Ware, Croydon, Surrey

NT Conor 230607"Passed my test in Mitcham with only 1 minor fault. Massive thanks to my instructor Matt who was patient and supportive from the beginning. I wouldn't have been able to pass without him, I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive."

11 June 2023 freeindex review

Demi Curran, Caterham, Surrey

"Passed my test on the first attempt thanks to Mohsin! I was incredibly nervous to drive but Mohsin instantly made me feel at ease. He is calm, patient and supportive and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass my test. Highly recommend!"

11 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Joanna Korzeniewska, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin, my instructor was great! Really professional, but friendly at the same time. I passed on my first go! Really happy with the experience, as I was really nervous initially, but Mohsin really is a great person to ease nerves and give you road confidence! Many thanks!"

11 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Megan, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Megan 230606"I had a fabulous experience with my driving instructor Sue! She is an incredible teacher and I couldn't have passed first time without her. Lessons were always well structured and information was always clear and well explained. I went to test feeling confident and sure of my abilities and I feel Sue prepared me excellently, not just for the exam, but for a life of driving ahead of me. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you Sue!"

09 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Connor Glynn, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Connor 230605"Kim was always very punctual for lessons and gave clear instructions. I enjoyed my lessons with her. I would recommend her To you. I passed my test first time so I am very happy."

04 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Monika Jozwiakowsk, Redhill, Surrey

IS Monika 230602"Ellite driving school instructor Ian taught and prepared me for my driving test. He used different sources as videos with show me questions, tablet and paper print manoeuvres descriptions. I was a very nervous and didn’t drive much in England but he made me confident not only to pass my test but to feel safely on the road. I would 100% recommend Ian as a instructor and Elite Driving School."

03 June 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Sophie Kendall, Redhill. Surrey

LH Sophie230518"I managed to pass through Elite and I don’t think I could have without them. I heard about them through a neighbour who like me was very anxious while driving, they said they were good for building up confidence and they were right. My instructor Lee was patient and positive, and was never frustrated or upset by any mistakes I made. They also taught me useful techniques and procedures for driving. And were very responsible during the years of the pandemic. If you’re anxious when driving please consider giving Elite a try."

24 May 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Renee, Reigate, Surrey

BL Renee 230426"Thank you Brian for helping me pass my driving test. I relly enjoyed my driving lessons and learned a lot with your help. Big thumbs up for you and Elite drving school."

27 April 2023 freeindex review

Bernadette Atkinson, Croydon, Surrey

KH Henry 230503"Sue Garner is a fantastic driving instructor. She taught my son Henry. She is so very patient and kind. Her success rate is amazing which is testament to her teaching skill. I do not hesitate in recommending Sue. Thank you Sue."

20 May 2023 Google review logo

Jason, Croydon, Surrey

NT Jason 230505"Matt >>>. He’s made me a confident driver. Passed 1st time at 18. W"

06 May 2023 Google review logo

William Ward, Crawley, West Sussex

LH Willian 230431"Lee is a fantastic instructor. He is very encouraging and supportive. The lessons are relaxed, enjoyable and his teaching keeps you engaged. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive."

28 April 2023 Google review logofreeindex review

jasmine warner, Redhill, Surrey

"Had the best experience with Colin got me to pass first time with no minors! Had previously been learning with another instructor but wasn’t getting anywhere and started lessons with Colin and passed in a few months. Lessons were always so fun and he really cares about his students and getting them to pass as quickly as they are capable of."

02 May 2023 Google review logo

Sofia Slaughter, Horsahm, West Sussex

"i would highly recommend, i passed first time and managed to get a test 2 months earlier than my original test date"

28 April 2023 Google review logo

Miguel Martinez, Crawley, West Sussex

"Thank you Brian for helping Renee pass her driving test. You did get the best out of her and she was very happy with your tuition. Keep up the good work."

28 April 2023 Google review logo

Daniella Wilson, Redhill, Surrey

"Just passed my driving test thanks to Colin Pullen!! I was lucky enough to have Colin as my instructor, he was very patient and made me feel so comfortable! A very lovely man, i highly recommend others that want to learn to drive to go with Colin at Redhill Elite driving!"

04 March 2023 Google review logo

Jasper East, Woking, Surrey

AI Jasper 190423"Wonderful lessons. Made you feel very relaxed with a good atmosphere from beginning to start whilst also pushing you to your absolute best. Passed on my first attempt with also having a gap of lessons for a period of time so it shows how good the lessons actually are. Would highly recommend to anyone !"

