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ELITE Driving School will help you pass your theory test with our FREE Theory Test Pro App

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro is an online study programme that provides you with everything you need to pass your driving theory test, including:

  • Entire official test question bank
  • Hazard perception video clips
  • Online version of the Highway Code

If you are currently taking lessons with an ELITE instructor and would like to register for our FREE on-line and App based Theory Test Pro software please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your name, postcode, and who your instructor is and we’ll register you directly and send you login details.

The Theory Test Overview

This is a computer-based test, and consists of two parts.

Both parts must be passed together as an unsatisfactory grade in either will result in both having to be sat again.

Multiple Choice Questions

The first part is a series of fifty multiple choice questions which you have 57 minutes to answer. Some of these will be based around case study scenarios. You must achieve a pass mark of 43 out of 50.

The DVSA do not publish the actual theory test questions, but the questions on Theory Test Pro, as well as materials used by other publishing houses, are based around the knowledge stipulated by the DVSA.

You can start driving lessons before you have passed the theory test, and this is usually beneficial as your instructor will give you knowledge and answer any questions you may have from your studying before you go for the test.

Hazard Perception Test

The second part is a test of your hazard perception skills. This involves watching fourteen video clips containing fifteen developing hazards in total. Each of these hazards is worth a possible five points each (when you see the hazard you must click the mouse to acknowledge it - the quicker you respond, the more you score). You must score at least 44 out of a maximum of 75 to pass.

Common problems candidates experience with this element of the test include clicking only once on a hazard, and this click being too early before the hazard is deemed to be developing. Or candidates over-clicking, that is clicking too many times in quick succession and a rhythm being detected which will result in the clip being voided and a zero score being given.

The perception skills needed to pass this test will be developed throughout your driving lessons by the application of the 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' routine to almost all situations you encounter, and your instructor will give you top tips on how to apply that on the day of your Hazard Perception test.

On the day of your theory test you must remember to bring your photo card provisional driving licence with you. Failure to produce your licence will result in you not being allowed to sit the test and your test fee being lost.

Booking Your Theory Test

You can book your own theory test as soon as you feel ready to sit it.

To book a Theory Test make sure you use the official Government website, as there are many bogus websites that charge more than booking it direct, and they will not give you an immediate date and time. They may also charge you extra if you need to change the date.  

Also don't be fooled by claims of guaranteed pass, or free retests. There are usually strict terms and conditions that apply and are nearly impossible to meet, and you pay extra for them.

The Highway Code

Everything you need to know to pass both the theory and practical tests, and ultimately become a safe driver is based upon the Highway Code.

You can purchase a copy at any good book store, supermarkets, Halfords, and even some petrol stations for less than £3.

You will also receive a free digital online version of the Highway Code via our Theory Test Pro App.