19 April 2023 freeindex review

Francesca Akano, Purley, Surrey

AA Francesca 230227"I successfully passed my test thanks to Anna. She was so patient and clear with her instructions. Just a great instructor and person. So glad I chose to have lessons with Elite."

28 February 2023 Google review logo

Sandi Suleman, Reigate, Surrey

"Colin was a great driving instructor, he was very patient and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of driving. I would like to thank Colin and would highly recommend him to anyone."

04 March 2023 Google review logo

Jen Orchard, Redhill, Surrey

"I had Colin as my instructor. He is so calm and patient. After years of learning to drive and some pretty awful experiences with past instructors he was a breath of fresh air. I passed my test 1st time and it's life changing. I can't put into words how greatful I am. Thankyou Colin!"

12 March 2023 Google review logo

Adam White, Croydon, Surrey

SG Adam 310216"Great services , highly recommend. Ask for Sue if possible great instructer easy to get on with. Great teaching techniques to get you on the road asap."

18 March 2023 Google review logo

Ryan Beecham, Croydon, Surrey

"I highly recommend Mohsin. He has a clear teaching style and calming presence. I passed my test in the first try."

25 March 2023 Google review logo

Daniella Wilson, Redhill, Surrey

"Just passed my driving test thanks to Colin Pullen!! I was lucky enough to have Colin as my instructor, he was very patient and made me feel so comfortable! A very lovely man, i highly recommend others that want to learn to drive to go with Colin at Redhill Elite driving School"

08 April 2023 Google review logo

Harry Todd, Farnborough, Hampshire

" Adrienne is honestly one of the nicest driving instructor around. She’s harsh but fair. Fully recommend passed first time. "

05 April 2023 freeindex review

Abbie Daly, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Abbie 310325" My instructor Sue was so lovely and helped me to pass first time. Going to miss my driving lessons!"

15 march 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ben Theobald, Camberley, Surrey

AI Ben 230323" Made the process of learning to drive easy and stress free. Can’t recommend highly enough."

10 Morch 2023 freeindex review

Ella Duffy, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Ella 230223" Sue was lovely and very helpful. Would definitely recommend! Thank you Sue!"

09 March 2023 freeindex review

Sabry Alawal, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is a very good, and constructive driving instructor with patient methodologies that allow students to excel and pass while, understanding driving concepts in a short period of time."

22 February 2023 Google review logo

Lilly May, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Anna as my instructor for 8 months and she was absolutely brilliant from the first lesson i had to the very last today ! Anna was always so patient and kind in every lesson and i couldn’t have been happier having her as my instructor! If anyone wants to learn in an automatic with Elite i’d really recommend Anna any day ! Thankyou so much Anna !!"

10 February 0023 Google review logo

Aranka Szerencse, Horley, Surrey

"I would like to thank you to Brian Lynch, he’s the best instructor, I would highly recommend him. He has so much patience, good teacher, passed my test first time."

04 February 2023 Google review logo

Samia Merabet, Croydon, Surrey

"I recommend Mat from Ellite school I passed my test thanks to him, he helped fix some bad habit, I can’t thank him enough for the help and guidance he offered me."

29 January 2023 Google review logo

Abigail Ryland, Redhill, Surrey

BL Abi 230202"I had an amazing experience with Brian, he was extremely encouraging during my whole journey of learning to drive. He explained things in ways which made sense to me and taught me how to drive safely and efficiently. I highly reccommend my instructor Brian and Elite driving school!"

23 February 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Ammar Noorani, Streatham, South London

"Recently passed my driving test after having lessons with Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal. The lessons were genuinely fun, as well as constructive. Even if I made simple mistakes, he would just teach me again with a smile on his face. He also employs various methods of teaching. If I was struggling to understand a certain topic, he would simply change his approach in order to give me the best chance of learning. I would definitely recommend Mohsin to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

22 February 2023 freeindex review

Estrella Fe, Horley, Surrey

"Just had my first lesson with Lee Haydon and I can’t complain. Everything was well explained and looking forward to more lessons with him."

20 February 2023 freeindex review

Olivia Long, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Olivia 230215"Kim Hart is an excellent instructor, who ensured that she always explained everything thoroughly. She helped build my confidence in driving and knew how far to push me. She was always punctual, with well planned lessons, working on areas which I was weaker in, leading me to pass first time. I would highly recommend Kim!"

16 February 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Serene Farquharson, Croydon, Surrey

AA Serene 270123"I started my lessons with Anna in July 2022 and passed my test in January 2023. Anna was an excellent instructor who was very encouraging towards me. I was an anxious driver, but Anna was very patient and understanding of my worries. I would highly recommend Anna and Elite Driving School."

10 February 2023 freeindex review


Aimee Tyas, Frimley, Surrey

AI Aimee 230222"Adrienne is so lovely and she takes great care of her students and is great at introducing someone into driving for the first time."

10 February 2023 freeindex review

Norbert Selar, Horley, Surrey

BL Norbert 230202"I would like to thank you to Brian Lynch, he’s the best instructor, I would highly recommend him. He has so much patience, good teacher, passed my test first time."

04 February 2023 freeindex review

Olajide Olajumoke, Redhill, Surrey

IS Ola230101"I passed my test today in Redhill with Ian. He is really amazing , friendly and warm, and the best driving instructor in the area. His skills of driving helped me relaxed, I wish you the best Ian…you definitely deserve a Grammy award. Top man."

03 January 2023 freeindex review Google review logo

Eamon Hassouna, Fulham , London

"Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Mohsin. I was reluctant to start driving lessons but really enjoyed the experience. Mohsin made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and helped me to understand the key principles of driving. Would thoroughly recommend Elite and Mohsin to others."

09 November 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Harry Pemberton, Tadworth, Surrey

"I’ve recently started having driving lessons with Jenny and I can happily say that she’s not only a excellent instructor but an amazing person in general, Jenny is very calm when teaching which makes me relaxed and less stressed when driving and since Jenny isn’t a boring and strict instructor she makes the lessons fun and enjoyable, another thing to note is to not curb Jenny’s car as she will kill you as I’ve been warned already."

23 October 2022 freeindex review

Kadie Smith, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Kadie 220930"Sue was an amazing instructor highly recommend doing lessons with elite."

30 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Joshua Marden,

LH Josh 220906"Lee is a great driving instructor who made me feel confident in my ability to drive. Lee is calm, patient and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. I highly recommend Elite driving school as they provide online support for both practical and theory tests."

06 September 2022 Google review logo

Hb, Horsham, West Sussex

"I had Andy Kirby as my driving instructor and I found him through Elite Driving School. Andy helped me overcome bad habits and nerves whilst driving on the road. I passed my test yesterday so all of the hard work paid off. Thank you Andy and Elite!"

31 August 2022 Google review logo


Emma Broom, Reigate, Surrey

LH Charlie 220924"So happy my son passed his test with Lee from Elite! Kind, patient and full of knowledge! Thanks Emma and Charlie."

26 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Sangi P, Purley, Surrey

"My driving instructor, Anna, was so knowledgeable and kind. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during each lesson. Such a great teacher and mentor! I owe me passing my driving test to her. Thank you so much Anna for your motivation and dedication to showing me how to drive safely and confidently!"

15 September 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Caroline Day, Frimley, Surrey

"Adrienne is an amazing instructor. She is so supportive and so patient. She explains everything brilliantly and teaches all the skills and knowledge needed to pass. I highly recommend learning to drive with Adrienne!"

31 August 2022 freeindex review

Daisy Slater, West Byfleet. Surrey

KH Daisy 220824"Kim Hart has done a great job in helping me learn to drive. She is very patient and calm and her teaching is structured and thorough. Kim was always punctual and taught me all I needed to pass my test."

25 August 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Qudrat Khan, West Norwood, London

"Best Service amazing friendly responsible instructor with affordable price. I’ve taken only 10-12 lessons and I passed it. Thank you so much to Mohsin."

23 August 2022 freeindex review

Scott Lewis, Frimley, Surrey

AM Scott 220329"Pleased with my assigned instructor which led me to a first time pass. She explained things slow and in a way that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Many thanks to Adrienne and I will be recommending the driving school to my friends."

10 August 2022 freeindex review

Frederic Pambo, Whyteleafe, Surrey

"Before starting with Mosin, I hated driving. Just the thought of it was a nightmare but he boosted me and brought back my confidence. Today I have passed my driving and I enjoy driving. Thank you so much."

09 August 2022 freeindex review

Liam Tambling, South Croydon, Surrey

SG Lian 220808"Really pleased with my first time pass. Thank you so much to my Instructor Sue and Elite.. Sue made me feel so good from the start and is a great Teacher.. Thank you."

08 August 2022 freeindex review

Anna Allahverdi , Sutton, Surrey

Anna profile"I have really enjoyed training with Ian. He has abundance of knowledge and has been a great mentor. His patience, honesty and genuineness is unmatched. He has gone above and beyond all the time. I am grateful to have trained with him. Highly, highly, highly recommended."

24 July 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Molly Chase, Croydon, Surrey

Very patient understanding instructor, made me feel very comfortable and confident in myself I passed 1st time and very quickly too!!"

18 July 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Kian Patel, Purley, Surrey

"A couple of weeks ago, I had my first lesson with my driving instructor, Matt. Having no previous knowledge of driving Matt was amazing at explaining using helpful analogies. His calm and friendly approach to teaching assures me I will pass in no time."

14 July 2022 freeindex review

Nazeer choudry-Thomas, Chertsey, Surrey

"My instructor was Kim Hart. She was very thorough in teaching me the basics in driving, and preparing for my test. The structure of teaching was very good covering everything needed to be a good driver."

01 July 2022 freeindex review

Alex Jordan, Purley, Surrey

"Started learning around a year ago with Matt, he’s been great to learn from very knowledgeable. He’s also great at reassuring you and building up your confidence. Can’t recommend them enough. Many thanks again Matt."

29 June 2022

Liliana Branco, Reigate, Surrey

"Passed my driving test with Colin after the first attempt. I couldn’t recommend him enough, Colin was always very patient and made me feel comfortable when driving. He really helped keep me calm and deal with my anxiety. Passing first time with only 2 minors ! I want to personally thank you, you have been incredible."

28 June 2022 freeindex review

Jamie Wilson, Croydon, Surrey

"Had my lessons with Anna, very professional and at the same time so friendly and made me feel really comfortable by the wheel straight away, I would recommend Anna to anyone of my friends and who ever reads this."

19 May 2022  

Eljona Koceku, Penge, South London

"I had a really bad experience in the few past months with another instructor but after I’ve met Mohsin from Elite driving school, I’ve improved a lot and passed my driving test."
"Mohsin is the best driving instructor, he’s very patient, friendly and always ready to help you."
"I definitely recommend him as driver instructor. Good luck everyone!"

04 May 2022 freeindex review

Isaac Mahoney, Crawley, West Sussex

LH Issac 220420"Very helpful, communicative instructors and elite itself provides a lot of helpful resources."

20 April 2022 

Judy Ripley, Frimley, Surrey

"I can’t thank Adrienne enough. My son is over the moon with passing first time. But as a mum we worry about their safety out on their own driving. I am so grateful to Adrienne because she doesn’t just teach you to pass your test but to actually be a good and safe driver, which is the most important thing and why I highly recommend her."

03 April 2022 

Issac L, South Croydon, Surrey

"I have my driving lessons with Mat and passed successfully at Mitcham test centre. It was amazing. Am so glad."

29 March 2022 

Samuel Nash, Biggin Hill, Kent

SG Sam 220328"Sue was my instructor and was absolutely perfect, I’d gone through two previous instructors with different companies and I thought I’d never pass, I passed first time with Elite thanks to Sue’s way of teaching, thanks again!"

28 March 2022 freeindex review us Google review logo

Atis Tirma, Redhill, Surrey

"PierLuigi is a dedicated, competent and skilled driving instructor. His calm and positive mannerisms put you at ease and help you quickly build your confidence. His instruction is clear and simple to follow and lessons are all challenging - so you progress fast. I was so lucky to have found such a great instructor!"

13 March 2022 Google review logo

Lucy van der Borgh, Horsham, West Sussex

"Coming back to learning to drive after of 10 years off and a few failed attempts, Andy was the perfect instructor. His detailed explanations and tips from his wealth of experience were invaluable and I passed first time with him with only two minor faults. High recommend Andy Kirby"

13 March 2022 Google review logo

Layla Honey Karp, Shepperton, Surrey

KH Layla 220322"My driving instructor was amazing, she really pushed me and made me better than I ever could be, always gave me really good advice, and was always helping me with my driving and making me improve. Couldn't have done it without her thank you Kim hart."

22 March 2022 freeindex review

Lucy Burton, Purley, Surrey

SG Lucy Burton 220316"Learned to drive with Sue and she was absolutely incredible! Passed my test first time, 6 months after I started lessons. Sue is a great teacher and communicates really well. I now feel completely confident driving on my own. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to get their driving license."

22 MArch 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Ben Meredith, Shepperton, Surrey

"Driving lessons were really good Kim hart helped me out for my test I got one for 3 days away and she helped me out and I’ve passed now definitely would recommend."

10 March 2022 freeindex review

Alison Alvarez, Redhill, Surrey

PC Alison 220305"PierLuigi is a dedicated, competent and skilled driving instructor. His calm and positive mannerisms put you at ease and help you quickly build your confidence. His instruction is clear and simple to follow and lessons are all challenging - so you progress fast. I was so lucky to have found such a great instructor!"

08 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Sami Naas, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Sami 220305"Kim Hart was an amazing instructor with very clear and good ways of teaching driving manoeuvers and generall driving which lead to me passing first time."

05 March 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Becks Jones, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Becks 220221"I passed first time with my instructor Sue, she is a fantastic driving instructor! I’d recommend Sue as an instructor to any learners of any ability as she is very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. My sister and lots of my friends had Sue as a driving instructor and we all loved her, she is funny and kind which made learning to drive a lot less daunting."

03 February 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Rachel Edwards, Caterham, Surrey

"I would really recommend Elite and Mohsin (my instructor). The way he teaches makes learning to drive quite straight forward. He is very informative but teaches in a way that he doesn’t overload you with instructions or details."

13 February 2022 freeindex review Google review logo

Jack Pink, Croydon, Surrey

SG Jack 220207"Very clear instructions, made me feel comfortable, overall very decent service."

11 February 2022 freeindex review freeindex review

Sajesh Gopinath, Horley, Surrey

PC Sajesh 220118"I had a fantastic experience training under Pierluigi(PG) Capperella. He was able to give me very practical tips which is not only useful for the test, but how you can drive confidently post the test as well. His fun nature makes you feel calm and relax which is something you need the most when you start driving. Thank you PG and entire team at elite for helping me learn and pass the test!"

05 February 2022

Aditya Shukla, Purley, Surrey

"The whole experience of learning the driving was wonderful. Mohsin was my instructor and he did a fabulous in identifying my weak spots, concentrating on them in a structured manner, as well providing constructive feedback to instil confidence I my driving test as well as then starting to drive independently. The lessons were super useful not just to clear the test but also to make me a better driver."

24 January 2022 freeindex review

Dana Maksimovic, Kenley, Surrey

"I had Sue as my instructor. She is lovely, kind and a very supportive instructor. She helped me build confidence in driving a manual and was flexible with arranging lessons. I felt like I was constantly improving with her. I recommend her to learners of all abilities as I could not have asked for a better instructor."

17 January 2022 freeindex review

Abbie Moult, Redhill, Surrey

"Had Jenny for my first driving lesson can’t recommend her enough made me feel a lot less nervous to start driving she was great!"

05 January 2022 freeindex review 

Emily Giles, Purley, Surrey

"Pierluigi is a really great instructor, I would highly recommend. He is really patient, calm and happy to answer all my questions. He is also very knowledgeable and prepared me very well for my test."

01 January 2022 

Rutendo Kamupira, Horley, Surrey

LH Rutendo 21220"I passed my driving test with Lee Haydon. He is such an amazing instructor who is very, very, very patient and understanding. He is a brilliant teacher who helps you to build your confidence and skills to be a safe driver. He believed in me when I found it difficult to believe in myself. I am grateful for his consistent motivation, encouragement and positivity. I would highly, highly recommend him. Thank so much Lee!"

31 December 2021 freeindex review

Lucy Healy, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Been doing driving lessons since late September with Matt, and I’ve learnt so much in the last few months. Very professional and I always look forward to the lessons :)."

09 December 2021 freeindex review

Emily Perrin, Horley, Surrey

"I’ve just had my first driving lesson with Lee and I already feel more confident and comfortable with driving! He’s very patient and thorough. Really looking forward to the rest of my lessons. Highly recommend!"

07 December 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Jodie Crawford, Weybridge, Surrey

Jodie passed wth Kim"Just passed my driving test 1st time with Kim Hart. Great instructor, learnt so much and helped me gain confidence in my driving! Thanks so much."

30 November 2021 freeindex review

Nikita Vorontsov, Horley, Surrey

IS Nikita 211203"Absolutely fantastic instructor - I had Ian and he has been the most patient but instructive..instructor i've had. I would recommend ELITE to anyone learning to drive whole-heartedly!"

03 December 2021 Google review logofreeindex review

Michelle Dyer, Croydon, Surrey

"I passed first time. Moshin is the best instructor ever!!! He pushed me to my full potential and never allowed me to doubt myself. I cannot be happier with my experience. Thank you so much"

11 November 2021

Safiya Kenny, Purley, Surrey

"I passed my test today!! My instructor Moshin was amazing, really supportive and friendly, always professional and punctual for lessons. The lessons were good value for money and because they were two hours long I was able to learn and practice lots of skills. I am now a confident driver and definitely recommend Moshin and this driving school to anyone else looking to pass their driving test."

25 October 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Carolyn Winterbottom, Horley, Surrey

"Pierluigi Capperella is a brilliant instructor. Very patient and explains everything so well."

29 September 2021 freeindex review

Sami Butt, Warlingham, Surrey

SG Sami 210928"Great in depth lessons."

29 September 2021 freeindex review

Emily Penn, Caterham, Surrey

"I passed my test first time with Mohsin! I had no confidence in myself but he has helped me gain that confidence. He is very experienced and knows what he's talking about! Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. He is honest and doesn't beat around the bush. I would 100% recommend this driving instructor!"

15 September 2021 freeindex review

Aiden Ahmad, Weybridge, Surrey

Aiden pssed with Kim"Kim Hart is an excellent driving instructor. She has taught me to become a smooth and safe driver over the last 7 months. Kim's lessons are well structured and have clear focus. I would highly recommend."

10 September 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Heidi Anderson, Croydon, Surrey

"I passed my driving test today, after being lucky enough getting a cancellation. Tasawar was my instructor and he was great, very calm and patient which really put me at ease. I enjoyed every lesson, and I would deffinitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor."

10 July 2023 

Jemima Brook, Reigate, Surrey

"Ian and Elite have given my daughter the best learner driving experience we could have wished for. My daughter passed with no faults. Throughout COVID restrictions, Ian has adhered to all COVID measures. Ian has been very flexible with lesson times and pickup arrangements. We can’t recommend Ian enough."

15 July 2021 Google review logo

Alvin Nelson, Croydon, Surrey

"Matt is a great instructor - he has taken me from a struggling pupil to a fairly competent driver. He always aims to help me and improve my skill on the road and I appreciate his hard work and teachings over the course of our lessons."

01 September 2021 freeindex review

Lorraine Meade, Croydon, London

"I had a few amazing refresher lessons with Moh. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was almost impressed with how much I had learnt with him in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend booking with them."

24 August 2021 freeindex review

Emma Chandler, Warlingham, Surrey

"Sue taught my son to drive, he passed first time. Sue was so good with him very patient and kind and such a lovely lady, I can’t recommend her enough. She gave him the confidence to drive safely and taught him everything he needed to know to pass confidently. As a mum all you can ask for is that your child is safe and happy in someone’s care and with Sue that’s exactly what you get from her."

28 July 2021 freeindex review

Jazmine Cant, Redhill, Surrey

Cant"I'd highly recommend Elite driving school and my fantastic driving instructor Lee Haydon! He gave me the confidence I needed and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Lee tailors each lesson to your individual needs, is calm and incredibly patient. Communication was excellent even through multiple lockdowns and he always arrived promptly. Thank you, Lee!"

27 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Karen P, Horsham, West Sussex

"Andy is very thorough and systematic. He doesn’t mess around and go straight to the point and start learning to drive on day 1. He makes it a comfortable and enjoyable experience."

18 July 2021 freeindex review

Alex McLean, Kenley, Surrey

Alex "Fantastic driving lessons particularly from Sue, who was always friendly and patient. Amazing standard of teaching meant I passed first time confidently! Would highly recommend!"

10 July 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Nic Stockton, Camberley, Surrey

Nic passed with Adrienne"I had Adrienne Marlow as my driving instructor and she was so helpful with learning how to do every part of what you need too pass your test such as what mph you would need to be at too change certain gears up and down which was really helpful when I first started, highly recommended."

24 June 2021 Google review logo

Lizzie Bitzan, Croydon, Surrey

"So far I've had 10 hours of lessons with Matt and have already booked my next 10. I was starting from scratch and have been amazed by the progress I was able to make so far. He's calm, flexible and never gets annoyed at any mistakes. I've found it to be a great learning environment despite myself being rather nervous before starting. I would absolutely recommend!"

22 June 2021 freeindex review

Alex Brandiu, Redhill, Surrey

LH Alex 220612"My instructor was Lee Haydon. And he was very punctual, very professional , very passionate about his job and very patient!! I would recommend him and Elite Driving School to anyone ! He has been really supportive all the way through and I am so grateful that I had him as my driving instructor! Thank you for your diligence!"

12 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Denise Slater, Croydon, Surrey

"My driving instructor Mohsin took me from a crying nervous wreck to a confident and safe driver. Mohsin's skill, patience, and jokes enabled me to pass 1st time, something I never thought would be possible. Every penny spent on learning to drive with Elite and Mohsin was well worth it and I cannot thank him enough for all his support and encouragement. Thank you."

07 June 2021 freeindex review Google review logo

Alex Cockcroft, Croydon, Surrey

"I recently passed my driving test learning with Sue Garner. She is a fantastic instructor and has all the key traits you need when learning to drive; kind, calm, patient, supportive and informative. It hasn't taken me long to pass my test, and I certainly would not have been able to without Sues support. I'm genuinely going to miss having my lessons with Sue every week. THANK YOU SUE, I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! :)"

20 April 2021 Google review logo

Mya Lloyd, Reigate, Surrey

"I had my first driving lesson with Jenny and she is amazing! From the very beginning I felt at ease and comfortable and always up for a laugh whilst being professional. She always gives great, constructive feedback which helps me learn and the pace of learning is just right. I’m always so excited for me next lesson to arrive because it’s so much fun whilst learning. Would recommend 100% no doubt."

17 May 2021 freeindex review

Ethan Hamlyn-Sack, Walingham, Surrey

Ethan passed with Sue"I went with sue from elite as she was recommended by many people who had passed previously. I had a great experience learning and enjoyed all my lessons. Each lesson had a constructive theme, so I felt I had achieved something each week. I was really happy to pass first time, and would highly recommend both Sue and Elite!"

15 May 2021 freeindex review

Toni Norman, Reigate, Surrey

"I recently had my first driving lesson with Jenny, and I couldn’t recommend her more. She has a great way of making things easy to understand, whilst allowing you to feel instantly calm when you sit in the seat - really helped me as I was extremely nervous and I instantly felt relaxed. She also offers a promised guarantee of death if you damage her car, always a plus!"

18 April 2021 freeindex review

G Asok, Croydon, Surrey

"I had Mohsin as my driving instructor. I took refreshers lessons with him. Couldn’t recommend him more!! He was very helpful throughout my lessons and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel.
He helped me build my confidence and explained everything perfectly. Would highly recommend this instructor!"

13 December 2020 freeindex review

Sandhya Lekshmi, Redhill, Surrey

"I highly recommend Elite Driving school and instructor Pierluigi, who helped me to build and improve my confidence on road. He is really patient, friendly and simply excellent. I highly recommend him…."

08 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Taylor Jones, South Croydon, London

Taylor Passed after taking driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"Elite driving school is an excellent driving school, I highly recommend if you are looking to learn to drive. My instructor Sue Garner was friendly, easy to get along with, and a lovely all round person. She helped, and supported me when learning to drive providing an incredible service, which enabled me to pass first time. You may think elite is pricey, but for the service provided it is more than worth it."

08 December 2020  freeindex review


Callum Ware, Earlswood, Surrey

PS Calum100 201214

"I would recommend elite driving, Paul and Ian as they are both very knowledgeable, helpful and wonderful instructors 5* review from me."

08 December 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Darcey Giles, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Darcey took driving lessons in Weybridge with Kim"Kim Hart has been amazing at getting me my 1st time pass, she slotted me in whenever she had availability too and was very supportive and friendly whilst also being clear as to what I need to do better. Highly recommend, amazing service."

19 October 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Amy Wallis, Croydon, Surrey

Amy passed after driving lessons with Sue in Croydon"I started taking driving lessons with Sue after recieving many recomendations from family members and friends who had passed their test. She is easy to talk to, helped me gain confidence in my driving and the best instructor I could have asked for. My test was cancelled in May due to Covid then again in september - Sue stayed in touch with me and helped me throughout. I would definately recommend!"

04 October 2020 freeindex review

Yaseen Chaouad, Wallington, Surrey

Yaseen took driving lessons in Wallington with Matt"I recently passed my test first time with 4 minors thanks to Matt. The best teacher out there. 100% would recommend. Good explanations and lessons especially compare to my old teacher. The car is always clean and spotless and I feel very comfortable."

01 October 2020 freeindex review

Gabriella Palmieri, Coulsdon, Surrey

"Since November I had lessons with Alister, who always made me feel very comfortable especially in the beginning when starting to learn how to drive. He gave good explanations, and made every lesson a pleasant experience. After lockdown I had lessons with Matt, and passed my test. He gives great constructive criticism, and has good tips. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions I had. I have learnt a lot from his teaching. Both instructors were always on time and professional."

28 September 2020 freeindex review

Kerry Hemsley, Crawley, West Sussex

Kerry passed after driving lessons in Crawley with Lee"Lee at Elite is an amazing instructor, he helped with my confidence and was so patient with me. Always on time and flexible with lessons.
Couldn't of passed without him!"

18 September 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Belinda Britton, Chertsey, Surrey

KH Belinda100 200828"Kim Hart is a very good driving instructor, she was calm and gave constructive comments which enhanced my driving abilities. I would highly recommend her."

28 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Siham, Horley, Surrey

PC Siham100 200819“ I would like to say a big thank you to both Szymon and PG for helping me pass my test! They are both professional, calm and patient witch helped me feel confident with my driving. I would recommend Elite to everyone wanting to drive. I could not have done this without you guys:) thanks again."

20 August 2020 freeindex review

Maria Bacero, Whyteleafe, Surrey

Passed after automatic driving lessons Crawley

"I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure when I was learning to drive with my husband and decided to get proper driving lessons. A good friend recommended Elite and Mohsin as the instructor. He is very patient and he explains really well in a way that I was able to understand the lessons easily. Very knowledgeable and honest, and I have learned a lot in a short period of time. I passed first time! Money and time spent was well worth it. I would highly recommend Mohsin to anyone who wants to pass their practical test."

02 August 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Terry Macdonald, West Wickham

Lewis passed with Sue at West Wickham"Would like to say a massive thank you to sue for helping my son lewis to pass his test 1st time and with only 1 minor fault would recommend this lady to teach any one she will be teaching my other two children to drive thanks again sue"

16 March 2020 Google review logo

Sarah McAdams. Horley, Surrey

Sarah passed 1st time with Lee, and with ZERO faultsZERO HERO

"Passed first time with zero faults after learning with Lee! Positive and professional at all times. Lee takes the time to make sure you’re confident and comfortable and allows you to develop at your pace. Didn’t take long to become test ready. Would definitely recommend to all. Thanks, Lee!"

12 March 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Saif Kidwai, Croydon, Surrey

"Mohsin is an amazing instructor he made me feel confident when driving and always helped me to understand everything. He taught me things at my own pace. He has a positive attitude towards his students.Before my final driving test he took a few mock test and this really helped me to identify my weak areas and work on them and it also made me more confident during the test. I will strongly recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you very much Mr. Mohsin and God bless you."

12 February 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Libby, Crawley, West Sussex

Libby passed her test at Crawley after taking lessons from driving lessons with instructor Lee "I recently passed my test with Lee, I would recommend him to anyone. He was a brilliant teacher, always patient and encouraging. If I didn’t understand something or couldn’t do it we would practise until I was happy with it. Overall amazing experience!"

05 February 2020 freeindex review

Monty Crawford, Weybridge, Surrey

KH Monty100 200131"Brilliant instructor which gets the job done. Passed first time with 0 minors which I am very impressed with, and what the standard is with this instructor. Very pleased."

01 February freeindex review Google review logo

Jessica Foxley, Redhill, Surrey

SG Jess 200127"A brilliant experience learning with Sue and Elite, I passed first time. Sue was always encouraging and honest, we really had a good laugh together and she always put me at ease."

28 January 2020  freeindex review Google review logo

Charley Ball, Redhill, Surrey

IS Charley100 200115"Had my first driving lesson on my 17th Birthday and has been brilliant from the start and my Instructor (Ian) was great. Passed first time! Thankyou!!"

20 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Khaleelulla, New Cross, London

"I passed my driving test! Genuinely Am very happy to give review about this driving school, mainly credit goes to mr Mohsin ……My driving instructor, he is very good instructor And very friendly…. Mohsin did speechless to me because whatever he have done was fantastic job, I will definitely recommend … Thanks again to Mohsin."

16 January 2020 freeindex review Google review logo

Sharon Osei-Mensah, Horley, Surrey

"I passed first time with Pierluigi, something I thought I could never do due to my lack of confidence. Pier is very patient and has a teaching technique that makes the most complex manoeuvres very easy. He also knows how to build your confidence by constantly encouraging you and taking you out of your comfort zone. I must say I really enjoyed my lessons with Pier and I am grateful to him for what I have achieved."

23 December 2019